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Badass cool and Srsly funny

Yesterday, the tumblr textsfromHillary received the following submission:

Funny thing was, it really was from the Secretary of State’s Office.  When I saw it yesterday, I thought it was a fake submission.  Turns out it was legit because afterwards, she posed with the guys who set up the tumblr:

What the heck is scrunchie time??

Ahhh, I see.  Her staff wants her to stop using scrunchies in her hair on bad-hair days.  Turns out that with all of her travelling, it’s a pain in the ass to have to deal with playing with hair all the time so she grew it out.  Now, she uses a scrunchie when she doesn’t have time to deal with it.

I can so relate.


13 Responses

  1. Scrunchie time: need a haircut; no time; put it up with a scrunchie.

  2. OMG! Me too. Thanks for sharing this — even through my snot-nose, I’m laughing!

  3. A big barrette would be better and really, it only takes a minute to do a french twist. I agree with her staff. But I love that she has a sense of humor…..we always knew that didn’t we?

    • Dry shampoo. She might get some instant lift. It’s the bangs tat are always the problem. I also like chignons and with a black hair elastic and a decorative gold blingy thing, it could look really chic with her pale blonde hair.

      • for me, the older I get the shorter my hair gets. In another 20 years I will be one of those old ladies with the old lady buzz cut. Either that or I will grow it long, braid it and wrap it around my head.

        I thought Hillary’s hair looked great in 2008, but she probably had to travel with a stylist. Who the heck wants to do that all the time?

        • I’m growing my grey hair (it’s now past my shoulder) because it really is easier to “handle” when it’s longer – no need to wash and blow dry every morning. Just need a couple of good clip on hair pieces!!

  4. I love her texts. 🙂

  5. She is so fucking cool. Can we just all agree on this fact? And I don’t think she plays golf which automatically makes her cooler than every damned President that we’ve had for oh 100 years or so. AND she listens to The Stones! Better than that insipid ‘love train’ anthem they loved playing at the convention

  6. Sounds like she has more important uses for scarce time than hair-maintainance. A scrunchy is the sort of kludge (is that the right word?) that any engineer ought to be able to appreciate. And if the engineers are with you, what does it matter what the non-engineers think?

  7. I think when she had the piecey short hair she had to spend a lot of time styling it just right (it always did look perfect) With long hair it’s all just one length this way she can pull it back and be on her way!

  8. Love that picture. And love seeing how so many ‘youngish’ men, when getting a chance to interact with her face to face, seem to enjoy the encounter; and seem so relaxed around her too. Reminds me of her visit with ‘Hamish and Andy’ in Australia a couple of years back.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if more than just a few of those younger men have – or get – a crush on her. 😉

    • Hillary is hot. That’s just being honest and with the fawning over the hotness of male candidates over the years I think it’s OK to say this. The woman looks 20 years younger than her actual age and has a totally magnetic personality. Let’s just say if I was in Yale I would be all over Hillary, Bill wouldn’t have been able to meet her.

  9. I thought Hillary looked gorgeous in 2008 with the short piecey hair but it is a pain to maintain. There are options to scruncies including a French braid and the round barrette thingie that doesn’t take any more time but is a bit more stylish, imo. Otoh, she’s keeping a schedule that would have killed me when I was in my 20’s. If she wants to use a scrunchie, go for it.

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