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Why Condoleeza Rice should never be VP of the United States

This is how her testimony went down at the 9-11 Commission after the White House Finally let her testify after months and months of requests:

She might have lady parts but that doesn’t excuse the way she filibustered, “forgot” or behaved like she was irritated with the question about the name of the presidential daily briefing. It is clear,to ME, anyway, that she knows a lot more than she said. She lied for the Bush administration about 9-11. She did it willingly.

Putting her in the ticket would be stupid unless the Romney campaign knows something I don’t. The Democrats, misogynistic dicks that they are, wouldn’t have to use her gender as an excuse to go after her.

34 Responses

  1. Who cares if Rice is a she…or a he.

    Rice was the worst NSA EVER. Incompetent was her first, last & middle name.

    Also, her reputation in Palo Alto amongst her fellow faculty was awful. Given tenure for just showing up she was described to me by a fellow faculty as arrogant, mean spirited and spiteful. She was quick to ascribe those with whom she disagreed or were critical of her bad behavior as racist.

    An odd thing if you know her families history of opposing Rev. Martin Luther King effort towards racial equality.

    Oh…and God help the poor creature who has to wait on her table or be her sales clerk…she earned the reputation for being an insulting ass that demanded the best service and rewarded by being a tightwad, never leaving more than a few pennies.

    George Shultz’s worst mistake.

    • Incompetence? I always thought she did her part to make sure security was stood down and KEPT stood down, so as to make sure those planes could get through. MIHOP. If my suspicion is correct, then she was very competent indeed. We just need to admit to ourselves whose secret agenda she was really quite competently advancing.

      • RUR–Did you maybe mean HIHOP (helped it happen on purpose)?

        I expect I will always suspect that the imperialist faction of Our Betters contributed to the 9/11 attacks in some fashion, although I also suspect it will never be proven. 👿

        I am surprised to find myself thinking this next thing: The collapse of the USSR may not have been entirely good for the common people of the USA, since that removed the biggest obstacle to the imperialist faction of Our Betters.

        • There are the three IHOPs.
          Let IHOP, Help IHOP, and Make IHOP.

          I suspecte the CheneyBushAdmin went far beyond LIHOP. They were at the very least riding the ragged edge between HIHOP and MIHOP. Did you notice how government-milspec-quality anthrax was used in maximum propaganda value terror attacks at key timepoints after the 9/11 attacks? Neither Muslims in a cave nor cheeto-eaters in a basement were capable of making and handling that quality of anthrax.

  2. You know, I would rather not go there in terms of how she is perceived to treat people who wait on her. If it happened after 9-11, it’s hard to know if her behavior was judged objectively. And while her employment history was important *before* whe was appointed National Security Advisor, that all pales in comparison to the massive, gigantic fuckup that was the response to the threats of terrorism that lead to 9-11. You don’t need to be the former provost of Stanford to be able to take a proactive step to make sure your homework was done and every avenue of investigation was explored. She failed us, no by being snippy to a shoe salesman but by being not up to the seriousness of her job.
    There have been many VPs who weren’t presidential material, Dan Qualye comes immediately to mind. But when we know in advance that a person is incapable to making good independent decisions, we should just pass.
    Rice fits that category.

    • That testimony is pretty revealing. It turns my stomach, actually. Her refusal to address the details of the pdb suggests she’s hiding critical information from the committee. Richard Clarke and outgoing NSA Sandy Berger warned the incoming Bush administration of al Qaeda’s intent to attack was a clear and imminent danger, not a remote threat or a historical reference.

  3. I can’t imagine the benefit of having Rice on the ticket. She’s a lying liar.

    Is she being floated to make whoever is the REAL nominee look better just by comparison?

    • Mebbe. I hadn’t thot of that. I’d heard that the governor of new Mexico was on the short list. She was once a Democrat.

      • I don’t mean I’ve heard it either. It’s just such a dumb idea — I’m trying to figure it out….

        • It’s a really good hypothesis. It makes sense strategically. Just about anyone looks good next to Rice, except Palin.
          My guess is that Romney will run with a woman. It will frustrate the hell out of the Democrats.

          • My smarter sister says that if Romney choose a woman it means that his is not a serious run and the powers that be don’t want him, just as they didn’t want McCain.
            She’s waiting to see if Mitt has a “Mondale moment.”
            A depressing, if probably true theory.

          • Obvs, that should be chooses.
            Damn smelly cat in front of computer screen.

          • If he runs with Elizabeth Dole or Kaye Bailey Hutchison that will frustrate the hell out of the Tea Party. If he runs with Sahra Paylinn or Michelle Bachmann, that will frustrate the hell out of what few country club/ bussiness-first Republicans still remain in that party.

