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This is Acquired Insanity

This video is going viral so I thought I’d post it with a bit of commentary.

The reason why this video disturbs me so much while it just provokes head scratching and mockery from others is because this woman sounds only a bit less sane than some people I know.  You don’t know insane until you’ve been stuck in a car with someone who’s gone on like this for hours but whose use of good grammar and more coherent sentence structure only serves to amplify the insanity.  It’s the content that is the same.  Basically, gays are dirty, filthy, unnatural, homicidal perverts who do nasty things to one another all day long and if we let them to this disgusting stuff, before you know it, straight white married men will be buggering each other too because it feels better than sex with a woman and they won’t be able to help themselves.  Also, no one who is unmarried should even think about having sex under any circumstances because it’s disgusting and fornication and shows a lack of self-control.

I know where it comes from.  It’s the Glenn Beck- Bill O’Reilly- “Christian” broadcasting Axis of Evil.  The UNESCO idea is significant and a sign of the New World Order, the Trilateral Commission and one world government.  Oh, and cursing and swearing just shows that society is at its most decadent (these women have apparently never watched Deadwood). Why these people should be so concerned with what gay people are doing is a mystery to me.  I don’t sit around worrying about whether piece A is going into the “proper” slot B for hours and days and weeks at a time and I don’t even know the terms for all of the different manifestations of gay sex but I’ll bet the woman above does.  Images of gay people doin’ it are not on an endless video loop in my head and I’m guessing that the vast majority of people don’t think about it either.  What I find curious is that apparently oral and anal sex between heterosexual married couples doesn’t seem to trip their trigger at all.

But notice who is giving this jeremiad on gay sex.  It’s an elderly white woman who probably has her TV bat channel tuned to Fox and whatever false prophet of the week is predicting another sign of the end times.

It’s acquired stupidity syndrome.  Someone has gotten into their minds with a finely calibrated tool and messed with the circuitry.  The association between sex and disgusting things has been reinforced over and over again.  It’s worse when they think about gay sex but any sexual encounter that does not happen under the cleanliness of a wedding ring is disgusting.  And studies have shown that disgust is a powerful emotion that is often manipulated in the unaware.

Speaking last week from a conference on disgust in Germany, Valerie Curtis, a self-described “disgustologist” from the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, described her favorite emotion as “incredibly important.”

She continued: “It’s in our everyday life. It determines our hygiene behaviors. It determines how close we get to people. It determines who we’re going to kiss, who we’re going to mate with, who we’re going to sit next to. It determines the people that we shun, and that is something that we do a lot of.”

It begins early, she said: “Kids in the playground accuse other kids of having cooties. And it works, and people feel shame when disgust is turned on them.”

Some studies have suggested that political conservatives are more prone to disgust than liberals are. And it is clear that what people find disgusting they often find immoral, too.


“People who are sensitive to one type of disgust are not necessarily sensitive to another,” he said. For example, he said, earlier claims that political conservatives (self-identified) were more sensitive than liberals to disgust were overly general. Research that he and his colleagues did suggested that conservatives were more disgusted by sexual topics, but were similar to liberals in the domains of disease avoidance and moral judgment.

By the way, in case you are wondering how powerful a psychological tool disgust is politically, go back and think about how the public was turned off to the Occupy Movement.  Not everyone is susceptible but for some reason, it appears that women who came of age before the sexual revolution are especially vulnerable.  Not all women of that age but it’s more than statistically significant.  And these are the women who the Republicans are unleashing at the polls who vote against abortion and gay marriage and simultaneously, all of the social programs that they actually benefit from.

So, the woman in the video above is not alone.  Nooooo, not by a long shot.  But now, maybe the women who are like her will understand how batshit crazy the world thinks they are.  It’s curable but the people who are affected need to understand that they are being messed with.  And it looks and sounds really bad.


27 Responses

  1. I know what you’re thinking. My guess is that I was either stolen from gypsies or switched at birth.

  2. 1. First, thank you for a huge belly laugh this AM.

    2. She couldn’t even say the word p e n i s. I imagine that every night she goes to sleep worried that one might just slip in and kill her!

    3. And my favorite comment under the You Tube connection: “Someone is finally willing to speak up about the lesbian hit squad that killed Whitney Houston. I mean, who takes a bath naked? Really?”

  3. any sexual encounter that does not happen under the cleanliness of a wedding ring is disgusting.

    You forgot: after dark, with the lights off, under the covers, with as little clothing removed as possible.

    And quickly. Gotta get it over with as fast as possible.

  4. these women have apparently never watched Deadwood).

    IIRC, in real life Calamity Jane was expelled from several mining camps because the miners found her language offensive.

    That takes some serious cussin’.

  5. The Occupants will also need to figure out how to get rid of the fringe criminal element which attached itself to the Occupations in leechlike fashion. IIRC, Sarah Robinson called this “The @$$hole Problem”. I realize that the @$$holes are a fringe, but they still frighten people. That fringe caused many of the bad stories which cause people to fear and reject the Occupations. I recognize that the Corporate Media gleefully exaggerated the number and severity of the incidents, but some did happen.

    • Spammy is being a horse’s @$$ again. 🙄

    • Considering that 1.) it is almost impossible to prevent riff raff from infiltrating an open movement and 2.) considering how many meals they provided to the poor and 3.) how successful
      L they were in changing the conversation, I think it’s a real shame that so many people got the idea that occupy was a bunch of dirty troublemakers.
      There’s probably not a gathering of people on earth that doesn’t have it’s criminal elements but we overlooked all of the amazing good stuff occupy did. I was very proud to be a part of it and I will continue to look for opportunities to participate.

