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One Second After

So, it looks like Newt Gingrich has won South Carolina.

I hate to say I told you that the evangelicals would rehabilitate him but, well, I did.

Listen up, access bloggers: you are NEVER going to bring Newtie down by harping on what a sleazy, hypocritical asshole he is.  As a Democrat, you don’t have the moral authority to challenge a Republican, you godless secular humanist.  Remember David Vitter’s romps with prostitutes in his Pampers?  How about Larry Craig’s bathroom tap dancing routine?  Nobody forced them out of office over their indiscretions.  And just because Newt resigned doesn’t mean that he can’t be rehabilitated by the right.  He’s a Catholic now and he’s been married to his current wife for 11 years.  He’s practically born again.  Look at Glenn Beck or Bill O’Reilly.  O’Reilly had to pay off one of his staffers because she’d caught him on tape making graphic, sexually harrassing phone calls to her. You’d be amazed at what the Fox News viewer is willing to overlook.

Actually, the left blogosphere did Newt a favor by relentlessly pursuing his personal life.  By the time South Carolina rolled around, all of his dirty laundry had been airing for months and voters weren’t surprised or shocked by it.  He had testimonials about how he has turned his life around and how Callista’s devotion to Roman Catholicism has rubbed off on him.  As far as the evangelicals are concerned, he’s practically born again or partially birthed sufficiently to give him a pass on his past indiscretions.  We’re all sinners.  He’s asked for redemption.  He knows these people.  Newt might look ridiculous smuggling plums in a Speedo bathing suit but he’s not stupid.

But bloggers who have been concentrating on his infidelity and hypocrisy are missing the real reason why Christian conservatives are flocking to Gingrich.  If you want to know what’s the secret to his success, other than his clever use of language, check out the book One Second After.  Here is my review of the book from last December:

And on the right side of the aisle, Newt Gingrich drills into the dark recesses of the authoritarian follower’s unconscious and digs up an all too real sounding modern apocalyptic scenario.  In Among Gingrich’s Passions, a Doomsday Vision, the New York Times reveals Gingrich’s warnings about EMP, electro magnetic pulse.  The scenario goes like this: some crazy axis of evil country detonates a nuclear device in a certain stratum of the atmosphere over our country, the home of the free, land of the brave, and takes down the entire electrical grid.  Suddenly, nothing electrical will work.  Your refrigerator, TV, cell phones, trains, even some cars, all dead.  The wires of the grid irretrievably destroyed all over the country, the nation plunges into a period of darkness, chaos, starvation and danger.

There was a work of fiction written about this a few years back called One Second After.  Wouldn’t you know, Gingrich wrote the introduction for it.  {{rolling eyes}} I happen to have listened to this book because it was recommended on audible.  Not knowing that it was a work of propaganda, until after the intro, I listened to about half of it before I couldn’t take it anymore.  The book was designed for middle aged guys with a hero fantasy.  Picture Rambo crossed with the protagonist from a Tom Clancy novel, except with a patriotic, moral “family values” streak.  He’s rugged and good looking and he snags the best looking babe.  He’s wise, he’s tough, he has a gift for planning, strategy and war.  He takes care of his family first and doesn’t flinch when he has to execute people who don’t follow the law he has laid down who get in his way. He has no patience with civil liberties. It’s the kind of book only your annoyingly righteous brother could love and pack away with his stash of MRE’s and survivalist gear in the basement.

I think we can see who Newt’s target demographic is.  Newt is appealing to the apocalyptic nervous Nellies who want a strong, fatherly type who will get them through the coming tribulations with hard and fast authority.  There are no shades of gray in this world.  He’ll do what he has to do to keep his country safe from dangerous entities who want to kill us in the night.  He will be vigilant, he will be patriotic, he will not be soft.  And he won’t have any patience for basic constitutional rights or charity for others.  He will put the country on a war footing.  We’ll all be twitchy just waitin’ for someone to step out of line.  (By the way, have you read what Paul Krugman wrote about what happened to Hungary?  It’s a country that Gingrich could admire.)

I did skip ahead to the end.  You’ll be happy to know that the Army does finally come to the rescue at the end and that the lights do slowly come back on.  But the country is irreparably changed by then.  Most of the population is dead from starvation or just plain killin’.  And the hero rules his roost like a not so benevolent dictator while his neighbors and recruits worship him for saving them from what surely was the end of the world.

