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The War on Women: More shots to our hearts

Here’s the other video from 2008 from youtubers Shut the Freud Up.  This one covered a different controversy and highlights two very prominent Democrats:

Ahhh, yes, you can’t make this stuff up, folks.  That was the week where Donna Brazile called us the “old coalition” and made it sound like we couldn’t speak without drooling all over ourselves.  Memories.

Don’t let the Democrats rewrite history.  They’ve got to make amends before they even attempt to claim the moral high ground in the “war on women”.  Otherwise, they’re just cynical bastards playing the political equivalent of a professional wrestling match.  They don’t mean a word they’re saying.

The Democratic party was destroyed in 2008 and women were the losers in that battle.  The party only looked united because the financial crisis in September of that year made voting for a Republican completely out of the question for many people, even the ones who didn’t give a damn what happened to Barack Obama and his party.  But the rift started to show up in 2010.  And now, the Democrats are trying to figure out how to get independent women back.  Let me remind them that some of those independent women were true blue, pro-choice, liberal Democrats before the Democrats cut us loose in 2008 and we are not happy about being tossed aside by the Democrats like some unclean things in 2008 only to be attacked in 2012 by the maniacs on the right.  We know what the Democrats are trying to do and they are going to have to Try. Harder.

We’d be insane if we accepted anything less than an apology and more vigorous pushback.  No more Chellie Pingree incidences.  That’s just to start.  And if your candidate can’t be bothered to pursue women’s rights as aggressively as he pursued the White House, replace him.  This summer is going to get really ugly for all of us because the Republicans are determined to get control.  If Obama’s schtick fails to work this year, tell him to step aside.

One final thing: The Republicans aren’t done yet with women.  There’s one big thing they can still hit before the end.  It’s the Family Leave Act.  Listen up all you pregnant working women.  Ask yourself how the Democrats are going to react when the Republicans go after this piece of legislation.  You might very well be told that you should go home to have your baby and not come back to work.  These are tough economic times.  Employers need to have the flexibility to hire workers when they need them.  This regulation is killing their bottom line and preventing them from hiring new workers. They can’t afford to have an open position for 6 months.  And there are a lot of men out there who are unemployed and need work.  That’s a burden on the state.  Folks, we are paying women to have their babies and stay home for six months eating bon-bons while some family man waits for his unemployment check.  Why don’t these women want to stay with their children and take care of them?  Why have children at all if you’re just going to turn them over to the care of strangers? <Insert metaphor comparing working mothers with some disgusting animal that gives birth and either abandons or eats its young and then goes on to have a lot more sex.>

Sick?  Crazy?  Au contraire.  The Republicans know their target audience all too well.

Maybe the Republicans won’t go that far.  But if they do, the truth won’t matter.  They’ll make it sound like a 6 month paid vacation instead of a guarantee of a job after months without pay.

And what will Obama do when confronted with the choice between employing guys and protecting the jobs of millions of women?  I don’t even want to think about it.  Remember, Michelle Obama decided to court stay-at-home moms when she became first lady.  She took a very low profile position, gardened and played June Cleaver when her two children were already in school full time.  She wanted to send a message and she has.  Working women are not important to the White House.  That was the message I heard loud and clear and the impression was reinforced with Ron Suskind’s book, Confidence Men, and every time women’s reproductive rights were sacrificed for Obama’s legislative “accomplishments”.

The Democrats and the Obama administration made all of these choices and may be very shocked when they come back to bite them in the ass.  They either weren’t thinking or they were thinking with very male brains.


The New York Times asks a very good question: Where is the next Gloria Steinem of the women’s movement?

And then buries it in the Fashion and Style section.



Paul Krugman is worried about the state of employer based benefits since the beginning of the Lesser Depression.  The graph is ugly:

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to Paul.  My industry is busily shedding jobs as quickly as it can and hiring back some workers as independent contractors or at CROs where they do not have to provide benefits.  That’s for the employee to work out with the contracting firm.  The health insurance is expensive.  Many people try to do without.  And this is only going to get worse with the Affordable Care Act because when the mandate kicks in, there will be absolutely no reason why employers should hire in-house at all.  By the way, did you know that contractors who are self employed are also not entitled to any kind of employment protections?  Yep, the employer can discriminate against you and you have the right to walk away from the job.  That’s the extent of your labor protections.  So, to recap: laying off and hiring workers back as contractors is a very, very sweet deal for employers and they will take advantage of the ACA to do more laying off.  Do not expect them to pass the savings on to you.

