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Lowes, TurboTax and Netflix sponsor Rush Limbaugh #standwithsandra

Pic from SomeOfUs. Check it out at http://sumofus.org/campaigns/limbaugh/

Update II: Bare Escentuals has been added to the list of brands no longer sponsoring Rush.  Thank you, Bare Escentuals.  You can find the up-to-the-minute updated list at feministcampus.org..

Update: Netflix says they have never been a sponsor of Rush’s but that some of their advertisements have appeared on his show anyway.  They say it won’t happen again.

These are biggies to me since Lowes is the closest home improvement store to my house and I live on Netflix since I cut the cord.  But I am really not amused that they both continue to support Rush Limbaugh. Lowes last advertised on Friday so maybe they’re just keeping their heads down, hoping no one will notice they haven’t publicly renounced Rush.  I can always go to Home Depot.  It’s in the same shopping center as Wegmans so it’s a twofer.  I’d hate to give up Netflix but there’s always apple TV, so, you know, think it over Netflix.  And there are alternatives to TurboTax as well (TurboTax Customer Service: (866) 888-2402). Yep, it sucks that Rush went off during tax season but you have to take a stand, Quicken.  None of this halfway crap. Women do have options.

One sponsor I was shocked to see on Rush’s list is Bare Escentuals (Here’s their PR contact info:PR Contact(415) 489-5000
BE-PR@bareescentuals.com).  That’s a makeup company.  I think they make mineral makeup (might even have some of that stuff around, never use it though).  Why in gawd’s name would a makeup company want to advertise on Rush’s show after all of the vile filth he’s been vomiting?  Well, there’s a makeup I never have to buy again.

Media Matters for America is keeping a running list of Rush’s sponsors for the past few days.  You may find that a brand that you use frequently is on it.

Let’s wrap this up, ladies, we’re not finished yet.  Pretty soon, we’re going to hear “Why don’t you leave the poor guy alone.  Hasn’t he suffered enough?  We want to get on with other things.  This is a big distraction.”  That’s just what they want.  They want us to drop it.  But if we do that, they will know that they have beaten us and the jerks will just multiply.  They will be more subtle but there will be more of them and they will be more disrespectful and dismissive to us at work and other public spheres.  This is what has happened since politicians and media outlets joined in a misogynistic frenzy during the 2008 election season.  For women, it has never been the same as it was before 2008.  We have gone backwards because we did not fight back vigorously.

Do you hear me?!?  They aren’t going to stop until we fight them back as hard as we possibly can.  Gird your loins and unsex yourselves.  This is going to get really ugly.


42 Responses

  1. It makes me wish I had Netflix so I could drop it and send them a letter
    about why.

    One of Digby’s frequent commenters is named Spocko and runs a blog called Spocko’s Brain. He has done good work about liberal and personal defense against Right Wing Media Aggression. I don’t often read his blog because . . . how many blogs can one person follow?
    But he may be offering good advice about how to carry the battle to the heart of the enemy in this case. Because of the inbuilt inferiority of Internet Explorer, I can’t just leave the link here. Oh no . . . I have to post a whole secondary reply to put the link inside of that.

  2. I have the most uncomfortable office chair on the planet. What I wouldn’t give for one of those nice Herman Miller Aeron Chairs.
    I can dream can’t I?

  3. Found in pubmed:

    We evaluated a 31 year old woman from the Dominican
    Republic who was seen in our infertility clinic. Clinical
    and laboratory findings as well as family history strongly
    suggest thingywhatsit deficiency. She was born with
    ambiguous genitalia, developed hypertension in childhood,
    has symptoms of androgen excess and presents with elevated
    substrates of 11 beta-hydroxylase at baseline which
    increase even more after ACTH stimulation. Interestingly,
    she had been previously undiagnosed and untreated with a
    history of spontaneous pregnancy

    Folks, you can’t make this stuff up.

  4. Rush started years ago with, and you are not going to believe this, Hillary Clinton’s frequent hairstyle changes while she was the first lady.
    It was the first time that I tuned in to hear Rush and I was speechless!
    He slammed her stylist and commented that the first Lady of our country should look more like Nancy Reagan. Who thinks like this? If the statistics are correct and at least 10 million men listen to him in a week, we have our job cut out for us Ladies! Look at your portfolios and get rid of stock of companies that support the nut. Use your voice and email companies with congrats that have pulled out of sponsoring his show. Let these sponsors know that we are watching them.
    These companies need our dollars to be successful.
    His opinions do not represent the America I love and live in.

  5. Pretty soon, we’re going to hear “Why don’t you leave the poor guy alone. Hasn’t he suffered enough?

    Haven’t women suffered enough? Limbaugh’s suffered nothing compared to what he and his ilk put women through.

  6. Can we all bombard CNN and other networks with e-mails asking them to report on the double standard? What Rush said was wrong, but people on both sides of the aisle should be held accountable. Bill Maher made horrific comments against Palin. Perhaps an e-mail should be sent to HBO asking them to fire Bill Maher.

  7. There used to be an easy-to-find article on the web about Rush Limbaugh called The Truth About Rush Limbaugh, by Kurt Saxon. Since it condemned Rush Limbaugh from “the right”, I always wondered what Limbaugh’s fanbase would think if they could read it.
    Now it seems nearly impossible to find. Maybe going through “the Wayback Machine” web archive might find it.

