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Thursday: Things that shouldn’t need to be said but…

1.) Susie Madrak found this post by George Lakoff that I think everyone in the left blogosphere should read and commit to heart.  It’s about the Santorum Strategy and what is really going on with the Republican primary.

Liberals tend to underestimate the importance of public discourse and its effect on the brains of our citizens. All thought is physical. You think with your brain. You have no alternative. Brain circuitry strengthens with repeated activation. And language, far from being neutral, activates complex brain circuitry that is rooted in conservative and liberal moral systems. Conservative language, even when argued against, activates and strengthens conservative brain circuitry. This is extremely important for so-called “independents,” who actually have both conservative and liberal moral systems in their brains and can shift back and forth. The more they hear conservative language over the next eight months, the more their conservative brain circuitry will be strengthened.

This point is being missed by Democrats and by the media, and yet it is the most vital issue for our future in what is now being discussed. No matter who gets the Republican nomination for president, the Santorum Strategy will have succeeded unless Democrats dramatically change their communication strategy as soon as possible. Even if President Obama is re-elected, he will have very little power if the Republicans keep the House, and a great deal less if they take the Senate. And if they keep and take more state houses and local offices around the country, there will be less and less possibility of a liberal future.

I think I’ve said this before (I’ll see if I can find the links to my posts about it) but it bears repeating because the A list bloggers don’t seem to be getting it: the reason why the Republican primary is dragging on is because it works in the Republicans favor.  It changes the national dialog and keeps the issues that Republicans want to talk about out there in the media all the way to August.  Don’t be surprised if there is a brokered convention.  They *want* the whole nation sitting on the edge of its seat waiting to see who the Republicans crown.  That means they can talk about deficit reduction, entitlement reform and women’s reproductive rights for a long, long time. By the time they are done, the general public will believe that reducing the deficit at all costs is the most important thing in the world and that no one should pay for anyone’s health insurance, much less birth control.  If you made the stupid lifestyle decision to be born human and indulged in living, putting your body at risk, that’s YOUR problem. Romney and Santorum are in this together for this tag team event and I wouldn’t be surprised if the Republicans have already issued primary voters their votes in advance.  It only looks like chaos to the lefty bloggers sitting smugly at the top of Maslow’s pyramid.  But come August, the Democrats, who should have been championing Occupy Wall Street without trying to co-opt it (see more on this below) are going to be scrambling to control the message.  Never underestimate the Republicans’ desire to win.

PS: I need a job, George.  Call me.

2.) Lefty bloggers are wasting their time talking about Sarah Palin.  If Democrats need independent women’s votes, maybe they should stop assuming that Palin is the cause of their defection from the Democratic party.  She’s not.  There are just as many of us out here who are independent liberals who are Democrats in Exile, who do not give a flying fuck about what comes out of Sarah Palin’s mouth.  Frankly, we’re turned off by the Palin bashing, not because she’s a viable politician (she’s not) but because she’s a human being and we’re just tired of the left using Palin as the dumping ground for their current round of misogyny.

Can we move on from Palin already?  She disgraced herself last year during the  Gabby Giffords shooting episode and before that when she teamed up with her chum, Glenn Beck.  Palin had a choice after 2008.  She could have become a legitimate politician on the right, and still not to our tastes, or she could have become a hack.  She chose the latter.  Let’s move on.

Palin is not relevant in this election season.  OBAMA is relevant this election season.  Nothing Palin tells women who have flocked to her, and this woman is not one of them, is going to persuade them to vote for a Republican.  What might persuade them is the persistently lagging economy and anger at Obama for doing such a lousy job as president.  We could have had a V8 but we got watered down tomato juice instead.

The rest of us independent liberals are shopping around for a third party.  I would advise the Democrats to stop touting Lilly Ledbetter as the Paycheck Fairness Act.  Not only is this stupidly deceptive, women are not fooled.  It’s an insult to our intelligence.  Even we can figure out that there is still no fairness in our paychecks, if we are lucky enough to still have them.  And instead of being proactive about reproductive rights, the Democrats are not making a full throated defense of them against the Republican juggernaut.  We are going to remember who took down Rush.  It wasn’t president Obama.

By the way, if some of this diatribe about Palin sounds like something the Republican right wing nut cases are saying, it’s because even those vile mouths of Sauron have a point.  Stop being dicks, Democrats.  You’re playing right into their hands.

