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Sunday: In the “War on Women”, who fired the first shot?

What?! We were only joking. It's the Republicans who hate women. Are you on the rag again? {{bitch}}

(Like the picture?  There are plenty more where that came from.

<= do you see the “Obama Staff” logo on the shirt?  Isn’t it charming?)

Let’s take a stroll down memory lane, shall we?

The setting: New Hampshire, January 2008.

The event: The Democratic party debate

The assessment:

Barack Obama looks down and away from Hillary Clinton as he says, “you’re likeable enough, Hillary”.  It shows a dismissive and disrespectful attitude towards her.  His body language is indicative of a someone of greater stature dismissing a subordinate while barely recognizing her.  This signalled to other pols and media people that it was OK to treat Hillary badly and intensify what was already developing into a very bad year for women.


Before we go all warm and fuzzy on Obama calling Sandra Fluke, let’s just remember that whatever has happened to Rush, or will continue to happen to him, has happened in spite of an almost complete absence of assistance from Obama and the Democrats.  Ditto with any success against the myriad anti-female bills working their way through state legislatures.

After we exile Rush permanently to blogtalkradio, and we would be fools to settle for anything less, and we are feeling our cheerios, let’s take a good look around and remember who were our allies in the last 20 years that Rush has been spewing his fecal vomit against any woman who has had to fight for her equality and, in particular, who has used the Republicans’ unrestrained attacks on women’s rights to their political advantage in the past four years without lifting a finger to help us.

Paraphrasing Obama himself, whenever he and the Democrats are feeling blue, we should “periodically” reassess whether we should give a sh&*.

33 Responses

  1. She was so unflappable. I forgot that. Her charm.

    I wish he’d let me forget what a personality challenged person he is.

  2. I’ve avoided seeing him on the screen except for a few times when stuck in line with a screen in front of me. Similar to Reagan and the Bushes, I put in on Ignore. Another four years pass.

    In the photos I can’t avoid, he usually is looking upward with a slight sneer. Most other photos of candidates don’t show their noses pointed upwards. Maybe his tekeprompters should be lowered.

    I was expecting to feel a few times in the past years that our current president was worthy of his marketing hype and all the money his election cost. I must have missed it. A big Zero.

  3. I didn’t get the warm fuzzies when I heard that Obama had called Sandra Fluke. While I’m glad for her because she’s had a really challenging week and it has to be something to get a personal call for any president, I never, for a moment, suspected that he had done it for anything other than political purposes.

  4. For me the first shot over the bow from the Democrats side was when the O minions pilloried Geraldine Ferraro for speaking the obvious about Obama’s lack of qualifications. Early 2008.

    Then O’s “sweetie” comment — a fingernails on chalkboard sensation to any thinking female– set the tone. Women were little interferring irritants.

  5. Why are we supposed to fawn everytime he gives condolonces to somebody? Or calls something “unfortune” he gives the republicans what they want then he’ll go out to appeal to the base and says things are “unfortunate” NO SHIT! How about doing something about it?

    The coddling and babying of him is getting really old. I know! Let’s give him a nobel peace prize in hopes that he doesn’t drop drones on people! Oh wait…

  6. Thanks for reminding me how many egregious acts of misogyny Barry commited. He is NOT what a feminist looks like. But he is what a POS looks like.

  7. Normally, I don’t link to the big orange Satan but this diary pissed me off. Brooke had a health teacher last year who reinforced the slut slur. “Yeah, that’s what people think of you if you have sex. Nuttin’ I can do about it”
    Today, my 16 year old who refuses to bloom before her time is at a skating rink with two friends. She still thinks boys are gross. But that apparently will not stop the assholes. I have to send her back to school tomorrow. Not looking forward to it.

    • oh health are they still pushing the idea that you need to be in touch with your “spiritual” side to be healthy? Yeah I’m praying to get out of your classroom but I don’t feel any healthier! Public schools are in the dark ages, I think kids learn more on American Idol than at school today.

    • I wish I could read stuff from duos and take it at face value. But, my ingrained skepticism for everything I read over there makes me wonder if that was a work of fiction. Well written and moving but, wonderfully convenient, considering.

      • Unfortunately, it sounds all too possible to me.

        • All I can say is that I’m glad my kids went through school in a kinder and gentler time. It didn’t seem that great but, WOW. Nothing like this ever went on. And when I was in high school, I thought I was the only girl not on the pill. It wasn’t a big fat secret then.

          I wonder how many of those mean girls are actually on the pill themselves?

          • You may be right. It may be concocted. But I was pretty stunned that Brooke’s health teacher did not respond to her suggestion that the word slut was sexist and very unhelpful.
            So, if there’s any slut shaming at school tomorrow, and I would be surprised if there weren’t, I’m going to give her permission to walk out in protest. She and her female classmates don’t have to put up with that.

          • Oh, absolutely — and have a call or letter composed in case it’s necessary to hit ’em hard immediately.

  8. Every time I see that first picture you posted, my blood reaches a boiling point. The fact that the sorry excuse for a man that is Jon F still has a job, that few people on the left are equally outraged by this as they were about Rush just shows me that much of the outrage at Rush by politicians is just politicial opportunism. It’s not about women’s rights. It’s not about what is right. It’s just self-serving idiots making a move on a weakness.

    Seriously, it’s time to find myself another country.

