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      There’s a good article in Der Spiegel on the German energy/industrial crisis which is worth your time. Basically industries which have high energy costs are being crushed. In particular this means chemical and automotive, both big in Germany, but extends far further. (Indeed, the chemical industry was essentially invented by Germany in the 19th century, and […]
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The War on Women: the shots heard round the world

Some of you who have been following this blog since the beginning may remember this video.  Others may be new to it.  But it’s just as true today as it was four years ago.  This so-called “war on women” isn’t new and it isn’t an exclusively Republican phenomenon.  Wanna know how I know?  Just watch (and try not to tear up.  This video is like a sucker punch):

Also, Jennifer Granholm says the latest attacks on women are equivalent to “sexual McCarthyism” and the answer to the famous question is, No, they have no shame.

But let’s be honest and truthful because the truth will set us free.  This war was started by the media and the Democrats who put out a political hit on the strongest female candidate in the history of the United States.  It was a political assassination and the Democrats pulled the trigger.  They held no one accountable because it gemmed so nicely with their own plans. They wanted Hillary out of the way so they could anoint Obama and roll in the gobs and gobs of cash his Wall Street sponsors were going to bring in.  Yeah,  a lot of them rationalized their behavior.  I’ve heard every excuse and the people screaming “Third Way” irritate me the most after this president has taken the Democratic party as far right as it has ever been.  Then there is the anti-war crowd who were carefully mined by the Democratic political operatives and who hung the responsibility for two wars exclusively on Hillary’s shoulders and let every man who ever voted for the IWR or wasn’t even in the Senate at the time and therefore, couldn’t be held accountable, have a pass.

You know what, you people who made up stupid excuses and let yourselves be used?  STFU. Your opinions on the “war on women” are worthless.  That was *us* up there in that video getting attacked night after night by Keith Olbermann and Tweety.  That was us that DailyKos was accusing of racism just because we thought our candidate was pretty damn good.  That was us before the election and look at where we are now.  We women got totally screwed by the media and the Democrats who did nothing to stand up for us.  Nothing.  They are responsible for what is happening today.  They left a hole in the social fabric big enough for the right wing nutcases to roll through with the biggest badass truck of misogynistic shit they could drive.

Thanks for nothing, Democrats.

I find the Republicans to be hyprocritical, ruthless, dishonest, cruel and power hungry to the point that they will destroy everything in their path to get whatever they want.  They are like predators.

And Democrats are just sexist fools.

53 Responses

  1. (blinking fast) Thank you.

    • Now, I’m just angry. Did you see the little girl holding up the sign that said “Someday I can be president too”? Yeah, before 2008, we all thought that.
      Democrats let that happen. After seeing this reminder, it would take Democrats getting down on their knees and begging for forgiveness before I take any one of their stupid “war on women” memes seriously.

      I absolutely hate this party for what it did.

  2. That video killed me.

  3. Wow. I’m pretty darn stoic, but that DID make me tear up.

  4. After the ’08 primaries I stopped voting for Democrats. I plan to continue not voting for them this year.

  5. RD, I know you do not want to be in the business of helping to redeem SP. However having a video of democratic attacks on her would be useful.
    Who else? Who are other women they have attacked? I am sure we can think of some other women who have been driven out of office or denied a seat because of sexism. Let’s start to gather the evidence on both parties and their media lap dogs.

    • Yes, I would really rather not discuss SP on this page anymore. There are, I’m sure, many, many examples of media misogyny directed at SP. maybe that’s something myiq2xu wants to do. As far as I know, there weren’t any videos for SP like the ones for Hillary as shown above.

  6. Sorry, I totally agree, but Clinton is just another DLC “centrist” Democrat. Tweety, Olbermann, Maher, and most of the liberal mainstream are sexist assholes. (Me too, obviously, though I try to repent.) But our assholism doesn’t excuse her for trying to start wars in Iran and Syria, or signing off on torture and assassination.

    Dr. Jill Stein (Green Party) is running for president. You might want to check her out. She’s only a citizen, but who knows what one woman can do?

    • Back when Clinton was a “centrist”, the center was waaaaay left of where it is today.

      And as far as I can see, she’s not starting wars in Iran. There’s no reason to go to war in Iran. It’s all sound and fury, signifying nothing. I see no evidence that she is pushing us in that direction.
      In fact, it’s not her decision to make anyway. That’s Obama’s job and his National Security team. Hillary’s business is diplomacy at the State Department.

      However, if NATO wants to bomb Syria, I’m all for it. You’d have to be a cold hearted bastard and a young, smug twit to not want to help the people in Homs who are being butchered by their own government. But still, not her job. She advises the president on diplomacy matters. Not war.

      I see from your facebook page that you are probably in your 30’s, a Keith Olbermann fan and probably not paying a whole lot of attention to the Clinton years when you were in high school. Some of us were old enough to vote and actually remembered that era and have an institutional memory about the Democratic party. YOU were duped if you think that Obama is anything as liberal as Bill Clinton. But what does that have to do with his wife?

