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Bank Wankers bear down on Ireland

A half dozen years ago, Ireland was the Celtic Tiger.  Remember the infamous Irish Sandwich? Corporations loved to do business in Ireland because the country had a ridiculously low corporate tax rate.  You know, that thing the “jahb creators” are always screaming about?  If we only let them pay next to nothing in taxes there would be jobs for everyone and we would all be rich beyond our wildest dreams, more prosperous than our father’s father’s father and able to support ourselves fully without any assistance from the government.

Compared to America, with its harsh and punitive corporate tax rate {{rolling eyes}}, Ireland must be heaven.  The rivers flow with milk and Jamisons, the economy flowers and ripens with boundless enthusiasm for the free market and children are all above average and women are handsome and it is bliss and, uh, what?

The International Monetary Fund has ordered the Irish government to slash dole payments, cut child benefit, and take the automatic right to a medical card away from old age pensioners.

The IMF also wants the government to introduce a hard hitting property tax as it seeks a return on its investment in Ireland.

The proposals have come from the IMF in a hard hitting directive ahead of the government’s December budget.

The IMF is currently bank rolling Ireland’s economic bail-out along with the European Union and their latest orders have been met with harsh criticism from opposition groups and trade unions.

IMF bosses, in Dublin for their regular review of the Irish economy, ordered the Government to cut high social welfare benefits to encourage people back to work.

They warned: “Dole payments are high by international standards and responsible for low exit rates from the Live Register.

“With the Irish economy to grow by just 0.5pc this year, certain welfare payments should be means-tested to avoid long-term unemployment.”

If you have any doubts about where the money men are headed here in America, look no further than the IMF asking old aged pensioners in Ireland to give up their Medicare.  It’s the IMF’s modern update of A Modest Proposal where if the old are going to die anyway, it would be decent of them to do it quickly.

I love the IMF.  It’s so full of optimism.  Like, an unemployed person in Ireland is just collecting money because the government is generous and if only the government would turn off the spigot, people would go back to work. I’m not sure how that’s supposed to work when there aren’t any jobs.  I suppose they will just have to figure something out or starve.

Oh, wait, they did that back in the 1840’s.  And how did that turn out?

You know, given Ireland’s history of mistreatment from the ruling class and its negligence of the people’s incalculable suffering, you’ve got to wonder why it is that the Irish don’t grow a spine and tell the IMF to take a hike.  Depressing Ireland’s economy is likely to make the situation worse. It’s not doing the country any favors.

So, to recap: banks make a lot of stupid bets, corporations get everything they wanted, ordinary people were encouraged to invest everything they had in a party they were assured would never end and a bunch wankers in London fixed interest rates that affected loans, pensions, municipalities and mortgages all around the world.  THEN when the bankers blew it all up, they got to the front of the line to get a gigantic handout from the rest of us.  This gift was bigger than the world had ever seen.  It pretty much wiped us all out.

Now, those same idiots would like for all of us who have lost our jobs, houses, pensions and everything else to stop whining, go get some non-existent job or starve (it doesn’t really matter which as long as we keep the noise down).  In the meantime, they will sit on the gigantic wads of cash we gave them and complain that the corporate interest rates are too high and too many people want them to get off some of that mountain of cash for the pensions they were promised.

Ireland is not Greece.  Greece acted like a spoiled heiress with all of the money it borrowed.  It spent lavishly and didn’t collect taxes.  Sure, it’s not fair to take it out on average Greeks, who now are facing a collapsing public and medical infrastructure, but you can kind of see why they’re in the mess they’re in.  But Ireland has been operating by the west’s free market playbook.  It wasn’t supposed to turn out like this.  The idea of bailing out out the banks and letting everyone else go under is the social welfare for the criminals who caused the problem in the first place. What Ireland needs is an infusion of good Viking women from Iceland to tell the wankers to go take a hike.

Why the ^*(% are we putting up with this s^(% from the assholes who blew up the world??  Why do we willingly starve ourselves so that the wealthy and well connected   experience no deprivation?  Why are we supposed to settle for vastly reduced wages and benefits while the people who stole our money are just sitting on it? Why is it more important to impost a rigid morality on the working person while allowing a more fungible morality for the rich? Answer me that Mr. Brooks.  We’re talking about Ireland here, a Catholic nation that doesn’t allow abortion and frowns on the types of behavior that you find irresponsible. What did the Irish do to deserve this? They let business have everything it ever wanted and this is how they are treated.  The airwaves are full of a constant stream of harsh, mean-spirited, punitive, selfish and religious propaganda that has turned us all into nations full of whip kissers.

Any politician who continues to shelter these immoral, dangerous, out of control bankers deserves to lose and that goes for the donkey party he rode in to town on as well.

I keep thinking that I can’t be surprised anymore by the way these people operate and yet, they confound me.  What will it take for us to pull the plug on the whole damn scheme?  What we need now is a hard reset.  Wipe it out.  Wipe it all out and start from scratch. We all start on a level playing field and the bankers get sent to the Cayman Islands where they can spend the rest of their lives worshipping their worthless money.


If you haven’t had a chance to see it yet, check out Jon Stewart’s run down of the LIBOR scandal from The Daily Show last night.  There’s no way to make this look good.