I’m still hopeful for a third party candidate.  The two major parties are busy talking amongst themselves and leaving the voters out of it.  They are leaving the American electorate on the table.  Some decent politician could see this as an opportunity of a lifetime and consider running as an Independent New Deal Democrat.  Think about it.

3.) When they say it’s not about the money, it’s about the money.  The reason why the Republicans are pulling out all of the stops over paying for women to have sex is because they are working for insurance companies.  Insurance companies do not want to have to pay for this.  They are going to pass the costs onto someone.  Are you kidding?! Did you think the CEO of United Healthcare is going to take a cut to his bonus just because some broad in Washington wants to have sex?  Please.

The argument that Democrats are making that this will actually save insurance companies money doesn’t ring true to me.  Right now, all of the women who aren’t covered by the birth control mandate are bearing the costs by themselves.  That is saving the insurance companies money.  The vast majority are already preventing unwanted pregnancy related expenses for the insurance companies.  But let’s say that the companies end up paying for some unexpected surprises.  The cost of a pregnancy is already factored into the negotiations the insurance company has made with doctors and hospitals.  There’s a flat fee for an uncomplicated delivery.  That could easily be eclipsed by 10 years of oral contraceptives.  And now, they are going to be covering millions of women that they previously didn’t have to cover.  Of course it’s a hit to their bottom line.

If the Democrats were smart, they would have adopted the message of Occupy Wall Street and associated the insurance companies with the 1%, which they are.  They are trying to make a profit at the expense of your health.  They are collecting much more in premiums than they will ever pay out to you.  It’s immoral.  They’re making money hand over fist and giving themselves huge bonuses at your expense.  It’s immoral.  They’re greedy bastards and they’re making you feel dirty for asking for something that should be your right as a premium paying individual.  It’s immoral.

But Democrats are not smart.

3.) Speaking of the morality of Occupy Wall Street, the way that Democrats participated in muting the occupy movement (temporarily) may come back to bite them in the ass.  As I have noted before, the Republicans have a moral worldview and the Democrats do not (will try to find link to my post on this.  Must make better tags.  Sigh.).  You may not like the Republicans’ worldview but there’s no question that any American you ask can explain what it is.

What the Democrats currently have is everything on the table on a slippery slope and no backstop.  Not a winning formula.  They could have let the Occupy movement build momentum and then coasted to a win on its slipstream.  They could have said, “Hey, those dirty fucking hippies have a point!  The 1% *are* greedy fucks who are destroying the American middle class.  Maybe we should redefine what it means to be successful.  Maybe we should make the system more fair and help everyone achieve their goals so that America is number one again in innovation and prosperity.  Maybe we need to treat hard working Americans with more respect and champion their free speech rights.  Maybe we should stand up with them and labor against the soul destroying corporate class. Maybe we should force bankers to be good American citizens.”

But the Democrats did none of these things.  In fact, the Democrats were ultimately behind the DHS riot police interventions and the FBI surveillance and the infiltrations.  Oh, no, you say?  Well, who the hell else is in charge of the executive branch these days?

So, you gotta ask yourself, why is it that the Democrats would be more willing to engage in a strategy to enforce learned helplessness in anyone who wants to change the conversation and redirect it away from the ubiquitous Republican austerity message machine?

Who are the Democrats working for?  Hint: it’s not for you.

4.) Greg Smith, formerly of Goldman Sachs, now joins the ranks of the unemployed, possibly forever, after he immolated himself on the Op/Ed page of the NYTimes.  I hope he has a stash to fall back on.

I believe Smith.  I think he was what he says he was and do not question his descriptions of business as usual in the hallways of Goldman Sachs.  Let’s not forget that Jon Corzine was once a top executive at Goldman Sachs and look what wonders he did for the muppet investors of M. F. Global.  Or the Democratic base for that matter.  He has a habit of taking what is not his and giving it away to the undeserving.

Anyway, lest any of us in the pharma research forget, it was Goldman Sachs and J.P. Morgan who coordinated the merger mania that lead to Pharmageddon and all of the jobs we have lost in the past several years.  They do not care that what they are doing to the research industry is destroying it and is going to result in a vastly reduced portfolio of new drug therapies in the future.  All that is important is extracting the last bits of wealth from these ailing industries for the big shareholders and gigantic bonuses for themselves.  The ruined lives and careers that are left in the wake of these restructurings and mergers do not matter to them at all.  We’re losers, muppets and carrion.

