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Red Beanie Boys: nuns help poor too much and condemn sexytime violations too little

Has the whole world’s first and second estates’ completely lost it?  I mean, talk about people who could use a refresher course in the classics.  Don’t they remember what happened to all those kings and princes who insisted on playing god with the power of life and death?

The Vatican is definitely pushing the envelope.  They’ve decided to step in and take over a North American nuns organization, rather imperiously, a la the UVA Board of Visitors, because:

In April, the Vatican announced that Pope Benedict XVI had authorized a takeover of the LCWR, which represents about 80 percent of the nation’s 57,000 nuns and sisters. The Vatican’s “doctrinal assessment” said the group was not sufficiently promoting orthodox teachings on sexuality and gender and was spending too much time focusing on social justice issues.

Although the Vatican has been officially scrutinizing the LCWR for several years — and has viewed the U.S. nuns with some suspicion for decades — the takeover came as a surprise. LCWR leaders requested a face-to-face meeting with Levada, head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, and Seattle Archbishop Peter Sartain, who Benedict named to direct the Vatican effort.

After last week’s talks in Rome, Farrell and Mock said the meeting had been an opportunity for “open dialogue.” A Vatican spokesman said the meeting took place “in an atmosphere of openness and cordiality.”

But right after the meeting, Levada gave an interview in which he said the talks may in fact be a “dialogue of the deaf,” and said the nuns are associating with people who “aren’t representing the church with any reasonable sense of product identity.” Sartain and another U.S. bishop involved in the takeover also said the investigation was aimed at the LCWR, not nuns in general.

Farrell called Levada’s comment “unfortunate” and in its statement on Monday, the LCWR rejected efforts to try to separate the group from the wider community of U.S. nuns, which it said has “keenly felt” the impact of the Vatican campaign.

Yes, the comment was unfortunate but not nearly as unfortunate as the sentiment behind it.  By the way, when did the Vatican get a marketing department concerned with “product identity”. Can you just imagine the personality statement from the ad and marketing group?

“Our product says tradition.  It is not crunchy granola.  It doesn’t wear jeans or have a vegan diet.  It’s wine in golden goblets. It is not who you want to have a beer with. It says it’s going to be here for another 2000 years. It is gentlemen’s club. It’s about labor and delivery while strapped to a bed, not earth mothers and unassisted home water births. It’s the beauty of shame and the ecstasy of fasting…”

Lovely.  More authoritarianism just keeps coming our way.  This won’t end well.

Meanwhile, here’s a great idea:

13 Responses

  1. Levada, sounds like the name of a stiffy pill for priests who can’t get it up for little boys. The Church will be a place only fools and the Irish attend.

  2. I imagine the Lord Jesus’s reaction to the Beanie Boys would look something like this.

    Four of the classics the beanie boys need to re-read are the Gospels.

    Jesus spoke a LOT about helping the poor and other unfortunate people, while the Gospels contain exactly ONE incident relating to sexual morality, in which Jesus counseled forgiveness and mercy–the incident of the woman caught in adultery. (John 7:53-8:11) “Let anyone among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.”

    Incidentally, it takes two to commit adultery (well, at least two). I wonder what happened to her paramour? Did the mob kill him on the spot, or did he escape–or were the (arse-)holy patriarchs only interested in punishing them uppity wimmin?

    The beanie boys also need to re-study their own history. This sort of disgusting corruption and authoritarianism played a large role in sparking the Reformation. A Second Reformation would serve those kiddy-diddling SOBs right.

    Or maybe Jesus could just send St. Peter back to run the Roman Church. :mrgreen:

    Or if he were Picard, he could just send Worf to straighten them out.

    “I have come to do two things; kick ass and chew bubble gum. And Klingons do NOT chew bubble gum!” 😈

  3. Derpy Hooves would make a better Pope than Benny the Rat.

    Though she’d probably want to replace the Communion bread with MUFFINS…

    OK, I really need to get ready to go to work. Ciao for nao. :mrgreen:

  4. Maybe, seeing the Church go after the good sisters will be what it takes to get women’ s asses out of the pews for good.
    I can dream, can’t I?

  5. ITA SweetSue – what on earth do women get from that institution?

    • I’ve been wondering this myself for a long time. There are only a couple of religious traditions in the world where women are considered the equal of men. Why women are sticking with the Judeo-Christian one where they so clearly are not is a mystery to me.
      Women need a religion where contraception is a sacrament.

  6. Aw, the Bishops are just exercising their (own) religious freedom. /sarc

  7. For many, their particular religious afilitiation is not like a political party membership. It is psychologically more like an ethnic identity.
    I doubt that Catholic women will just quietly leave the Church if Ratzingerian aggression and oppression get bad enough. They may well try to form an American Reformed Catholic Church instead. And how would the Roman Catholic Church like THEM apples?

    My dim memory of recent history is that Ratzinger was Jan Karol Wojtyla’s ideological enforcer/inquisitor in repressing as hard as possible the Liberation Theology clergy in Latin America as well as
    liberalising thinkers like Hans Kung, etc. So this seems like more follow-on to Wojtyla’s Ratzinger campaign. But I am no expert, to be sure. (Jan Karol Wojtyla being of course Pope John Paul II).

    • some men iare former Boy Scouts. Ratzinger is former Hitler Youth. That sez it all

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