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Monday: Break it to me gently

This morning, two extremely good looking dudes are upstairs cleaning my grout.

Wait, that didn’t sound right.

Anyway, the topic of this post is stuff we didn’t want to know about, stuff we tried to avoid seeing, but that is no longer avoidable, but we want to be let down easily.

Let’s start with this remarkable exchange that Paul Krugman had in London with some clueless austerians:

Conservatives seem to be in their own little universes where the laws of physics and supply and demand and the paradox of thrift do not apply to them.  They have beautiful theories destroyed by ugly facts.  It’s a world where new college graduates with $100K in student debt just can’t wait to start their own businesses and where unemployed chemists can start biotech companies by borrowing money from their “friends, families and fools”.

But nevermind that silly notion about how we all secretly want to become the equivalent of 18th century MBAs, Paul is trying to tell them that they were just dumped by the economy and it’s over, move on.  They want Paul to break it to them gently.  Let them down the easy way, presumably the way that doesn’t require any kind of concessions from them.  And Paul’s like, “He’s not coming back, Ok?  He doesn’t want you anymore.”  This exchange would almost be funny if it weren’t so deadly serious.  It’s very frustrating to have examined the data, run the models, found historical precedent and made accurate predictions only to have them ignored by people who are talking in non-sequitors about something completely different that works only in a different dimension.  I guess it’s going to have to take a global catastrophic failure before they get it. I don’t know what I find more disturbing about this: that there are so many disingenuous pundits out there lying to people or that these people may actually believe what they’re saying.  Is the average intelligence of the general populace really so low that people can’t reason this problem out?  That’s so frightening it makes me feel dizzy and sick.  Is there a 30 second youtube cartoon that can be put together to explain this to non-economists?

The second breakup story is from Peter Daou.  A year ago, he tried to warn the Obama administration that it needed to put more effort into courting its base but did it listen?  Daou found this article from April 2011 that suggested that the grassroots were not happy with Obama and wanted to see some effort from him before they started giving.  But the Democrats had Obama and they thought that everyone loved him because he’s so swave and de-boner so when the time came, they’d all come swooning back like they did in 2008.  Um, it turns out that isn’t happening.  In this new post from Buzzfeed Politics, we have this rather unsettling graphic that intimates that the honeymoon is over:

The dark blue dots are where Obama’s fundraising efforts have fallen off the most.  Funny how they follow state boundaries.  Isn’t it weird that this Democratic president has seen the least amount of fallout in predominantly conservative, bible thumping southern states? And JEEZ, look at the way Appalachia has been blowing him off.  But it’s not just Appalachia, California seems none too pleased, nor Florida, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Massachusetts, Virginia, Ohio.  In fact, it looks like all of the big states that Obama lost in the 2008 primaries are most seriously displeased.  I guess they’re trying to say that they’re just not that into him.  But the Democrats keep thinking that Obama’s the best that voters are going to get.  Sure, he’s a player, sure he’ll dump you for a Republicanesque bipartisan committee.  What are you going to do?  Voters are appearing to say that they’re not going to give him anymore money, how’s that?  They’ve been trying to let the party down the easy way for more than a year now.  But if the party isn’t listening, they might find that enough voters have left without a forwarding address that there will be a very rude awakening in November.

And then there is Wisconsin.  Bill Clinton was there a few days ago campaigning for Tom Barrett, the Democratic challenger in the recall election against Scott Walker.  Bill Clinton tried to give voters a wake up call about what this recall election means to them and the rest of working class Americans (working class is anyone not living off their bonuses and investments):

If you believe in an economy of shared prosperity when times are good, and shared sacrifice when they’re not, then you don’t want to break the unions. You want them at the negotiating table. And you trust them to know that arithmetic rules. Show up for Tom Barrett on Tuesday! If you want Wisconsin once again to be seen by all of America as a place of diversity, of difference of opinion, of vigorous debate, where in the end people’s objectives are to come to an agreement that will take us all forward together, youhave to show up for Tom Barrett on Tuesday!…

I can just hear it now, on Wednesday. All those people that poured all this money into Wisconsin, if you don’t show up and vote, will say, `see, we got them now. We’re finally going to break every union in America. We’re gonna break every government in America. We’re gonna stop worrying about the middle class. We don’t give a riff whether poor people get to work their way into it. We got our way now. We got it all. Divide and conquer works.’