This is not going to stop as long as executives are rewarded for short term planning.  It’s really not their fault that they behave the way they do.  It’s what they get paid for.  When we stop rewarding them for it, they’ll stop destroying us and not a second before.  It is stupid and foolish to expect them to act like decent human beings when they don’t have to.

So, what are Democrats planning to do to make sure the incentives are directed towards long term investment and prudent risk and financial stability?  Fuck if I know.

5.) Last but not least, I was looking at the lineup for the Reason Rally and while I am impressed by the great speakers who are going to be big draws for the Humanist, Freethought, Skeptics and Atheist movement, I was a little disappointed to see that many of them are not American.  If the Reason Rally organizers are trying to get attention for their voting bloc, it would be a good idea to ask Dawkins to serve more as MC, rather than headliner and let the American superstars take center stage (Dan Barker, Greta Cristina, Adam Savage etc.).  Otherwise, this rally is going to backfire.  You can already see the spin the Republicans are conjuring up.  Don’t fall into their trap.  I know that the rally attendees are going to be good, hard working, patriotic Americans who want reason to prevail over superstition.  That is what you need to work with.  The last thing you want is an international lineup of eggheads, much as I like Dawkins.  You need to have speakers who can connect with their audience, who come from a genuine place in the American experience and who lead Americans to a better way.  Sort of like this guy, Jerry Dewitt, former Pentacostal-Dominionist pastor and current executive director of Recovering from Religion, who in the span of 12 minutes manages to honor Tim Tebow, Christopher Hitchens, Thanksgiving and Christmas in a genuine, uplifting, positive  and non-theistic way:

Can I get an “Amen!”?

Recovering from Religion is an organization that is helping clergy and other believers make a transition away from more oppressive religious sects.  Dewitt says he gets a lot of inquiries from conservative Christians, Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses because these communities tend to isolate their members so when a believer tries to get out, they lose much more than their religions.  They lose their families, community, sometimes their jobs, and they lose their identities.  Dewitt calls it “identity suicide”.  It’s a hard transition to make but people of good conscience who can no longer bear living a lie need a place to go where they will find acceptance and help.  Imagine Jinger Duggar trying to escape her captors and looking for a safe mental haven.  That’s what Dewitt is trying to provide.  So, if you are looking for a place to make a charitable contribution this year, consider donating to Recovering from Religion.  For every person who comes out of the spell, there is one more American who can help set the country back on the right track.  I think this is a mission that is worthy of our support and may even cough up a few bucks myself from income tax return.

By the way, I am astonished by the number of freethought meetings and organizations there are in the reddest states of the union.  I’m talking about Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas and Nebraska.  These people are very active and they are posting their meetings and media podcasts all over youtube.  Here in NJ?  Ehhhhh, not so much.  I guess that’s because New Jerseyans already feel comfortable as godless heathens and don’t feel the need to organize. I think they’re wrong.  The suburbs of central Jersey are sometimes indistinguishable from the bible belt.

41 Responses

  1. If it were a Sam instead of a Sarah Palin would they still be bashed by Democrats today?

    • Well, I don’t know whether if it were Sam Paylinn instead of Sahra Paylinn but exactly the same in every other particular that he would be being bashed by Democrats today.

      But Sam Paylinn would be being bashed by me. Would I be more kindly disposed to a global warming denialist Christian Satanist of my own gender? I think not, you betcha. Of course the Republicans may decide to run a political psychology experiment and test me on that point by running the pus-crusted piece of global warming denialist shit that calls itself “Senator Inhofe” as Vice President, just to see what I do.

  2. “Amen!” 🙂

  3. What about Americans Elect as a third party. Get active in that. Give them a list of women candidates. They are already on the ballot in all of the states.

    • That would be going backwards, Constance. What Americans need is an alternative moral worldview where government has a specific role to play. We need a party that will represent new deal type policies in an updated and modern format. It isn’t enough to vote for a person. We need to vote for an idea of community and a vision of the future. Americans Elect is the opposite of that. I can see why voters might be attracted to it but they will be disappointed if it ends up being a bunch of people who are afraid to nail down their place on the political spectrum. They’re going to more of a problem to people on the left. By the way, have I ever mentioned how much I loathe conservative politics? Yeah, I really do. I won’t be voting for ANYONE who is a conservative or used to be a Republican- ever. I had my one protest vote in 2008 and now I am looking for a party to the left of the Democrats, who have moved into the vacuum created by the Republican party when it decided to go hard right.
      I will go even further. Anyone who jumps on the Americans Elect bandwagon without demanding a coherent worldview is a fool who should have her head examined. I would not recommend it to my friends under any circumstances.

