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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Trump disgusts the Republican…
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    Catscatscats on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    riverdaughter on PSA: how to correctly complete…
    jmac on PSA: how to correctly complete…
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Pulling out all the stops

Well, well, well, the crazy is getting rich and thick like some kind of dark, treacly wingnut syrup smothering everything in mean sticky.

I hate to say this, ladies, but we are on our own. Just because the Republicans have lost their minds does not mean the Democrats should win by default. Right now, we need a firebrand to make the arguments to keep us from disintegrating under the assault. But I saw a clip of Obama chiding the Supreme Court over the healthcare bill decision and I saw none of the kind of passion or fabled rhetorical gifts we need. I saw a tired looking dude who spoke with all of the halting, disjointed eloquence of Michael Dukakis.

I don’t know how many times I have to say this but here’s the standard disclaimer about how I really, really hate the Republicans and don’t want them to win and I disagree with them on virtually everything, including contraception and abortion. But I do believe that Obama will go down in history as an even worse president than Bush. He is not carrying the standard or staking a claim anywhere. He makes the weakest statements of support of contraceptive coverage and women fall all over themselves in relief. That’s a problem. For us. Because if we only expect C- support with Obama, we’ll end up with D- policies from him. He is a right of center politician. I hesitate to call him a Democrat because it’s not something he likes to even say about himself.

This year is going to be a disaster economically, contraceptively and judicially. On the Daily Show last night, Jon interviewed Thomas Goldstein on the Supreme Court and there’s a whole lot of mischief that the court can cause this year. Everything for campaign finance reform to voting rights are on the table. And now, we can be strip searched for a traffic infraction. Doesn’t that sound like fun? Call it pre-emptive humiliation and punishment. That’ll teach you to leave your house. It will come down heavily against women. Thank you Justice Kennedy. Someone should have a talk with that man. He’s the vanity queen on the supreme court. Someone should let him know that it’s not all about him.

Anyway, The left should really think about their lineup. I know I’m tilting windmills but even if he wins, and that’s by no means assured, we’re going to be left with this feeling like we don’t know what hit us. He is not the leader we need right now. He can’t step it up. It’s not in his makeup and even if he could, there are a lot of us who don’t trust him. Every attempt to passionately channel the hopes and dreams and modernity of the majority of Americans is going to look as phony and scripted as the Lily Ledbetter law he and his droogs keep trying to shove down our throats. You guys might worry and wring your hands and say, “it’s too late, we can’t take a chance”. Really? Either way, you’re going to end up living under the wingnuts. You’re gong to have a republican president who won’t stop them or a “democrat” who won’t stop them.

In the meantime, I’m chilling and keeping busy and munching the popcorn. This is my fight but so far, I’m still looking for a champion.


Close your eyes and think of Bethany Beach, Delaware…

48 Responses

  1. Unfortunately if Obama wins a second term and he “steps it up” it will be to take us even further to the right.

    • Obama’s idol, president Reagan, gave birth and built the path of the right wing GOP.
      Reagan would be like a pig in sh/t today. 

      Obama: Reagan could not survive in ‘radical’ GOP
      from Yahoo! News: Politics News
      In combative campaign form, President Barack Obama accused Republican leaders on Tuesday of becoming so radical and dangerously rigid that even the late Ronald Reagan, one of their most cherished heroes, could not win a GOP primary if he were running today.

      So Obama faked left, (sorta but not really) and threw right. The GOP had to go further right. 

      We’re so fu*ked. 

      Yesterday the Supreme Court held that prison officials may strip-search anyone arrested even for the most minor offenses before admitting them to the general population of a jail or prison, even in the absence of a shred of suspicion that they are carrying weapons or contraband.
      the Obama DOJ formally urged the Court to reach the conclusion it reached. [Because he’s a conservative.]

