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Friday: Bits and Pieces

Is anyone out there a balletophile besides me?  If so, and you have time today, go to youtube and find RoyalOperaHouse channel.  England’s Royal Ballet is streaming the whole day’s worth of classes live.  You can watch dancers in their technique and pas classes.  Too cool.  They’re doing pirouettes and turns right now.


Dr. Elisabeth Cornwell explains why women need secularism:

The “war on the womb” is not just about the bizarre notion that a blastocyst should be considered a human being, thus banning all forms of viable contraceptives. No. It is much more insidious than that. It is the radical Christian version of the burka–designed to keep women in their place, subservient to men.

If women can’t determine their own reproduction, women will lose in the workplace, in education and in the right to live their lives as they choose. They will lose all they have gained over the past decades in terms of equality and opportunity. This holds true whether a woman is single, married, or divorced. Couples will no longer have the right to plan their own lives–to plan, for example, the number of children they want and when they want them. Some politicians and activists believe it is their ‘God-given-right’ to interfere in the most private of decisions of both women and men. They want to own the family and police the bedroom

I have to say, I am really angry. I am beyond the age of having children, so it has little to do with my personal life-style or life-choices any longer. But I know from experience how important those choices were to me as I entered adulthood and the work force. I made personal decisions, and had the means to follow my dreams and ambitions. Such choices that were never afforded to my mother or grandmother. I want my niece, and others like her, to be able to make her own decisions about her life and her body. I want her to dream and work and struggle for whatever she wants to achieve. I don’t want her dreams to die at the hand of those who would take this broad future away from her.

Please join me in rallying for taking back our rights as individuals from those who seek to impose their religious beliefs on the rest of us. Stop the new radicals from enforcing their fanatical views and ignorance by way of the government. Don’t let them cloak our daughters in invisible burkas.

 Here’s something we should consider.  What if it is just so conveenient to use religion as a way to get women out of the workplace, freeing up salaries and jobs for men.  It’s all being done with a wink and a nod and what the so-called “war on women” is really is the political parties trying to get the white male vote.  That’s why the Republicans are pursuing this strategy so vigorously and why Democrats are defending us so weakly.
Women have very little to gain from the Judeo-Christian culture.  It’s not a religion.  It’s a weapon.  Time to find a new God.  Or no God at all.

In Philly today.

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  1. I think you are right that this has nothing to do with God but is all about getting at women and using God as the excuse.

    God isn’t the problem – the snakes who say they are doing “Gods work” – while children starve and the poor freeze and people all over America have to live with treatable health problems until it qualifies as an emergency.

    It misguided to practice a religion based on judging and creating hell-fire for women and children while getting rich and thinking THAT is a sign of God’s blessings. It amazes me that this is supposed to be the Christian right and they no longer try to do loving work where they take care of the earth or people in need. It isn’t God who made this bad – it is the people who are using God’s name for their own advantage.

    • Or maybe the Judeo-Christian tradition represents an anachronistic view of God and should be discontinued. Maybe that was beta God and now we need a major rewrite. We need to abandon our attachment to old biblical god technology.

      • I don’t know – none of this stuff is EVER promoted at my church.

        However, I know with our food bank, community garden, homeless pet rescue, reconciling in Christ, woman pastor and lesbian lay minister… they would say I’m going to hell anyway but it isn’t up to them.

        It makes me sad that they evangelize a broken view of the bible, where the have-nots are there to be stepped on and women are chattel. It drives people away from Christianity as a whole but couldn’t be farther from the teachings of the bible. At least the Christian part.

        But yes, I still agree that they are using religion as a way to attack women with immunity.

        • You know, you could still have that kind of community without the Judeo-Christian biblical tradition. There are Christian atheists. But if you like your church, stick with it. Just remember that as Christian churches go it is very unusual. Most fundies I know would say you are not Christian at all. That’s what you’re up against if the fundies ever came to power. Churches like yours wouldn’t exist.

  2. oh WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks so much for the tip about the royal ballet–don’t think i’ll be moving away from my computer today.