      • I suspect y’all eventually will be compelled to close the movement, in order to keep the riffraff out (Not “close” as in “shut down”, but “close” as in “not allow just anyone to join”).

        As long as the Corporate Media–who, simply by being Corporate, will be your foes whether or not they hate you personally–are controlling what the majority of the USAmerican people see and hear, y’all are going to have to make yourselves 110% pure. (110% is a metaphor, not a typo) 😉

        Meanwhile, Tea Birchers (I like that better than “Teabaggers”) and their ilk will continue to get away with brandishing guns in public and other proto-fascist shenanigans, to the fawning praise of the CM.

        No, that’s NOT fair, but reality seldom is fair. 😦

    • Perhaps “Occupy” could mature itself into a multi-decades movement for the long haul, complete with fixed-location reading/meeting rooms which would be resistant to nasty-asshole
      invasion infiltration. I suspect this concept was either laughed-at or somewhat ignored the last time I mentioned it, but I will mention it again. “Occupy” might well study how the 1880s-1890s Populist Movement gathered information and spread it around, and how they created a mix of fixed point/moving point organization so that the Populist Movement did not remain a mass of separate grains of sand with protest signs. The upper-class biznazi elite ( and their quiet Underground Fourth Reich backers and brain-refiners) took decades to abolish the Square-New-Fair Deal (except for the tattered remnants which Obama and the so-called “Democrats” hope to destroy in Obama’s next term if he can’t be prevented from getting one). It will take decades for an organized Lower Class Reconquest Movement to reconquer and reoccupy the Government and Renew the Deal.

  6. I just realized I’d probably better state that Spammy is acting up again in a separate comment, rather than a reply to the Spammy-incarcerated original comment. 😕

  7. Holy Metaphors! I like the idea of Faux Noise as The Bat-Channel. If you’re not bat$#!+ crazy already, just keep listening… 😛

  8. We are no less insane (batshit crazy) then when we passed the eighteenth amendment. Beware the above church lady, her power to cause harm knows no bounds.

    As easily as we went into Iraq we could turn on each other for perceived wrong doings. If you can get out now,

  9. I never want to see another gallon of paint for as long as I live.
    Unfortunately, I have three gallons left. I have a bathroom to paint and the kid’s bedroom. Gah!

  10. Happy Mothers Day!!!!! 🙂

  11. Happy Mothers Day, RD, and all the Confluecian mothers out there; and in memory of my mom, Catherine B. 1917-2009:

  12. One thing I have noticed that Liberals do not care to face is the deep and broad support of the Black Church for anti-gay and anti-sex laws and ammendments. It was Black Ministers who spearheaded the
    No Gay Marriage No Civil Unions No Nothing Ammendment in North Carolina. It was a heavy Black Vote which helped pass Prop 8 in California.

    I remember several years ago Digby running a post about White Christian militant cultural insanity revealed in song and the you tube she used to illustrate that post was of a Black Christian militant cultural insanity Church choir in Ohio. I noted the irony in a comment to which no one replied.

    • RUR–I would guess it’s for the same reason many liberals are tongue-tied in criticizing Obummer. They fear that saying any African-American is less than saintly will get them accused of r@c!$m.

    • RUR, when did you become a rayci$t?

      I remember in 2008 when some clearly crazy gay person had the nerve to compare their fight for civil rights to the civil rights movement of African Americans in the 50s and 60s. Donna Brazile nearly had a very angry and indignant cow.
      Has everyone forgotten the Donnie McClurkin homophobic gospel tour?…..yes, even moderate and liberal Black churches are conservative on gay rights.

      • Teresainpa, when did you start calling the noters of inconvenient truths “racist”? That sounds like an Obamaform gambit to me. Did I get anything wrong on the facts? (I’ll back right down if it can be shown that I did).

        Since when do even moderate and liberal Black churches get a special pass on homophobic bigotry that nobody else gets to get? And how does asking that question make someone rayci$t?

        I seem to remember Donna Brazille brainlessly jabbering against “evolutionism” in an interview. If my memory is correct, why should I give her viewpoint on “evolutionism” any more respect than I would have given Pat Robertson’s viewpoint on the same subject? Because she is black? Sounds like some kind of Race Privilege Exemption to me. Why should I give her viewpoint on “gay civil rights” any more respect than I would give to the views of that purpose-driven Warren person on the same subject? I shouldn’t, and therefor I don’t.

        The Christian Satanist Black Church joined the Christian Satanist White Church in Michigan to attack the rights of people who never did anything to them. It won’t be forgoten anytime soon.

  13. Just a thought, what is the difference between John Edwards’ hush money for Rielle Hunter and Obama’s hush money to keep The Rev Wright quiet? Campaign money for hush hush. Illegal for Edwards and not for Obama???????? Why? Just wondering….

  14. This is not acquired insanity. If it were not this topic, she would be obsessing over something else and probably does. This woman is seriously mentally ill. She would be the same having gone to church or not.
    It’s funny, but it is really more sad than anything. Having lost my oldest sister to mental illness I am kind of sensitive to the subject.

    • No, Theresa, it just looks like mental illness. It’s induced mental illness. We’re not talking about people like your sister. This is a serious problem that is happening to a certain set of regular people who are susceptible to messaging about sex and dirt. Unlike your sister, these people can be cured but they will always be vulnerable. What needs to happen is they need to stop being exposed to the message and need to have their minds redirected so as to stop the obsessive thoughts. But as long as society doesn’t challenge the people constructing the messages in the first place, they’ll never stop until they die off.

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