      In a speech to the Associated Press today, President Obama boasted that his signature domestic policies were basically conservative (he labeled them “centrist”): his individual mandate, he said, was pioneered by conservatives and the Heritage Foundation; his cap-and-trade policy was first proposed by Bush 41; federal spending is lower now than it was during any year of the Reagan administration, etc. Even the successes most touted by his supporters — the Detroit bailout, TARP, the withdrawal from Iraq — were started by Bush 43. Obama’s foreign policy and civil liberties assaults also, of course, were largely shared by his predecessor and are frequently praised by the Right.


  2. The other day I listened to an interview with Bill Clinton, who said that Hilary probably won’t run for president because she’s worked really hard for the past 20 years and just wants to go home now. It reminded me, and not in a good way, that Obama hasn’t broken a sweat.

    No reason for him to sweat the ACA, either. It’s a very pro-financial industry bill, after all: Romneycare writ large.

    • If Hilary Clinton wants to drop out of formal politics, she can pretty much do anything she wants in the business or non-profit sectors. But I have a feeling that, after the election, she’s going to take a few months of well-deserved R&R in someplace warm and sub-tropical.

      Don’t the Clintons have a place in the Virgin Islands?

  3. I’ve never held out much hope that the D’s would throw off Obama so none of this really upsets me much other than the fact that we aren’t going to have any real choices in November. The GOP doesn’t seem too excited by Romney either. Whatever. I’m waiting for 2016 at this point.

    • I know it makes me a terrible awful evil person, but at this point I am hoping someone dies from natural causes or a sudden unexpected scandal hits the news…. and when I saw someone, I am not saying Obama. I am just saying we need a game changer, a shake up. I just can not imagine the next four years with either Obama or Romney in the white house. The nation may commit suicide in a fit of ennui….. and when I say ennui, I mean more of a deep dark dank despair kind of ennui.

      • Here is something that could qualify as a scandal, if it is really true. A recent post at The Crawdad Hole claims that the Obama campaign has figured out how to disable “credit card identification/verification” functions so as to allow Obama’s rich patrons to “smurf” the Obama campaign with millions of dollars divided up into multiple thousands of separate fake-cutout-false-identity credit card donations. If that is really true, it could be become a media scandal if enough people figure out how to make it one. The first step would be for “highly credible” people who cannot be easily dismissed to determine if it is really true or not. And if they determine it is, figure out how to get it into all kinds of parallel media to the point where the CEO MSM dare not ignore it anymore. Link to follow in the indented self-sub-reply just below.

        • And here is the indented sub-self-reply with the little linkie . . http://crayfisher.wordpress.com/2012/04/03/they-arent-stealing-it-theyre-laundering-it/

        • I thought they did that last time with lots of visa gift cards. Maybe they couldn’t run that same scam twice?

          • My hope is that investigative journalists of some sort investigate this. If they verify it to be true, I hope they would loudspeaker it all over the parallel media. Perhaps somebody somehow would be able to force some corner of the MSM to take notice.

            I really don’t think the R party would care. Maybe the truebelieving voters would care, but the R party leaders don’t care. They may well have their orders not to jeopardize Obama’s election in such a way as to jeopardize the Upper Class Front Democratic leadership along with Obama. That would be why it would take some kind of revulsion-rebellion among masses of D voters to degrade Obama’s chances so badly and soon that the D party is forced to perform a candidate transplant. I hope somebody sees that link and reads the article and looks into it and proves or disproves it. If they can prove it, perhaps they can weaponise it against Obama and the Obamacrats.

            In the wider scope, I think reading and considering the things which Dmitri Orlov, Dmitri Podboritz, Jeff Vail, John Robb, Catherine Austin Fitts, Caroline Baker, Ran Prieur, Sharon Astyk, and others have to say about our future and how to prepare for it is probably a better use of time and energy than investing more than one lifted finger towards elective politics. Certainly we should all lift one out of ten fingers. That is our “citizenship tithe”. But the other 9 fingers might be better lifted towards personal and small-manageable-group survivalism in the face of the coming Yeltsinization crash-cramdown.