    • I know, right? Normally, I’m not busy but today I am. And this is the one day I wish I were home so I could stream it to the big TV downstairs. So unfair.

  3. religion is male magic, beginning with the very concept.

  4. So, Dr. Cornwell, on your planet efforts to impede or outlaw abortion and deny women access to contraception are aimed at pleasing men?

    What, the men prefer raincoats?

    They like to live dangerously?

    And they want to make the possible, even likely, consequences of a good time as daunting as possible?

    And the married ones want, what, dozens of kids with always the risk of still more?

    So for the men on your planet it’s not about the zipless fuck with a hot looking and totally enthused complete stranger but deep, abiding, eternal true love, infused always with the profoundest respect for one’s unique, chosen sex-partner as a person and an unshakeable desire to mate permanently with her and have lots and lots of babies?

    How odd.

    Here on Earth it has been recognized for, oh, hundreds of millions of years, and especially openly (and critically) by man-hating feminists and sly lesbians, that it is us damnably selfish men who want above all things to have sex without consequences.

    Why, we are such animals we never think of anything else!

    Anyway, thanks for the news from Planet Harpyon.

    My felicitations on your astounding luck in having menfolk who behave so exactly as women on my planet have always wanted them to.

    Bye, now.


    You say I have it all wrong?

    I have the motives all wrong, you say?

    Oh, I see.

    Their motive is sheer hatred of women.

    That and desire for power over them, to control them, and to put them in their place.

    Well, wouldn’t a better way to do that be to, say, draft you all and send you into combat in a whole string of meaningless and unnecessary wars?


    They won’t let you go into combat?

    They don’t even want you to be police or fire-fighters?

    They prefer to punish you and make you suffer by seeing to it that sex is always as fraught, dangerous, and risky for you as possible?

    You’re right.

    They are very strange, indeed.


    • Oh, wow! We have confirmation! You just want to protect us for our own good. From ourself, of course. because we are silly and hysterical and do not know what is good for us. However can we show our gratitude?

    • Hypothesis:

      Men who are skilled at pleasing women will tend to like sexual freedom, because they will be able to enjoy themselves with a variety of partners, once the word gets around concerning their skills. :mrgreen:

      The majority of men, who are not so good at that sort of thing, will tend to prefer a patriarchal regime that grants the men exclusive rights to the use of one vagina, whether he can make the woman whose body contains that vagina happy or not, in which latter case marriage becomes de facto legalized rape. 👿

      • Bingo! Ya hot it, Monster! I knew 2 such men – one of each category – so I know you are right! The variation from your profile, my category one guy is simply secure enough in who he is (no need to spread the word) to not need legislation to insure the success of his relationship.

  5. Speaking of contraceptives, morning after, etc. I am now at an age when I don’t personally need them, but looking for my kid for something tangentially related I have discovered this: women, you don’t need the morning after pill, or surgery to terminate a pregnancy. Good ol’ fashion vitamin C and some parsley tea – and man, is that info hard to come by even on the internet. Some of my finds
    http://www.sisterzeus.com/Vit_C.htm and also
    read and spread around. It does take care of a delayed period no matter what the cause. Why didn’t we know this?

  6. Also, while I do believe that keeping women out of jobs is part of it, it’s probably a bit more than that. Barefoot and pregnant has to do with an instinctive need of men to dominate the opposite sex coupled with the insecurity/fear that they are losing their grip. A very powerful motivator. Unfortunately, many women are help them – there’s a complex set of motives there too.

    • I agree with NYS except for the word “instinctive”. I think partriarchal dominance is at least partially a learned behavior. OTOH, patriarchy has been a part of our culture for so long that one could say it functions in much the same unconscious or semiconscious way as instinct.

  7. How do we know that the Single Sky-God Religions were not started by various groups of Juvenile Space Delinquents on a joy ride from some other star-system?

    ” Hey! Look at those earthlings down there.”

    “Know what would be funny? Let’s tell them we are their God.
    Ah ha ha ha . . . ”

    ” You rock, Gzorx-B80! You’re the coolest!”

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