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Thursday: Curiouser

I’m a bit busy this morning, trying to beat a Cinderella deadline of sorts but I’ll be back later to finish up The Strategy of No Strategy (TSONS).  There’s loads of examples of TSONS all over the place in the past couple of days from M.F. Global to Big Pharma to the White House.  With any luck, it will all come together.

In the meantime, are cooler minds finally prevailing after getting kicked in the head? For example, what does it mean when a former president and rah-rah supporter of Barack Obama says he wouldn’t be devastated if the Republican nominee wins the White House this year?  Found at Corrente, Lambert highlights Jimmy Carter’s puzzling comments:

USA Today:

“Former President Jimmy Carter believes Barack Obama will win a second term, but says he’d be “comfortable” with Mitt Romney in the White House because of the Republican’s past history as a “moderate.””

Of course, by “moderate” we mean “neo-liberal crypto-fascist in hock to the banks and insane with blood lust,” but never mind that. Sigh. Remember Nixon, anyone?

It’s so hard to tell the candidates apart with that description.  In the meantime, I smell a performance review with a 2 rating for PBO.  Six months to shape up and he’s out of there or will management speed up that timeline?


And now for a bit of levity, breakfast for the brutal (h/t Brooke):


20 Responses

  1. Jimmeh is happy now.Obama saved his legacy. 😆

  2. Off Topic -maybe not

    Mad at Clinton Disease revisited

    April 26, 2012

    Fed on Blood and the Fat of Dead Cattle
    America’s Mad Cow Crisis -JOHN STAUBER http://www.counterpunch.org/2012/04/26/americas-mad-cow-crisis/

    Good rundown on the lack of safety in our food supply- until the part where the otherwise level-headed author  (Progressive author) reflexively  blames Bill Clinton :

      “…It doesn’t matter if the President is named Clinton, Bush or Obama because their bureaucrats in the USDA and FDA stay the course and keep the cover up going.”

    Unfortunately this is apparently still par for the course for a segment of the Left. 

    Does Clinton bashing enhance their credibility with their peers?  

    I dunno…

    Dec. 24, 2003
     The first apparent case of mad cow disease in the United States has been discovered, the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Tuesday.

    This parody in response to the above is illustrates  the logic:

    From DU before the purge:
    So I assume this mad-cow scare will be blamed on Clinton right? –

    I heard it takes 4-5yrs for mad-cow to develop in the cow. The cow who tested for it in WA was 4yrs old. So that means the cow had the disease since ’99, when yes, you guessed it, Bill Clinton was pres. He should have known in ’99 that this cow would develop or had mad-cow. I can’t believe another lapse by the Clinton Admin. that has put Americans at risk. This tears it! Just like w/ the Lincoln assassination. Clinton clearly ignored the warnings from his own secret service that were telling him John Wilkes Booth would likely hurt Lincoln. Nothing. This is after the debacle at Calvary where Jesus ended up on the cross. The State Dept “clearly” warned Clinton, while he was on vacation at Martha’s Vineyard, that the Romans were targeting Jesus for crucifixion and going to let Barrabas go. He did zippo on that one too! I’m beside myself!!!
    Is a puzzlement!




    • Frontline:

      Over the last 50 years, the meat industry grew accustomed to having powerful friends in the upper levels of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA). Some of that changed in the Clinton administration in the 1990s. When Michael Taylor*, a lawyer by training who didn’t have a meat-industry background, became the new head of the Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS), the USDA’s meat-inspection arm, he was surprised at what he saw on the telephone in his new office. “On the telephone there were two speed dials with names by them. And one was to the American Meat Institute and the other was to the National Cattlemen’s Association.”

      Taylor says this is emblematic of the cozy relationship the meat industry had with the government agency in charge of regulating it. “It is just a political context, a culture that has developed over the years at the political level, the food safety program at the USDA thinking of the industry as the customer rather than the consumer, and thinking in terms of efficient inspection rather than protecting public health.”

      The Politics Of Meat | Modern Meat | FRONTLINE | PBS

      *Michael. Taylor:
      in the Clinton Administration he headed the Food Safety and Inspection Service at the U.S. Department of Agriculture, where he stood up to the meat industry and fought for strict controls that help keep E. coli and other pathogens out of meat and poultry. 

