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      No, central banks aren’t screwing the economy up with their purchases: Veolia (Paris:VIE) has issued a 500 million 3-year EUR bond (maturity November 2020) with a negative yield of -0.026 %, which is a first for a BBB issuer. To be clear, central banks didn’t buy those bonds, investors did. But central bank purchases of […]
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Read it and weep

From the New York Times article on Obama’s hit list summarized by Katiebird below, we find this tasty nugget that went unreported:

It was not only Mr. Obama’s distaste for legislative backslapping and arm-twisting, but also part of a deeper pattern, said an administration official who has watched him closely: the president seemed to have “a sense that if he sketches a vision, it will happen — without his really having thought through the mechanism by which it will happen.”

In fact, both Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and the attorney general, Mr. Holder, had warned that the plan to close the Guantánamo prison was in peril, and they volunteered to fight for it on Capitol Hill, according to officials. But with Mr. Obama’s backing, his chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, blocked them, saying health care reform had to go first.

Holy snot! So weird for the NYTimes to report anything like this for Hillary.  Well, obviously, this is not a principled position.  She did it to make Obama look bad.  But I don’t understand why the NYTimes is mentioning it.  It’s just so unlike them.

Where’s a factchecker when you need one…


6 Responses

  1. The funny thing (giggling) is that Journalists get away with saying whatever they want and never include references anymore (did they ever?) No Trail. It would have been easy enough to mention the source (or link or citation) they were using. But they didn’t. We’re just supposed to trust them.

    Bloggers (the filthy animals) almost always post not just links & citations but a quote that better match what they claim it means.

    It would be nice to know more about that story. It might mellow some of the foul taste left from the Kill List.

  2. Nice digging, KB!!

  3. This doesn’t deserve impeachment, but it does lend some further information in to Obama’s personality. The guy has always been obnoxious.


    • Somehow, NYT makes Obama look good at least he admitted he inhaled, not like that paragon of evil we are going to battle to the end of days (Clinton was not lying about “not inhaling” – nor was it a cop out – just a literal account of his one – failed attempt – he said later that he meant to sound self-deprecating rather than defensive. But leave it to the NYT!)

  4. Healhcare had to go first because the Clintons didn’t get it and he was going to show them (kinda like W with Sadam and Poppy). And also, because there were some dues from the stealing of the election to be paid to the insurers who chaired the RBC 4 years ago….

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