Ong namo guru dev namo (repeat)

29 Responses

  1. What a monstrosity. Ireland is to be IMF’d, along with all other debtor countries on the European periphery. This post covers all the key points, so I’ll just add an additional rant. The banks all lended recklessly. They’re overleveraged, saddled with assets that have no value, because the credit they extended cannot be repaid. Instead of coming to terms with this, they have used their outsized political influence to bribe, force and threaten politicians to bail them out. Now that they have their bailouts, they want to impose austerity on the populations of the debtor countries. That means, cut government pensions, cut health care, cut retirement incomes, cut jobs, cut cut cut. But the deadly axe is to fall on US, never them. They are the indispensible ones, the ones without whom the species cannot continue.

    What bull*** These leeches are a scourge to humanity. It’s time to take away their power. Force them to take their losses and let them live the remainder of their pathetic lives in the squalor of a 5′ by 7′ jail cell. And we must understand the threat–our lives are at stake here. These institutions don’t care if people die as long as they are paid back.

    It’s time to go Iceland on them..

    • Oh, jeez, imagine if we all had to change our names to the Icelandic system.
      On the other hand, the idea of marauding Vikings invading the banking system does have a certain kind of charm.

      • You’re way too kind, RD. The only way I’d let them get to the Caymans is if they can swim there on their own.

        Give it time. Watch what starts happening to the IMF bosses and “technocrats ” who try to administer the austerity regimen in all of these countries.

        • What are you suggesting? Do you think the Irish, Spanish and Greeks are going to go all sans culottes on them? Because that might be fun to watch- from a distance.

          You know, Cayman is a alternate spelling for caiman. It’s in the family alligatoridea crocodylimorpha. Of all the members of this family, the American alligator and caimans are the ones most dangerous to humans.

          Black Caimans are the larges of the subfamily Caiman:

          Fortunately for the bankers, this mother is endangered and lives on the banks of the Amazon. Unfortunately, there are smaller versions of caiman that could be a real nuisance to them when the hotel staff deserts them, the public services stop working and they’re forced to go foraging for their quail eggs, truffles and Bollinger.

          • Maybe Jamie Dimon will mistake that for his luggage set and try to catch the next puddle jumper to the mainland.

  2. Somewhat related to the topic: I found a link to this at the Hullabazoo. Strangely, it seems to be sincere, rather than satirical:


    I suppose the French aristocrats of the ancien regime displayed similar cluelessness. 🙄

    • I left them a comment, which I doubt will be approved:

      “And never you peasants mind all those Scriptures denouncing the predatory elite! You never should have been taught to read the Bible for yourselves in the first place!” 🙄

      I bookmarked nobility.org, because I might find its cluelessness amusing.

      • LOL!
        That HAS to be satire. There’s no way someone could write something that stupid and arrogant.

      • OTOH, if the peasants ever do storm her Versailles, she will probably be among the first to get the Princesse de Lamballe treatment.

        • “Her”? I could not find a name for whomever wrote the blogpost. Are you sure the writer is female? 😕

          • I thought for sure i saw the author’s name was a woman’s. It was like Pia d’ubruzzo. I just made that name up, obviously. But it sounded like a name you would see associated with some gala dinner. I imagine she wears an Armani size 2 and Italian pumps from a shoe designer few people have ever heard of. She’s not aware of the help. They are just the invisible forces behind the convenient disrobing and disappearance of her luxury outer garments as she steps into the foyer at Lincoln center and the timely appearance of a canapé she will not eat with the glass of sparkling water she will sip slowly.

      • They allowed it through. Perhaps there is some genuine nobility in his/her/their character?

        • Say something heretical or blasphemous and see if they let you through. For example, offer a link to a particular blogpost about where Riverdaughter specifically calls for and recommends scraping Obama off the DemParty ticket. See if that gets through.

        • Wait . . . are you talking about Atkins letting you through? Or about this nobility site letting you through to THEIR blog?

  3. For some reason, WP wouldn’t let me nest this under RD’s last comment:

    Did you find the name of the blogpost’s writer, so you know her to be a woman? I couldn’t find a name. 😕

  4. *sigh* What is Spammy upset about NOW? 🙄

  5. WordPress sucks goat mucus. 😛

    • I don’t see anything in any of the filters…. Are you sure it took? Do your comments show up in one of your wordpress menus?

      • I just cleaned out the filters. I didn’t see any mfti posts. There were some comments from other people who ended up in spam. Don’t know how that happened. I’m not doing it.
        Occasionally, WordPress has swallowed my comments as well. They go in to the catacombs of WordPress that run underneath the intertoobz. No one know where they go on thei cosmic journey into the underworld.

  6. There is a very interesting blog called Economic Undertow. The most recent post was about why the Gang Banker establishment is
    austerifying Europe and why the European governating elites surrender to it. It makes a very broad and heavy handed comparison with Civilized Europe’s surrender after surrender after surrender to a rising Nazi Germany until finally the remnants of Civilized Europe had to go to war with Nazi Germany to even hope to survive. I believe the blogger thinks that Civilized Europe faces the same kind of threat from
    the BizNazi Banker Elite and will have to meet it the same way if Civilized Europe hopes to survive.

  7. For whatever bizarre reasons, I keep wanting to sing “BANK WANKERS, BANK WANKERS” to the tune of the “BICYCLE, BICYCLE” portion of Queen’s “Bicycle Race”. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot? 😛

    • Here’s another pair of words you could slot into that tune.

      ” Gang Bankers, Gang Bankers” Maybe someone could write a whole song called Gang Bankers Gang Bankers to the tune of Bicycle Bicycle.

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