            Would a Dole or Hutchison gain more “independent” votes than losing Tea Party votes? Or would the Tea Partiers suck it up in the greater cause of defeating Obama? I hope Romney nominates a Dole or a Hutchison. It would make defeating and removing Obama less scary than “some” VP picks could make it.

        • Or it could be just to see which way the winds blows. That is, the reactions may well affect which person is actually selected. For example, if enough people say something about her and 9/11, the Romney people may then decide that it would be better to pick someone who was not in the Bush 2 administration.

  4. I love Richard Ben Veniste.
    He made the Whitewater liar L.Jean Lewis faint dead away during Senator Amato’s gotcha Clinton hearings.
    Good times.

    • Ah, yes, memories. We were all so much younger then…

      • Well, you were; I was born old.
        Every once and a while, we do need to remind people who say “no President has ever been so disrespected by the right wing” that they are full of shit.
        As I like to say, wake me up when prosecutors are pawing through Michelle’s drawer of frillies.

  5. Dems wouldn’t “have to” use Rice’s gender against her… but they would, anyway.

    Palin was an awful VP choice (though effective at energizing McCain’s then-moribund campaign), and it would have been easy to focus on her policy shortcomings (well, except for the fact that the Dems policies were so similar). But bashing her on gender, trivialities, trumped-up “issues,” and trashing her family was great sport for the so-called left. Hard to imagine that if the GOP chooses another female VP nominee that Democrats won’t again disgrace themselves that way.

    Still, your point is taken — with her record on Iraq — policy would likely be a bigger focus with CR.

    OTOH, the Iraq War was great, wasn’t it? It “made the United States safer and more respected around the world” according to our nation’s highest moral authority.

    • That blog you linked to has to be an elaborate piece of running social-satire performance art. What else could it be?

  6. The campaign is becoming a parody of itself. A Monty Python skit if you will where the worst possible nominees make it onto the ticket.

    It’s Wall Street telling us it makes little difference who is in the White House because it’s their hands on the levers of power.

    • Bingo, Mr. Mike!
      i’ve never seen the “not a dime’s worth of difference” so naked and unashamed.
      They’re not even trying to pull wool over our eyes ’cause we’re all lambs to the slaughter now.

      • Well then . . . what can we do to be bad little lambs with stringy meat and rusty used brillo instead of wool?

        • Vote third party .

        • I also mean . . . what can we do in our daily economic lives to begin degrading and attriting the money-suction-pumps which redistribute lower class wealth and income to the upper class? Are there sectors or industries or bussinesses whose existence hurts “us”, and whose destruction would hurt “them”? And if so, how can we hurt “them” by shrinking or destroying “thems’ ” favored sectors or industries?
          For example, would there be a way for a hundred million bitter little people to actually tear down and destroy and exterminate and wipe off the face of the earth certain key One Percenter Icons as Goldman Sachs or JP Morgan or Citibank? Could we really exterminate these companies from the face of the earth if we set our minds to it?

  7. Palin was a better choice than McCain and Mittens is no better than Obama…we’re in deep trouble…why won’t Hillary run?

  8. I’m with you RD, she lied like Bush-Cheney-Rumsfeld all the same. I’m still angry at all the misinformation, cover-up and lies of 9/11 event that led to the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. What a waste of brains and disgrace to womanhood…

  9. I totally agree that Rice is incompetent, a liar, and a party to some of the worst outrages of the Bush administration. However, she will NEVER be chosen as the VP candidate anyway because she is pro-choice, and that will never fly with the party. Seems that floating her candidacy has some alternative motivation……

    • It seems like she is being bandied about to negate the racist meme the DEMS are so intent on using. And in the process they can pretend they are even more enlightened than the Dems because they are “seriously” considering a black woman!!!!!! Won’t ever happen but they can pretend!
      As I remember, she bought a house with another woman. I don’t think the high muckety mucks of the GOP are going there. It is a charade, just like our elections.

  10. I’ve always loved Condi. She is formidable and handles the MSM with strength. She is not an obvious lightweight like Biden & Obama. She is pro-choice which helps Romney. Who cares about 9-11? (shit happens) She made mistakes but one can assume that she is an evolving individual. Sudam is dead (this is good, isn’t it?) and she was around for that. She is an unlikely choice, but it would be fun to see all the heads exploding.

    • I care about 9/11. It doesn’t look to me like some shit that just happened. It looks to me like it was Let/Helped/Made to happen at the very least by some very high placed Administration people. The well-timed and well-targeted anthrax attacks shortly afterward deepen my suspicions.

      • And anyway, some shit is too big to just “get over”, even if it did “just happen”.

    • “Who cares about 9-11? (shit happens)”–Raygur

      Raygur, I suggest you draw yourself a nice hot cup of STFU.

      Better yet, I suggest you go tell a bunch of NYC firefighters that 9-11 didn’t matter, and shit happens. I’d enjoy the resulting mayhem. 😈

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