If the last four years could have been worse for working people, I can’t imagine how.

For more information on your new work environment and compensation plan, check out the Freelancer’s Union.


Anyway, I’ve got a lot to do today so my comments may be sparse.

For those of you who missed the first video from Shutthefreudup from 2008, here it is:

64 Responses

  1. RD….I have been asked to show more evidence the Daily Kos was the leader of the pack against HRC in 2008 – I’m hoping that you have in your archives one or two of your posts that include links that will “prove” that The Great Orange Satan was (one) of those leaders…can you share one or two with me so I can link it for these people? Many thanks.

    ARGHHHHHH. I’m having problems posting (they want me to use wordpress or something, but this is from Marsha/Coyote Creek…I will use a different sign-in…..)

    • Yeah, there’s something weird going on with the wordpress comment login. Even I got it.
      The Great Orange Satan was on her case about some picture of Obama that they swore was doctored by Clinton to make him look darker. It was just absurd.
      The thing about the Great Orange Satan is plausible deniability. They can say they didn’t know that the Edwards and Obama campaign were manipulating the site, even though the site seems like it was designed for that purpose. And how are you ever going to know if they took money from the campaigns to heavily weight the rec diaries and TU status and mojo towards one candidate or another. It looks like evolution. Directed evolution for sure but there’s no way to prove it unless someone from the inside wants to talk about it. I get the feeling that Kos compensates his frontpagers pretty well or they really are true believers.
      Is there some reason we’re looking at DailyKos? I think it tarnished its reputation pretty badly in 2008. In fact, I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for DailyKos killing me off over a snarky post. BTW, I don’t regret it at all.

      • Cannonfire would have links about that. He went into a lot of detail about the photo thing.

        I get what Marsha’s doing — there are A LOT of people hanging around in Facebook who rely on DailyKos for information. And busting the myth that it’s a reliable site is a good idea.

        PS, I just had some posting/log-in issues too.

        • Maybe the problem is Facebook.
          If DailyKos is discredited, the political operatives will just erect something else. It will be like Whack-A-Mole. Facebook is becoming the replacement for TV for things like push marketing. And there’s all kinds of information for campaigns to datamine. You can bet that they already know what bells and whistles to hit you with.
          I don’t use Facebook. A lot of us don’t. And I try to resist the compulsion to use it. It is too easy for people you don’t know and friends that you do know to send you targeted misinformation. So, don’t use it and advise your friends to be careful.

          • As a person with a million siblings & cousins, I like that it makes it easy for me to visit with them off and on through the day. And It lets me keep an eye on what’s going on out there.

          • Yep, I know. That’s part of its attraction and its danger. You don’t know who your siblings and cousins have been friending. It kind of reminds me of plasmids that bacteria share with one another. It’s very easy to spread a piece of DNA that changes the characteristics of the whole population of the colony.
            If you like it, knock yourself out. You’re smart enough to know what to look for. Facebook has just never been my cup of tea. I don’t like the forced social aspect of it and I just don’t trust it, especially after I know what lengths the political class will go to manipulate and mislead the public. IMHO, people should protect themselves more by closing themselves off to as much media as possible. I know that sounds strange but if you’re going to get information, YOU should be the one doing the research. Anytime it is prepackaged for your consumption on TV, radio, and any social media source, it should be treated with suspicion.

          • I couldn’t be there without the Blocking feature. I’ve blocked over a hundred people (which means I’m totally invisible to them. they don’t even see my comments on posts of mutual friends). And the content of my page is open to friends only. And my list of friends is VERY limited. There are a few people (mostly from here) that I haven’t met personally — but, just a very few.

          • Hey, whatever works. But note below that Marsha is already hitting a brick wall with her friends on Facebook.