  8. another thing you can do is to urge your local station to drop his show from their talk show line up. I have told mine that I keep my car radio tuned to their station so I can always get political discussion but Rush has gone too far this time. I am leaving and tuning in elsewhere as long as he is there. I said that he not only made an obscene suggestion to a young woman and called her vicious names but he insulted all women. We just should not have to be subjected to him anymore.

  9. Yes, the left is all about diversity, except diversity of ideology, values, or deeds. No, then they must silence all dissent, and force people with no interest to “take sides.” in an effort to silence speech they don’t like, while never, ever , ever saying a word to pundits on thier own side who say similar things or worse (Bill Maher)

    There are people out there who hate American freedoms like Freedom of Speech, and they are called liberals. For the record they also hate limited government, the very idea of inalienable rights ( such as the right of conscience, or the right to bear arms, and the right to property) or the rule of law- prefering instead to use the government as a weapon to enslave their fellow citizens into supporting their causes, values and beliefs, against thier will. Because after all, everyone must join the liberal tribe, or at least act like they did for fear of being bullied. After all, liberals are the morally superior master race, and they have good intentions. The community must come before the individual, so they say. Hmm, now who else said that?

    • Um, *we’re* liberals and we don’t fit your description at all.
      Right now, we don’t know what the Democrats and Obama are but they are most definitely NOT liberal. They aren’t socialists either. Not even close. By the way, did you know that socialists and fascists are at opposite ends of the political spectrum? True story. You can look it up. As far as we can tell, the conservatives got everything they ever wanted because the Democrats are just milder versions of them but Republicans just can’t take Yes for an answer.
      I’d love to debate you and show you how wrong you are- about *everything*, I suspect, but it’s getting late and I fear you are unarmed.
      Just read our credo at the top of the page in the tabs. We are FDR style liberals here. And we like it.

    • You would find Kurt Saxon’s “The Truth About Rush Limbaugh” , by Kurt Saxon, very interesting. It is hard or maybe impossible to find on the web anymore except on the Wayback Machine Web Archive . . . but if you were to make the effort, you might find the effort worthwhile.

      That’s . . . “The Truth About Rush Limbaugh”, by Kurt Saxon. Look for it by name.

    • Oh, and the answer to the last question: Jesus


    • jeff, we are exercising our freedom of speech when we object to rush and his sexist blather being on the people’s airwaves. It goes both ways skippy. See, this is how it works, Rush says something offensive, that is his right. We object to it, that is our right. There are more of us than him, we will see who wins. Generally decency will win and Rush is not even close to being decent. He is perverse and obscene and hateful. Stay tuned.
      Next: This group often attacks the media types on the left for giving a pass to left politicians and themselves for similar offenses. That you would know if you were anything more than Limbaugh astro turf.
      Hope the troll filter catches you next time. You’ve lowered the average IQ here for long enough.

    • Is this one of those form emails you attach your name to then send?

      Jeff, there is political discourse where you present arguments to counter the position of your opponents, then there is what Rush and the other AM Haters do. How does calling a person who testified about the costs of contraception and wanting them to be covered under the mandatory health insurance they had to buy from the university they attend a slut advance the argument on religious freedom?

      I see the smears of Susan Fluke as a means of silencing her voice, something a free speech advocate such as yourself would be against.

  10. It’s a good moment to reacquaint everyone with the classic ditty “I’m a Nazi,” pieced from the utterances of the Pigboy himself. I almost coughed up a lung laughing the first time I heard this.


    “They say that I’m sleaze
    An elitist, if you please
    Everybody disagrees with my rap
    I’m horrendous, I’m appalling
    My ratings now are falling
    ‘Cause I’m so full of bull, so full of crap”

    Too bad I can’t find the animation by Eric Blumrich.

  11. Be prepared for a long drawn out battle, Rush and the sleeze bag stations that air his program are counting on you to lose interest over the next few weeks.

    As I said before you must carry this fight and threats of boycott to the other company owned stations in your local radio market for this to be effective. This might mean taking one or more of your favorite FM stations off your car radio presets.

    • In a way, FM itself is partly to blame for this. The superior sound quality of FM sent most of the music to those stations, forcing owners of AM stations to find other types of programming.

  12. Obama will be proud of this site for helping him to fight his political battles. Silencing Rush will be just one giant step for an administration that has no use for the Constitution.

    • Rush isn’t being silenced, he’s just being talked back to. Authoritarians perceive any disagreement as an attack.

      If RIC thinks this is an Oborg site, he doesn’t know RD or her thread regulars at all. 😆

      OTOH, RIC is correct about Obummer and the Constitution. He has no more use for it than Chimperor Dubya and Darth Cheney did. The pro-imperial faction is bipartisan.

    • You don’t know much about this site or you would never write that.

  13. No, TurboTax (an Intuit company) doesn’t advertise on Rush Limbaugh’s program (http://blog.turbotax.intuit.com/2012/03/06/turbotax-does-not-advertise-on-rush-limbaugh/). Quicken Loans (a non-Intuit company that licenses Intuit’s Quicken brand name) *did* advertise on the show but pulled the ads in response to his remarks. Please confirm your data.

  14. I see the Limbaughtomy patients have started showing up. 😈

  15. Home Depot is run by a real right-wing ethos if I’m not mistaken so may not be the greatest alternative to Lowe’s. Maybe a local franchised Ace Hardware? It’s hard to know since most corporations seem to be evil in some way.

  16. I just emailed Lowe’s. This is a heartbreak as I like the stores and prefer buying locally to internet shopping. I agree that we need to keep the pressure on.

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