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Breitbart insults people

I don’t know who Breitbart is referring to in the video below.  The occupiers I’ve hung out with, including myself, are well spoken, compassionate, nice and clean people who are concerned about income inequality and justice enough to petition the government for the redress of grievances.  I have to give the occupiers he is yelling at some credit for not taking him to the nearest toilet and administering a swirlie.  And a wedgie.  And maybe some noogies.

But Occupiers are militantly non-violent for the most part so we will miss all of that.

{{Oo, embarrassing.}}

If there were any freaks at an occupy event, I’m still convinced that it was Fox, Rush, Glenn and Breitbart types who paid them to show up.  I noticed some of these aberrations at the entrance to Zuccotti Park during the fall.  But once you got past them, it was just a big open air salon with very ordinary people.  That fact just freaks people like Breitbart right out.

20 Responses

  1. Breitbart looked and sounded like the freak at that event.

  2. Sometimes people see the small things about someone even if they miss the big things at first. And seeing the small things primes people to see the big things and even go back and see the big things they didn’t see.

    Obama’s response to Breitbart’s various blurts and blatts revealed Obama to be a dirty doublecrossing rat. His eagerness to fire Van Jones after Breitbart released some video footage of Jones
    analysing the Republicans in scientifically accurate terms, his fanatical determination to work with SecAg Vilsak to fire Shirley Sherrod at the very first opportunity, which turned out to be another
    Breitbart video. (And of course the whole Obamacratic Party covered itself with shame by revealing its desperate desire to destroy what was left of ACORN as soon as Breitbart gave them the excuse they had clearly wanted for years. I hope the ACORNians remember in November, and vote their vengeance. Of course I also hope that ACORN comes back under the name ACORN 2.0 ).

  3. While I wouldn’t go join an Occupation even if I knew one was happening in my town–I just dislike crowds, of any sort–I decided not to take the bad things I was reading about the Occupants at face value.

    After all, those reports of thuggery were either coming from the Corporate Media, or from honest folks believing what they heard from the CM. I think most of the Crawdad Holers fall in that second group, and I still don’t understand why those normally sharp folks did not question the CM, since they’re old Hillaryites, and thus know from the CM’s idolatry of both the Chimperor and then Obummer not to trust the CM. I guess they’ve been conditioned to be hostile to anything that smacks of those horrible, horrible, DFHs. 🙄

    I figure any genuine assaults that may have happened at the Occupations were committed by the sort of opportunistic freelance thugs who would parasitize any crowd–whether it was gathered at a political protest, or a non-political parade or concert or whatever.

    [Exception: However, if I understand correctly, the Occupation in Oakland was contaminated by “Black Bloc” violent-anarchist @$$holes–which happens to be the one Teh Klown lived closest to, which could explain most or all of his early and continuing hostility to the Occs.]

    As for the car-pooping and other mere pranks, I suspect right-wing rat-copulators. 😈

    • Those folks were led into that opinion by the Klown’s belief that OWS was a ploy to help Obama. It worked so well because hate interferes with free thinking.

  4. Hey, RD! Spammy’s knickers are twisted for some reason. 🙄

  5. Katiebird,

    A few threads ago you referrenced the Phelps Church operation in Kansas. NaCap ran an interesting interview between “anonymous” and a Church of Phelps member/spokesmouth. As interesting as the interview itself is the thread, especially a comment posted by “Jinx”. here is the link.http://www.nakedcapitalism.com/2011/02/anonymous-speaks-with-westboro-baptist-church.html

    • The comments are great — “cult of lawyers” describes them very well. Thank you for sharing this.

      • A thing I got from reading somewhere about PhelpsCo Incorporated is that they are a lawsuit racket disguised as a Cult Church. They get as many of their children as possible into law school so they can all help work the racket. The racket is to upset people into doing things which the Phelps Racketeers then try suing about. They live off their courtroom winnings. When some people in Kansas understood the racketeering nature of the Phelps racket, they started applying and sharing advice about how to avoid responding to provocations. The applied advice was so useful that the Phelps Racket had to start infesting other states to look for people to provoke into being targettable for lucrative lawsuits.

  6. Is he yelling “Stop breaking people”? Did he go broke? Again, I recognize the same personal fear/rage that I’ve seen in quarters that I once saw I belonged. And I am in some measure mystified.

  7. It is unfortunate that millions of people don’t study the methods of Breitbart and his little Breit Bartlings. Oh if only . . . the people in that crowd had all repeated Breitbart’s words verbatim back to him every time he said them. It would just make him angrier and angrier and funnier and funnier.

    • Or what if the crowd also sometimes replied to him ” Weeee cannn’t heaaar youuuu” , and also ” say it aGAIN, with FEELing.”

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