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Secret Service Unit Hired Prostitutes

Why am I not surprised?  This is on the frontpage of the NYTimes this morning:

Twelve Secret Service agents assigned to this port city in advance of President Obama’s arrival for the Summit of the Americas were relieved of duty, amid accusations of misconduct that is said to have involved prostitution, a government official confirmed Friday.

The misconduct is said to have occurred before Mr. Obama arrived here on Friday afternoon for the meeting of more than 30 world leaders that begins Saturday.

White House officials would not comment, referring all questions to the Secret Service. News of the accusations was first reported by The Washington Post.

In a statement, a Secret Service spokesman, Edwin M. Donovan, acknowledged that agents had been recalled because of accusations of misconduct and that they would be replaced by other Secret Service personnel, but he did not address the issue of prostitution.

“The Secret Service takes all allegations of misconduct seriously,” he said, adding that the matter had been turned over to the agency’s Office of Professional Responsibility.

Prostitution is legal in designated areas of Colombia.

Well, I guess that makes it Ok then.  It’s just our western imperialist culture that makes a big deal about prostitution.

You know, I could see maybe one or two bad apples.  But TWELVE?  This is more like a gang looking for a bang.

Of course the White House will distance itself from this incident.  You know, they actually work for the Treasury department and Obama has no control over who guards him and yadayadayada.  I don’t know.  It’s more the ambience of the White House.  Women aren’t exactly in the loop and treated like professionals or experts or anything.  And then Michelle is doing the SAHM thing.  You SAHM moms out there can whine all you like about how you’re being attacked {{eyes rolling}} but it’s working women who seem to be getting the shaft in the Obama era.   And when women repeatedly get treated with little respect, and we don’t make clear that women are not commodities, well, we shouldn’t be surprised.

You can blame the Republicans for a lot of bad stuff but at least you can’t call them hypocrites.


More on women: I am really disturbed that Hillary Rosen felt that it was necessary once more to kiss the asses of the sacred cow we call Stay at Home Mothers.  Fume all you like ladies.  You are not doing a harder job than all the other working mothers out there.  Trust me on this because I have been there.  Your efforts do not make the world go around any more than anyone else’s. I don’t want to hear about your “sacrifice”.  If you want praise for staying at home with your kids because you loved them so much, then it wasn’t a sacrifice.  It was a choice you made.  And that choice is no better or worse than any other choice that a working mother made.  It is no better or worse and it isn’t more worthy of praise or self-righteous snootery.

It’s about time you SAHM stop looking down your noses at everyone else and clutching your pearls when the working mothers have the audacity to demand respect.  And it’s about time that the rest of us stop apologizing and worshipping at the altar of people who choose motherhood as their exclusive career.

There, I said it.  Deal with it.


40 Responses

  1. Still waking up. When I went to bed, I was sure I’d be pulled out of bed and forced to spend the rest of the night in the garage with my arms wrapped around one of the mopeds (There’s no car in our garage) … But no. massive . storms happened. At least not here.

    Maybe tonight!

  2. being a stay at home mom is hard…but not when you have millions of dollars, house keepers and nannies. Give me a break.

    As for the Secret service guys? Dude bros!

  3. I’ve always wondered what those saintly* moms think is happening in the working-mom families. Do they think we didn’t have to take kids to the doctor, nurse sick kids, help with homework, do laundry, make dinner? (and on and on) … Sure we did. Only backwards and in high heels (so to speak)

    *by saintly I mean the ones who look down their snotty noses at working moms. This does NOT include all stay-at-home moms.*

    • “Do they think we didn’t have to take kids to the doctor, nurse sick kids, help with homework, do laundry, make dinner? (and on and on) … Sure we did. Only backwards and in high heels (so to speak)”

      LOL! I just said that same thing elsewhere.

  4. Thank you, Riverdaughter. It really needed to be said re: SAHMs. I actually wonder, though, how many of these women are really staying at home by choice. Much like I think that many would-be “entrepreneurs” are really unemployed people who wish to avoid the stigma, I suspect that many of these “opt-out” women were really forced out.