You tell them no. You tell them, Wisconsin has never been about that, never will be about that — by electing Tom Barrett governor!

You can watch the whole speech here:

Clinton is not the kind of guy who likes recall elections or any attempt of one group of radicals to unseat a sitting elected official.  So, the fact that he’s out there in Wisconsin is significant because it means that he doesn’t see the working people of Wisconsin as a bunch of radicals.  This is THE most important election this year.  It is more important than the one in November, as it stands right now.  What Bill is really doing is sending a message to his own party to wake up and do something now because once the Republican juggernaut rolls over the working people of Wisconsin, it’s going to keep on rolling over everyone else.

Let me break it to you gently, lefty blogospherians, there is a battle right now within in the Democratic party.  We are seeing it play out in Wisconsin where the Democrats are pretending that they can straddle the fence.  They think that they can be for working class people in theory and still take money from big donors in practice and no one will notice when the economy fails and working people suffer.  That’s not going to happen.

Please note who is out there stumping for us.  Pay attention to what he is saying.  You need to have a vision of where you want to take the country.  You know all that shit you’ve been swallowing about how Bill Clinton wrecked the welfare system?  Think about that for a moment.  If you are one of those people who didn’t want to see the welfare system change to help people go to work and achieve and have dignity and get their families out of generational poverty, if what you really wanted was to just throw money at a problem and hope it went away, then you are a person who is afraid of change and not really aware of what a welfare check means to a person.  Do you know what we call people who like things the way they were and refuse to evolve?


I am not going to break it to you gently, dear lefty progressives and liberals.  The left has failed to develop a vision of the future that acknowledges how our world has changed.  It has failed to figure out a way of elevating the working class out of the 20th century into the future with dignity, fairness, equality and excitement for what comes next.  The Democratic party fractured itself in 2008 and now it is floundering. The signs are all around that there’s a big breakup coming.  It needs to get its shit together as quickly as possible or we are all going to pay the price this November when the tons of money pouring into conservative message creating manages to aerosolize the working class and makes it impossible for any of us to join together and push back.

45 Responses

  1. I am with you on most issues, but I don’t see how Tom Barrett is going to make any difference nationally. It looks to me as though losing Wisconsin would send a clearer message to the national Democrats than winning.

    On the merits, if Wisconsin Democrats had picked a leader, I’d be happy to fall in behind. Instead we got a guy whose website does not feature the name of the political party he allegedly belongs to.

    I’m just not going to send my money to Wisconsin to elect another dead skunk Democrat running on a platform of “Wow, those Republicans sure are extreme. Let me edge over here a little further so I can get a better view and I’ll tell you more about how extreme they are.”

    • I disagree. Barrett is a placeholder and a symbol. He himself may only be a moderately adequate politician. A lot of Democratic candidates get the same advice from campaign consultants, “Don’t say you’re a Democrat too loudly, try to take the middle road, don’t upset the conservatives in your district.” I spoke to some recipients of that advice in 2006. I think it’s wrong but it’s because the word “Democrat” and “liberal” have become so maligned that candidates are afraid to admit what they are and some of them just think it’s easier to become wishy washy in response.
      But I think Wisconsin *is* the big story. The Republicans have poured money into Wisconsin at an enormous rate, which should signify to YOU that this is a very, very high stakes election for them that they are willing to do anything to win.
      If you are in Wisconsin, you don’t have to give Barrett money. You just have to vote Republican money out. Think of it that way and it shouldn’t be hard to do. By voting for Barrett you are signifying to the Republican wealth that you and your state and the working people in it can’t be bought and drowned out by their money. Now is the time to say that money can’t buy you everything. If you don’t do it, then the Republican money juggernaut will buy up every subsequent election because they will know that they can.
      When you walk into that voting booth remember that you are voting against independent wealth with no accountability and for everyone who works for a living and deserves to be treated with respect and with fairness.
      Now is not the time to getting in a personal snit about whether Barrett screams his party affiliation loudly enough for you. By the time you work that out, it may be too late for you to do anything about it.
      Besides, the fact that Bill Clinton came out to Wisconsin to campaign for him says about as much as can be said about Barrett’s Democratic bona fides. A lot of people ask for Clinton to campaign for them and he turns a lot of them down. You can be assured that Clinton wouldn’t have done it unless he got something from Barrett in return.
      Don’t you want to find out what it is? I’m *dying* to find out.