    • That’s how I feel when I see that Shoulder-brush-off video too. (shudder)

    • Oh, and from Wikipedia:

      Favreau has been named one of the “100 Most Influential People in the World” by Time magazine.[18] He ranked 33rd in the GQ “50 Most Powerful in D.C.” and featured in the Vanity Fair “Next Establishment” list.[19][20] Favreau was also one of several Obama administration members in the 2009 “World’s Most Beautiful People” issue of People magazine.[21]

      I think we need a Republican or a third party in the White House, so women start fighting against the politicians for their rights again. As it stands, women’s orgs are too busy swooning to have any self-respect.

      • Nice thought, but how well did it work out overall during the Bush era?

        • Well, when we had Bush in, though Lily Ledbetter lost her case, it was enough to finally get the Democrats off their a$$es and whip up the Ledbetter statute of limitations law just in time to drop it on Obama’s lap so he could be properly anointed by signing it, giving Dems a small victory for women.

          With republicans in power, the dems have to do something just to save their own arses. It seems the only time they bother.

        • We went off a cliff in 2008 and the Democrats either pushed us or let us fall. I have noticed a big change since Obama decided to run. You’re in denial if you can’t feel it.

        • BTW, I don’t have any interest in electing a Republican. It’s a very bad idea. But reelecting Obama is also a very bad idea. Equally bad. I truly despair of the thought of four more years of Obama. He is no backstop.
          So third party? Yeah, I’m all over that. Unless the Democrats get smart.

        • It’s been even crappier under Obama. Anyone who doesn’t see that has their head firmly ensconced up their ass. The uni-party sucks, it’s a double-sided coin. Whoever wins, Repub or Dem, we lose. Make your vote actually count: Vote third party. (I’m voting Green.)

          • There’s one solid point for a third party vote, especially a leftist party. It sends a clear message of disapproval of Obama. Voting GOP will be taken to mean that you agree with the GOP ideas.

            I don’t know which candidate or major party would be the worst for the next four years. There are points on both sides. The only sure thing is a clear message, imo.

      • Hard to tell, but it’s been alleged that the other guy in that picture is current “Deputy national security adviser for strategic communications”, Ben Rhodes.

  9. The ones in that photo that deserve your contempt are the two females that didn’t quit in disgust. Next in line are the female Kossholes that went along with the Hillary gender bashing.

    The Obama campaign didn’t start this they just tapped into the undercurrent of misogyny that is prevalent in the U. S. It’s a subset of Christianity we can’t seem to shake off. Catholicism is an example of a mainstream religion treating women as second class. Christian Fundamentalists and Islam are too.

    • Mr. Mike, on March 5, 2012 at 10:37 am said:
      The ones in that photo that deserve your contempt are the two females that didn’t quit in disgust. Next in line are the female Kossholes that went along with the Hillary gender bashing

      I have enough contempt to spread around. I don’t have to confine mine to women, however misguided they may be.

    • Mr. Mike, I usually like your posts, but this time not so much. If the males misbehave, the females should resign? No, the men should be fired, the females should keep their jobs and be promoted to the men’s spots. Resigning in disgust only ensures you’re out of work.

      Also, FYI, the majority of religions treat women as second class citizens. You can name on one hand the major religions that don’t (Quakers, Methodists, and a couple more).

      • Presbyterians are cool. I really like them. Episcopalians ordain women and gay priests. I think Baha’i’s are well on their way to enlightenment, mostly because they seem to have an adaptation clause in their faith. Don’t know too much about Sufis but their poetry is passionate and lyrical. So, you know, there are choices. But choices are what many fundamentalist religions are so uncomfortable with. BTW, Digby has a massive comment thread on her American Atheist billboard thread. There is something in the air. We can either do this peacefully or we can inflict some severe psychological and social damage in the conflict between believers and non-believers. In either case, the non-believers are not going away.

      • The men should be fired?

        This is Obama, that wasn’t gonna happen unless his approval numbers dipped.

  10. I somewhat agree with Bemused Leftist. If one is going to send a message and have it be read correctly; voting for some Third Party or writing someone in, or leaving the President line blank would send a truer message of “not Obama and not the Rs either” than would voting for the R candidate.

    Those planning to vote Third Party or Write In or Leave It Blank need to accept the likelihood of an R victory in the wake of substantial defections from the D side as part of the pain to be taken and price to be paid to start a longer-range movement. It is doubtful that all the Third Party voters will all agree on the one same Third Party all at once. Probably the various Third Parties and their supporters will have to engage in mortal political combat until a victorious one or two Third Parties emerge as longer-term threats to the Two Parties and effective tools for tearing them down.

    Many psychologically loyal Nostalgiacrats will not leave the Democratic Party no matter what. Nor will they work against it. Hillary Clinton may well stay silent during Campaign 2012 just to see how far
    Obama can get on his unaided own. But I have trouble imagining the former SecState Senator Clinton actively campaigning for any Third Party, or even voicing any support for a “Third Party” concept. But that is just a feeling not a prediction, and my feelings have been wrong before. (Perhaps she will roll out the concept that the Democratic Party is under “Enemy Occupation” and the Democratic Party has to be “reconquered” and the “Enemy Occupation” must be unconditionally defeated and forced to accept Unconditional Surrender
    before being purged, burned, and disinfected out of the Liberated Democratic Party).

    (I do repeat my prediction that the Roberts Court will rule the Baucus-Obama Forced Mandate to be comPLETEly constitutional, thank-you-very-much. That is a prediction I can be held to).

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