      • Taylor’s Monsanto tears are a mark against his record. He has recused himself from GMO issues. Taylor may be as good as it gets in this system that is stacked in favor of the corporate perps:

        Antibiotics for Livestock Will Require Prescription, F.D.A. Says – NYTimes.com

        Michael Taylor, the F.D.A.’s deputy commissioner for food, predicted that the new restrictions would save lives because farmers would have to convince a veterinarian that their animals were either sick or at risk of getting a specific illness. Just using the drugs for growth will be disallowed and,

        • The meat safety system first took a post WWII decline during the Reagan Administration when the Reagan USDA leadership authorised dramatic speedups of carcasse-moving lines and dramatic reductions in number of meat inspectors in the meat plants. (Of course the invention of post WWII era mass-scale huge confinement feedlotting created the modern disease-o-genic situation at the pre-slaughter end to begin with).

          Way back during the Clinton period I was already reading a paper called Acres USA and doing my amateur best to understand some of what I was reading. The Clinton-era USDA introduced something called HACCP which I believe stands for . . . oh . . . I forget what it stands for. Hazard Analysis something something something. It could be googled. My understanding is that it in effect dramatically reduced the actual amount of meat inspection on-the-line even still further in preferrence to having inspectors inspect the paperwork about the new self-policing procedures by the meat industry. And then also having more of the inspectors inspect paper relative to the paper-trail of paper-surveillance systems about paper proof of compliance and effectiveness of the new HACCP procedures . . . on paper. (Or maybe on line, since we are modern digital people now). I read in one of these articles that a meat inspector said HACCP stands for Have A Cuppa Coffee & Pray.

          Mere negative Clinton-bashing? Maybe. Have the rates and amounts of CFPD’s ( stands for Corporate Fascist Pig Diseases) in the meat supply gone up or down or stayed flat since the introduction of HACCP? Surely the answer to that question could be found with enough hard searching.

          • The USDA (and others’s) campaign to cook your hamburger till it is a dead dry gray is a massive blame-shifting psychological operations cover-up of the artificially-created presence of CFPDs in the meat supply. I order my hamburgers medium rare in restaurants. In restaurants which won’t do it, I order something else. If raw hamburger becomes so bacterially contaminated that I have to treat it as a Class A biohazard, then I will no longer allow it into my house or eat it outside the house.

          • Bashing? Not really. Thanks for the info on HACCP. It surely looks like Clinton made things worse with that plan.

            Now armed with that hindsight: the Obama Administration Pushes to Privatize Poultry Inspection:

            The HACCP-Based Inspection Models Project (HIMP) expansion plan proposed by Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack would expand the pilot program to 200 slaughterhouses, allowing companies to employ their own poultry inspectors. Chairman of the National Joint Council of AFGE Food Inspection Council Chair Stan Painter says that the proposed program could lead to the elimination of 1,000 USDA poultry inspection jobs. The USDA has claimed that the proposed change could save inspectors $95 million during its first three years and would save the poultry industry about $250 million.

            We are screwed.

          • I don’t know what Corporate Fascist Pig Diseases are. However, having once been married to a scientist at an Ag corporate company, I can tell you that probably 99% of what you believe is utter bullshit. Sorry, but it just is. The FDA is as rigorous with experimental pigs as your lipitor.
            As for mad cow disease, it is a prion disease that jumped species. It looks like it came from sheep first. They have a disease called scrapies that is caused by the same thing.
            A prion is a piece of protein. It’s just a strand of amino acids that got stuck in some thermodynamically stable misfolded state and it has the capacity to misfold other similar proteins. I don’t know how you test for a prion disease before an animal starts showing symptoms. It takes a long time for the disease to manifest itself. My guess is that you’d have to biopsy the brains of every cow that went to market.
            On the other hand, you could just kill off herds where any cows are exhibiting symptoms to limit the infection or from a consumer standpoint, don’t eat any part of the animal that comes from the central nervous system.
            In either case, inspections of cows at market would necessarily have to be somewhat limited. Biopsies would take a long time, probably couldn’t be done until after the cow’s death, and then what do you do with it while you’re waiting for the results? Similarly, it’s hard to get a cow inside an MRI.
            I’d be more concerned about why all meat isn’t irradiated to kill bacteria. That’s something your activism could actually do something about.

