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State of the Union- Live Blog

Post SOTU summary: The general election this November will pit two Republicans against each other.

Remember, this is a campaign speech. Obama is going to catapult some propaganda and see what sticks. He says a lot of things people want to hear but he has very poor follow through. I don’t have anything to drink tonight but hot chocolate. If anyone wants to play a drinking game, add your words in the comment section and I’ll play along, at the risk of scalding my throat. The text of the speech can be found at the NYTimes but if you read it in advance, that’s cheating.

Will there be any surprises? Will he get booed? Can I get a Mic Check? Predictions?

Have at it!


69 Responses

  1. According to my local newspaper, the theme of the speech will be “fairness.” I read that as meaning that there will be pre-emptive compromise on a level as yet unseen. Abortions for some, tiny American flags for others!

  2. I just read on corrente that he says that this election is not about Republican values or Democratic values but American values. I think that means he just gave me permission to not vote for him since I’m definitely looking for more of a Democrat.
    Awful, awful, awful. He’s going to throw Democrats under a bus. He is the anti-Roosevelt. We are so screwed.

  3. No, they’re just sitting around drinking sweet tea.
    And Osama bin Laden is still dead

  4. The rest of the country is fucked up and selfish but thank god we’ve got the troops. Why can’t we ship all whiny Americans to the Middle East?

  5. Let’s just skip FDRs legacy and shoot straight for the stable, boring, conformist Eisenhower years when women were going stark raving mad at home and abortions were dangerous.

  6. Oh, please. America worked best under Democratic values.

  7. Success and economic fairness have a strong liberal bias.

  8. They’re not hiring in NJ. They’re still hemorrhaging jobs here.

  9. Obstruction. Everybody drink.

  10. Did I hear that he’s arresting the bankers? No I did not.

  11. What can business leaders do? They could start by paying for the expertise they need.

  12. OMG, he’s going to give corporations more tax breaks?

  13. Oh, I see. Well, that’s great except the horse has left the barn on that.

  14. I have to get back to work. Yves Smith and her commenters are predicting that Obama will NOT be able to announce the “mortgage settlement” that he and the doormat AGs had wanted to announce.
    Too many AGs are in revolt.

  15. Ok, I was right the first time. Corporations will get bigger tax breaks. Whatever happened to trust but verify?

  16. WHAT????? There are a ton of scientists laid off and no one wants to hire us.

    • Ack! I heard that and immediately thought of you. And all the systems analysts and programmers my company got rid of when they decided to outsource. Now the onshore contract employees are too expensive so we’re “near-shoring” them to Argentina.

      • This crap goes unchallenged because no one is paying attention to people like me or Derek Lowe who are trying to spread the news. The layoffs continue. In the last two weeks, Novartis and Takeda were the latest to lay off.

  17. Who the heck is he talking to?

    • Apparently, to the “girls” over at Jezebel.
      They’re just swooning and isn’t Michelle’s dress darling?

  18. Data management? Ugh, I would hate to have to populate data fields.

  19. What is he going to do for gifted students?
    Noooooo! The kid just decided to home school. She doesn’t want to stay in high school. She’ll go crazy!

  20. Here it comes. Lily Ledbetter?

  21. Too late! We’re already gone.

  22. HOLY SHIT! Well, there goes the liberal vote.

  23. Let’s just use our own petroleum resources to increase our carbon footprint.

  24. omg, omg, omg. He’s so bad it’s not even funny.

  25. I’m not watching – but I’m having a ball reading your comments and trying to figure out what you’re reacting to.

    A good drinking game – as far as I’m concerned.

    • Basically, he wants to drill, baby, drill and frack away but only with *safe* chemicals.

  26. Can we please have someone else? He’s going to kill the safety net for sure if he’s re-elected.

  27. Insider trading by members of Congress?

  28. Yes, It’s all Congress’s fault I failed so miserably the last three years

  29. Did he mention anything about upgrading the internet infrastructure?

  30. Yes, Let’s make sure Democrats stuff a sock in it

  31. Is there any doubt that Obama is a moderate Republican?

  32. Oh, he’s going to run on killing bin Laden.

  33. And we end with an appeal to God.
    What about the non-believers? Don’t they count?

  34. I wonder how many Facebook friends I’ll lose when I announce that I’m voting 3rd Party this year?

  35. Awww, we’ll never leave you.

  36. Does it look like the chamber is clearing out pretty quickly?

  37. Hmmm, is he going to lose Pittsburgh over the fracking controversy or bribe them with some huge jobs grant?

  38. I’d rather eat a bowl of this than vote for Obummer or any of the Reptilians running for the office he holds now.

  39. I guess my Obama hate from 2008 has went into remission because I see him now as just another politician, nothing more or less. Giving a grade to the SOTU as a political speech only, I think it was a very good one and is apt to do him good for awhile. But I wouldn’t expect much from it in real terms.

    Is he a good president? No, he’s exactly what I expected him to be. Is he objectively better than anyone running against him on the Republican side? Emphatically yes.

    Will I vote for him? Who cares, I live in Texas so my vote doesn’t count. Unless he runs against Gingrich, then yes I’m gonna vote for Obama in that case.

    • Better than Romney? Or even very different?

    • what I want to know though is this: If you judge him by this speech, what makes you think he means what he says or will follow through?
      I don’t ever trust him to do what he says so I never ever judge him by what he says.

      • What part of “grading it as a political speech only” didn’t you understand? I don’t trust what comes out of any politicians mouth.

  40. As usual, he would be making making promises to the working Americans and then breaking them once his sponsors expressed their disapproval. The only promise he made which he has not broken is his promise for us to hope that everything will be allright in the future. And he has consisitently upheld that promise and will consistently uphold it..

  41. I find SOTU’s in general to be a big swindle the American voter event. Really dumb tradition, IMO

  42. NY tabloids saw this for what it was: a campaign speech. On of them is part of said campaign now

  43. Romney advocates strategic defaulting. First time anybody’s asked for my vote! Ha ha only serious.


    • So Romney offers survival strategy where Obama offers moralistic velcro-decoy roach-motel blather. Romney might actually be a better President than Obama. Really. In actual point of fact.

      He certainly has more moral integrity than Obama in the political sphere. Or than Obama’s little DLC ThirdWay supporters like David Atkins.

  44. great comments thanks.since I missed the speech. 😆

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