      • Just to clarify, I’m not in Wisconsin. If I were there I would probably vote for Barrett. Since I’m not there, I think the folks in Wisconsin can decide this one for themselves.

        From a national perspective this appears to be just another example of Democrats screwing the pooch. I’m not going to spend my money trying to unscrew it.

        • Yes, albrt, you are absolutely correct. This is a case of the Democrats screwing the pooch. The small, evil group of Democrats who run the party and to which no one we know belongs, are definitely trying to screw the pooch. And I’m sure they don’t like it when Bill Clinton shows up and ruins all their lovely plans.
          There is a battle going on in the Democratic party. If it were up to the DNC, Walker would be re-elected.
          Are you seeing it yet? This is a huge problem. Don’t get mad. Get even.

    • If the Republicanspiracy can be defeated in Wisconsin, it will give hope and cheer to its targets in Michigan and Ohio and perhaps some other Midwestern States. So it is of extreme regional importance.

      If Walker can be driven out of office in Wisconsin, perhaps Wisconsin Democrats can think in terms of turning Wisconsin into a “liberated blue zone” as best they can. Wisconsin might become one of several “caves of Yennan” where genuine legitimate Democrats
      take refuge and reform and build out a genuine decontaminated Democratic Party and start extending the Liberated Blue Zone from there, And the bitterness of the Recall Walker fight might well give Wisconsin Democrats the spirit of no compromise and no mercy which they will need to survive and weaken the Republican Occupation under which they live.

      • From your lips to the natural universe’s ears.

        • The God of Selection is a Callous God, and It truly does not care who or what wins. Which means we ourselves have to care all the more.

      • I should of course include the Republicans’ NatDem Obamacratic collaborators in with their Republican comrades as part of the “enemy occupation” to be fought.

  2. The bottom line for me is this:
    Public employee unions are paid using taxpayer dollars. I believe they should not be able to negotiate as unions. Wisconsin public employees contribute only 3 % toward their own retirement and only 5 % toward their own healthcare.

    The taxpayers pay 97% of the retirement and about 95% of the health care for public employees.

    I am a self employed person. NOBODY pays anything toward my retirement nor my healthcare. I pay 100% of both.
    The deal Gov Walker got from them is waaay more than fair…it , in fact, is a huge gift.
    Scott Walker stands with the taxpayer.

    • How functional would your society be without the maintainance work done which public workers do? If you had no roads, police, court system, no public anything . . . would there still be an economy for you to self-employ yourself in? At the level to which you have become accustomed?

      • I’m saying pay a fair wage and let each individual take care of their own retirement and healthcare. I am not saying get rid of public employees.
        AND public employee unions are different than private employee unions.
        Unions that fight against Corporations and private employers deserve union strength, public employees do not. Private capital vs taxpayer money.
        BIG difference.

        • Hey, I’m paying for my healthcare these days. Want to know what I pay? It’s $940/month. There are no public options, no national health care system, no low price options for me and my daughter. That’s the free market for you. By the way, did I mention that I don’t have a job and that neither do most of my former friends and colleagues?
          As for retirement, I have a pension in a company what was gobbled up by a larger company. The larger company wants to get rid of its pension plan and is not doing so well financially. I predict that it will be only a couple of years before the MBAs that cannibalized it will have to declare bankrupcy. Did anyone who worked for that pension deserve to have it put in such a precarious position?
          What about social security? I’ve been working fulltime since 1986 and have been pre-paying my benefits at a higher rate than previous generations. Anyone who has the nerve to say to my face that I will have to take a benefit cut is going to get a knuckle sandwich straight to the kisser. I’ve been practicing. It will come out of nowhere.
          So, stop acting like you’ve been carrying the weight of the country on your shoulders. I hear this crap from seniors all the time, “We EARNED it” as if WE didn’t. That’s bullshit and I don’t put up with it. They usually say this just before they book another cruise through central America.
          Tell it to the chaplain, insanelysane. You don’t work harder than we did, didn’t accomplish more than we did and don’t deserve more than we did. You’re not more moral or upstanding. You are just lucky. Your day may be coming. Don’t expect sympathy from anyone you weren’t willing to give it to.