      Nice try. Thanks for playing.

      All other parties are on the table for me, including the player to be named later, whoever that may be.

    • Trying to start wars and signing off on torture and assassinations? Proof please. Then explain Dr Jill Stein’s experience is that qualifies her to be president.

      • I need and editor. I should hire one.

      • Well..I am Anybody But Obama so I’m giving any women a second look. Jill Stein is a woman and she seems sensible and I want to get as many women into the chairs at the table. That alone will change the conversation and …lordy, we need a different perspective.

        • Looks good to me. If the point is to send a message, then from a quick look, “Jill Stein” is the message that here’s a sensible, liberal woman.

          A liberal black woman candidate might be an additional message: ie that people aren’t voting against Obama just because he’s black.

          • I’m not looking for a combo pack in my female candidate. It doesn’t matter what other attributes she brings, all I want is a competent, good leader who is a woman. Not a black, lesbian, latina woman. I’m sorry but I think women have spent the last several decades suppressing our own needs to go fight other people’s battles. It’s time those groups put women first for a change.

    • I pulled this graph off of Conscience of a Liberal. This shows where all of the most recent presidents fall on the left right spectrum based on their policies:

      Krugman says about this graph, “So, Obama is the least liberal Democratic president since World War II, and presumably the least liberal since Woodrow Wilson.”
      And Clinton is right about the same level as JFK.
      I see you have a degree in nuclear physics. I’m very disappointed to see that you didn’t pay more attention to the evidence and data. You did not draw your own conclusions. You were indoctrinated by your media resources, which just goes to show that even the smartest people can be manipulated.

      • Vietnam aside (and it’s a HUGE aside) …. How does LBJ rank as such a conservative? Doesn’t the Medicare thing count for anything.

        This is a serious question. I just can’t think of anything that makes him so much more conservative than Carter …. And I can’t remember anything that makes Carter such a great Liberal.

        • I think it was Vietnam. I can’t think of anything else either. He was all over The Great Society programs.

        • Carter was and is a major peace-nik. He also gave a wonderful speech on green energy when he was prez that made quite an impression on me. If I recall correctly, he really took social justice issues to heart. He just wasn’t a great Washington-style politician and he was hamstrung by a horrible economy.

          • I thought he was a decent, moral man but not a great politician.

          • I hated that he brought religion into the White House … and made it an issue in the campaign.

            And that the balanced budget amendment and line-item veto were two of his big issues.

            I was totally let down that with the huge Demo majorities we didn’t get Health Care for everyone. And yeah, I’ve heard that story that Ted Kennedy wouldn’t let it happen under a Carter Admin. F that, it’s the president’s job to figure out how to get stuff through.

            National Health care was a HUGE issue – Medicare was supposed to be the first step. Instead after all these years (and 2 sweeping Dem majorities) — 2 Democratic Presidents let us down.

            I saw speak in person 4 times in the 2 years before the election to tiny groups and large groups. He never said one thing that I thought was particularly inspirational.

          • katiebird, Carter says that Teddy Kennedy sabotaged his universal health proposal because he wanted to run as president and didn’t want Carter to be able to claim that kind of significant accomplishment.

          • I’ve heard that and as I said, it’s the President’s job to cut through shit worse than that.

            But, I also don’t believe it. Or don’t believe that’s the whole story.

            I was a delegate to the Democratic Mid Term convention and heard Kennedy debate Califano on the subject of National Health Care. I can’t find anything documenting that debate but here’s a brief clip of Kennedy speaking on the issue at that convention.

            Maybe I’d feel differently about it if I could hear it today – but, at the time, listening to both sides, I was convinced that Kennedy was fighting on my side of that issue.

          • katiebird, I read up a bit and it looks as though Kennedy had legitimate issues with Carter’s plan and was right to challenge it. I didn’t remember any details but, according to information in this article, Carter’s plan sucked.


            Frankly, I’ve always had a hard time with Ted Kennedy but, on this issue, I would have voted with him. I do think that Carter sincerely believes that he was right to take an incremental approach but he’s clearly still pissed at Kennedy for challenging him for the nomination.

          • Jean Louise!! Thank you so much for that link! It exactly matches my memory of the events.

            And I was one of those who gave Kennedy a standing ovation that day. I didn’t go into it with any particular expectations. But, I’d just lost my job and was working a temp job and had no health insurance. When Kennedy laid out the case for a UNIVERSAL plan, I was blown away.

            I REALLY expected that we’d come out of that time with health care for everyone.

            And I can’t believe we’ve lost that opportunity again.

    • Dr. Stein seems like a smart, hardworking sincere woman but she’s been playing in the bush leagues. She hasn’t even managed to get elected to the state house is Massachusetts which is notoriously liberal. How do you think she would do in the primaries in Ohio? It’s clear that she’s running to get her issues before the public but I’d never even heard of her before today so she’s not been all that successful.

