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What we’re up against

Chosen for you

I had lunch with some former colleagues last week and told them I was going to Occupy Congress next week.  Some of them looked like I had lost my mind while others were curious.  One of them grew up in the former Soviet Union.  Once I assured him that I wasn’t marching for a grand socialist solution, we had an interesting conversation. He told me that in his country, the KGB put a label on you, he gestured to his forehead, and never let you alone.  He said, “Don’t misunderstand me, I am on your side, but what you are dealing with is not just in this country.  It’s global.”  And then he gave me a knowing look and, ya’ know, I think I got it.  That was a weird feeling and not necessarily in a good way.

I’ve mentioned this before but it bears repeating, we are now engaged in a struggle between global authoritarianism and small “l” liberalism.  This is a global event.  It’s the shock doctrine on a universal scale.  It’s why there’s a push for austerity everywhere.  Too often, Americans see their politics on a small scale, as if what happens here is just like the political superbowl between two teams that meet every four years.  The media covers the players in the same way with statistics and color commentary.  The primaries are like the playoffs leading to the big one in November complete with nachos and guacamole and a lot of beer.  It’s a process unique to Americans, just another Detroit vs Green Bay.

But that’s not what’s happening anymore.  Our electoral process seems local but it’s part of a global pattern where the players are picked by a small evil group to which no one we know belongs.  And they are presented to us in a process where the outcome is pre-ordained.  In fact, I don’t think we Americans have actually picked our president since 1996.  In every electoral contest since then, the good guys have lost.  I am not referring to McCain.

You THINK you have a choice but you don’t.  It’s time to face up to that fact.  If progressives were smart, they would stop playing this game and at least expose it, even if they feel (incorrectly, IMHO) they can’t do anything about it this go around.  As long as they still think that this is a contest between Barack Obama and whoever the Republicans pick, progressives are dooming us whatever the authoritarians want.  The answer is not to try to influence the Republicans.  You are wasting your time and playing their game.  The answer is to try to put the screws to the Democrats.   And it is a very good idea to find out who the authoritarians most fear.

Otherwise, we may wake up in mid-November to the same situation they have in Hungary right now where the ruling party has rewritten the constitution and has cemented its future electoral victories in place for a couple generations.

Have courage, friends.  The days of comfort for the soft American are over.

I’m off to Philly today to do some work type things.  Later Taters.

33 Responses

  1. I’m for Rocky Anderson, Our President 2012

  2. The useful idiots railed against Fox News because they were supposed to be the enemy. Fox isn’t alone in shaping opinion, they appeal to the low information, Moron-American segment of the population. The type that believes those ludicrous chain e-mails and votes republican. (Oliver North warning congress about Osama bin Laden)

    On the D(?) side the NYT, WaPo, MSNBC and other assorted bad actors fill the same roll as Fox. Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann constant berating of Hillary Clinton was mirrored to one degree or another through out the print and broadcast media. The question you might ask is, do these journalists work in a vacuum or were they on the take?

    We saw this with Al Gore vs Bush the Lesser in 2000 and then again in 2004 with John Kerry. This time, Wall Street/Corporate America cabal gave the media its marching orders early 2007 because they knew that their toady Bush had stunk up the joint too bad to elect a republican in 2008.

    We know that Obama was being groomed for an eventual run at the White House when he was chosen to speak at the 2004 convention. Here’s a tin foil thought, what if in the time following there was resistance due to his inexperience and another candidate got the nod, think Barack would have had an epiphany and decided his values were those of the GOP?

  3. One tip off that these folks are “selected” instead of “Elected” is the fact that they are “ALL” related to one another in some way or another.

    Now I’ll go take my tin foil hat off and stand in the corner! LOL

    • Since consumer metallic foil is actually made of aluminum rather than tin these days, how about “Reynolds Wrap Cap”, or more elaborately, “Thinking Cap O’ Reynolds Wrap”?

      Or if you want it shorter, “Wrap Cap”? :mrgreen:

  4. Taylor Marsh: “The party’s over” http://taylormarsh.com/blog/2012/01/the-partys-over/

    LOL 4 years late Taylor….

  5. I used to read a blog called Rigorous Intuition. Now that it appears to be posting again, I will start reading it again. It has addressed this aspect of political reality for some years now. It is derided as deeply tinfoil. It may be tinfoil, but is it wrong?

