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Rush Defenders set up website

Pic from TheNewCivilRightsMovement.com

After 50 sponsors have dropped advertisement on Rush’s shows and he is reduced to filling his spots with public service announcements from the very organizations and government entities that he detests, Rush defenders have set up a website to fight back.

You won’t believe it until you see it.

Check it out here.  defendrush.org


32 Responses

  1. Bwa-ha-ha! After hearing of fellow misogynist Bill Maher coming to his defense,
    I was sure it was for real.

  2. I thought it was for realalso, and was ready to send another blast! I hope we all go after allrace baiters, women haters, and plain liars that rant everday and never get called out.

  3. Ha Ha Ha! Prefect.

  4. FAB!U!LOUSE!!!

  5. I heard on the news about Mahr’s “why-won’t-the-liberals-accept-Limbaugh’s-apology?” tweets to his twitterflock. I found that very interesting . . . that he would support Rush’s non-apology apology.

    I wonder if Mahr also supported Nixon’s non-denial denials during Watergate?

    • Maybe the prospect of being held accountable for shooting one’s mouth off in order to “entertain” an audience has Maher a bit concerned.

      • I am hoping it does, he is disgusting too.

      • I think the problem is that Limbaugh’s words and subsequent non-apology are putting light on Maher…who happens to be an equal piece of crap but has bought the Dems for a mil “political contribution”.

        Maher doesn’t like that light. Too bright for the cockroach he is.

        • Perhaps enough firm sustained pressure will guide Mahr in a better direction. Would the experiment be worthwhile?

          Limbaugh is beyond reach or guidance. His reach and power should be reduced; or, ideally, ended.

      • Yep, that’s what I’m thinking. It’s deer-in-the-headlights time for Maher. He must sense it.

  6. Well done. Thanks.

  7. As one of the front-runners in the “Let’s Lynch Rush” parade, I must say I’m happy. But let’s remember that Maher has already been fired for running his mouth– so let’s not put him in the same lard bucket as Rush, even though I quit watching him after some genderist comments about Sen.Clinton. Bill and Rush are not the same species of pig.

    • Rush’s greater power certainly makes Rush a greater danger. If every one of Rush’s broadcasts on every station that carries it could be turned into a permanent “no advertising zone” such that every station carrying it had to pay all the expenses of having it without any advertising assistance whatsoever; the people and movement who achieved that might think about what and whom to target next with their growing power.

      A beautiful longest-range vision might be to reverse and cancel the laws and policies which “plowed the ground” for a Rushite infestation of radio to begin with. The Fairness Doctrine should be forcibly reimposed on all broadcasters. The so-called “Telecommunications Reform Act” of 1996 should be repealed and all its changes forcibly reversed back to status-quo-ante the act. The people need to reconquer the peoples’s public airwaves.

      • You are beating my number one drum. When Raygun killed the Fairness Doctrine, I got a chill down my spine. I predicted what came to be, including AM Hate Channels and the consequent hard right swing in America. I held out little hope that Obama would do anything there or on the ERA. My beautiful vision includes a Liars Law which would give equal time to the truth anytime a broadcaster pollutes the airwaves with a lie.

        • It’s one thing among many that a Newer Deal Party or a Real Democrat Party or some such might work towards. Or a single-issue pressure group might organize itself to push for such things.
          Restore the Fairness Doctrine and repeal the TelCo Reform Act of 1996 (if I remember the year right).

          Kale Lasn and AdBusters have wrapped those and other things into
          their Media Carta concept.

          • And also a vast and extensive legalization of so-called “pirate” radio stations . . . those reaching about a mile radius from their micro-transmitters. That would be community radio for community uplift.

  8. RD:

    While traveling the Nets this morning i came across something that had me scratching my cabezza…..

    This piece has to do with Rush and Maher and the way “BOTH” of them have used their celebrity and their shows to attack women. One does it because he “THINKS” it’s funny and the other because…HE BELIEVES IT!

    Anyway, as i was reading this piece over at Crooks and Liars, I came across this bit of crap written by one of the resident O’Bots that populate that “Basement…….”