      • ( By the way, if you want some help imagining the next 4 years under RomneyBama, you could do worse than to read stuff by Dmitri Orlov, beginning with his articles on the collapse of the Soviet Union as he saw it and lived through it, and how that compares with the coming “Soviet collapse” of the United States. Here is his website.http://cluborlov.blogspot.com/ )

      • I’m hoping it goes something like this : Scalia, Thomas and Kennedy go duck hunting together and in one of those crazy twists of fate, all three of them get into a rowboat. Kennedy is an ungainly type and as he’s getting up to grab a beer from the cooler, he capsizes the boat, sending all of them into the watery drink. Fortunately, they all know how to swim. Unfortunately, Kennedy gets tangled up in his robes and he starts to panic. In his thrashing around, he grabs onto one of the other two and two of them start to go under. The third manages to grab an oar and instead of extending it to the drowning justices, he decides to break Kennedy’s grip and the oar comes smashing down on the head of one of the justices.
        In any case, the murder is investigated and concluded to be strictly accidental.
        It could happen.

  4. The really chilling thought for me is that protesters who engage in no violent behavior or resistence can and no doubt will be strip searched if they’re arrested for simple trespass or failure to disperse. Now that the procedure has been approved by SCOTUS, every jail administrator in the country will make it SOP so they don’t get sued if that one in ten million arrestees really does have a gun in their butt. I didn’t know that the Obama administration backed this position until I read it in Greenwald’s column. Obama’s looking more and more like Mussolini every day.

    RD, was it Will Rogers who said “I don’t belong to any organized party. I’m a Democrat”? If Democrats couldn’t get it together to oppose Obama when he was losing to Romney, they won’t oppose him when the polls are in his favor.

    I’m not optimistic.

  5. I once thought up the nickname ” prima kennedona” for Justice Kennedy. If anyone thinks it may be useful for ridicule purposes, feel free to use it.

    The one power “liberals” and “leftists” may still have is to let the Shitocratic Party taste our vengeance by causing Obama’s defeat. If Romney gets the R nomination, then there is not even any bad-policy price to be paid for causing Obama’s defeat. There will be no champion on the “liberal left”. 10,000 micro-leaders will have to organize eachother and themselves to do it themselves. Wouldn’t every single person who went to the Democratic Convention with the intention of being a Clinton delegate be such a micro-leader? Wouldn’t they still have and know all their analog-meatspace real-person contacts and co-activists in the analog meatspace reality-sphere? Wouldn’t those contacts and helpers respond if every one of the Betrayed Delegates got in touch with them? The ObamaCrapic Forces are allready very well organized in the analog meatspace reality-sphere where power is excercised. That is where a Nobama Insurgency would have to meet them in political combat to destroy them and their party if that is possible.

    (While I don’t think HRClinton will campaign very very hard for Obama, I think she WILL make cautionary statements here and there about how very important it is to not let the R nominee win. What Hunter S. Thompson said of George McGovern is probably true for Senator Clinton . . . ” when the Big Whistle blows, he is still a Good Party Man”.)

  6. as SOS she cannot campaign at all. 🙂

    • Good point there. She legally and truthfully can’t even if she wanted to. And considering its for Obama, she may or may not even want to.
      She may utter delphic statements subject to being read one way or another. As a very good lawyer, I’m sure she knows just how close she
      can ease up to just short of whatever bright lines the law lays down.

  7. Why don’t you all get interested in Americans Elect


    They have their name on the ballot in all 50 states. It isn’t just a choice between Corporate Democrat or Corporate Republican. Sure one of those guys will win but you can make a statement by voting for someone else.

    • I think I’ve answered this question before. I want to vote for a New Deal Democratic platform and all of the ideology that goes with it. What we need now is a consistent and coherent worldview and ideas. Americaselect is the exact OPPOSITE of this.

    • Americans Elect looks like silk stocking astroturf to me. It is backed by shadowy rich people in order to elect yet another shadowy One Per Center front person.

      There are any number of wannabe socialist parties. There is even still on some states the Caucus Of Labor Committees, which is Lyndon La Rouche’s old vehicle . . . for those who have a taste for the strange.
      There is also the Green Party. There is also a studied refusal to fill in the “President and Vice President” line while voting on the things which
      seem to offer a choice or a good result.