          • Not a senior, not religious and decidedly never expecting anyone especially the government to GIVE me anything.

            so your attempt to put me a cubbyhole is off on all counts.

      • Additionally, when the economy hit the skids in 2007-08, my business took a hit as well. I tightened up expenses, cut my costs back and we did with less.
        I am still standing and still providing jobs ( well paid jobs).

        But , public employees do not have to take a cut? We taxpayers should just keep dolling out 97% of their healthcare costs and retirement pensions? What makes public employees entitled to be immune to bad times?

        • Negotiations based on good faith. I used to sit in on those negotiations with the teachers and principals unions and once had that feeling too. But I realized that they were right to hold the line. The rich and well connected would like nothing more than that the slice of the pie we get keep shrinking and that we not ask them to contribute. You are looking in the wrong direction. You shouldn’t be looking down on those employees that work so hard for you. Do you think teachers and school administrators don’t work their asses off? You would be so wrong. We might disagree with where they put their emphasis and curriculum decisions and general attitude. But don’t argue about the work they do. I’ve known superintendents that manage districts the size of medium sized companies that make a small fraction of what their private company counterparts do. Your problem is that you are unaware of these things. If you knew what they do for you, you would be astonished that they work for beans.
          There are somethings I would have liked to change about teachers union contracts. The grievance procedure is too long and sometimes resulted in outrageous payouts to get rid of bad teachers. Some teachers accumulated sick days that needed to be paid out when they retired. I think that needs to be corrected. Use them or lose them. And in general, tenure seems to come way too soon before a teacher is seasoned and we can tell whether they’ve got talent or whether they’re just parroting the district’s educational philosophy du jour. But these things we can work with.
          I’ve also had to sit on the board and decide if a teacher who has exhausted her leave time taking care of a terminally ill parent can get a grace exemption from the district or whether the teacher has to pay us back for time. Union contracts cut both ways.
          For the record, I always voted for hardship extensions.
          But the bottom line is that the unions negotiated in good faith and the taxpayers agreed to it. Then those same taxpayers got royally screwed by their own employers and the wealthy and well connected business people who didn’t want to pitch in their fair share anymore. And now they’re taking it out on the public unions because they feel powerless to take on the rich.
          Here is a chance in Wisconsin to take on the rich.
          Hard to believe this has gone over your head but there ya go. People are not as bright as they used to be.

          • Wisconsin is taking on the taxpayers…not the rich!

            Wow, don’t you get that? Also, I have a teaching credential and have actually taught in the public school system. There is a lot wrong there and all at taxpayer expense.

        • Their healthcare costs and retirement pensions are part of their pay.
          It IS their money after they have been PAID it. It sounds like you want to welsh and doublecross on a contract. It sounds like you want semi-slaves for all public functions.

