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And that affects me HOW exactly?

The New York Times is all aghast that the Republicans are about to roll out a ginormous, humongous Super PAC ad campaign against Obama using all kinds of nasty wasty buzz words and meanspiritedness.


Are we talking about the same Obama who bumped a whole generation of adult women down to “sweetie” status, brushed Hillary’s dirt off his shoulders and connived with conman extraordinaire John Edwards to monkeywrench the Democratic primary process in Michigan?  Surely, SURELY, he has nothing to fear from some well funded ad campaigns because his record of “accomplishments” will speak for itself.  And anyway, a guy this callous, ruthless and insensitive to the way his behavior will set a precedent for the actions of others won’t stay up at night worrying about whether people are calling him names.

At least a front group calling itself Citizens United Not Timid (oh, how droll their abbreviation is.  Jocularity! Jocularity!) didn’t produce a documentary about him.  Well, not yet anyway.  Still, nothing to worry about as long as unemployment is back to pre-2008 levels and GDP rises to a crisp 3% per anum, right?

Anyway, the only people who are going to believe that crap in the ads are the religious nutcases- er, that Obama seems to be dumping his base for…

Whatever.  Not my problem.


BTW all you Democratic blogger activists carrying Obama’s water, did you know that Robert Kennedy once broke a beer bottle over the head of one of his Harvard classmates who had the audacity to celebrate his birthday in the same bar that Bobby chose for his own birthday celebration?  Yep, true story.  Turns out the guy was an arrogant prick when he was young.  Most people grow out of it.

Not that we like Mitt but to those of us out of jobs with dwindling savings and 401Ks that are about to be swallowed by some bad bets on a European debt crisis, what Mitt did as a kid is just not very important to us.  It’s what the people in charge did as adults that makes the difference.  If we were going to judge character by youthful and college age behavior, you guys would be kissing the ground the Clintons’ walked.  They were the very models of responsibility and maturity.

A little consistency please.


Hey, Bernie, why don’t you run?


My dream vacation:  Lake Powell, Arizona.


16 Responses

  1. I was calling Romney “Richie Retch”, but I heard a better one on Letterman last night.

    The top 10 list was “Top 10 Nicknames Bush Gave Romney”, and my favorite (at #2) was “Roof Doggy Dogg”. 😈

  2. If Obama doesn’t implode on his own, I’m sure republican have their own set of doors … with Obama scandals behind them. The past three and a half years had been a constant din of Birtherism and closet Muslim charges. notably absent has been dirt about his dealing with Tony Rezko or Rod Blagojevich.

  3. Mitt’s school thuggery is very significant to those of us with “fond” memories of such “youthful indiscretions” for they show the road to psychopathy. Not all on the road turn-out to be vulture capitalists but if you never have walked the path then you will never arrive at serial killer status– or corporate raider.

    • Mebbe. I’m not a mitt fan.
      But by those standards, Bobby Kennedy should have been locked away. The beer bottle incident wasn’t the only time he acted like a spoiled, callous, insensitive asshole. One time, he took a friend of his sailing and Realizing he was almost late for lunch, dove over the side of the boat and swam to shore. He left his friend on the boat, stranded, because the guy didn’t know a thing about sailing.

      I think we look at RFK as some kind of saint because he was cut down so early in his career, but from what I am discovering about him, he might not have been the president everyone thought he would be. From all accounts, he mellowed as he got older but he still had a cruel and ruthless streak in him. He and mitt could have been good friends. They were from the same social stratum, had similar prep school backgrounds and were known to be assholes in their youth, indifferent to the feelings of others.

      But so what?? For. What we know of Obama as an adult as a representative in Chicago, he was also a jerk, indifferent to the concerns of others and served absent landlords and other interests at the expense of their clients and tenants. When it comes to corporate overlords, I’d say that Obama would fit right in with the worst of them. It’s his crowd and they hired him after all. There’s really nothing that separates mitt and Obama in that regard.

      That’s not my point anyway. My point is that I have ZERO interest in hearing about stupid things people did before their brains developed, which is quite common in adolescents and young adults. The only thing I want to hear about is how candidates plan to address unemployment, health care, retirement for the late baby boomers and equality for all Americans particularly women and the LGBT community. Any candidate who thinks they can get my attention by bringing up the bad behavior of their opponent’s youth will get crossed off my list. It’s their adult behavior I’m interested in, particularly in the past four years.

      If you are basing your conclusions and decisions on anything other than policies and results, you may end up making another mistake in 2012.

    • I also have my schooltime memories. There is nothing wrong with certain people that a lifelong case of athletes foot all over their eyeballs wouldn’t fix.

    • What you are calling “thuggery” was called “hazing” back then, and was fairly commonplace in prep schools, fraternity houses, etc. Beyond that, NO guy would have had bleached hair draped over his eyes. 1965? Michigan? Are you kidding? Look at a yearbook from those days.

      BHO in his memoirs, I’m told, recalls bullying a black girl and splitting a few lips in school. Why doesn’t this count?

      • I don’t approve of bullying but these people seem to have grown out of physical bullying. The mental kind? They’re all still fairly proficient.
        But, you know what? I don’t care. I’m not interested in what they did when they were kids. I’m interested in what they intend to do in the next four years and what kind of vision of America they represent. I have found the two major party candidates wanting and neither one of them are on my list of preferred candidates. I don’t see that changing until they get serious and even then, Obama has been such a fricking failure that I’m not voting for him. Mitt’s a Republican. His party affiliation alone is a dealbreaker.
        That leaves me with a socialist, a green and maybe Rocky Anderson of the Justice party.
        But the two major party candidates can go f^&* themselves. I’m sick of it.

      • “Hazing” was just a pretty-poo euphemism for thuggery. It was thuggery then and thuggery now.

        I remember talking to a young person who told me how he had been subjected to bullying until Columbine happened after which the bullying suddenly let up. Not that he condoned what happened at Columbine he hastened to add. He only noted that the events at Columbine made his high-school life a whole lot better.

        That of course is entirely off-point to Riverdaughter’s post here, of course.

  4. Awesome video of Lake Powell – did you know that is where Charlton Heston’s spaceship “Icarus” crashed in the movie Planet of the Apes?

  5. Ok, so now we find out Barrogant Obamanible never had any constitutional right to play at being POTUS. And yet he was allowed to usurp our Madame President Hillary?! What were they (not) thinking? Horrific!

  6. OT: I just learned that we lost Donna Summer yesterday. 😦


    Her best song, IMHO. She not only sang it, she and Michael Omartian co-wrote it.

    • I remember some decades ago meeting an Egyptian professional violinist who was at UM for a while for whatever the reason. He told me that the one American singer-performer who was really popular with large chunks of the Egyptian public was Donna Summer.

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