    And for the record, I thought Maher should have apologized to them, even though I took a bunch of hell for it at the time. I agree with Burton’s sentiments here though and there is no equivalence between the position Rush Limbaugh holds in the Republican Party, what he does and has done for three hours a day for the last twenty years, day in and day out, with insulting women, minorities and everyone under the sun other than the crusty old white racist men that listen to him, and Bill Maher making a few remarks, saying something insulting about a couple of women who are in positions of power, and who both had done a lot of damage themselves to the women’s rights movement. It is just not the same and they should let the Republicans continue to whine and keep the donation.

    Did ya catch the O’Bot’s attck on Hillary?

    Bill Maher making a few remarks, saying something insulting about a couple of women who are in positions of power, and who both had done a lot of damage themselves to the women’s rights movement.


    Can this writer please explain to me how Hillary Clinton damaged the Women’s rights movement?

    Damn…..I really despise these OBOTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • If I had my own computer at home (which I don’t), I would have the computer access time needed to experiment with responses to things like what you have referrenced. But I don’t have my own computer, and hence don’t have the time.

      So I can only hope that someone else who DOES have the time needed would go back to that site and ask the commenter, in all feigned innocence, who those two powerful women in power were who did things to set back the womens’s rights movement, and what things they did to set back the movement, and how those things set back the movement. I would ask the commenter to be very specific and detailed to help one like me who does not understand. With luck the commenter would feel “drawn out” and “encouraged” and try its best to supply the desired answers, and step deeper and deeper into more such statements. Get all this stuff on the record where everyone can see it and smell it.

      I hope someone with the time and computer skills can/will set up one unified go-to website with easily linked-to descriptions of all the Obama team’s anti-woman actions. A place where, for instance, that picture of the young Oboys posing with the Clinton Campaign Picture
      could be found. Someone (or organized counter-Obama groups) could go to that one go-to website to find images and reports which could be weaponised and dispersed. ( The chemical and biological warfare people would say “diseminated” I think. And that would be a useful analogy to think about how to use such images. Keep diseminating them over and over all over everywhere until they begin a brain-meme infection that the Obama forces would find hard to counter).

      • Oooh! Oooh! I thought up a name for that go-to website with all Obama’s mysoginistic statements, acts, etc. (and those of his supporters at all level), in case anyone cares to set that site up.

        Why not call it . . . Barack the Magic Obamysoginist. I hereby copyleft that name in case anyone wants to take it and use it.

    • Someone else with vast time and media access resources could review all the hundreds of hours of Bill Mahr’s archived shows for visual displays of the contempt I have read that he has for his fbp guests . . . talking over them, denying them time to answer whatever
      Mahr’s mbp guests say, etc. etc.

      Video-play enough of them in one long viewathon and ask the viewer to say to themself . . . hmmm . . . is there a pattern here?

    • One does it because he “THINKS” it’s funny and the other because…HE BELIEVES IT!

      Maher definitely dislikes women. Is Rush trying to be funny?

  9. Hehe…you are so bad!!

  10. Take it up a notch, find out who owns the AM station that broadcasts Rush in your market then find the other stations they own. E-mail those other stations and tell them you won’t be listening until they drop Rush.

  11. In a more beautiful world, sustained “extermicott” pressure against the Rush stations would drive some of them into roach motel liquidation. They could then be sold off to agents of the Liberal Broadcasting Conspiracy, if only there were any such conspiracy for anyone to be agents of.

  12. Totally offthread but . . . there is a most excellent music video which was made many years ago but could be totally about a very prominent figure in politics today. Feel free to guess who that figure is . . .

    • ( I thought the link would enter the comment as a link, not as an “embedded clickable video”. To see the video bigger, better, clearer . . . . one can googletype the phrase ” you tube henry rollins liar ” and click on the most likely choices that come up. The first or second choice should be the one.)

  13. Couldn’t believe 😯 you would actually link to a ‘defend Rush’ site, RD! … 😆

  14. one of these days.us women will rise.then watch the fur fly!! 😆

  15. How to take anti-Limbaugh protest to higher levels: Armed Forces Radio, FCC, etc.


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