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Monday: Things that are mildly annoying

I know I’m not supposed to get ticked by this sort of thing but the kid ran out of contact lenses and left her remaining boxes of them in her dad’s car.  Which is at the airport.  And will be for the forseeable future.

So, I call the optometrist to order a spare box until her dad gets back and a new office assistant gets on the phone.  She can’t seem to figure out what prescription to order.  I told her to order the newest prescription.  She’s confused as to whether that was March 2011 or January 2012.  I said January.  She says that in January, they ordered the old prescription for her.  I told her that was pretty much incorrect and please not order the old prescription.

Then she asked me which prescription it was.  Was it X or was it Y? (Where X and Y are integers).  I told her I have no idea.  (I am not an optometrist and those measurements mean nothing to me.)  Usually we just order new boxes and get rid of the empties.  She said she would call back.

She calls back- and *immediately* puts me on hold!  Why not just wait until she could actually talk to me on the phone?  Anyway, she asks me again if it was prescription X or Y?  I tell her- again- I have no idea.  That’s not the kind of information I keep squirreled away in my RAM.  Maybe, I suggest, we should wait for the doctor to review her file.  Yes, she says, but he won’t be in for awhile.  That’s Ok, I’d rather not order the wrong pair.  Are you sure you don’t remember the prescription, she asks?  What if I read these prescriptions to you, would one of them strike a bell?  Maybe, I say, but not my bell.  I honestly don’t know what it is.

At this point, I’m getting a little exasperated.  She says she will call me back.  Gah!  She is beginning to sound like the information operator in a Nicholls and May skit.

Jeez, I should just schedule another appointment.  This is ridiculous.

Anyway, just wanted to share.  So, how is your day?

By the way, here’s a great pasta dish called Aubergine Siciliana from British model, Ruth Crilly.  I made it the other day.  Fantastic.  And it didn’t take a lot of time.  Enjoy.

17 Responses

  1. Are you sure you don’t remember the kid’s prescription? Why are you holding out on that one detail and making the incompetent help work for her pay? That’s MEAN. = )

    • I prefer to think of her as *new*. Every *new* person has a moment, or quarter of an hour, of incompetency. Occasionally, even I have experienced incompetence. Yes, yes, it’s true. I am not perfect.
      What’s more, she has a regular job, so, you know, there’s that.

  2. I just got back from my annual get-all-my-moles-cataloged and measured exam. Then did get ready for trash day at my parent’s house & washed their kitchen floor.

    Much as I disliked every minute of that — It sounds like your day is worse.

    • Katie, how much would I have to pay you to manage the cleaning of my house? My firstborn is a CIA trained chef and almost a registered dietician. Ok, she lives in another state, but still, think of all of the gourmet sugar free, perfectly balanced meals she could make you.
      No, I haven’t discussed this with her yet but she’s a good kid.
      And the younger kid does art! Oh, wait, your husband does art. Scratch that. I’ll think of something…

      • Move to Kansas City and we could probably work something out…. And I’d probably have a lot more fun, too!


  3. I spent the morning driving spikes in to the ground and putting up wire fencing to keep deer away from the 6 new trees I planted last month.

    • Good luck with that! Those overgrown rats on stilts are able to leap high fences in a single bound. Wiped out my peach trees two years in a row. All in one night. I found lots of discarded pits around the base of the trees the next morning. They ate so much it probably made them sick.

      • we have no fruit yet, but we do have to worry about rutting season in the fall. The trees are just the right size for the bucks to rub their velvet off their antlers. That would kill these new trees.
        We have two weeping willow, a golden delicious, a red delicious, a crab apple and a pink dogwood. I chose them for their flowers mostly.

        ps…. I find that the stuff you spray that is supposed to keep them away does really work.

  4. Huh. Same thing happens to me about every other time I order new contacts. I love my doctor and her staff are all very sweet people. But they are all ditzy.

  5. Anyone for tea? 😛

    • I had no idea you were a Brony.

      • Actually, I’ve never had a chance to watch the show. Hub is an extra channel on my local cable network and I don’t wish to pay the extra money for that tier. I’ve learned of the show by osmosis on the anime sites I frequent, mostly Lucky Star Shrine. I’m told I could watch it online, but I never have time for ‘toons any more, whether Japanese or homegrown. 😦

  6. When your kid leaves her prescription in her dad’s car, you teach her responsibility by making her wear her glasses until her dad returns. You don’t rush out to make everything right, at your own inconvenience.

    • My daughter’s glasses are about an inch thick and the edges make her vision so distorted that she feels sick when she wears them. She did wear them to school however.
      But thanks for that bit of unsolicited advice.
      Love doesn’t always have to be tough to be effective.

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