    • How to put this gently?
      Our perspective has been warped. There was a time when most workers had access to health plans and defined benefit pensions and didn’t even have to be in a union. We benefitted from being in the unions’ slipstream. Now, most of those benefits are gone and we are looking resentfully at the unions that still have them. When those unions are dismantled, god help us all. The unions are what gave us the weekends and safety standards and child labor laws. Everything that makes the working and middle class lives safe and prosperous were hard fought benefits we got by way of unions. Unions raised the standards for all workers.
      Why do you want to get rid of the last thing that stands between you and the aristocracy that wants to reduce you to a single individual, bargaining with them on your own? I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that self-employed people are not covered by any labor protections. The people who contract with you can discriminate against you on the basis of religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, you name it. They can with hold payment from you for indefinite periods of time. They have all of the power and you are reduced to being a supplicant.
      Now, maybe that’s ok with you if you own a restaurant or a dry cleaning establishment or your own garage. If you’re a plumber or an electrician, you have your own organizations and can have your own business. But if you’re a chemist and you need to work in a lab to make your living? Well, it’s bloody hard and expensive to create your own lab so you are compelled to work for other people and if they want to employ you as an individual without any labor protections, you get screwed. That’s what’s happening to my profession right now.
      It has to be your perspective because why would you wish this on other people? Seriously. What have they done to shrink your heart and your sense of fairness down to a tiny fraction of what it was three decades ago?
      I’m unemployed and I never expect to make the salary I made previously. But if I were to ever have that privilege again, I would GLADLY pay my taxes so that public union employees could have the pensions and salaries and benefits that they negotiated in good faith and which they used to plan their lives and retirements and which they completely deserve. We should all have the same benefits. Americans work extremely hard with very little vacation or benefits compared to our counterparts in other developed nations. We think too little of ourselves. We don’t give ourselves enough credit for being as industrious and productive as we are. And for years we have getting the same cruel message from the people at the top, “What have you done for me lately?”
      I think that little group is about to find out how much we contributed to their wealth and well being because they have utterly destroyed us.
      Don’t it always seem to go that you don’t know what you’ve got til it’s gone?
      We have neglected our own well being. We listened to the self-seriving lies of the politically well connected. “cut our taxes and we’ll create jobs”, “Wealth will trickle down”, “if only we had better educated workers, we’d treat them better” and ” we must cut entitlements if we want to get the economy back on it’s feet because the deficit is killing us”.
      None of these things have been true. Not only that but some of these lies will actually make the economy worse. But people like you believe them anyway.
      Where did the educational system fail you? Why can’t you reason this out? Are you so indoctrinated by the beliefs of your peer group that you can’t tell what is real and what is a lie?
      I feel sorry for you. At least my eyes are open. I know what’s going on and what causes what effects and I can plan accordingly. But what is going to happen to you when the bottom falls out?

      • I own a business. I employ people. I contribute to their social security.
        (ALOT). ( 7.5% of total wages )

        RD, Public employees are not in the same boat as private employees.
        If you are a government worker and you accept a job based on the wages then why should the taxpayer be held hostage to unions that can negotiate benefits that I , as a self employed person can not get.

        I am paying their wages with my taxes. If you don’t like what the Gov’t pays, go get another job.

        I support private employee unions.
        I do not support public employee unions.

        • I just answered your question above. I am behind public unions 100%. If they get nothing or get screwed, the chances that I will get screwed down the line are increased. It’s all about cooperativity, as Bill Clinton explained. You will be a lot better off as a business person if you support the unions because the more people who have money in their pockets to spend, the greater the chances they will spend it on the goods and services that you provide. If you bust the unions and those employees end up spending more money out of their own pockets to make up what they used to have in their contracts, (for benefits for which there are no low cost options), they will have less money to spend on you.
          This is a no brainer, so I can only conclude that people who are not getting it have no brains.
          Prove me wrong, insanelysane, because we have been living by your economic rules for 4 years now and things are not improving.

          • It really never helps an argument if you resort to calling people who see things from a different perspective DUMB!

          • Actually to insanelysane . . .

            Did you just call unionized public employees “hostage-takers”? I think you just did. And yet you complain about name-calling?

          • Unions routinely use strikes and picket lines as part of negotiating tools.

            Are you in favor of police and fire personnel going on strike?

            Is it OK with you if the county paramedics decide to have a stay at home strike?

            Do you think it is a good thing when teachers walk out and our children pay the brunt of the consequences?

            So you think that is acceptable??
            Not me.
            I say, if you take a government job, then you must perform that as a service. Otherwise, get a job in the private sector where these union negotiating tools are acceptable.