    • “Why don’t you all get interested in Americans Elect”

      I’ll look at what their eventual candidate is saying in Novermber. But in the meantime what is there to spend energy on? Even if we could get enough ‘Likes’ or whatever, Hillary wouldn’t take it.

      I’m dubious about AmericansElect because they seem TOO well organized (easy for Bots to hijack, if they aren’t Bots already). And haven’t they said they’ll choose some major centrist figures?

      For sending a strong Liberal message, so far to me the best use of my energy now seems to be to support Darcy Richardson (who is challenging Obama for the Dem nomination saying he wants to be a placeholder like Eugene McCarthy in hopes someone stronger will step in) and Jill Stein (RD, what’s wrong with her?).

      • Ugh, Green Party. Not my thing. Too dogmatically left. Mind so wide open brains have fallen out. I’m not into corporate bashing just because it’s fashionable. They have to really deserve it. Plus, I just don’t like the out of control class action lawsuits that I think the left does not want to come to terms with. Some of these suits have been so damaging that they have ruined research divisions. No joke. And from what I can see, these suits border on the extortive. It’s extremely easy to persuade a jury that your drug has caused $32 billion in harm even when it hasn’t. That costs all of us a lot of money because the financial guys will just pass the cost onto the consumer who has no idea that there is no such thing as a perfect drug and that some of the adverse side effects only show up when the drug is out into general use. Also, the constant recall of every fricking thing and the cost of insuring yourself against every possible contingency? I put that sort of in the Green Party’s camp.
        Theft is theft. Doesn’t mean it’s less theftful just because the left says that the corporation has deep pockets.
        So, no, I think I’m going socialist this year.

        • I remember meeting some of the very first Greens in the late 1970s. They were very unpleasant people.

          The Greens took Republican money to run former Marine McGaw against Demwing Democrat Paul Wellstone in his tight election. The Green Party’s expressly stated goal was to attrit Wellstone’s numbers enough to elect the R candidate by default. Wellstone felt compelled to go into round-the-clock campaign overdrive, including huge amounts of flying around in small planes. He and his family died in a small-plane-crash as some people here must remember. As far as I am concerned, Wellstone’s blood is on the Green Party’s hands as much as on anyone else’s, and voting Green is dancing on Wellstone’s grave. I would find that very hard to do.

        • If y’all have been shopping among third parties, which one

          Is best to send the environmentalist message, and
          is also large enough to be counted not lumped with “Other”

          • Al Gore sent the environmentalist message better than anyone and had/has the power to do something about it. The Green party partnered with republicans to defeat him in 2000 for pure spite, and as a secondary motive, party building (didn’t work). If the Green party cared about the environment they would not have purposely sabotaged Gore in 2000, in Florida.

          • “Al Gore sent the environmentalist message better than anyone”

            Yes, and I’d certainly vote for him if he were on any ballot! And the “Green” party behaved badly in 2000, with results worse than anyone imagined (ie 9/11, Iraq war, etc). And voting against the Democratic nominee for POTUS in 2012 is taking the same kind of chance now: that a GOP POTUS will be worse than Obama, perhaps in ways we’re not even thinking about now.

            The only certainty in these “maybe’s” is that by a third party vote I can send a clear message — if the candidate is big enough for his/her votes to be reported.

            So — who are we sending a message to? The few wonks who knew or remember the Greens’ misdeeds — or the many who will get “Obama isn’t liberal enough”?

            Again, I’m not sold on Greens or Stein. I just figure that if I’m not hearing about anyone else, the rest of the public isn’t hearing about anyone else either — now or in November.

          • NoBama is a message in itself. If enough votes can be deleted from the Obama column to achieve Obama’s defeat, that can begin the process of weakening the Obamacratic Party enough to either reconquer and disinfect it, or exterminate it to free up the space it currently usurps for a legitimate political party to occupy that space instead. And all the wannabe vanity third parties can fight over which one gets to occupy that space. Hopefully one which would be a useful instrument of our will.

