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    • Preparing For The Coronavirus
      I haven’t written about this because others have been dealing with it well and pandemics aren’t something I know a great deal about. It does look, now, like the Coronavirus stands a good chance of turning into a pandemic, and I think we should discuss preparation a bit. Our world produces most goods in a […]
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Saturday: Spring Cleaning

I’m going to be busy today cleaning and painting, painting and cleaning, lather, rinse, repeat.  Don’t you have some bookshelves that need rearranging or floors that need sanding?  No?  Well, I do.  Got some help this time.  My sister is here to supervise, which is a really weird role reversal because when we were kids and had to share a room, I was the neat one and she was the one who shoved everything under her bed.

So, anyways, I won’t be checking in for most of the day because she is already doing that thing with whatever that stuff is that comes out of the spray bottle and smells clean.  I can’t believe I had so much of that stuff.  Where did it come from??  I fear that she is about to press me into service.  Time to go.

Holy hemiola, the kitchen looks clean.  How did she do it?  I must observe…

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  1. My only excuse is that you’re an hour ahead of me. And I’m taking full advantage of that and going back to the couch.


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    You don’t own me



  2. ( The comments function is being exTREMEly slow to open. Is anyone else seeing the same thing?)

    Over time I have been forced to face the fact that I am more of a collector than my small dwelling space will reasonably permit.

    ” My name is R U Reddy and I am a hoardoholic. ”

    A downside of quasi-public housing is that you are subject to random inspections by all sorts of people. Two years ago I got randomly picked by the Ann Arbor Public Housing Commission for inspection. Mr. Inspector was quietly unhappy and suggested I needed to get rid of some books and other things. He said he’d be back in three months to check my progress. I began packing and moving some stuff into storage and he never came back and I kind of ran out of gas and then forgot. Three weeks ago I got the follow up letter. ” I will be back to inspect on May 23 and if the needed changes have not been made enforcement action will commence”. Well okay then. I know what I will be doing with my May Vacation if work gives it to me the way I filed for. major packing-storaging-cleaning can be a major project.

  3. My suggestion is to get someone to help you declutter because they have no sentimental attachment. I got rid of three boxes of books today, a lot of them classics and children’s books. My kids aren’t going to read these books anymore and I can get the classics on my iPad for free. So, out they went. Same with a box full of dishes. I put an ad on Craigslist and 45 minutes later, poof, they were gone. Very easy.

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