          • Public workers don’t go on strike easily or frivolously, to the best of my knowledge. They do it if they are driven to it. I suspect many public sector workers began unionizing when they realized that an ungrateful public wanted nearly-free-as-possible slaves and not self-respecting and respected worth-the-money workers. Would I be wrong?

          • Very few of us private sector workers have unions, so let’s work to take down the few unions with any strength which are left?

            [snark] Yeah, that makes sense. [/snark] 🙄

            I fear IS successfully avoided being assimilated into the Oborg Collective, only to be assimilated into the Wingnut Collective instead. That happened to a lot of folks who formerly posted on The Confluence. Most of them can be found at The Crawdad Hole now–or as I call it, The Agnew Hole. (Maybe I should just call it The A Hole? 😈 )

            Apparently, a lot of folks bought into the false doctrine of Official Political Reality that says Obummer and the Dinocrats are actually liberals, so if one opposes them, one must be a conservative; that doctrine says the only beverages available are Blue Obummer Kool-Aid and Red Wingnut Kool-Aid, so if one refuses the Blue, one must drink the Red.

            Screw ’em both. I prefer Earl Grey tea. :mrgreen:

            And yes, I work in the private sector, and HELL YES I pay taxes, but I don’t begrudge the public servants their benefits.

          • Bring on the bergamot!
            Ditto, MFTI

      • Amen!

      • Health insurance should not be tied to employers. WE need to get off that system and on to Medicare for all socialist system.
        Everybody pay in and everybody be covered.

        • YeS!!! ding! Ding! Ding!
          Keep going…

          • Here’s more….

            Research and development belongs in government funded University settings. That’s where money ought to be going. What is discovered become a part of the public domain, for the greater good.

            That’s where you need to be working RD. That is where government needs to spend some big bucks.

          • Universities are one of the places where research should happen. I know academic groups that are doing research and I have collaborated with them. But they are wildly underfunded. They can barely pay their own salaries much less take on industry researchers. The amount of funding will need to increase drastically even if we agree to substantial cuts in pay.
            IMHO, the government needs to fund it’s own biotech companies, preferably in the midwest where the cost of living is lower, put us in the federal health and pension programs and let us do what we were trained to do without the interference from corporate management wiz kids or the politics of applying for grant proposals. Give us a billion and some mothballed labs and leave us alone for 5 years. Thats a tiny fraction of what the banks got and I guarantee we will put it to much better use, selling the patents back to the taxpayers for a token amount.

        • Yes we do. That would be a good thing and a good start.

        • yup, more people would own their own businesses if we had medicare for all. Think about it. If you no longer had to worry about insuring yourself and your employees all on your own, wouldn’t starting your own business have been a lot less scary?
          We might actually become the America we always brag that we are.

    • Oh spare me, you got those stats from Fox News. Totally fake. Scott Walker is the only public employee who gets a deal like that- why don’t you attack him instead. Oh, that’s right you are Fox news viewer…Oh and by the way mr. so called self-employed, we public employees are tax payers too. Public employees pay at minimum pay 50% of our retirement and our healthcare. So not only do we pay at least 50% of our retirement and healthcare (It’s over 60% in my city) but we pay taxes on it too- so we end up paying even more for our benefits. If you are self-employed and can afford your own healthcare and make enough profit to stay in business then you would have to be making more money than 99% of us. No wonder you have no clue how public employees actually live. Most public employee earn significantly less per year than the comparable job in the private sector, we don’t make enough money to have a 401K account like you undoubtedly do. Guess what mr self employed- I have a college degree and have worked as a government employee for nearly 20 years and my annual income is lower middle class- that’s including my benefits, the vast majority of public employees make poverty to lower middle class wages. The only ones that don’t are: police and firefighters (and even they just make solid middle class wages), and administrative and elected officials and their support staff- they are the only government employees that make those huge wages and get those “Cadillac” benefits Fox news tells you we all do. I laugh at your complete ignorance of reality.

      • So then why don’t you go get a job in private sector?

        If I am successful, it’s because I create that success. People hire me because I am really really good at what I do. I compete in the marketplace with skills better than the next guy.
        Why do you assume I am conservative FOX viewer. Nothing could be further from the truth. No 401 K for me. I save my money and make my own investments. Stop assuming so much. Talk about ignorant.