      • Is it really necessary for every “Nobama” voter to agree on the one same alternative to vote for instead? Perhaps it is good enough that millions of ex-D votes go to something other-than-Obama so as to pull his numbers down into the Defeat Zone. That by itself would be enough to “send them a message” . . . in the deathless words of George Wallace.

        • Well, I agree with RD that a liberal voter voting GOP sends the wrong message. And if there are a lot of third parties and some of them are lumped together in the news reports as “other”, then no one will know which message you wanted to send.

          • If the message I want to send is “defeat Obama and exterminate the Obamacratic Party”, then defeating Obama sends the first part of that message. And right now, that is a good starting message to send.

  8. As for the effect of Obama’s contraception ‘accomodation’, y’all were right:

    (Reuters) – Xavier University, one of the oldest Roman Catholic colleges in the United States, will cut off birth-control coverage for its employees in July [….]
    The controversy prompted Xavier President Michael Graham, a Jesuit priest, to review the health insurance plan offered to the university’s 935 employees. Graham announced this week in a letter to the faculty that the plan will cease to cover contraception on July 1. [….]
    The controversy has jolted some Catholic college presidents into scrutinizing the health insurance plans offered to their employees, hunting for potential conflicts with church doctrine.

    “Many times, contraception was covered and the organization didn’t even know it,” said Michael O’Dea, executive director of the Christus Medicus Foundation, which promotes Christian healthcare.

  9. Just got a reply from Bob Casey Jr’s office on this birth control issue. Might as well vote for the republican Senate candidate since there is no difference.

    • if the republicans of Pa had any effing sense they would run a pro-choice woman who is a fiscal moderate/conservative populist. She would win if she had any personality at all. God know Casey has none.

    • Bob Casey Jr.’s biggest disadvantage is that he isn’t running against Rick Santorum again – the only man who could make him look remotely liberal. I was told I should vote for Casey because he’s “a reliable Democratic vote.” Well, thanks for the persuasive argument there… :eyeroll:

  10. I’m just going to vote against every incumbent. Every last one of ’em. I’m looking at Jill Steinsince I cannot vote Obama. I don’t know if I can vote the GOP either. But I’m in the chicago area and so I can’t imagine my vote will mean much.

    • I’m not sure I can bring myself to vote against our beloved Dingellsaurus paleocraticus.

    • I just go down the line and vote for every woman. It is 2012 and we deserve 53 percent of the political power. It is ridiculous that woman still suffer taxation without representation.
      Where there are no women I vote for democratic men. If you wanted to join me in putting women in office your fall back could be voting out incumbent men.
      As for President I will probably write in Secretary Clinton.

      • Taxation without representation! Perfect! You’re absolutely right. We make up 53% of the population and we pay our taxes and look at the way we’re treated. It’s because we have no representatives. This is craziness. You’re right that we should only vote for women but Jill Stein doesn’t do it for me.
        If Hillary wants to jump in, I’m all over that.

      • We live in the same state (I think, if that’s what “inpa” refers to in your username – if not, I apologise), so I’m sure you are aware of the race for attorney general between Kathleen Kane and Patrick Murphy. Giving both candidates a once-over, they seemed evenly qualified as far as I was concerned, so I made what I thought was a funny comment on Facebook about how I was going to vote for Kane because “politics is too much of a sausage party.”

        I never imagined that such a comment could invite such a backlash. One female “friend” lambasted me with great walls of text for daring to consider voting for a candidate who, in her opinion, did not issue a strong enough statement in favour of a woman’s right to choose and that if I was voting for a candidate for merely being female then I may as well write in the name of a certain former Alaskan governor whom we are all too familiar with. That particular diatribe was capped with a few choice adjectives which implied that perhaps my neurons weren’t firing as well as they should be.

        2012 may as well be 2008 all over again…except that I’m ready for it this time.

      • If Phyllis Schlafly and Bernie Sanders were running against eachother for President, I would vote for Bernie Sanders. Or also . . . if Sahra Paylinn and Bernie Sanders were running against eachother from President, I would vote for Bernie Sanders. People can make of that what they will.

  11. Clicking on the separate blue link that Monster from the Id offered a couple comments above will also call up the full size uncropped photograph.

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