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Just Sayin’…

So, Hillary made an appearance at Syracuse University this morning. The line to get in was long and many people didn’t make the cut to get into the auditorium. It was filled to capacity. Mitt Romney should ask her how she does it. Among the waiting were people who wrote her name on the ballot in 2008 and still admired and respected her. She also managed to talk a lot of students into joining the foreign service.

Can anyone remember any other Secretary of State getting this much love? Because I don’t.

Meanwhile, Paul Krugman writes that Obama’s political team seems to not know what it’s doing and it hasn’t gotten any better on the economy in the past three years. From Obama’s Missing Theme:

Let’s not get into the question of whether he could, in fact, have done considerably more. The point for now is that this is not the story the administration has been telling, at any point. First they insisted that the clearly inadequate stimulus was just right; then they have tried various anodyne slogans nobody remembers, all of which seem to imply that we’re doing just fine.

Presumably this reflects the judgment of the political team, which apparently believes that pointing out obstruction conveys an impression of weakness, and that happy talk is better than a Trumanesque campaign of hammering the do-nothing Republicans in Congress. But I have seen nothing these past three years suggesting that the political team has any idea how to play this game — and the happy talk leaves them completely flatfooted every time the economy underperforms.

For the past few months there has been an evident drift into complacency, a belief that a string of good jobs numbers will validate the happy talk. That’s a bet that can easily lose Obama the election.

Ah-ha! You guys thought we wanted Hillary because she had lady parts, didn’t you? Confess. Remember Tweety saying that the only reason she won her first term as senator was because people felt sorry for her being a cuckolded wife? I can almost hear him chatting up Sally Quinn about it over the bacon wrapped dates. Au contraire. Women who came of age during the 60s, 70s and 80s didn’t do it all so that we could coast to some high profile job on the slipstream of some guy.

Looks like she’s the real deal, dudes, and your guy is just another guy who counted on his suave demeanor and golf swing to get him to the top. I don’t think Obama has any idea what’s coming his way this campaign season. The media and the party made it so easy last time, he barely needed to campaign. People were falling all over each other just to bask in the light of his reflected glory. He has never had to deal with the right wing noise machine before. Karl Rove is a diabolically clever person and Obama still thinks he can coast on his cool.

Jeez, he even has an unearned Nobel peace prize.

{{rolling eyes}}

I’d almost feel sorry for him except that the rest of us are screwed no matter who claims the White House.

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  1. arrrgrgggggghhhh!! Buggy software! It’s driving me nutz. This is what happens when you don’t develop on the Mac.

  2. one job out of four finished. Let’s see if it works this time.

  3. I still believe a world without Obama will be a better world…I’m sure those near and dear to me will appreciate it as I should be just a bit less bitchy.

  4. There is no way the print and broadcast media, Kossholers, or the so called Democratic elites are going to take back the vile slanders foisted on the Clintons so Obama could win the primaries. November will be Obama’s to lose. As long as most of the Blue State Senators and Representatives get to keep their jobs they really don’t care if they are in the majority or who is in the White House.

    It’s going to be interesting once the republican race is over and the real campaign starts.

    Will Bob Casey Jr. be a one term Senator or will the PA Dem machine prevail?

    • I will again offer another word for the Kosfolk. And that word would be
      Koswipes. If anyone else thinks it is a good word, feel free to plant it and see if it grows.

  5. My fear is that HRC will “do it” for Obama in 2012, because HRC is a Good Party ElderLeader, and that’s what Good Party ElderLeaders do.
    I would prefer to see her limit her involvement to some symbolic non-helpful help in a way designed to do Obama no actual good, but I don’t think we can count on that..

  6. The rest of us are actually screweder if Obama reclaims the White House because as a so-called “Democrat”, he and the so-called “Democrats” in the House and Senate will finalize their co-conspiracy with the Republicans agains Social Security and Medicare.

    Whereas if Romney claims the White House, there is a chance that the so-called “Democrats” in the House and Senate will obstruct Romney’s effort to pull-an-Obama against Social Security and Medicare . . . because the so-called “Democrats” will want to preserve the tattered remains of their tattered “Party’s” tattered “brand-value”.

    And that is why we are actually screweder if Obama wins , and less screwed if Romney wins.

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