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Tweety and Barney Frank give Tony Perkins a Swirly Over Marriage Equality

What’s up with Tweety?  He almost seems to have a soul on occasion and then he goes and swills some cocktail weenies with Sally Quinn and declares that the only reason Hillary got elected to the Senate was because people felt sorry for her, unlike Scott Brown who is a braintrust. Jeez, it still pisses me off whenever I remember that but that’s not the subject of this post.

This post is about how Tweety and Barney Frank took on Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council, the kind of guy some in my family adore like he is a dreamy uber-Christian demigod, striding the marbled halls of justice with the wind in his fists and the stars round his wrists.  Anyway, someone must have spiked Tweety’s tea because he went after Tony relentlessly going as far as showing instant replays.  It’s a thing of beauty.  Why can’t we see the conservatives get swirlied like this on a regular basis?  I might even reinvest in cable to see that.

But the best part (or worst part, depending on you perspective) is when Tony Perkins goes all psycho on special needs children.  Apparently, they’re not worthy of loving parents and no one wants to adopt them anyway.  Well, well, well, we can now see what Tony really thinks of children born to the wrong parents.  Nice white, asian and south american infants are peachy keen for intact heterosexual families but an older kid or a kid with the wrong skin color or HIV status or disability doesn’t deserve parents at all no matter what kind they are.  Anyway, check it out.

Yeah! Give’im hell, Tweety.  Ask him to explain that whole ugly business with Lot’s daughters and the bear that ate the kids who made fun of Elisha’s hair.  Why stop with Abraham?


Also, there’s this little bit on Fox where the hosts are discussing Obama’s drug use.  I guess it’s a tit for yesterday’s tat on Romney’s stupid and mean haircutting escapade.  If I were the Obama campaign, I wouldn’t have gone there because now, Fox is going to feel justified bringing out all of the drug stuff and even if they tip towards the racist side (and how could they not, they’re Fox), nobody is going to care when the Obama campaign cries “wolf!”. The crocodile tears and faux outrage over racism is going to backfire this year. Fox goes as far as accusing Obama of selling drugs- and then apologizes for getting that wrong.

What’s that saying about a lie making it halfway around the world before the truth gets its shoes on?


5 Responses

  1. it was great until they got to the part about no fault divorce, where I actually agree (partially) with Perkins and then Tweety began browbeating and talking over Perkins and I remembered why I hate Tweety and that he never really changes. So I hit pause and that was that. Seriously, if you have a good point and you are winning an argument both of which were true of Mathews, what is the point of looking like a stupid bully? Mathews always ends up looking like a stupid bully to me.

    • You should have watched it to the end. Perkins got what he deserved. It’s about time someone put that snobby prude in his place. His distaste goth special needs kids was palpable.

  2. When Tony Perkins says there aren’t a lot of children waiting to be adopted, by children he means healthy white babies.

    • YES!!!! ding, ding, ding! Give that girl a prize.
      Tweety and Frank cleverly pulled that little nugget out of him like some kind of runny abcess. Isn’t it disgusting? But you know what Tony is really thinking? He’s thinking that those children are the products of the waste of society. you know, drug addicts and sex addicts and people who god doesn’t like very much. They are sharing in the sins of their parents and there’s nothing much we can do for them. They will have to wait until the next life to be healed or reconciled to god. That’s just the way it is. Yes, it’s sad. No, we don’t feel particularly compelled to do anything about it even if gay couples are more than willing to take these children in.
      People like Perkins make me want to vomit.

  3. Rehashing Obama’s youthful drug use might win Obama some young voters who would vote against Obama if they were paying attention to his decietful doublecross against Medical Marijuana initiatives in some States just lately. There was an article about that in Rolling Stone just lately which can be searched for ( but not at this krappy publik liberry komputer).

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