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Opposite Day on Rushbo

Hillary Clinton and Harvey Weinstein at Time's 100 Most Influential People Awards

Hey, according to Rush Limbaugh, Hillary Clinton is just a secretary!  And he calls us “libs” like it’s a bad thing!  {{snort!}}

If Rush is going out of his way to make Hillary look like nothing more than a typist, she must be having a pretty good week.  You can listen to her speech from last night’s 100 Most Influential People Awards here.  Heck, she’s having a pretty good month. Was it the badass Hillary texting or was it the chill Hillary chugging beer straight out of the bottle?  Or was it her phenomenal approval rating?  Gosh, who knows but we haven’t seen the right this bent out of shape about Hillary since 2008.  Relax, Rush, Nancy Pelosi says if we’re well behaved girls and boys, we can vote for her in 2016.  And Nancy has a bridge to sell us in San Franciso.

It’s delightful.  Hillary can handle Rush, I’m sure, but before long, maybe we can listen to Rush from his new home on blogtalkradio.  A girl can dream.

19 Responses

  1. So SOS Clinton is an administrative assistant, I wonder what Condi Rice was.

  2. I wish there were a way to get Limbaugh to buy millions of dollars of seaside beachfront coastal property in Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, gulf coastal Florida, etc. Challenge him to put his money where his mouth is about global warming being a liberal hoax.

    • They just pay him to say that. He’s actually got property somewhere in the mountains.

      • Well then, I hope he is living alongside a mountain river with a fairly huge watershed above it, so he can enjoy any raindump super-flash-flood event which might come his way. Or maybe winter snowdumps so huge as to avalanche his beautiful mountain house.

  3. Holy Hemiola, I need that new office chair. I have been glued to this chair for hours.

    • If that Craig’s Lister remains stuck with his Vogon chair so long that he would be willing to pay you to take it away, would that make up for the fashion crime its existence poses?

    • Holy Hemiola, I need that new office chair. I have been glued to this chair for hours

      Don’t you mean “Holy Hemorrhoids?”

  4. I was thinking about Rush today and how he has guest hosts on when he’s incapacitated. One of them is the “undocumented” Canadian, Mark Steyn (his spelling) who rails against all things Liberal.

    Out of curiosity I looked him up on Wiki and lo … he is a Canadian citizen living in the U S of A! Anytime he needs health care he can schlep back across the border and Single Payer is there for him.

    Anybody surprised?

    • Limbaugh’s fanbase would be surprised, but they will never hear about it. Screeners will prevent any caller asking about that from getting through.

      • Whenever I hear Limbaugh talked about, I wish there were a way to get all his listeners to read Kurt Saxon’s article The Truth About Rush Limbaugh. Saxon is a Krusty old Konservative and the self-styled Grandfather of Survivalism. He is also an atheist which goes to show that not all atheists are liberals. But his article appears to have fallen off of the web. Perhaps it can still be found on that Web Archive site called The Wayback Machine. (The big drawback to the Wayback Machine is that you have to look things up by URL. If all you can remember is a site’s name, the Wayback Machine can’t help you. I hope they fix that someday).

  5. RD said, “…haven’t seen the right this bent out of shape about Hillary since 2008” maybe they’re afraid she might jump in and be nominated for VP or oooo, Pres.

    • Yeah, it was all fun and Games to keep suggesting it in order to piss off the obotsso that they would tighten their stranglehold on the party. But now that she looks like she could be a contender it’s not so much fun for the anymore.
      Jeez, the republicans are so transparent.

  6. Considering the amount of influence Limbaugh has had, he should have been on that Time 100 list at least some years. This is assuming that Time is honest about influence for the worse still being influence.

    • Limbaugh preaches to the choir, the thirty percent that gave George the Lesser approvals on his disgraceful performance in the White House. You might know them as Moron-Americans.

      The real damage to America was done by the “journalists” at papers like the NYT and the WaPo and the hosts of television programs both broadcast and cable.

      • I suspect the problem is that he called that choir into organized obedient existence around himself. Were they as disciplined and order-aroundable before several years of attraction to Limbaugh and immersion in Limbaugh? And how much influence does his radio legions have upon the deepening committment of the R party to militant backwardite stupidism? And his influence may be waning these last few years, but I suspect he had real influence in his heyday . . . among other things entrenching global warming denialism and disaction. But I may be wrong about that.

        If I had the patience, whichh I don’t, I would try to get on his show and pretend with a straight voice to be a believer. I would then ask him what he thought about “contrarian investments” to be able to profit from the non-occurrence of global warming. Hopefully his fan base would make those contrarian investments. But I will never listen to his show and try making that call.

  7. Here is something from the NaCap comments section about an embryonic lawsuit touching on Obama, Big Gang Banka, Big Foreclosa, multitudes of shells created in multitudes of offshore tax haven money laundries, etc.; that I will cutpaste a bit of it.LeonovaBalletRusse says:
    April 27, 2012 at 5:11 pm

    and at Yahoo Finance: Press release: Spire Law Group, LLP, Mon, Apr 23, 2012 12:01 AM EDT — LINK:

    This was/is news. Heard anything about it on network/cable news?

    It is toward the bottom of NaCaps very most recent Links comment sections.

  8. And here is another little comment from a NaCap thread laying out just why re-electing Obama will destroy any last hope of protecting any shred of Social Security and Medicare.”Brooklin Bridge says:
    April 27, 2012 at 9:48 am
    Both parties are equally interested, foaming at the mouth interested, in privatizing Social Security and Medicare. Neither party will ever have such an auspicious opportunity to do so as via a second term of Obama the Trojan Horse.

    Along with Obama’s re-election, the individual mandate is the centerpiece for that plan to get it’s underpinnings the way the owners want. That will become clear this summer when the Supreme Court, quelle surprise rules in favor of the constitutionality of forcing citizens into the profligate embrace of private enterprise.”

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