          • I can’t think of a better way to make that video go viral than to post it on Facebook. I’ve been pleasantly surprised about the comments I got when I posted it. There are a lot of people who were isolated Hillary supporters in 2008 who are really happy about finding other Obama skeptics through Facebook.

          • Yes, Facebook can be used to make that video go viral. I feel dirty about it but if the other side is going to do it, might as well use it. As long as we don’t cross any ethical boundaries and deliberately mislead people, I think we should do it. There’s nothing in either one of those videos that didn’t come straight out of the media and the Democrats at the time. The pieces were assembled in a narrative fashion that connects what the actors said and what they did. The conclusions follow from those actions. Yes, it uses visual images and aural cues but this is not different from writing a blog post about the activities at the time and liberally sprinkling it with metaphors.
            The questions we need to ask ourselves before we post this kind of thing to facebook are 1.) did the facts happen as they are described in the video? 2.) Are we misleading anyone? 3.) Are we attempting to destroy someone’s character with unproven rumors?
            I’d say that both of these videos pass the smell test and it’s ethical to post them on facebook to provide a different point of view from the mainstream. These are my criteria. Your mileage may be more strict.

          • My rule is … can I defend it. And that doesn’t mean, “is it true” or “is it right” … it’s also, am I up for this. If I’m up for it, then I go for it.

            Also, I try to keep up on posting (Yikes! I forgot this morning!) your stuff.

          • Thanks for doing that, Katiebird. If I didn’t know Facebook was there, I wouldn’t know Facebook was there.

        • I am surprised anyone still assumes Daily Kos is a reputable site. It’s been populated by dudebro porn hounds and “empowered” lady coffee-carriers for years now.

          And in the oddly enough department: About a year ago I signed up with facebook — using a DIFFERENT email than what I use for wordpress — and ever since then have experienced truly epic difficulty signing into my wordpress account, and completely unable to “like” any wordpress post even when I AM logged in! Anyway, signed into wordpress yesterday? for the very first time with no problem, clicked the “remember me” button, and it seems to keep me logged in ever after firefox crashed to desktop (a thousand tabs open at once).

          I signed in at the http://www.wordpress.com/#!/fresh/ page as someone suggested here. much thanks.

    • Marsha, I’ll see if I can dig up the posts about how DailyKos is a high control site and how it uses love bombing and other thought control tactics. That’s pretty easy to prove. If nothing else, it should make readers think twice about how the site is trying to manipulate them. They can decide for themselves if the Big Orange Satan posts are true.

  2. Marsha here’s the post from Alegre when she Announced the writer’s strike.

    The comments to this post are pretty revealing.

    There are some posts here in Conflucian Classics that document some stuff.

    My memory is that we didn’t post many links to dKos — didn’t want to give them the traffic.

    Oh, I just remembered, Corrente might have some stuff — try searching for Orange Cheeto.

    • Thanks!

      RD – this started because I posted the video from your site from yesterday and the start of it showed DK…then I added my two-cents (I always do!) that Democrats are no friends of women, either.

      I got challenged because – as you note – DK is a source today for news and someone had done that already and (I guess) felt I was wrong.

    • Wow, you aren’t kidding about the comments. Check this one out and look at the name of the person who replied to it agreeing that Alegre should take her dishes and leave:

      Don’t let the door hit you (39+ / 0-)
      on the ass on your way out.

      I have not been posting much or commenting much in the past months, but I have been reading almost everything.

      You are propagating baseless, self-serving, inaccurate, and whiny meme’s on a regular basis.

      You smear and deride with the worst of the lot, and you expect people to overlook your own behavior?

      Spare us the drama.


      The only way to ensure a free press is to own one

      by RedDan on Fri Mar 14, 2008 at 05:26:55 PM PDT

      straight from the HRC blast faxes (4+ / 0-)
      really sad, actually.

      Head to Heading Left, BlogTalkRadio’s progressive radio site!

      by thereisnospoon on Fri Mar 14, 2008 at 05:39:18 PM PDT

      [ Parent ]

      • HaHaHaHaHa!! Good catch!

