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Kill this rumor: Hillary as VP in 2012

The Washington Post says the Hillary Clinton for VP in 2012 rumor just won’t die.

It won’t die because troublemakers like the Chris Cilizza at the Washington Post keep bringing it up.

I guess the expectation setting that reporters and party leaders tried recently that if we just let Barack win this year, we’ll get to vote for Hillary in 2016 wasn’t working, especially with women in full panic and fury mode. We could almost hear Pelosi’s syrupy voice saying, “And won’t that be nice for all you ladies?  Here’s a biscuit, {{pat, pat on head}}, now go take an old, cold tater and wait.”

To which I say, “Ok, then I’ll skip voting for president this election cycle and wait.  You sound so SURE that she’s going to run.  I wouldn’t do it in 2016 if I were her.  I mean, if she ran in 2012, it would be like running for her second term but in 2016?  Ehhhh, I’m just not diggin’ it.  She’ll be 68, not that it’s old but at some point, you have to retire just to get a nice afternoon nap once in awhile.  And by then, the new generation of voters will not remember the Clinton years.  She’ll be like Andropov or Chernyenko, who they also probably don’t remember.  So, you know, I’m a skeptic about 2016 but if Nancy says it’s true and she’s not just pacifying us, thinking we’re too stupid or naive to figure things out, well, ok, I’ll call her bluff and wait until 2016 because there is no f^&*ing way I am going to vote for that misogynist in the White House. Nah-gah-happen.”

But there’s a bigger reason why I doubt you could make her take the VP slot in 2012.  I don’t think she wants it.  And I don’t think she wanted it in 2008, which is probably why she made the pre-emptive move and asked for State first.  I’m guessing that Joe Biden was destined for State but the positions got flipped.

And why would she want to pass on VP?  Biden, who??  What has he done in the past 4 years?  Sure, there may be some women who temporarily (because we would quickly set them straight) might fall for the Hillary as VP gambit as being a big win for women.  But as VP, she’s going to be deep-sixed.  Unless she rings some concessions from the party and Obama, she will be treated like an ornament, brought out like some shiny, mesmerizing object whenever Obama needs to silence the grumbling of dissatisfied women.  Why the hell would she ever sign on to something so utterly beneath her formidable talents and contrary to her personal convictions?

So, if the Washington Post wants to continue playing this game, go right ahead.  What it is REALLY saying is that the Republicans have analysed the electorate pretty well, are going to divide and conquer the women’s vote and Obama will start to see his re-election chances slipping away because women are not united for the Democratic party.  Thanks for confirming that.

Of course, the party could always go bold and swap out Obama for Hillary.  The Republicans have analysed this too.  They’re probably guessing that the Democrats don’t have the cojones to do it.  So, they’re going to try to win by the skin of their teeth than make a bold move.  That means they’re going to pander to every group imaginable and go with no particular Democratic platform in particular.  Whisper sweet nothings in the ears of each constituency and hope they don’t compare notes before the election.

And that, dear friends, is the end of the Democratic party as we have known it.  They have just mutated themselves out of existence.

Have I got that right?  My record has been pretty good in the last 4 years so…

22 Responses

  1. Who votes for VP anyway?
    OT: this amazing Jon Stewart rant about War on women (which R’s will not accept as such)

    • I saw that on the DailyShow. You know what was better? When Jason Jones did his bit on the women’s vote on tuesday night. It was so good I went to bed bitter.

  2. I remeber LBJ saying adios; I would to remember Teh Precious doing the same.

  3. Biden out, Hillary in? You may not believe me, Riverdaughter, but…I could make it happen. I’ve been sitting on a nugget for four years now.

    I’ll continue to sit on it because I don’t think that we need another huge debate about pseudocrap when we could be talking about real stuff.

    • I don’t think you understand me, Joe. I don’t want Hillary as VP. It’s not that I think you couldn’t make it happen or that anyone couldn’t make it happen. If the party wanted Hillary as VP, Biden would be out of there pretty damn quick. In fact, if they wanted Hillary as President, they could make it happen.

      But I don’t want her to play second fiddle to a guy who’s not talented enough to carry her purse. It sends a very bad message to women and the rest of the country and she knows it.

      So, I would not vote for that ticket under any circumstances. It would be like cutting my own throat.

      • “But I don’t want her to play second fiddle to a guy who’s not talented enough to carry her purse. It sends a very bad message to women and the rest of the country and she knows it.”

        Hope so. It was hard to swallow that not only did she enthusiastically endorse him she also worked harder, campaigned more vigourously than he himself to get him elected – even as he took his family on vacation and left the campaining to “The Clintons”.

