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Instructions for Digby to be administered to Thereisnospoon

I was headed out to the library but I bopped over to Digby’s to see if she’d posted.    She hadn’t but the next young clueless pundit-in-waiting-for-a-paying-gig male who stalks her site had.  I don’t know how you felt about your tax return ordeal yesterday but I was shocked by how much I had paid in taxes in my layoff year.  Yes, I got some of that back in unemployment benefits but I paid more than I got back.  A lot more.

So, I was gobsmacked when I read that apparently my problem with the tax system is due to my racism.  Yep, that is my problem.  It has nothing to do with the fact that my former salary is high enough that I fit into one of the highest tax bracket but not anywhere near high enough to hit that magic $250,000 sweet spot that everyone is yearning to get to, and now I don’t have a salary at all because some wealthy shareholders decided I was abusing their generosity.  It has nothing to do with the fact that my property taxes are outrageous in this township and state income taxes in NJ are meh so that middle class suburbanites end up carrying all the weight for themselves and everyone else.

No, no, I am resentful of the unfair tax system because I am white and I don’t want to pay for poor black and hispanic people.  It couldn’t possibly have anything to do with my anger that the rich managed to get out of their fiduciary obligations.  Apparently, it is not my concern that I will not be able to put away money for my kid’s college education or my own retirement that makes me opposed to further tax increases.  It’s not my opposition to the wars sucking up so much taxpayer wealth or faith-based initiatives that are actively promoting the relegation of women or gay people to second class status.  It isn’t my informed indignation that we pay a hell of a lot in taxes compared to the Europeans (I have the return to prove it) but get very little in return in government services.  Our healthcare costs are outrageous ($960/month on COBRA, the cost just went up), tuition is unaffordable, and every service that gets privatized means that it will cost more for us to use it.

No, all of that is irrelevant.  The only reason I am opposed to higher taxes is because I don’t like black people.  Nevermind that I’m not actually a racist.

Is it any wonder why independents, even independent liberal Democrats in Exile can’t stand Democrats, especially the young, white, male twit variety of Democrat?  It doesn’t even matter that some of his proposed solutions are worth discussing.  I can’t get past the idea that once again, in a major election year, I am a racist.

16 Responses

  1. My teacher’s pension and social security check have me so wealthy that I am now paying over 50% of my social security income in Federal income tax. (I have no other stock,dividend, etc. kind of income– hard to generate investment income if your earnings have nearly always been close to the poverty line.) Meanwhile, the, uh, er, [white] underprivelged two doors down have two flat screens, two 2011 vehicles, four kids and no jobs in the last four years. I guess they must have good credit or something. Meanwhile, I have to take a loan against my life insurance policy to pay my taxes. I guess I’m a racist, too.

  2. You ARE racist against young white male twits…as are most people with half a brain.

  3. Yup…that’s me. Racist and darn proud of it…honestly, I’m tired of fighting the Obamaphiles. I’ve been called that enough times, that it surely must be true!

  4. I read your posts every day. You are not racist. You show your support for all who are downtrodden by our system of work and rewards. Our tax code needs a major overhaul to make it fair for all.

  5. There IS a spoon, and it is sterling silver, and Bratkins was born with it in his mouth.

    In case anyone’s forgotten what he looks like: 😈

    IIRC, Teh Klown gave us that pic. Teh Klown is still pretty sharp when he can stifle his conditioned reflex to bash hippies, and when he’s not pining for Teh Governess to ride into Washington on a white moose and set the world to rights.

  6. Oh for the love of Haruhi, what is Spammy upset about NOW? 🙄

  7. I hope you post the link to this in the response to that blogger. Be interesting.

  8. At least you are not labeled racist and from the Appalachian region. Not only am I racist, but I am a gun clinging hill billy.

  9. I am in moderation.

  10. Sacrificial login post so stupid WordPress will let me post as MftI. 🙄

  11. “The Gun-Clinging Hillbillies” would be a great name for a C&W band, particularly of the bluegrass variety. :mrgreen:

  12. especially the young, white, male twit variety of Democrat?

    I’ve always thought guys like Spoon and Markos were Democrats because all the leadership positions in their local Young Republican factions were taken.

  13. Digby can remove Atkins from Hullabaloo any time she wants to. She added him. She can drop him. What does it say about her beliefs that she treasures him so much as to make him her co-blogger?

    She could also un-ban the banned ones, and she could stop stealth-censoring comments and lying about it. But I don’t expect that either.
    Yeah . . . still bitter after all these months.

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