      • I’m proud of my protest vote but, like you I’m not going backwards. I did it once and I would have stood by it if it worked.

        I’m not into that “Anybody but….” thing. Positions matter. Commitment matters. Votes Matter (I spit on voting ‘present’) … Coalitions matter. STRONG Coalitions matter more. Negotiating from strength matters.

        In the immediate future, I think votes that signal something to whoever’s listening matters. So voting 3rd party – as liberal as is on the ballot is my choice.

        • Not a write-in. …. I don’t trust that those votes are tallied accurately.

          (laughs crazily)

          • Yes. I’m planning to send the message “Some Leftists don’t like Obama” by voting for whichever leftist third party has enough support that their totals may be covered by the media, not lumped in with Rightwing third parties as “other”.

      • The Green Party and Libertarian Party appear to be the only third-parties that are running Presidential candidates this year. Take your pick.

        • It’s still early. Remember Ross Perot? John Anderson? If there was an ambitious candidate out there who didn’t want to wait his/her turn, this would be the perfect year to jump in.
          I’d vote for Bernie sanders too.
          You know, the race seems really up in the air from where I sit. I know that Democrats think the republicans have blown their chances with women but I’m not sure the Democratic mind fully groks the conservative mind, when the republicans finally whip their base to a frothy peak and blame Obama for all of the injustices they think he caused them, the Democrats better have a good plan B. I mean, better than “we’re not Republicans”. Because there are a lot of people out here who are not impressed and are asking, “ok, then what are you?”
          The game playing has reached its limit.

          • The Republicans held back a lot of cards in 2008 and some of them are as good or almost as good this year. Plus the new stuff — wars without Congress for example.

            Also, I think a lot of women understand that certain Republican kooks never supported women’s health issues. But, only now under a Democratic President are things moving crazy-weird-fast in the wrong direction.

            What kind of Democratic leader For Women lets these things happen?

          • Damned if I know. But you know something’s wrong when even Maureen Dowd thinks Obama was a mistake.
            I kid you not. Go read her column from yesterday. She’s even quotes Hillary Clinton’s speech about extremists. My jaw dropped two feet.
            When even Modo starts to have regrets, you know it’s bar.
            BTW, I don’t know much about the pat caddell/Doug Schoen connection and suspect they are no goodniks. Invoking their name tends to discredit whatever idea they come up with. But just because a couple of bozos are suggesting the unthinkable doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be thunk. Hillary is not viable in 2016 and I know and SHE knows that replacing Biden would be a big mistake. But getting Obama to bow out for the good of the country? Yeah, I could see that.

          • I think what you’re looking for is a “Labor Party”, RD. At the moment, there just isn’t one, though.

          • Never say never.

        • None of the Socialist Parties are running Presidential Candidates? Not even in some of the states?

          • It’s still primary season. There’s still time. Ross Perot didn’t qualify for a spot on the ballots until July. I suspect that when the other parties have their conventions, they will put a name out there.

  4. I was away from work for two days and the thread where ” should scientists certificatise or unionize” was discussed is closed.

    I am just a lay amateur science buff of therefor limited standing to say anything about but I will say anyway: I hope scientists decide to unionize (where relevant) rather than certificatize or licensify. What if there had been a professional body of licensed certified scientists in and after Copernicus’s day? The Ptolemaists would have used their power on the licensing board of certification to deny certified licenses to Copernicans. And any such Licencertification Boards today would do the exact same thing today. ” In science, the person with a new idea has no peers”. Whereas unionization would address and protect against exploitation in workplaces directly.

    • Personally? I would prefer the certification route, not the unionization route. You should have to pay for a certain level of expertise. The only issue I have is with chemists themselves. They tend to be a hierarchical, arrogant bunch. If you weren’t a slave in graduate school for years, your level of expertise doesn’t count to them. So, I propose that the certification be based on testing, that EVERYONE would have to take, and degree level OR number of years of experience. The rule of thumb is that anyone with 10,000 hours of practice in any field has achieved an expert level of mastery. My certification route rewards the people who went to graduate school and people who achieved mastery through other routes. I think it’s fair.
      And then we create a guild. If employers want a design chemist, they have to pay guild prices.

      • Perhaps the certification-route would be good for production-targetted research chemists and similar fields where the basics of the science is agreed upon?