      • (Replying to the captured-comment from David Atkins of Pollux Research Group or whatever his mind-molding marketeer research group is called . . . ) So, is this sort of thing the exact reason for which
        Digby brought David Atkins onto Hullabaloo in the first place? If not, then what was the reason?

    • I’m proud to see my “name” on the list of original deserters…and my comment is the third one on the comment list. Makes me smile!!!

      • Yeah, well, I was the one to suggest to Alegre to go on strike. I never get any credit. 😦

      • I like this comment:

        I’m out of here…with one last thought…. (8+ / 0-)
        My problem with Barack Obama.He never delivers.Barack Obama promises “change”, but when you look at his record…where something more than words are important, he’s MIA.Let’s start at the beginning…the one moment upon which he has built his entire campaign…his “good judgment about Iraq”…(From No More Apples and Huffington Post)”9/11 widow Kristen Breitweiser:But back in ’02, for those of us who dared to speak out against President Bush and his war in Iraq, we stood virtually alone. There was no resounding chorus of people calling “bullshit” on Bush’s folly. No, back in 2002 you were called unpatriotic if you dared to question the president; labeled as helping the terrorists if you raised doubt about his divine call to action.Now forgive me, but I do not recall the help (or the voice) of any Barack Obama from Illinois. Indeed, I cannot recall hearing or feeling the impact of any one speech from the Illinois Senator. Did he attend the rally on the mall in Washington? The marches and protests in NYC? Did he conduct national press interviews? Did he write any editorials? Organize any protest rallies? Mobilize the people? Did he write any petitions? If he did, I never saw any of them.Yet according to Barack Obama, because he spoke out in 2002 against the war in Iraq, he is better qualified to be president.”ALL TALK. NO ACTION.And the reports of Barck Obama when he allegedly took the politcally expedient route and voted “present” on any number of issues – many of those related to women’s rights and pro-choice. (Don’t get me started on him pressing the “wrong button” on several important votes, too!) YOU DON’T WIN WARS BY VOTING PRESENT.And his non-support of Ned Lamont. Sorry, but I was in CT and we were looking for strong Dem support. What did Obama do? He hid. That’s right. He had a book signing in NY one day, with a free day inbetween a campaign stop in Mass for his good friend and speech coach, Deval Patrick. The last time I looked, CT was inbetween NY and Mass., but Barack Obama stifted CT Dems and never stepped foot in CT. Why? Because he would have been pressed for an endorsement of Ned Lamont and not his mentor Joe Lieberman. BARACK OBAMA HID INSTEAD OF TAKING A STAND FOR DEMOCRATS IN CONNECTICUT. And now, his desire for people to stop thinking about his involvement with Rev. Wright. He says he wasn’t in church when those vile anti-American rants were spoken…OK, let’s give him the benefit of the doubt and say, that’s nice.BUT, for me the issue is all of the rest of those twenty years. On one hand he says Rev. Wrong is his spiritual advisor and through him “found Jesus” (that would mean they were pretty close, don’t you think?). But now he dismisses him as an old man who is now retired.And what about Obama’s two beautiful daughters – sitting there, absorbing all of the anger – and, well, hate – through which Rev. Wrong spouts his sermons.And, good heavens, his campaign has “spiritual advisors” but it’s just a laundry list of people who don’t do anything?PLEASE!In 2004 I was one of those who thought wonderful things about Barack Obama after his stirring speech at the Democratic National Convention. But this guy needs a lot of work. I truly believe that he knows that but his ego got the best of him and he decided now was his time.I pray that it won’t be. We need strong, consistent leadership and experience to get us out of the mess that George W. Bush has gotten us into. And Barack Obama is NOT READY FOR PRIME TIME.IMHO

        Well said, Marsha.

        • Wow – I said that? I’m impressed (laughing ’cause as I read it I thought “gee, that’s what I felt back then”).

          (Big grin on my face!)

  3. Speaking of Alegre’s Corner — They seem to be on hiatus.

  4. Thanks for the reminder in the “Mad As Hell” video that what is now a noble cause for the leftie boys was originally an attack on Hillary Clinton too minor for them to do anything but snicker along with: before its Supreme Court debut, Citizens United was C.itizens U.nited N.ot T.imid.