    I keep hearing that we should all be grateful because SAHMs volunteer at schools, but, really, that has both positives and negatives. The negatives include the idea that schools don’t need more funding (if that’s the problem) or to be more effective with the funding they have (if that’s the problem) because unpaid female labor will pick up the slack. It instills in kids the idea that women’s place is to serve in volunteer nurturing roles. And it increases inequality between districts where women can afford to stay home and districts where they can’t. Wasn’t there some controversy about parents donating money to public schools because it increased inequality?

    • Um, as an unemployed person, I’d just like to say that there is no stigma. My whole industry has been decimated and everyone I know is out of work. So, you know, we’re doing the best we can, figuring out what we need to do next and some of that may mean forming our own businesses. Many of us specialize in one particular area of science and either we figure out how to do that for a living or we retrain ourselves to do something else. It’s not like we can all become accountants and some of us have no interest in getting an MBA. BTW, even as an unemployed person, I probably paid more in taxes than you did so, keep that in mind when you throw that stigma thing around. We are not amused.

      • I think you misunderstood; all I was saying is that our society still treats unemployed people very poorly, and there is great pressure for people forced out of various industries to say they don’t really _want_ a stable job with a big company because that’s just so passe. I greatly admire that you’re willing to talk frankly about the state of your industry rather than sweep it under the rug and talk about how great it is that we can now all be “agile” freelancers promoting our personal brands.

        • I think the degree to which society treats unemployed people is highly dependent on how much unemployed people let society get away with. From a personal standpoint, some of the best and brightest people I know are unemployed so I feel like I’m in good company. Plus, we’re pretty competent so I’m sure we will be able to work our way out of the hole we’re in. It sucks for the companies we used to work for and the patients who depend on our work though.
          As for SAHMs, there are a lot of women in the burbs with college and professional degrees who decide to stay at home. You’d have to ask them why they decided to stay at home. Some of them had perfectly legitimate reasons that have to do with their kids’ exceptional needs. Those are not the women I am referring to. Some SAHMs, I suspect, really don’t want to compete in a professional environment. It’s too stressful. I understand how they feel and some of us deal with that insecurity, fear and stress everyday. But there are other rewards to a professional life that you simply cannot get from staying at home. Like I said, it’s a choice. I wouldn’t choose to stay at home for all the tea in china. Unemployment forces it on you and right now, I’m just waiting for my daughter to finish the school year before I make my next move. But, yeah, not my cup of tea. Boring as all get out. If Michelle Obama didn’t have something to do at the White House, she’d be climbing the walls. That’s why I kind of despise the public image she is portraying. It makes it look like this was something she wanted to do because working is just, you know, not ladylike or motherly or something. But her kids are adolescents and don’t need her full time attention so this is all posturing and image that is at the expense of working mothers. I don’t hate her personally but I sure do hate the image she has chosen to project. It makes our jobs so much harder and makes it even more difficult for working women to get the respect they deserve. I’m not putting up with it.

  5. The SAHMs are protesting too much, just ike they did when Hilary Clinton made her unfortunate cookie remark back in the 90s.

    Let’s face it. SAHMs are belittled and patronized, mostly by their own families. They generally own no property, have no money of their own, have no room of their own. Of course they have their fists out when the subject comes up. Without their sense of self-sacrifice, of doing what’s best for the family, and without the acknowledgment of this sacrifice, then they would have to admit that they’re not much more than servants with the privilege of sleeping in master’s bed. Which is exactly where master wants them to be.

    • Belittled?? Are you serious? Around these suburbs you would think they are the pink of perfection. Their shit literally does not stink and they are worshipped. People can not bow down low enough when they pass by. They also hog the roads with their huge, honkin’ SUVs that you can’t see around. And they are always telling the rest of us how to behave like a suburban tut-tutting vice and virtue squad. I don’t know where you live but you haven’t seen anything until you’ve moved to the burbs of NJ where they rule with complete authority. It’s nauseating.

      • Ah, so that’s what it’s all about. “The burbs of NJ where they rule with complete authority.” Thanks.

        • It’s not exclusive to NJ. It’s pretty common in any middle class suburb. This is the image that Michelle Obama has chosen to project. I *know* these women and they are the smuggest, meanest, most boring people on the planet who ever wanted to poke into your life and find a flaw. Think Harper Valley PTA and you have a good approximation. I used to have to deal with them when I was on the board of ed too. Insufferable and irritating.