        I traveled across the county in 08 to get the vote out for Hillary.

      • http://minnesota.cbslocal.com/2011/02/18/reality-check-mn-public-workers-and-their-wi-counterparts/

        Reality Check:
        quote: In Wisconsin, Gov. Scott Walker is demanding public workers boost their pension contributions from 0 percent to 5 percent.

        Wisconsin is also asking its public workers to increase health care contributions from 6 percent to 12 percent.

        Who’s the uninformed one?

        • From 0-5% of the money paid into their retirement on their behalf? Or from 0-5% of their personal pay? If the second, is that not a stealth pay-cut of 5%?

          From 6-12% of the cost of their health premium? Or from 6-12% of their own pay now going into health premiums? If the second, is that not a stealth pay-cut of 6%?

          Also, what sort of tax reductions and subsidies did Walker suggest making to upper class bussinessfolk and predator-investors to lure more such predators to come to Wisconsin? Also, didn’t I hear something about a stealthy hidden land-mine in that bill to the effect that all kinds of publicly owned power plants and other facilities were to be sold for pennies on the benjamin to Walkers rich sponsors like . . . the Koch brothers? To what extent did the Walker Administration manufacture a fake “deficit” by re-allocating collectively raised tax money to upper class subsidies to upper class predasites, so as to use that fake manufactured “deficit” as an excuse to cheat and de-pay public workers after the fact?

          And by the way, your success is made possible by the advanced civilization which spent the time and money to create the advanced economy you make your success in. Someone with all your talents would have no such measure of success in Haiti or Bangladesh. So it is a hundred years of millions of people before you and around you which made/make it possible for you to make your own success. Including the public workers who make and maintain the public infrastructure without which your bussiness would run out of bussiness; leaving you to run out of money, run out of food, starve to death, and die. Unless you are a genuinely trained wilderness survivalist on the side who could go make a whole new subsistence living deep inside one of Wisconsin’s State or National Forests. In which case, my hat is off to you sir. Because speaking for myself, I know that if civilization dies, I will starve to death and die along with it.
          To avoid that happening, I will pay whatever taxes I can reasonably afford to have public workers worthy of the name “public” to keep civilization from dying.

  3. On that map, probably the light blue dots are where Obama and the Democrats were never raising all that much money to begin with? If so, the Obamacratic Party is indeed repelling people in areas where people had not been previously repelled.

    Perhaps Obama’s secret mission has been to destroy the Democratic Party all along. And perhaps Reid and Pelosi are among the secret “enemies within” who tasked him with that mission.

    • Those pale blue dots are where there has not been a falloff of contributions to a great extent. That means they are either doing ok or are the same as before. Meanwhile, all those big Democratic states that got socked by the economic collapse are contributing much less. I think this map is significant for several reasons. One, it shows that Obama really will have a problem in swing states and two, all those states that moved their primaries up in 2008 in order to finally have a say in the nomination had no impact and are still beholden to sparsely populated rural states. It says to me that our electoral system is severely out of whack with the electorate. That is a problem. If you keep voting and never get represented, that tends to breed resentment, unrest and instability. Not exactly what you want to see going into an election year when every vote is precious.

  4. I would like to see a primary contender adopt a “few late key states” strategy. Which few big states would contribute enough electoral votes to backbone an election victory? Well, the “few key states” contender could just enter the primaries in those states and make a rude aggressive point of boycotting the two Early Pissant States which
    have a totally outsized influence on primaries coming after.

  5. Bottom line is Obama’s coat tails are worn and tattered. A lot of good real Democrat Senators and Representatives are going to be ousted or lose their election bids.

    Look on the bright side though, Al Franken might go back to writing for SNL. 🙂

    • I don’t think Franken’s term is up until 2014.

      • For some reason I was thinking he was elected 2006. Got it confused with Bob Casey Jr’s election. What with the way Obama is polling and the fact that our PA primary was nullified by the Dem elites we may well end up with two republican Senators.

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