Christian fundamentalists are looking for a catastrophe so the end of the world will come.  If they can’t find one, they’ll invent one.  Gingrich taps into that theme and works it for all it’s worth.  If he’s not the antichrist, he’ll be the macho guy who protects them.  He’s not afraid to “tell it like it is”.  They like that about him.  I’ve heard he’s pretty skilled in debate as well.  I can only imagine how Obama will fare against him.  What’s he going to do?  Offer a series of excuses for his poor performance over the last four years?  That will look pathetic.  Is he going to try to match Gingrich’s fierce passion?  Please.  Obama wouldn’t know passion if it sat on his face.  I’d say he’s got his work cut out for him no matter who runs and Gingrich is no less of a threat to him than Mitt Romney.  Gingrich already knows how to tap into the zeigeist while Obama and his merry crew are into rainbows and false springs.

I’d advise Obama to run to his left but he’s pissed the left off so badly that no one but the most kool aide addled Obot is going to trust him.  And he better not look to the Independent liberals who left the party in 2008.  A lot of us are women who got thrown under the bus and have had it back up and run over us two or three times.  Gingrich is far, far worse than Romney but you know what?  I won’t lift a finger to help Obama win.  He’s no more dedicated to improving the lives of average Americans than Gingrich is.  So f^&( him.  I’d rather spend my time canvassing for some decent congressional candidate.

I just heard Republican Rep. Mulvaney from South Carolina’s 5th district saying that he thinks that a competitive primary is good for a party.  I happen to agree.  All of the media attention will be fixed on the Republican race.  They can shape the narratives and pound on the deficit from now until late summer.  Obama?  Obama who?

Democrats did this to themselves.  Of course, they could still turn this around but the useful idiots who brought us Obama four years ago are going to have to buy a clue.

53 Responses

  1. The end of the world doesn’t sound like such a bad thing anymore.

    • Hi, Jen the Michigander.
      I don’t know if it would be bad or not because I don’t believe in the Apocalypse. I suspect that conditions in the US could get a lot worse before they get better. It might come as a shock to most Americans who have never really experienced bad before. OTOH, that might serve as a protective crust. We just might be appalled enough to do something about it.
      I hope we never find out.

      • A President Gingrich could help us find out. He would be devoted to making things worse and burning things down. For example, deep and broad purges of reality-based scientists from the Agencies and the Civil Service.

        Running the President Gingrich experiment wouldn’t be prudent, in my opinion. So if the Rs nominate Gingrich, I will vote for Obama to keep the threat-level somewhat contained.

        Of course, if serious leftists are beginning to arm themselves and form militias, cells, etc.; and get what training they can in applied defensive violence so they can be ready for a Gingrich Administration;
        they might feel ready to seek “vanguard leadership” roles within the civil strife and violence to come. So they might well want to bet on a Gingrich Administration as good for their own future plans.

    • :lol; for sure

  2. I expect that the Reptilian establishment will no more allow Gingrich to be their nominee in 2012 than the Dinocratic establishment would allow HRC to be their nominee in 2008.

    • Funny, that’s what Mara Liason implied earlier tonight. It was like, “Gingrich is just prolonging this primary season. South Carolina has a history of picking the next nominee but its reputation is going to take a hit for this”. So, I assume that the money guys have it for Romney and the nomination is all sewn up.
      Still, the voters rejected Romney, not that the numbers can’t be finagled to produce the desired outcome. One has to wonder whether it was Romney’s wealth management problem or Gingrich’s take no prisoners attitude that swayed the voters.
      Or it could be Democrats making mischief.

      • Open primaries, isn’t it? Operation Chaos in reverse?

        Anyone heard any talk like that at Kos etc?

      • Someone could study who voted how in this SC primary as against the last one. I don’t “feel” as if very many Democrats would cross over to vote for Gingrich, but if data emerge to the contrary I would be suitably impressed.

        IFF! any Democrats did (or will) indeed cross over to vote for Gingrich, they should remind themselves just how very electable Gingrich really is and how very likely a President Gingrich would really be. Perhaps they should do their crossing-over for Romney instead.

  3. I sincerely believe that the Republicans and the Democrats are intent on starting a war with Iran. All in the name of protecting Israel and protecting “our” supply of oil. It won’t be long before both sides ramp up their enthusiasm. And why? To distract us from the liberties they have stolen and the economy they have both destroyed. I also think that they are trying their best to get Iran to “start it.” so that it becomes a “holy” cause or some other such rot.

    Gingrich isn’t the nominee. He won one state in a place where racism is tolerated and Mormonism is considered heresy. Yes, he can go on and on about the media bias. Something even I agree with. But he has no problem manipulating the media for his own ends.These people, call them conservatives or assholes, have no real morality. It’s just a dog-whistle word that they use to manipulate people toward their ends. That’s why they flock to people like Newt. He talks a good game and that is all they are really into.