  6. Ann Romney supports discrimination against Hilary Rosen’s right to marriage equality. Why doesn’t somebody make Ann apologize for that? How does that kind of discrimination make Rosen’s kids safer? And yes, Rosen needs to stop apologizing. Dems in general need to grow a spine.

  7. I would like to see more respect for women in general what ever path they choose. 🙂

  8. Great post. I appreciate the way you connected the objectification of women in the so-called “sex” industry with they all women are treated generally.

    Too few women seem to see this and its crucial to understand if we want to break through.

  9. WOW upside down is MOM! 🙂

  10. Is it me, or are the wheels coming off and the Big PX is careening over a cliff?

    SAHM’s at the throats of the Working Moms and vice versa, meanwhile what is Obama trying to sneak past you now.

    As to the Secret Service I’ll wait until information is complete rather than going with the breathless wheezing of the print and broadcast media speculation about who bought who for the night or three minutes if the suspect is a conservative.

    • I don’t know what he is trying to sneak past us. All I know that as bad as the Trayvon Martin case is, it managed to drive the supreme court ruling on the Family Leave Act right off the front page. I find that very disturbing. I’d rather have women on the front page, frankly. George Zimmerman and his supporters are ugly excuses for human beings but women make up 53% of the american population and for some reasonthe obama administration’s attitude towards women is getting very little attention.

      • George Zimmerman*s supporters?

        Does that mean RD, that in your view, if someone advocates the concept of being innocent untill proven guilty, opposes mob rule and rayce baiting, opposes media bias and prefers to let The Court decide, that you perceive such a person as being – in this case – among “Zimmerman’s supporters”? and as such … “ugly excuses for human beings.” Really?!

        Personally I don’t know what happened the night Trayvon Martin so tragically died and not only his family’s lives were changed for ever. Only two people know for sure and one is now dead. But I do know that I strongly believe in ‘innocent untill being proved beyond reasonable doubt to be guilty’. And I find it reassuring – and a positive sign of a developed, democratic society – when everyone who is charged with a crime, even the worst of criminals, is entitled to being represented in court by a defense lawyer. Just saying.

        • Um, did I comment on Zimmerman’s guilt or innocence? I am refering to the people who feel the need to defend him because they felt justified in being afraid of young black men in hoodies. Don’t *YOU* find such people disgusting? Like John Derbeyshire or Geraldo Rivera?

          My comment is about the Trayvon Martin case sucking all of the oxygen out of the room when it comes to issues that affect more than half of the population in this country. Once again, we’re pitting racism against sexism and racism is winning. There are a lot of egregious murders each year against men of color. But I almost get the feeling that if Trayvon Martin’s death wasn’t such a sensation, the Democrats would have to invent it. It plays right into their theme of racism being THE most important social issue we have to deal with and that makes the public sympathetic to Obama. In fact, the “if I had a son he would have looked like Trayvon Martin” thing could only have been cooked up by a political shop. Really?? REALLY?? What has Obama done for African Americans in the past 4 years? Has he done anything to turn the economy around, punish the bankers, alleviate joblessness, taken on the Tea Party nutjobs that want to cut off unemployment bennies and food stamps? No, he has done none of these things. But now he wants to identify with this tragedy and public sentiment. It reminds me of his other completely fabricated out of thin air speech on race when he took on his own preacher four years ago. Suddenly, we’re supposed to see him as the next Martin Luther King and he doesn’t have to lift a finger.

          In the meantime, the Supreme Court made a decision on the Family Leave act on March 21, 2012 and what did we hear about that?


          You can make of that what you want but I smell manipulation of one story for its political value and the complete silence to keep women from panicking.

          I’m totally disgusted.

          • “I am refering to the people who feel the need to defend him because they felt justified in being afraid of young black men in hoodies. Don’t *YOU* find such people disgusting?”

            Absolutely! I guess I just didn’t see or hear that – maybe because the voices of those going after Z, the raycebaiters, were so much stronger and louder?

            What I find most disgusting though, is the way the media once again leaves ‘Investigative jounalism and Reporting only the facts’ at the door. Once again leaving the majority of the public in the dark about what really happens/ed.