        I suspect that in ecology/epidemiology/agronomy/etc.; “certification” would be a tool of political persecution and gang-warfare turf-conquest and turf-defense. But ecologists/biologists/botanists/agronomists/epidemiologists etc. can certainly feel free to tell me I am being paranoid.

  5. About insurance covering contraceptives, HHS put out a pdf with a couple of dozen footnotes to studies saying it would be either cost-neutral or save money. Legit studies, HHS wasn’t making it up.

    I’ve also seen claims that half of US pregnancies are unintentional. So, not all women are on reliable birth control yet.

    • Yes, and statistics from HHS should always be trusted.
      My spidey sense says that there’s something wrong with this picture, especially when you factor in all of the women who would take advantage of no cost oral contraceptives who are currently paying for it themselves. Don’t get me wrong, I still think it is a good idea but any time the insurance companies are going to have to cough up a service, there’s going to be pushback.

      • I had already seen the main studies on cost-neutral before seeing them in HHS’s pdf. Iirc some of them were done long before Obamacare. HHS may have been cherry-picking, but they didn’t invent these. (And I didn’t see any studies outside the HHS list giving contrary results.

        My impression was that the studies that looked at short term returns or focused on the insurance company found cost-neutral; the cost-saving studies also included longer costs to the employer in maternity leave, absenteeism etc.

  6. I haven’t followed the latest, but since you mentioned SWMNBM, I’ll say that She was a good governor of Alaska and found projects that both sides could agree on — till she got in Obama’s way so the media had to destroy her. I don’t trust any media accounts of her since then.

    • If I had my own computer at home and/or otherwise had extensive time at a real computer to do research and see if my memory is correct/incorrect; I might have something to day in evidence-backed detail.

      As it is, I can only offer a few hazy memories. I remember reading that there was a certain river somewhere in Alaska where brown bears awaited the coming salmon run in easy view of observation platforms built for tourists who paid to stay in the area watching the bears. Gov. Paylinn hated the idea of bears not being shot, so she used her governatorial powers to assure these bears would be subjected to shooting for less overall money-take by license-buying hunters than the money those bears were underwriting from paying bearwatchers.

      I remember reading there was a river somewhere in South-Central Alaska leading into a bay and with a reliable and lucrative salmon run.
      She supported some mining company opening a cyanide heap-leach gold-mine in that watershed even though the amount of gold takeable from that mine would be worth less money than the salmon takeable from that river. I don’t know how that turned out.

      I gather she is a global warming denialist. The global warming destruction of Shishmaref ( and other coastal towns to follow) is of no concern or consequence to her. Nor is the advancing seasonal meltdown of the surface of heretofore-frozen permafrost . . . . even though it might well concern all those people who have anchored their buildings/pipelines/etc. into permafrost on the assumption it would stay permafrozen. (The ChiCom regime is experiencing that same problem with its Big Fat Railroad Line into Tibet). When the relevant FedGov Agency declared polar bears a threatened species due to global warming ice-melt, she launched a lawsuit against that, I believe.
      ( I suspect any governor of Alaska would deny global warming because to admit the truth of it might call into question Alaska’s most politically powerful industry . . . pumping oil for Satan. Well . . . Alaska will harvest the warmup. Just as one of Australia’s primary industries is shoveling coal for Satan <> and Australia will feel the full measure of the Global Heatering which Australia is doing its part to cause and profit from in the meantime. When Acid Ocean kills the Great Barrier Reef totally and comprehensively dead, will Australia still have a Great Barrier Reef Bleached Coral Skeletons tourist industry?)

    • I typed a comment and then when I tried to enter it the system vaporised it. I don’t have the energy to type all that again.

      So I will just mention a few keywords: global warming denialism/ lawsuit against FishnWildlife Service declaring polar bears threatened by icemelt. Cyanide heap-leach goldmine approved against a lucrative salmon run watershed. Hunting approved against brown bears supporting a lucrative little brown-bear watching tourist industry.

  7. The book that Game Change was taken from was written by two Obot-types who, according to the Chrisitan Science Monitor, made Hillary, Elizabeth Edwards and Palin all look like they were hysterical, abusive witches who were moments away from involuntary commitment. They weren’t too complimentary about Cindy McCain, either. The review didn’t mention how Michelle Obama was treated but the worst they had to say about Obama was that he was occasionally arrogant.

