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      I used to get paid to watch these things. I don’t any more. So…I’m going to go read a nice novel in a coffee shop. Please feel free to talk about the debate in comments. I will, actually, be curious to hear what people have to say, just not willing to sit through so much […]
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This video leaves me confused

On the one hand, they’re all very good dancers.  On the other hand, they’re all very good dancers.  A little too good.

Maybe if they were wearing tutus or were less agile or didn’t have such great extension or couldn’t sync their steps so well, like we see in most local dance recitals, it would look cute. Nice turns a la seconde double pirouettes.  Just wish I didn’t feel bad about watching them do it.

These are 9 year olds who look as experienced as Beyoncé, in the Jimmy Hendrix sense of the word.  Where were their parents when the dance instructor made these artistic decisions?

“See, this is what I want.  I want something really burlesque.  You know, bare midriffs.  It shows off the pelvic thrusting really well. And bra tops, hot pants, over the knee fishnets, elbow length gloves.  Black and red.  Oh, and can you get them in a size 6X?”

I don’t even want to think about the Humbert Humberts out there who are watching this on a loop.  It’s like the reality version Little Miss Sunshine.

15 Responses

  1. Can you even imagine inviting Grandma to watch that?

    They are really good dancers but man! Yes, what were they thinking!!

    Those outfits look like they want to work at the local sex-presso stand.

    • I know, right? Bizarre. Cutoffs and T’s doing little Party in the USA sans the pole dance would have been pushing it as far as being age appropriate. This goes way beyond.

  2. It’s just grotesque.

  3. It’s damned disturbing. They’re nine-year-old girls, not twenty-year-olds. Their town’s Humbert Humbert is undoubtedly in the stands taking video for his later enjoyment.

  4. […] For years, whenever I’ve been forced to sit through a children’s dance recital, I’ve been appalled at how blatantly they sexualize little girls. (I can assure you if I’d had girls, if they wanted to take dance lessons, I’d be sure to find a place that didn’t make them wiggle like miniature hookers.) Like this video, for instance: Why is it necessary to make nine-year-olds look like pole dancers? “Oh, because all the competition is wearing the same thing!” See how that works? (via Riverdaughter.) […]

  5. The audience for this is clearly sex predators….

  6. Yes, where WERE the parents? Guess they’re cool with it – after all, they would have had to pay for those costumes. Completely inappropriate – if they tried this at my daughter’s studio, they would lose many students. Of course, her director’s “serious” coursework was in Early Childhood Education, so she knows better.

    I won’t even get into asking why 9-year-olds are even dancing to that song…ugh!

  7. I’ll chime in with the ‘Where were the parents?’

    Thought the same thing when a couple of years back Cinie (Hope she’s okay; I miss her voice!) asked her readers’ opinion of a YouTube video showing a toddler in diapers dancing to and imitating the sexual moves of Beyoncé singing this very song, while offscreen you could hear encouraging laughs from the grownups.

    I can understand, that in the ‘confinement’, the privacy of the family the episode could be entertaining, but why anyone in their right mind – especially parents! – puts videos with sexualized minors out in the public sphere is beyond me.

    • The baby dancing to single ladies video was cute because the toddler wasn’t dressed like a stripper and she was still kinda awkward. My relatives said I use to do a dance to Yellow Dog Blues when I was 2 and no one thought it was erotic.
      But THIS video is something else altogether.

  8. to riverdaughter’s last statement, ala Airplane!:
    “This video is something else!”

    Yeah, it’s characteristic of how depraved and lost we’ve become as a species. We’re on our way out, so expect ever more craziness going forward into the abyss.

  9. OK, that’s my video you are all talking about. This was a warm-up for their appearance at World of Dance a month later. I know the girls and their families. They are doing fine two years later. Most are honor students. Among their resumes: an incredibly popular dance instruction YouTube channel, facebook fan pages, appearances on film, TV shows, commercials, and musical theater in and around Los Angeles, and performing at Fashion Week in NYC. None have careers in the sex industry.

    • And none of that answered any of our questions or concerns, did it? Did you have parents that were concerned about the outfits or some of the moves or the music? ‘Cause some of us can’t quite imagine letting our children participate in that routine.

      It might not be ‘child porn’ but, it’s pretty close to child salaciousness.

      Signed, Confused, curious and concerned.

  10. The parents don’t push the kids; they support them and defend them. The choreography is acceptable to the judging teams; no points off for being inappropriate. They have won national championships with their dancing. Why the big fuss? BTW these girls were the original idea for the Dance Moms TV show. But they were not all in, so the rest is history. Notice the blue costumes for Electricity on Dance Moms – same as these girls but blue not red.

    • Sorry, I think the costumes and some of these moves are too sexual for 9 year old girls.
      I wouldn’t have my daughter in this kind of dance group and I don’t believe that the teacher couldn’t have choreographed a dance that didn’t make them look like jail bait strippers.

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