            No matter the subject I’m repeatedly reminded of the mainstream media’s role in the Democratic Primary 2008. Because no matter the subject, even when/if the truth finally comes out the brainwashing of ‘the masses’ has already been so effective that it’s near impossible to reverse.

            “Once again, we’re pitting racism against sexism and racism is winning.”

            Sad but true. As if it wasn’t at all possible to simultaneously denounce both.

  11. The Mommy Wars are ridiculous but that doesn’t make Hilary Rosen any less of a hack. Remember when she scolded Senator Clinton for not being sufficiently deferential to Obama? The lionization of a PR flak seems a bit silly.


    • Who is lionizing Rosen? I think she was unfairly attacked by Ann R.’s first tweet and by many other people’s comments.

      • Lots of people. She’s become almost a cause célèbre for a lot of bloggers. I was reading someone’s blog and they got so worked up at the idea that anyone would question this shill’s integrity that you had to worry for their blood pressure.

        • Bot bloggers I suppose? Her HP piece sounded like she’d fallen into the koolaid. Maybe this will shock her out of it.

          • Speaking of koolaid … I volunteered at the Kansas Democratic Caucus yesterday. That is all.

          • You failed to file a report. Aren’t you going to share with the rest of the class?

          • Boring. 63 Obama supporters and a couple of volunteers off to the side who didn’t participate in the actual caucus. Obama supporters went wild when there were no Uncommitteds. A woman who was so much in love with Obama almost burst into tears when she was making her supporting speech.

            This would have been a much better venue if we had it last time. But as big as it was (new grade school cafeteria) We STILL would have had to have 3 caucuses…. Of course those waiting could have waited in the halls of the school instead of outside in the blizzard.

            It’s not any way to run a Democracy, that’s for sure.

    • I left a comment on the ballet thread.
      Just to clarify, and I know that you’re new here, I don’t care about TV pundits and spinmeisters. They make my ears bleed, so I stay away from them. I am only defending myself and other working mothers who are fed up with having to kiss the asses of the SAHMs. I’m not doing it anymore and I resent the fact that Hillary Rosen felt like she had to apologize on my behalf. She didn’t do any of us any favors. So, HOW exactly is this a defense of Hillary Rosen??
      You should spend more time reading the post.

      • Sorry riverdaughter, my bad. I should have made it clear that I wasn’t talking about you. I brought the link over here because I wanted people to see it and figured the ones who are in denial, trying to make their liar for hire who shifts with the wind into Eleanor Roosevelt, would not let it see the light of day.

        • You’re not the only one who may have been a little hasty. I’m aware of the political operative class. That doesn’t mean there isn’t something going on here that we need to address.

  12. When we were kids, most of the moms stayed at home. Most of the families were large and the older kids helped alot with the little ones. There was no such thing as daycare. We were told we would be taken from our parents and forced into daycare if the Russians ever took over. Women raised in the 50’s went to college to “find a husband”. Most of the middle class women had help with housework and childcare, leaving them time for Garden Club, Bridge etc. I guess it wasn’t a bad gig. It was really with the rise of Feminism in the 70’s that women of my age group wanted something different than those before us had. Once women started to work, families became reliant on the extra income.Many women now need to work because of divorce, unemployment of spouse, lower income of spouse etc. Some women stay at home now because the cost of childcare for more than one child is almost as much as their income. I guess the best way to keep Women down in our Post-Feminism Age is to keep us putting each other down. Maybe when we have no rights again, we’ll be forced to stick together.

    • Isn’t it funny how the SAHMs never seem to learn the lesson of not putting working mothers down and sticking together? Kowtowing to motherhood exclusively is not going to get us equality. Can you think of a way it will do that? Because I can’t. As long as motherhood is praised beyond everything else and working mothers are made to feel like their doin’ it worng, we will never get to the place where women are respected for their minds.

  13. I just have to say that no matter how rich you are, having MS and breast cancer is no walk in the park. So F* You Digby.

    I’m sorry for the interruption.

  14. Hmm, as a woman on the issue, of work, I believe if woman was to do the work of man, they would see every angle of the gender come alive, cause like when you walk the path, you feel you can take down a generation of men in general. I believe I could be the first one for the role. And for the secret service, issue. Where do I hire one? I believe in the the policy in the don’t ask, don’t tell policy.

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