  4. Uppity Woman thinks Newt’s victory will make him so high on himself that his true viciousness and arrogance will emerge and turn off voters. So, maybe the Reptilian establishment won’t need to sabotage him–he’ll do it to himself.

    • His true vicious and arrogance were on full display during the last debate. It’s why he won SC, it is what people LIKE about him.

      • Yep, I’m with teresa on this one.

      • Yes, but those are southern republican primary voters. That same vicious arrogance doesn’t play the same with more dispassionate people.

        • Does it matter? Where do Republicans win their electoral college votes? They win the southern and more rural states. Gingrich can win those states easily. Sure, he’d have trouble with California. But what about Ohio and Pennsylvania? Those are swing states this year. Can I see him winning those states? Um, yeah, unfortunately. Obama hasn’t exactly won them over.

          • Newt can win in the north too. All people want is for someone to shred Obama and Newt seems like the guy to do it. The more arrogant and vicious the better. I realized this while watching the group break down on the election returns. No matter when group people fell in to, they preferred Newt over Romney. It makes no sense unless you realize that the one thing all these people have in common is wanting to see Obama get beat. The more obnoxious Newt is the more they relish the idea of him debating Obama.

      • I agree. I think he’s vile but RD is right, some people need to be told what to think and Newt is the perfect slime ball for the job.

    • Millions of FBPs are prime recruits for L.A.W. if such a group literally existed in real reality. L.A.W. stands for Ladies Against Women and was the satirical name applied to Phyllis Schlafly’s civil restrictions group against the ERA. Millions of FBPs are Christian Satanists of one kind or another and if they consider Gingrich a suitable vessel for their Christian Satanism, they will vote for him beCAUSE of that.

      We would learn many things from a Gingrich candidacy. One thing we would learn is how many Ladies Against Women voters there are. The Ladies Against Women would all vote for Gingrich. The Women For Women would divide between Obama, Third Party, leaving the presidential line blank, staying home altogether. Another thing we will learn is just how much terminal disatisfaction Obama and all the little Obamacrats like David Atkins have inspired among Women For Women.

      The only reason I can offer for voting Obama against Gingrich is that a 2nd Obama term would delay (and give us opportunity to prevent) the rise of a new CLAN America. The number of Women For Women who reject that reasoning anymore would be a measure of the
      disgustogenic repellency that the Wall Street Obamacrats have achieved and attained.

  5. One second after … he rolls off and starts to snore.

    The republican establishment and the media may be behind Mittens but what about the voters?

    Don’t forget that they distrust the media, with the exception of Fox, plus have a healthy dose of cognitive dissonance. Any news critical of Newt will be seen as an attempt by the Liberul Media to keep Obama in power.

    What the Democrat elites and the print and broadcast did to prop up Obama won’t work with your typical conservative voter.

  6. America Hates Newt Gingrich

    There’s a good reason people don’t think Newtie will get the nomination. For further proof that Newtie is hated, in a Jan 18th poll, Obama beat Gingrich in Texas. Any questions?

    • For all I know, this is a clever scheme by Republicans to suck all of the media oxygen out of room and focus it squarely on whatever it is the Republicans want to talk about. Can you imagine 6 more months of Newt vs Romney? Gee, what *will* they talk about?
      But make no mistake about it, when it comes to voting in November, the Republicans will rally around their man. And if Obama continues to look weak, he’ll be bounced out of the White House. If I were Obama, I wouldn’t have evicted the Occupy movement from the parks. Big mistake.

      • I’ve followed Republican politics a hell of a lot longer than you and that is not necessarily the case at all. If this continues for too much longer, Newt’s billionaire backer in Vegas may find himself in for more problems than he could previously imagine unless the money dries up.

        • You may be right, I may be crazy. But Republicans play to win. They’re just better at it than Democrats. For people who don’t much believe in evolution, they are remarkably adept at adapting to their environment.
          I’m still convinced that we haven’t chosen our president since 1996. The Republicans have. You just have the illusion of voting for the person you want. The truth is they’ve narrowed the field of both parties to the persons they find acceptable.
          So, I have no doubt that they will find a way to make this whole circus wildly entertaining.

          • The victory will go to the party with the fired up base. McCain was hurt in 2008 by his lack of conservative credentials and Bush the Lesser stinking up the joint for the previous eight years. Had the financial crash not occurred before November he could have squeaked out a win.

            Next year the Democrat have the millstones of a flop for a candidate who was installed not selected and a large group of former Democrats looking to cast their votes elsewhere. Unless the GOP goes with a loon the White House will be theirs.

