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Looking for candy in all the wrong places


Almost 3 weeks with no added sugar.

Wow — I actually tore through the kitchen looking for the odd candy bar. Luckily if it’s there (and I’m pretty sure it is) it’s hidden too well for me.

In other news I’m on day 4 of a hideous headache. And that’s why there haven’t been any of my regularly scheduled posts.

How are things going with you?  Are your commitments holding up?


19 Responses

  1. Here’s the lesson to me. It’s not that I looked for the chocolate. It’s that I didn’t EAT any chocolate. And instead of going to the store, I shaved the dog (we shaved the dog) and I wrote this post. Yay!!

    • katiebird, I’ve just started so I don’t know if either of these products help a craving for chocolate but my holistic doctor recommended L-Glutamine (KLAIRE LABS) to help reduce sugar cravings and 7(dot)KETO Lean from integrative therapeutics, INC. “to help burn fat and promote wieght loss”.

      Bravo for you on not going to the store!

    • Okay, but did the dog need to be shaved?
      Or was that some random crazed act fueled by sugar withdrawal?

      • :) He could stand to be shaved but, we actually just cut his hair really, really short. He’s a Yorkie and LOVES to walk but, when the temperatures get above 65° he is miserable. So about this time of year we start trying to keep his hair as short as possible. It grows pretty fast though.

  2. Wow
    You are experiencing the withdrawl from a sadly addictive substance.
    Itwill pass soon and the results will be sublimly obvious.


    • It’s so funny how it goes — the craving is like a switch. When it’s off, It’s totally off. But when it flashes ON — I can hardly resist.

      Thank you so much for your comment! It got me over another hump!!

  3. I’ve been slowly weaning myself off of various bad things – the hardest time is when around friends. But I am doing pretty good and when I stumble, I just pick myself up and say, start again.

    Addiction. I don’t think of myself as an addict (not in the classic sense of that word). But I have muttered to myself “you’re addicted” to (Coke, sugar, wine, etc.) several times this past week.

    I will survive!

    • It’s just so difficult. Is it hard (er?) trying to give up multiple things all at once? I don’t know if I could make that many changes all at once.

      • I think in some ways it’s been easier for me to try to give up several foods at a time. When I tried to just give up Diet Coke, I obsessed about it and could not do it. Now that I’m trying to do Diet Coke, all grains, white foods, corn, high glycemic vegetables, dairy products and all fruits except berries, I’ve fallen off the wagon occasionally but I’ve significantly cut down on every category without going nuts.

        • And this makes sense. because all those other things you were eating were reinforcing your cravings. The white powders (refined sugar, flower) are doing that to your body)

    • I’ve been three weeks with no Diet Coke after having some sort of Coke product pretty much every day for nearly fifty years. I’ve had some yearnings but I’ve substituted with flavored, carbonated water and it’s helped some.

      • Diet soda usually leads to weight gain. Any artificial sweeteners make the craving for sugar higher as they in fact are sweeter than sugar itself. Drink a cup of apple juice instead – if water doesn’t do it for you (it should).

      • No Coke in the house this AM (when I usually had it) but “dying” for it – then I poured a glass of lemonade and realized that tastes pretty good. So maybe I have a substitute to use to wean myself through the next four or five days. By then I’ll be clean.

        Now if I can only figure out how to stay that way!!!

  4. Mine are holding up for over a year now. Of course, I committed to stay within the 60g sugar a day (4tbs) which is the healthy limit for my weight, age and calories intake. That allows me a bar of chocolate (Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Lovers) which has 5 g of sugar per half bar.(That chocolate is actually packaged in 2 thin bars, individually wrapped – makes portioning easy) I have that in 2 servings and it gives me room for a tablespoon of chocolate chips in my Dream chocolate mix – cereal, sesame seeds, coconut, dried cranberry) in the evening. That plus apples, a clementine and a banana takes care of my sweet needs within the limit. Everything else I eat is basic/cooked from scratch – so no hidden sugars. It’s how I lost 74 lbs, got rid of my hypoglycemia and other health problems. And I don’t crave any extra sweets. So, maybe instead of being so extreme, you should consider a future experiment with a limited amount of sugar, in healthy foods.

    • This is an image from the NYT illustrating the quantities of HIDDEN sugar we ingest a year (stuff they put in picclkes, mayonnaise and other processed non-dessert foods). It’s even scarier of course with corn syrup

  5. I gave up caffeine when I discovered it was my main headache trigger. But I have since discovered that a small amount of it, plus an aspirin, can banish a headache. Go figure.

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