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Bashing Hillary was all fun and games until someone loses her birth control

This is the second time in about a week that Hillary Clinton has been photographed by her press entourage in a positive light. The first was the badass sunglasses on the plane Hillary, texting while a desk full of papers lay in front of her. That Hillary was darkly cool with an in-charge attitude and a rapier wit. This pic, well, it says to me that Hillary is someone you might like to have a beer with and Elspeth Reeve at theatlanticwire agrees:

Sixty-four-year-old Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was spotted downing beers and dancing in Colombia Sunday night, and people love her even more for it. Clinton, a dozen friends, and her bodyguards partied Sunday night at Cafe Havana in Cartagena at the close of the VI Summit of the Americas, the New York Post reports, and once upon a time, you could imagine these photos being viewed in a very negative light, considering the photos appeared as 11 Secret Service members are in trouble for bringing hookers to their hotel rooms in Colombia.

But that’s not the case this time. “Clinton letting her hair down is the kind of thing that would play well in that presidential run in 2016 that some of her supporters have suddenly started talking about in the last few weeks,” Politico’s Maggie Haberman writes. [Ah, yes, they would want to set our expectations for 2016 because they know it’s never going to happen]  Fox Nation treats the news warmly, saying, “In photos taken at the salsa hotspot, Mrs Clinton can be seen dancing with her hands in the air and swigging back a bottle of beer while surrounded by friends.” And the populist Post reports, “Clinton quickly proved she’s just a regular gal when it comes to drinking — she eschewed a glass and sucked down her Aguila pilsner cerveza straight from the bottle.”

Look, the people sitting next to her are smiling and appear to be having fun in an unforced manner. What’s up with that? Not only can you have a beer with her but she drinks straight from the bottle- like *I* do.

What gives, press corps?


And where the f#%} were you four years ago?

9 Responses

  1. Err, the media is doing exactly the type negative spin this evening that you were talking about how it was absent this time.More than one news media outlet (and fauxgressive ones as well as tabloids), using the NY Post’s headline- “Swillery” in big bold letters and deliberately saying things like “These pictures of Hillary partying down in Columbia emerged on the same day as the scandal about the Secret Service emerged” (trying to smear Hillary as somehow “unsavory”, making her having some innocent fun in Columbia seem as sleazy as what those Secret Service guys were doing)

    • I’m sure they’re going to do their damndest to trot that s%^& out again but I don’t think it’s working. If anything, she’s getting cooler.
      Believe me, the last thing anyone in power wants is for Hillary to start looking good. But there are some things that are hard to predict. Like, I don’t know whether the latest round of positive press photos has been some kind of scheme on their part to jazz up the race because they like the idea of Obama having an unofficial challenger to worry about or if this is just spontaneous. The fact that the negative spin is starting indicates that she’s looking too good. The genie may be out of the botle on this one.

  2. Did the print and broadcast media get new orders from Wall Street?

    Were they told to cast Hillary in a positive light so in comparison Obama looks bad and votes go for the Mittster?

    • I’m wondering what’s up too. Maybe the press doesn’t think they have a real story this year. it’s just two dudes who are roughly the same, working for Wall Street and saying pretty much the same stuff. Booooooring. Adding Hillary to the mix spices things up for them. But she seems to be playing along by sending her own text to textsfromhillary. And now she’s been caught having fun, how dare she. It’s probably not the first time she’s had fun on a state department trip but it’s the first time it was photographed. Did she have anything to do with it? Was it to deflect attention from the secret service agents who were caught with prostitutes, because that story isn’t going anywhere. But whatever is going on, it seems to be catching.

  3. “Is Hillary Clinton becoming an embarrassment as Secretary of State?” asks this guy in ‘The Telegraph’. Maybe just for once he himself should try ‘letting his hair down’ and ‘dance the night away’, as he denounces Hillary Clinton for doing. It might do him a bit of good.

    Sheeesh, what’s with those prissy guys!

  4. I think it’s to “make amends” with the “little ladies” for 2008, and to revise history to make it seem like the press is actually nice to her. I honestly think they’re doing this for the sake of Obama. And the byline is that see, we think she’s 2016 material. All ya gotta do is elect Obama in 2012 and we’ll hold her hand for 2016. That is also what Nancy Pelosi was doing by welcoming her to run….basically saying, she’ll have her chance in 2016, just sit down, shut up and vote for the aye-hole we shoved down your throat in 2008.

    Things will change drastically as soon as that 2016 timeframe rolls around, of course.

    • Well, Ok, then. I’ll just wait until 2016 to vote for a Democrat for president. I mean, they sound so sure that she’s going to run and I really don’t like Obama.

      Yeah, you’re hypothesis has crossed my mind already. It could be a subtle form of love bombing. “We were just kidding about you old women being unfuckable and stupid. See? We like Hillary now. She’s cool.”

      Raise expectations and then make us wait for something in 2016 that’s never going to happen. They’d better be careful if this is the game they’re playing. For one thing, it’s not going to change our minds at all about Obama. It won’t bring the former Clintonistas who went for Palin back and it just pisses us off even more that we can’t have who we want.

    • after 8 years of bush there was no way any republican was going to win. After 8 years of Obama there is no way any democrat is going to win. They know damn well if we help Obama now there is no reason for Hillary to waste her time in 2016.
      They stopped her by changing the rules as they went along. Now they expect us to go along and help Obama. I really could not care less if Romney is elected.

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