      • If Obama is running against Romney, then OWS is useful to him, but not so much if he’s running against Gingrich. He and Gingrich are more alike when it comes to personal wealth, and Obama can’t exactly go after Gingrich for crony capitalism w/o the old “I”m rubber and you’re glue” thingy.

        • There are many imponderables to be sure. My suspicion remains that a candidate Romney would let OWS-minded people feel free to vote against Obama because Obama is just a front-man for One Per Centers like Romney anyway. So between Romney and Obama, what does it matter who gets elected? That’s how I feel, though I can’t say for sure how many OWS folk would feel the same way.

          I suspect a number of OWS folk would be horrified and second-thoughted at the prospect of a CLAN President with Christian Satanist sympathies.

  7. SC is a POS excuse for a state, anyone remember 2008? Those are where the real bitter clingers are not Pennsylvania

  8. I agree that Gingrich is the greater danger both as a campaigner and as a would be president.

    All the more foolish, then, for you to say “fuck Obama.”

    • Are you saying that Obama is the absolute best representative the Democrats could put forward as presidential material? He holds strong Democratic party principles (whatever they are these days)? His performance simply cannot be bested by any other Democratic politician? Is that what you’re saying? Because if that’s the case, I will find another party candidate to vote for. There *are* other parties besides Republican and Democrat.
      Don’t blame the voters for their disgust with the choices. Blame the party for failing to negotiate with the voters. We deserve better than this.
      I’m on strike from the Democrats as far as presidential politics go.

    • Yeah, who knows? Gingrich might do something really lunatic like claiming he can imprison US citizens indefinitely without trial or assassinate them without due process. Oh, wait….

    • Please go back to Kos.

    • I see it’s political wifebeating season again.

  9. Lest we forget, Newticles shut down the Federal government because he thought Big Dawg snubbed him. 😈

    The 1% depend on the Federal government to bail out the economy after they loot it a little too carelessly and wreck it.

    The 1% depend on the police forces of the government(s) to protect them from the wrath of their domestic victims.

    The 1% depend on the military forces of the Federal government to protect them from the wrath of their foreign victims.

    The 1% don’t want the Federal government to shut down.

    I doubt the 1% will forget what Newticles did, or forgive him for it.

    Meanwhile, Obummer gives them everything they want, with only token rebukes that do nothing worse than hurt their poor widdle feelings a bit.

    The 1% will not allow Newticles to win the GOP nomination, much less the general election.

    One word: DIEBOLD.

    ‘Nuff said, true believers! Excelsior! :mrgreen:

  10. The only candidates I can support,are unfortunately, not on the ballot in my state. That grieves me more than I can say. Neither party as they presently behave have anything to offer the 99% in my view. Obama may be saying things more friendly to those of us who believe in more liberal policies of late, but what he says in a campaign and what he does in office are very different. There are a few people I see as good people. None of them are Republicans and the Democratic Party seems to be so self distructive, that they refuse to admit their 2008 mistake and promote another to top their ticket.

    • You may find this interesting. Craig Crawford says that the filing deadlines for some big state primaries haven’t passed yet. States like CA, PA and NJ have returned to their previous schedule. NJ doesn’t vote until June. Crawford speculates it leaves wiggle room for last minute candidates. Presumably he’s referring to Republicans but wouldn’t it apply to Democrats as well?

  11. Newts win may have been Democrats making mischief. 🙂

    • Couldn’t agree more. They are able to cross over in primaries so long as they only vote for one party. The other side has no alternatives on the ballot.

      • In South Carolina there was no Democratic primary ballot at all. And since write-ins aren’t allowed in the SC primary, if you went to the polls yesterday you got the Republican ballot or nothing.

        It would be interesting to see how much “cross-over” there was, but that leads us to another problem: there’s no party registration in South Carolina.

        • Were there a lot more votes cast than expected or as compared to previously Republican primaries?

    • Those would be some very unwise Democrats. Do they think Newtiepoo is less electable than Romney? He is MORE electable than Romney.

  12. I’ve never thought that Romney will be the Republican candidate. It may be Gingrich, but I’ve even thought the recent clowns would disgust the right so much, they’d pull Jeb Bush back into it.

    But it will be hell on us if it’s Gingrich. I can’t imagine listening to him for 4 years. Ugh!

    And I can’t imagine another 4 years with Obama. Did anyone hear the Bill Moyers interview with Stockman re crony capitalism? The intro to that outlines Obama’s buddies. Hopeless!

    • Jeb!
      I would have though that 911 and the Katrina aftermath would have soured republican voters on the Bush clan but if they can rehabilitate Newt and Bungalow dick …

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