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Psychopathic Cruelty

Atrios says that the oilmen are about to raise prices on gas again.  Let me guess, it’s the Iran thing, isn’t it?  The speculators are going crazy with delight.  Let’s just rattle some swords and make the Persian Gulf look all dangerous.

Or is it the refineries again?  They need to be scrubbed or something.

Whatever it is, one things is for sure.  It’s going to bite.  It will have a devastating impact on the economy.  Transportation will become more expensive and the cost of everything we eat will start to spike too.  All this and we still have a lot of people out of work pinching their pennies.  Fueling up is going to cost a lot of what we don’t have.

All of this to put the thumbs to the American public until we scream uncle.  I guess we were just too resilient.  We’re all just hanging in there until after the election, hoping things will start to turn around, doing our best Grapes of Wrath imitation.  They can’t have that.  They need to inflict real pain.  They need us to be so angry at the feckless Democrats that we turn on them.  Good!  Let’s see how long the Democrats are willing to stick with their current line up.

But for the rest of us, especially those of us who are unemployed, this really sucks and it’s cruel.  The people who have hoarded the oil are cruel.

What astonishes me is how many people on the right seem to think that we went to Iraq to get cheap oil.  Noooo, people.  This is not why we went to Iraq.  We went to Iraq so that the oilmen could keep oil off the market.  They are keeping it to themselves in order to make money and to manipulate a country that is dependent on it.  Why do you think there is all this pushback about global warming?  If we all changed to electric vehicles and solar power, how the heck are they going to extort us for money and political advantage?  You’ve been had.

And this is just in from Derek Lowe of In the Pipeline.  For the last several years, the pharmas have been shutting down business in places like NJ and PA, and moving a handful of scientists, the “best of the best”, as they say, to Massachusetts.  This weekend, Pfizer decided to lay off 40 of them.  So, now, even the best of the best in MA are getting the ax.  That’s bad news for the people who were already moved from their homes in Collegeville, PA to Massachusetts.  Relocation followed by unemployment.  Not good.  In fact, it’s just more cruelty to those families whose whole lives were uprooted, kids and all, only to be told that their projects are to be stopped and they’re out of a job.  They join the rest of the dispossessed in a precariot existence, bouncing from job to job with fewer and fewer benefits and domestic stability.

Now, you Doormat Democrats can wail and gnash your teeth about how terrible the Republicans are and will be and woe is us.  But I would remind you that all of this has taken place on Obama’s watch and much of it during the first two years when there wasn’t a thing to stop Democrats from reinstating the New Deal and then some.

Face up to it: The Democrats are a complete and utter failure.  I don’t like it either but that’s reality.  I’m no fan of Republicans and wouldn’t recommend anyone vote for one but for gawd’s sakes, stop being such fricking Doormat Democrats.  The squeeze is on and real people are getting hurt out here.  Stop giving Obama a pass and all this praise for having mass and taking up space.  He’s a complete failure and it’s not going to get better in term two.  If anything, it’s going to get worse.

Get angry for once.

24 Responses

  1. “Doormat Democrats”, the birth of a meme. I like that.

  2. Happy Valentine’s Day Conflucians!

    Keep those grudges alive.

  3. “The Democrats are a complete and utter failure.” A truer thing could not have been uttered. To think of all the opportunities they pissed away while in total control of all 3 branches of Government. Makes me sad and mad to think of how different life could be for Americans if the 2008 primary had not been stolen by the powers that wanted an empty suit over a qualified women.

  4. I hate BHO with the fire of ten-thousand suns – but it looks like we’re stuck with him until 2016. I won’t vote for him but I’d rather see him than Santorum or Romney. I’ll be voting green or socialist, nonetheless.

    The thing with oil prices is when they get to this level and above – people die, especially in poor countries where food riots broke out last time. And that was also Wall Street speculation driving prices up then. We’ve been had alright, by sociopathic killers.

    • You mean you despise BHO. We don’t want to give people the wrong idea. Besides, he didn’t get there on his own. It’s that small evil group behind him that I hate.

    • I would dislike a President Santorum worse than a Term Two Obama. But I don’t think I would like a President Romney worse enough to care. Romney is merely the people Obama fronts for.
      So how different a President would Romney be, really?