    It’s not too hard to conclude that the authors are, to put it politely, put off by strong women. I watched the movie and while I don’t agree with Palin’s politics, I never thought she was as dumb as her opponents claimed. The movie made her look as if she couldn’t add 2+2 and showed her to be frequently hysterical or catatonic (but she never missed an appearance while campaigning almost daily for two months). The most interesting part was how they portrayed Palin as the perfect wife and mother. They gave her no credit for her professional accomplishments aside from asserting that she was a good actress with star power. Unless she’s Jekyll and Hyde, I don’t believe that she is a megalomaniacal phony in her work life and the perfect little woman in her home life.

    To me, the subtext was that women need to be kept away from the halls of power but that even the worst of them can excell when performing their appropriate role of wife and mother.

  8. PS: I need a job, George. Call me

    Merck’s new CALIBR venture is hiring. Check out Pipeline.

    • Lol! Merck’s terms, exclusive IP rights to any proteins or small molecule therapeutics, are going to go over like a lead zeppelin with universities. This is the most blatant announcement of exploitation of graduate students that I’ve seen. Interesting. We’ll see if Merck gets any takers.
      As for me, I can work anywhere. If I’m not in a crystallography lab, I do all my modeling work on a computer. I’m dreaming of docking in Finland.

      • Oh, there will most definitely be takers. That…willingness to give away IP rights isn’t going to change until the way of thinking changes, and scientists either unionize or professionalize.

  9. How many others are coming to the conclusion that there is no future for then in the Big PX. If Wall Street doesn’t cut the business out from under you the religious loons will try to shut it down.

    If we only had a Democrat in the White House.

    • If you’re talking about big pharma, the companies themselves have shut down their women’s health therapeutic areas. The cost of defending themselves against class action lawsuits definitely put a damper on research in the area.
      There may be a few companies still working in contraceptives, like J&J. Not many. Wyeth had a big presence in the market. They shuttered their women’s health unit even before they were bought by Pfizer.
      I don’t know what the patent situation is for OCs. Maybe they’re going generic soon. But there probably won’t be many new OCs on the market. At least, they wont be invented here where the class action lawyers smell new hydraulic lifts for their 5 car garages when a new birth control method is introduced. What Americans have against new and improved is a mystery to me.

      • I was talking STEMs in general, not just pharma.

        The two big engineering events that happened over here in Lancaster County PA were the moving of the TMI steam generator assemblies for TMI and a 150 ton turbine part for the Holtwood dam power station. All were made overseas because we no longer have the capability.

        • Interesting. You know, my dad worked at TMI after the accident. He got the The undamaged unit back up and running.

        • This is also true of bridges. The new bridge in Oakland and the one in Manhattan that were recently put up were actually constructed in China and shipped here as modules for final assembly. While American workers did do the final assembly, their work was supervised by Chinese engineers.

          The new MLK memorial is another Made in the Peoples Republic of China and shipped here for final assembly example.

          • Free Trade Globalization at work. I had read that American companies were/are still capable of doing the work, but the Chinese company could underbid, based on its lower labor costs and lower
            anti-social un-regulatory non-costs in China. And the contract-letting authority in California chose the lower-priced bid.

            Well . . . what was the contract-letting authority supposed to do in a context of Free Trade between high-standards/ highly-regulated/ high-waged domestic producers and low-standards/ highly-unregulated/ low-waged foreign producers working the differential costs arbitrage rackets? If you want to put a stop to that shit, you have to outlaw Free Trade.

            How far would a new political party get if it said: Free Trade is the New Slavery and Protectionism is the New Abolition. The experiment deserves to be run.

      • Bayer still works in contraceptives. One or two Japanese pharma companies do as well, I believe. But I agree there aren’t many pharmas that still do.

  10. Central Jersey is the home of the Princeton Alliance Church, which stole my family from me over the years.
    Last Saturday, my nephew got married with the creepy pastor officiating. A lot of talk about “submission” and how they were all doing something radical…working against the prevailing culture which says men should go to work at the expense of their family focus and how women think they should be independent and even think they should control their bodies. Couldn’t believe he went there. We were watching on Skype and good thing it was on mute…my mother and I were ready to shove the harp up his ass…

    The most nauseating, un-spiritual wedding I’ve ever seen…it gave me the creeps.

    This nephew has been the only one to occasionally deign to be in touch with us..but after all this crap? He and his brothers are will be out of my will…..enough is enough of trying to keep up the facade of being a family…

    • You want creepy how about the Jesus Factories dotting Lancaster County?

      These places are as big as an industrial park.

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