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Monday: Door number 1

Meryl Streep honors Hillary Clinton at Lincoln Center:

I shake my head. We could have had Hillary, not door number 2.

Can you  imagine how Hillary Clinton would have handled Slutgate?  I can.  There wouldn’t have been a slutgate to begin with.  There wouldn’t have been a patronizing pat-on-the-head call to Sandra Fluke.  There wouldn’t have been a president playing Daddy-in-chief.

Under Hillary, there would have been a full throated defense of women’s reproductive rights- and a policy with three subparts and action plans and initiatives in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and all US Territories and an international unit.  Hillary would have let the criticism and cookoo bananas, right wing flecked spittle roll right off of her.  Really, what more could you say about her that she hadn’t already heard?  Hillary knows the “pain of independence”.  She left all of that poll driven stuff behind her at the end of her last campaign.  By the end, she had been forged in fire by the media and her own party.  Hillary wouldn’t have been scared witless that the media would escalate an attack against her administration for its defense of the actions of one courageous woman to tell the truth.

After the last few years with the attack on women, in every sphere of life from the bedroom to the laboratory to the White House, and this administration’s willingness to engage in some cases against its own female advisors and in order to placate the religious right, I just have to ask the female Obama supporters, what were you thinking?  Why was it so easy to put this man’s ambitions above your own needs?  Can I get an answer Katha?  Amanda?  Naomi?

The “they both had the same policies” argument doesn’t cut it anymore.  And if that was really true, why not go with the one who would have defended your interests as a woman until the very end?  If it’s true that Hillary is Third Way (I’m pretty sure that definition has changed in the last 20 years), then what the hell does that make Obama?  The wars?  How could you compare the two?  Obama never had to cast a vote.  Does anyone out there still believe that Obama would have been the single holdout on a war resolution? These arguments against her don’t make any damn sense and never did.

What does make sense is that the media and her own party used deep cultural biases and  sexism against her and, by extension, the rest of us women.  And now we are feeling it.

When I look at Obama at a podium, doing a weak and enfeebled defense of contraception, I see a guy who doesn’t really understand what it’s all about.  I see a coward who is afraid that the right wing will sic the mean media dogs on him.  But I don’t see a guy who is afraid of women.  That’s because when Obama women threw their weight behind the guy, they gave up the right to be heard and taken seriously.

We could have had the prize behind door number 1.  After the past two months, the whole world must think we are incredibly stupid.  Can anybody here imagine Barack Obama delivering the following message to the right wing here in this country?

*THIS* is how it’s done, ladies.  Not with a pat on the head or a schlocky sentiment about our daughters exercising their right to speak in public:

7 Responses

  1. Hills is the best ever.

  2. Thanks for this RD – I’ve shared it with women who supported O and are now bemoaning their decision and telling me “you were right.”
    We knew that then but what good does it do now?

    Women need to understand the depth of “Women’s rights are human rights.”

    The definitive impact of those words are probably what maddens those who don’t want to give up power, who don’t realize how much stronger we all (men and women) would be by releasing their paralyzing grip both here and abroad.

    Thank you, good stuff!

  3. Yeah wasn’t that “they both had the same policies!” meme such nonsense? Uh, okay, if that’s true why not vote for the person with more experience and accomplishments to their name? And if they’re the same how is he a “change” candidate but she isn’t?

    funny how the Naomis of the world were going on about how much he was going to change the establishment and everything was going to be different all we had to do was vote for him! What is the argument going to be now? They can’t run on change anymore.”spare a dime, we’re out of change” should be the new slogan

  4. Well, all my Obama loving friends and relatives still think she is the evil rib of Bill centrist third way war mongering whatever whatever…….
    they refuse to admit they were wrong.

    • Obummer was exactly what the Malefactors Of Great Wealth needed in the wake of the Chimperial Cheney Assministration: a loyal insider who could masquerade as an outsider. The masquerade succeeded because a sufficient percentage of the voting public assumed, and still assume, that “not white-skinned” still automatically equals “not of the elite”. I don’t know if the MOGW knew that, or just gambled and won, but either way it worked splendidly for the MOGW.

  5. I’m totally blown away.

    2 amazing speeches in one post.

    Thank you, Riverdaughter!

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