    Hate speech that wasn’t hate speech because its target was only women.

    I just can’t cry too many tears when men lose rights directly as a result of permitting or participating in attacks on women.

  5. The war of words is one thing but there are still a lot of people out there who actually believe that O won the primaries, that there was a legitimate convention. Even people who were there think Hill just handed all her delegates over to O.

    Somewhere there must be documentation on what happened in Denver and how Hill got whacked by her own party – what Pelosi did.

    • I felt that way at the time because I didn’t know any better. I had never heard of The Confluence until 2011 when Monster from the Id brought it to our attention at Hullabaloo. And I have come to hate Obama with a hatred which is rare and true.

      The Confluence might well be the place for hundreds of people to bring their own hundreds of little bits of documentation to a central location … from which someone could assemble and produce a unified story of how it all happened. The Obamacratic Party will not replace Obama on the ticket for any reason whatsoever under any circumstance. But such a Unified Story could be used to get Obama defeated in the election in such a way as to weaken the Democratic Party badly enough that it can then be either conquered and decontaminated over the next few election cycles . . . or exterminated and deleted from existence over the next few election cycles.

      • Wbboei at No Quarter is doing that.

        • Also ‘ani’ from No Quarter has a book coming out in late April.

          Paulie Abeles has a novel out now based on the 2008 primary: “Admit the Horse”
          Kindle version will be available on 3/15 (when ads start to run)

          • I canvassed with Paulie in Harrisburg before the PA primary. It was a seriously unsettling experience. I’m not sure Paulie could write a novel that didn’t sound paranoid and unhinged. JMHO

      • I don’t hate the guy. Not sure that would be very helpful. I just want him to step down before he does any more damage. In fact, that might backfire on you. I hate the people who recruited and paid for him. And I especially hate the actors in the DNC who rigged the vote from planning to overweight the caucuses to stripping one candidate of 4 legitimately earned delegates in Michigan. That was just flat out evil.

    • I believe it is all documented and collected. Pacific John, RD and several others should have most of it.
      If I am wrong then that is a project we should all get busy on. We can’t just let truth get shoved down the memory hole.

    • I could turn this blog into a fricking book. The whole story is there.

  6. I remember reading claims that Markos Moulitsas was CIA-connected and probably carrying out a “deeper-darker” mission with his plausibly
    believable DailyKos cover. There are still googleable items alleging that, like this:http://truth-about-kos.blogspot.com/2007/08/indictment-of-markos-ca-moulitsas-ziga.html
    and this:http://www.nowpublic.com/culture/cia-truth-about-markos-moulitsas-dailykos-will-come-out
    I suppose some of the readers here could study these if they wish and see if they meet the Truth and Defensible Usability tests. If they do, perhaps they could be weaponised and disseminated-viralized all over the digisphere.

    • Joseph Cannon (Cannonfire) speculated along those lines about Markos in 2008 too, I believe. I know he’s wondered at least since mid 2008 about Obama himself having close ties to the CIA… and gives a plausible argument too.

      • OR Markos just read some books about how to hook players on games and used Scoop to design a site that would do just that. He wanted people to come back to DailyKos. You don’t have to be CIA to want to do that. The people who designed Angry Birds were probably thinking the same thing.

        The issue is not that someone rigged the site, though people should be aware of how it works. The issue is that the Democrats used misogyny to win the nomination and are now shocked, SHOCKED! that the Republicans are sexist assholes. Please.

  7. There are people, maybe lots of people, who were Obama-sympathisers at the time but have been led by a series of backstabbing double-crossing betrayals to hate Obama with a hatred which is rare and true. Whether some or any of you-all want to experiment with reaching out to these people to see whether their hatred can be leveraged and weaponised is up to you, obviously.
    I would still suggest countering the “stakes are too high” argument by trying to get Romney nominated on the R side. People who would not dare to contemplate the thought of a President Gingrich or a President Santorum could stand the thought of a President Romney and would feel free to get revenge on the Democratic Party for its sinister conspiratorial betrayal of every bit of the New Deal achievements . . . among other things. I can only see two possible approaches towards the National-level Democratic Party from this point going forward: either decontamination or extermination. And if the Party is beyond decontamination, then extermination is the only viable approach left. A Candidate Romney would set people free to face that in a way that a Candidate Santorum or Gingrich wouldn’t.