      Hillary has played in the big leagues for over twenty years on the national level and she’s undoubedly made some tradeoffs that I would prefer that she had not made. But, in truth, Americans would have elected Hillary to the presidency if the DNC had not illegally manipulated the race in 2008. She was supremely qualified to run the country. Dr. Stein, for all her positives, will never win a national election under any circumstances. Aside from the fact that it’s mid-March and she doesn’t even have an issues page on her website, Americans won’t elect someone who won’t, if it becomes necessary, push the red button. Women are perceived, rightly or not, as being softer than men but even Obama had to rattle his saber over Iran in 2008 to qualify as presidential material to some people, even Democrats. Dr. Stein’s plan to reduce the military budget by 30% may well be good policy but it’s bad politics. Nor does she have any statement regarding women’s rights on her homepage which is simply unacceptable in my view.

      Dr. Stein, imo, has taken the easy road. The Green Party is a niche group that, for all its sincerity, has had no significant impact on national policies as far as I know. She doesn’t have Dean’s grassroots operation or Nader’s name recognition or Perot’s money.

      That said, I may vote for her because I’d cut off my arm before I’d vote for Obama so, even though you’ve libeled Hillary, I thank you for calling Dr. Stein to my attention.

      • Whoa, JeanLouise! Amen, sister.

      • Woof! If Hillary isn’t on the ballot, and Stein is, then where’s the conflict? Imo a vote for a third party candidate on the ballot is more likely to get counted and reported than a write-in for Hillary.

    • This is always the excuse. Hillary is just another DLC hack. Well the fact that she is a women who fights for women’s rights SETS HER APART!!! No one else is sticking up for women with a powerful voice like hers. So go to h*ll with your DLC crap.

  7. I am going to go over to you tube and start looking around.

  8. I pulled this video up just last week and watched. Every word and image came rushing back as if it were yesterday. And really it was, because she could have advanced us so far, but the party set us back decades. It was as if the woman won and was punished for that. Now we’re all suffering. How backward is that?

    • Yeah, whenever I hear the Democrats shrieking about how mean Republicans are to women, I can not possibly take them seriously. It’s like they had nothing to do with the 2008 election season. It just happened.

  9. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/video-downloadhelper/?src=hp-dl-mostpopular

    downloads everything. and thanks very much for this post!! Haven’t looked at the video yet — don’t want to vomit up dinner.

  10. O/T – but this video makes me so happy. And it shows parts of Occupy Congress – where Riverdaughter, Lambert, DC Blogger and I did our part!

    Happy 6th Month Anniversary Occupy. Do not be afraid. Occupy our Future because another world IS possible!

  11. RD Thank You for saying all this and expressing everything I feel about what transpired in ’08…so I don’t have to.

    I will never forget and I will not forgive easily.

    America made a big mistake in 08…

    This was a greater travesty than Bush v Gore in my book and I’ve been paying attention.

  12. Here’s a link to the Live Web Cam – right now! – at Occupy Wall Street


  13. Riverdaughter, I am terribly sorry to offer an off-topic comment. But given your background, perhaps you would care to address the “Larium” theory of the Afghan massacre. I address this in my latest; others are talking about it as well, as a little googling should demonstrate.

    • I’m not a doctor but I have heard that Larium can lead to psychotic events for some people. I’m sorry I haven’t been covering this story closely. My brother is in Afghanistan and I’m trying not to worry about him.
      But in the case of the guy who shot those people, I’m guessing he’s just been under a lot of stress with multiple deployments and being away from his family. He hasn’t had enough of a respite in a high stress environment. That right there is enough to push you over the edge.
      But I don’t know. Maybe he really doesn’t like Afghani’s. That would be the worst possible explanation but one we can’t rule out yet.

  14. I didn’t need a reminder… but thank you because there are so many people who do need a reminder.
    Don’t forget Rahm Emanuel suggesting women might stay at home knitting.
    When HIllary is praised in the press, I keep waiting for an apology to her for past insults though I won’t hold my breath.

    “I’m an angry unreasonable, uncompromising, incorrigible, hardened, dyed-in-the-wool, incurable, irredeemable, unrepentant, unapologetic, unashamed, obstinate, willful, headstrong, pigheaded, intransigent, inflexible; irrational, illogical, castrating, ball-busting, asexual, ugly, fat, old, stupid, menopausal, uppity, bitchy, hysterical dragonlady and a broad.” Yes, as a woman I was called all these things and more in 2008 within the cyberworld by Obama supporters and the MSM.

  15. This video made me sick…on top of already being sick over the current assaults on women…

    After suffering with Reagan who stared pandering to the creepy Christian right, I felt pretty safe with Clinton in the White House…but since then, we’ve been going to the slaughter again.

    I breaks my heart…having marched and fought 30 years ago, to see it all slip away…

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