      So I will vote for Romney in the Michigan primary in hopes of getting the Candidate Romney in the fall which will set me all the way free to vote away from Obama.

  5. The Bank “settlement” was my absolute last straw. Another bailout, transferring other people’s money to the banksters, which is then claimed as a victory for homeowners. Yeah, for the 29 homeowners lucky enough to become part of the program. It like the New Deal by lottery.

    I live in Massachusetts now, and I think in November I am going to vote for Elizabeth Warren and abstain on my vote for President. 1. There isn’t much chance the the GOP candidate will win Mass., even if it’s Romney. 2. Warren it what we NEED and what Obama just rolled over on. If enough people do it maybe it will send a signal.

    • Exactly! Voting for a Republican gives the superficial message, “Hey, the Republicans are right!” — and too many people won’t look past the superficial. Voting third party, and for the good Democrats like Warren, sends the right message.

  6. I live in hydro heaven but am still getting reamed by Duke power, whose building janitors make more than the highest paid NC teacher, and now GA is building even more nukes. All of the energy utilities are evil monopolies dedicated to sucking the last ounce of marrow from your bones and transferring it to the Cheney Clones. With that aside– I love the Doormat Democrats– a new alliterative masterpiece.

  7. More cruelty: the chairs in this ballet studio waiting room. Harsh lighting too. The whole room needs a makeover. Dropped ceiling and panel lights. {{shiver}}

    • Reminds me of the waiting room of a former doctor of mine. All the chairs were from the same mold. All about 2 inches taller than the average woman’s legs.

      So, you go in (sick already) and your feet are barely touching the ground — just ‘resting’ by the tips of your toes! Then you look around and all the women are like that or worse, feet swinging like a kid!

      They were the kind of chair that was totally shaped by ‘oak’ so there was a hard wooden ridge across the thighs too. OMG. I haven’t been there for 10 years but, it all came rushing back!

      The men, almost all inches taller, perfectly relaxed and totally unaware.

  8. They’re blaming the rising gas prices on Obama for not allowing the Keystone pipe line to be built. The republican voters believe that they’ll get that oil not that it will go to the highest bidder.

    Door mat Democrats are not something new, they’ve been around since the Clinton administration. What I find disgusting is that Nancy Pelosi failed to keep a Democrat majority in the House and then was rewarded for that failure with the Minority Leader position. The House Dems should have sent her packing. I hope she get primaried and loses. Get her out and make room for a real Democrat who will fight for our values.

    • What I found disgusting was that Pelosi was such a closet Cheney-Bushite. “Impeachment is off the table”.

  9. RD said.
    all of this has taken place on Obama’s watch and much of it during the first two years when there wasn’t a thing to stop Democrats from reinstating the New Deal and then some.
    and they had congress 2 long years before that.veto proof majority.

    pure evil 👿

  10. I think this is an appropriate link for this post. (head exploding)

  11. In the meantime, here is a list of tips I read for getting more mileage out of “the same” amount of gas. Some of the “tips” here are just moralistic lecturing, but some of them are actual applicable advice. The more pain we can take, the more pain The Enemy will inflict. Eventually some people will rebel at one level or another. So our ability to take raising levels of pain may lead The Enemy to inflict so much pain as to destabilize society out of their control. Perhaps we can exploit that destabilization to our benefit and our victory IF we prepare to do so starting now. The first mental step would be through learning to understand our world and society in unforgiving zero sum terms. We can only win to the extent that we can inflict loss on our Social Class Betters. Anyway, the couple of gas-mileage-extension links in a trailing sub-reply.

  12. At what level are these decisions made anyway? The broad One Percent? Or a higher level fraction? Somebody on a NaCap thread came up with an acronym for the One Percent Of One Percent . . . the OPOOP. Or OPOOPs for plural. And the One Percent Of One Percent Of One Percent could be the OPOOPOOPs.

    So when it comes to inflicting pain and whom to inflict it on, it would be nice if we could somehow make inflicted pain reach all the way up to the OPOOPs. If they can take 10 times as much pain as we can take, then we must try to inflict 11 times as much pain on them as they inflict on us.

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