        • Um, before anyone starts having a field day with GMO hysteria here, I’m going to have to insist that the commenter demonstrate beyond a reasonable doubt that GMO crops are evil and not merely the application of modern science to what humans have been doing to agriculture since abut 11,000 years ago.
          I’d like to keep this blog free from lefty religious dogma. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. Otherwise, it’s just bashing science and not much different from the anti-evolution crowd on the right and the absolutely bat-shit, crazy, insane anti-vaccination lunatics.

  3. Jimmy Carter was a member of the Trilateral Commission. Of course the Trilateral Commission was merely a frisbee and amateur drama-group club, so move along . . . nothing to see here.

    Jimmy Carter did some good, and tried to do other good, and did some harm as well. His ideology-based forced-deregulation of the airline industry led to the wave of bankruptcies and consolidations and
    customer-disservice chaos which the airline industry fell into and remains mired in to this very day. (Of course, it is technically cheaper to fly “your subway in the sky” if we don’t try pricing out all the job losses, pension losses, pay losses, quality of flight-and-service losses, etc. Oh well . . . can’t have everything). He also tried forcing the first race-to-the-bottom free trade agreements into existence, I believe . . . but never got very far so we hardly hear about them. I believe I remember him trying to force Free Entry for super-cheap tropical American jungle beef in order to crash domestic beef prices in order to get revenge on farm state voters who voted against him, for example. He never said that was his motive. I take it upon myself to ascribe that motive to him.

    His most important achievement was the start of systematic energy conservation policies, which were all thrown away during the Reagan Administration. It will be very hard anymore to pick up the scattered pieces of Carter’s conservation efforts. Unfortunately, he also stated and codified the Carter Doctrine, namely War for Oil in the Persian Gulf area whenever deemed necessary. Can he really say that Iraq War One was not in keeping with the Carter Doctrine? (Iraq War Two was more personal on Shrubya’s part, to be sure.)

    • The more I learn about Carter, the less I respect him. The fact that he ignored election malfeasance in this country in 2008, endorsing the candidate who benefitted from that malfeasance while claiming that fair and honest elections are at the heart of democracy, disgusts me.

      I do wonder what Obama has done to piss him off.

    • Now that article is very strange. It claims ( and claims that Carter claimed) that Obama had more “pledged delegates” because he had more votes, meaning caucus AND primary votes I presume. But The Confluence has run several-to-many articles about how Clinton was getting more PRImary votes (meaning more votes from real-live voters) and that delegates pledged or pledgeable to Clinton were mal-assigned to Obama to make the Obama delegate count look better.

      Somebody really needs to write an easy-to-read book about all aspects of this and rush it into print real quickly somehow. Or maybe just digitally posted.

      • Obama did have more pledged delegates….. the 4 Michigan delegates that the party stole from Hillary put him over the top.

    • So, Jimmy Carter thought his mother would be “delighted” at the idea of a black man as president but specifically not “delighted”, just “pleased”, at the idea of a woman president? Screw Jimmy Carter and, if his mother actually would have felt that way, screw Lillian, too.

  4. ( Circling back on a break, thinking some more) . . .

    If Carter is respected/accepted as one of the elderleaders of the Democratic Party, and if such an elderleader says that a Romney win would not leave him devastated; that can be taken to mean that a Democratic elderleader considers Obama not too different from Romney to begin with, certainly not different enough to matter; and maybe not even Party Democratic at all. If that’s what Carter means,
    he has said it far enough ahead of time to give the other DemParty elderleaders to think about what that means and maybe perform an emergency candidate-transplant at the top of the ticket . . . if the fearpressures get painful enough.

    • that’s ” give the other partyleaders TIME to think about what that means . . . ”

      And if Carter has some political credibility with elder black leadership, including Congressional Black Caucus leadership; perhaps
      he is opening some kind of trap door for some Black Caucusteers to quietly escape through, along with some of their voters.

    • From the article linked above, the Carter money quote:

      He mused openly about how Mr Obama might harness this feeling in an inaugural address.

      “If the first statement he made was while I’m president of the United States we will never torture another prisoner and while I’m President of the United States we will never go to war unless our own security is directly threatened…it would transform the image of the United States in the minds of many people around the world.

      bold is mine.

  5. I just thought of another reason that Carter might have said those kind words about Romney. It might be an apple of discord which Carter has tossed among the Republicans to get them fighting all over again and improve Obama’s chances. That would not be so good.

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