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Saturday Morning SAT

Conversation this morning:
(Leaving the house)

Me: Do you have your pencils?
B: yes
M: Sharpener?
B: yes
M: Here is your admission ticket and your passport. Do you need your calculator?
B: Maybe. No.
(pulling out of driveway)
M: Are you sure? Do you know where it is?
B: It’s in the basement
M: Do you want to run in and get it?
B: (thinking about the last time she took the SAT in 8th grade at —boro HS) No, I don’t need it.
M: Ok

(driving to test site)

B: Where are we going?
M: to —ville High School
B: (alarmed!) You didn’t tell me that!
M: It’s on your admission ticket. —boro High School was at capacity. It’s no big deal, is it?
B: (hesitantly) I guess not. I just wish you’d told me.
M: (concerned) Did you even read your ticket?
B: (off on daydream) No.

(pulling up to test site, watching students queue up to get into building)

M: Do you want me to walk in with you since you don’t know where you’re going?
B: Yes, (looking nervous) please walk in with me.
M: Ok, you know, you will be done sooner this time. It will be much easier than it was two years ago.
B: Yeah, I know.

(walking up To queue)

M: Um, everyone here is carrying a calculator
B: (panicking) Why didn’t you tell me? It’s written on the ticket, “please bring a calculator”. They gave us calculators at —boro HS.
M: (exasperated and imagining having to do this again in June) I told you to read the ticket. Tell them you forgot. Maybe they will have extras.
B: (looking around at all the unaccompanied minors, turns to me with chill expression on face) You can leave now.
M: (taking my cue) See ya’ at 12.

(calculating whether I had time to get a calculator somewhere quickly. Figuring I didn’t. Leaving her to figure it out.)


Terry Gross interviewed Eric Larson, author of In The Garden of Beasts last year. The book is about Ambassador Dodd’s mission in Nazi Germany in the mid 1930’s. Larson explores the rapid acceleration of extremism through Dodd’s letters and official documents. Dodd’s primary goal in Germany was to make sure the country paid its debts left over from WWI. But he and his family became eyewitnesses to the turn of the German people to a form of cultural psychopathy. At first, he thought it couldn’t last because it was just too abnormal and that the German people would self correct. But as time went on, the extremism got worse and took on ever more deadly forms.

I don’t think there is any mystery why Gross replayed this interview this year. We have a party whose followers are completely unhitched from reality and whose displays of viciousness and callousness during the Republican debates were shocking and ugly to watch. That ugliness is reflected in the politicians they have elected to Congress who think nothing of threatening to bring down the global economy if they don’t get what they want. And the Democrats have been too passive, too corrupt, too slow and too morally bankrupt to challenge them. What has happened to the Occupy movement should be a wake up call to all Americans. Are we entering our own garden of beasts? And how do you know when to take extremism seriously and not just as some phase some people are going through?

As Sophie Scholl says in the clip below, Laws can change, your conscience doesn’t.

I would say, your conscience *shouldn’t* change. Some people in our own country do not let their conscience be their guides and can no longer tell right from wrong when they are under pressure to conform.

It has also occurred to me that illegal immigrants have become our Jews and that INS crackdowns and legislation in states like Arizona and Alabama have become our Nuremberg laws.

Listen to the interview here.

11 Responses

  1. The Big PX is regressing toward becoming a Dominionist nation. It’s only a matter of time before birth control along with abortion is outlawed and homo-sexual relationships are criminalized again. Time for sane people to look elsewhere for a place to live in freedom.

    I was joking that Mitt Romney, in order to get the Fundy vote, would create a new cabinet level position, the Department of Morality (Christianity) and name Sarah Palin as Secretary. Now that I think about it …

    • Forgot to add: Why is the above conversation strangely familiar?
      The only difference is my daughter is about 10 years older, so no, with some children it doesn’t get any easier.

      • Must go retrieve testee. Will know from expression in her face whether she was able to borrow a calculator.
        For some reason, I think we are going to have to repeat this exercise.

        • How’d it go?

          • Pretty well, I think. The reading section is always the hardest for her, I don’t know why. But that might only be relative. She just thinks the reading questions are stupid. She says the math part was a piece of cake. She doesn’t want to have to take it again. I told her if she scored >700 on each section, she probably wouldn’t have to. Since she got a 1920 in 8th grade, a 2100 this time around is definitely doable.

  2. I was wrong. It looks like she will be the last kid out. Must be futzing about on her essay sections again. The kid is a grammar nazi.

  3. Test done. I was right. She got fascist over the grammar and writing section. She got a calculator. Math section was easiest. Reading section hardest. Writing sample went on forever.
    She scored 1920 in 8th grade. Maybe we should start a betting pool.

  4. I remember hearing a random David Emory For-The-Record broadcast once about how America’s White AngloSaxon bussiness-money elite worked with the German bussiness-money elite in Germany to help bring the Hitler Nazis to power in Germany. David Emory went into tedious detail about all the various methods the American elite Hitler-symps used to help the Nazis take power . . . things like illegal gun shipments to right-wing destabilization militias in Germany and so forth. I can’t remember the name of the broadcast. Since Joe Cannon blogrolls For The Record on his blog, he might know or remember the whole For The Record programlist well enough that he could tell us which broadcast it was.

    By the way, David Emory theorises with strong support that the Republican Party in fact is Americas nazi Party. The American elite saved as many Nazis as it could get away with saving ( Operation Paper Clip and so forth) and brought them here, and began mole-placing them into the Republican Party to give the Nazi Party a new life in a new continent under Republican cover. So according to this theory, the various skinhead groups and cardboard replica neonazi wannabes who march around and stuff . . . are not “the” Nazi Party.
    It is the Republican Party which is “the real” Nazi Party in America today, tightly connected to the Underground Fourth Reich and the Fascist International. Again, maybe Mr. Cannon might remember which David Emory broadcasts discuss the Republican Party as Fascist Trojan Horse. I don’t remember which ones go into that.
    (It was alluded to in the Nancy Pelosi, Bormann Democrat? broadcast which I linked to a couple days ago).

    And no, illegal immigrants are not “the functional Jews” here and now. Liberals and leftists are the functional Jew-equivalent in America today. The Republican Party Movement merely wants to expel or exploit the illegal immigrants. (They can’t quite decide which). The Republican Party Movement wants to de-citizenize and possibly eventually exterminate the liberals and leftists and so forth when the “time is right”. Or am I exaggerating what the Beckists
    and the Limbots “would like” to do about liberals and leftists?

  5. Here is a seemingly unrelated item about a powerful political leader revealed to have no conscience . . . if we are talking about conscience.http://www.americablog.com/2012/05/feingold-links-pelosi-with-steny-hoyer.html

    • Now why did this show up here between the other comments instead of down at the end? Mechanical difficulties . . . .

  6. It goes to show . . . a severly gifted child is still a child. One guards and guides the child till he/she reaches self-guided self-guarding adulthood hopefully.

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