        But while I would never have accepted – or forgiven – a colleague for doing what she did, worked hard to help the less experienced guy who cheated her out of a position succeed, I acknowledge that in politics you play by all together different rules than what most of us non-politicians would accept in our lives.

        But … had she taken the VP position then or were she to take it now, I’m not sure I could be that understanding. That would have been/ would be an enormous disappointment for my part.

        • Yeah, I think it was easier for me to understand her taking the SOS position. That made more sense to me as a professional, feminist woman. She was her own person operating in a different environment meeting world leaders in a capacity that Obama could only dream about. They like her and respect her and she does credit to the job because she is so well prepared. Plus, it got her away from domestic affairs which I thought was really savvy. I remember my first reaction was disappointment but then Heldi Li Feldman gently suggested that I think about what SOS would mean to her and it’s her decision. And when I thought about it for about 2 minutes, I saw that she was right.

          But I was shocked at how many women at Shakesville yesterday were really buying into the idea that Hillary as VP would be some kind of victory. I think it would be a giant step back. It would shackle Hillary to Obama and his failed policies. It makes her a silent partner only to be brought out on occasions like some kind of trophy wife. In that scenario, all of the benefit accrues to Obama and none to her. I think there is a limit to loyalty in the party. Hillary is more than just a Democrat. She represents something larger than that. It’s too much sacrifice to ask of her and of us and I think we have an obligation to crush this rumor and dissuade women from clinging to it. I know they’re terribly disappointed but this is not about Hillary. It is about getting what is right and just for all of us and taking VP slot is not it.

          But we can’t predict what the party and Hillary will do. If she does get roped into it, I suspect that she is going to demand a lot up front. And if the party can’t deliver, I hope she walks away. She has power and out here we have a vacuum. I hope she decides to fill it.

          • I’ve come to the conclusion that that was what the ‘secret’ meeting at Dianne Feinstein’s house was about: Hillary Clinton graciously, diplomatic, convincingly (remember how DF said that they both left the meeting smiling and in good spirit?) laying out to Obama how she, with her experience, expertise and knowledge (yeah, all that!), could be of much more help to him as SoS than as his VP or in going back to the Senate. In other words she would help make him look good (did I mention “convincingly”, heh!). Would also explain Obama’s coy reaction later to questions and speculation about whom he would chose as his VP.

            Wouldn’t be surprised (but it might be wishful thinking on my part) if she has already told him – graciously, diplomatic, convincingly – to forget about offering her the position of VP this time around as well.

  4. Oh, I didn’t say you wanted it. I said I could make it happen.

    But I won’t. Thinking of you.

    • Hey, is there anything more pseudo than the Dog-Story?

      • I’m not sure which story would be more pseudo, but the dog thing will die in a couple of cycles and the story I”m talking about would last and last.

        Every so often, I have haters come around who accuse me of being in the blogging game for the money. I respond: “WHAT money?” In truth, if I spoke what I knew, I could, like, BE Matt Drudge right now. Except not gay.

        But my ethics prevented me from going that route.

        They don’t, however, prevent me from coming here and indulging in cryptic snickering even though I refuse to explain what I’m snickering about. Go figure.

  5. If Obama goes so does the Black vote and all the Koss-hole votes too.

    If the party wanted to do something along those lines they would have sacked Nancy Pelosi for losing the House. When they made he Minority Leader I knew it was business as usual.

  6. if they wanted Hillary as President, (like 18 Million of us) 😯

  7. I am not a liberal – I am a party of me – but man, I wish we had Hilary instead of Obama.

  8. Just wrote in Hillary as Pres., voted downticket for six women in the Democratic primary.


      • Funny things are happening with the screens and functions. I should think that HRC can decline the so-called “Democratic” Party’s kind offer as many times as they care to make it. And I hope she does.

        Anyway, if Romney is heading the R ticket, I feel free to vote for some “plausibel” third party of a socialist sort. HRC on the ticket won’t be enough to get me to vote for the ticket of BHO is on the same ticket.

        The only way I could think of to extort the so-called “Democratic” Party into removing Obama from the ticket would be for each and all of the HRC primary voters to personally let all their favoritye so-called “Democratic” Party personell that they will not vote for a ticket with BHO on it for any reason, and that they are ready to absorb the pain of a Romney victory in order to begin the de-gangrenization and debridement process against every goldman sachs-Rubinite cancer cell and disease germ infesting the Democratic Party. And even that might not work. But I hope it is at least tried.

  9. >>the de-gangrenization and debridement process
    LOL! A new classic.

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