    Where else did substantial support for Obama emerge quite independently of the Kos Group? I can think of two places to look:
    large parts of Black America who made nominating and electing Obama a vehicle of their pursuit of racial pride and justice, and legacy-New Deal and Economic Protectionism-minded people who loathed the thought of the Presidency becoming the private property of two ppolitical dynastic families . . . the established Bush dynasty and the embryonic and rising Clinton dynasty.

    To study black leadership attitudes one might well study a website called Jack And Jill Politics (which I just recently heard of on a radio-interview). The other place would be Al Giordano’s sites and articles.
    He was/is a leftist and community organizer and founder of NarcoNews and the Fund For Authentic Journalism. He fell in political man-love with Obama because Obama’s background as a “community organizer”
    makes Giordano feel validated in his own community-organizing. There is a wiki-page about Giordano with several good articles and links (including to a thing called the Field Report) at the bottom of the page. If one can set one’s pain and rage aside and read these sources in a chilly spirit of scientific detachment, they might yield valuable information about some of the other Kos-free No-Kos sources of Obama’s support. Such study might yield insights into where the fissures are in the ObamaBloc, and where strips might be peeled away and wedges driven. If one really is in a war, then such
    analytical approaches might have real survival-value and conquest-value after that.

  8. ( Oh, and if Spoonie Poo is reading this . . . )

    Hey there, Spoonie Poo . . . . would you still rather have me outside the tent pissing in . . . than inside the tent pissing out like I was before I was decietfully stealth-banned in secret from Hullabaloo?

    Yeah . . . still bitter after all these months.

  9. RUR (and all who loathe Spoonie Poo), in case you haven’t seen this one yet: 😈

    • *sigh* IBW is also the Monster. Stupid fornicating WordPress. 😡

      • I can’t keep up with people’s names. I wonder if people would be shocked to find out who I was 10 years back on DU…not telling BTW. Never knew IBW and Monster were the same person. I will try to remember that, but of course one is a monster and one a bird, so chances are not good. = )

        • If memory serves me, I.B.Woodpecker brought back and announced the Monster from the Id name on Hullabaloo, right around the time of bitterest pre-convention tension between the Obama and Clinton backers. He must have already known about this and similar blogs, of which I knew nothing. I basically dismissed his anti-bama comments at the time as being neo-Nixonian class-status ressentiment, jealousy of the Whole Foods Nation crowd, etc.; with alleged-mysoginy as a tag-along afterthought. I knew nothing about all this aggressive behavior from the Obamacrat-Volunteer forces. What a cave I lived in.

    • I wonder what photograph would be suitable for Graham Firchlis ( alias Commander Badgebunny, alias Captain Taser).

      • I don’t really have a perfectly suitable picture for Graham Feckless in my collection, but he does remind me a bit of Graham Chapman’s Silly-Hating Colonel from Monty Python–they share an air of officious authoritarianism, although Feckless derives his officiousness from his faith that he Knows So Much More Than We Carping Little Children Do, rather than from military rank.

        Or, we could always just use this guy:

        • Captain Ridiculous seems pretty good. A few years ago he was bragging about his amazing medical training and career, but a few weeks ago he was bragging about his amazing legal training under “some of the top lawyers”. If he were challenged on that, he would say: if we were as smart as he is, we could have done both just like he did. He is a master bullshitter. And he is Digby’s idea of a good commenter in good standing, along with pieceofcake.

  10. And Arizona weighs in with the “best” law yet.


  11. Following his win in Puerto Rico today, Romney staff wrestled Mitt to the ground before he could declare “Ich bin ein Island Mexican”.

  12. Got mad all over again with that video. Then, posted it on Facebook 😛
    If anyone sees it, share it (or post your own)

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