  6. One problem is that the most compliscent progressives in the 2008 democratic fraud primary have never and will never admit they were wrong.

    Michael Moore, Arianna Huffington, Maria Shriver, Nancy Pelosi (ha ha on that one), Keith Olbermann and many many more will never admit the hand they played in helping to ruin the middle class.

    • Don’t be fooled. They are all part of the 1% and knew exactly what they were doing when they did it! Michael Moore is the biggest fraud and his unconditional support for Obama proves it. It was never a secret that Obama was financed by wall street, rather than that bullshit story that it was the college students who funded his campaign. Michael Moore is too savvy to not have known that fact, which goes to show what a big fraud he really is. Like Al Sharpton, he’s an opportunist, not a real populist. He just makes millions of dollars pretending to be, just as Sharpton made his way exploiting racial tensions. Its pretty disgusting when you think about it. Much worse than the rethugs being more forthright about their obedience to the wealthy. At least they are honest about it. The dishonesty of the so called liberal establishment in this regard is exactly why so many of the working class run from them. When the liberal establishment whines that the working class who vote republican are voting against their interests, they aren’t fooling anybody. The working class is well awere that neither party gives a rats ass about their interests, so they often go with those who are willing to admit it.

      • When the liberal establishment whines that the working class who vote republican are voting against their interests, they aren’t fooling anybody. The working class is well awere that neither party gives a rats ass about their interests, so they often go with those who are willing to admit it.

        When the Liberal establishment whines that the working class votes against their own interest it is partly to rile up liberals who are elitists but not particularly wealthy, the educated poor to middle class. There is nothing they need more than a way to separate themselves from those blue collar people who they have such disregard for. Looking down on them for being religious, for owning guns, for having dirt under their fingernails, it is what makes the educated class feel superior and keeps them voting for democrats.
        In the meantime those on the right who are blue collar populists, vote for republicans because they believe republicans will leave them the hell alone in their own home, not tax them to death and not take their guns.

  7. I read the link about Hungary. Thank Haruhi the Founders made our Constitution so difficult to amend–although our authoritarians find other ways around it.

  8. 4 years since this… Can we please get a group of democrats together and start calling for O to resign?

  9. Riverdaughter,

    Your analysis and warning raises some difficult questions. Do you think that any Republican President would be equally likely to try introducing some regime-preservation system-changes? Do you think a re-elected Obama would be equally likely to try introducing some regime-preservation system-changes? Or do you think that some possible Republican presidents would be less likely, or even unlikely, to try indroducing such changes? Or also, do you think a re-elected Obama would be less likely, or unlikely, to try indroducing such system-changes?

    • Obama and the Republicans have already done enough. NDAA and SOPA trouble me greatly. Then there was the crackdown on the occupy sites. If you had seen what I’ve seen with the riot police overkill, you’d be very concerned. They are deploying armies against peaceful protestors. They act like we’re al Qaeda.
      It’s already here. We don’t have to wait until after the election. The question is, can we still elect who we want? Maybe there’s still a faint glimmer of light on that account but if we don’t strenuously push back, whoever is in charge at the end of this year will make sure there is never an opportunity for the electorate to change anything without a bloody insurrection, I’d prefer not to go down that route, wouldn’t you?

      • “The question is, can we still elect who we want?”

        As it currently stands, I would say no. The question is are we going to do anything about it? I support OWS however, there needs to be a clear message like you’ve been tlking about it needs to be straight forward: Have O resign and nominate a true democrat like Hillary. IMO, we need to put pressure directly on the administration not the top % 1 benefitting from them, because that just gives O leeway for more promises and bullshit rhetoric “I know how you folks are feelin'” I could only imagine the pandering soon to come during the GE…

        There are still a lot of disaffected dem sites/orgs many on your blogroll are any of them interested in any sort of movement?

      • I also would prefer avoiding the non-bloody insurrection route. Do we still get to make that choice?

        Just because the Rs and Obama may have done enough doesn’t mean that one or another of them won’t try doing even more. I expect some of the possible R prezes would seek a national version of the various voter suppression and prevention laws at the Federal level that various R governors and/or legislatures are passing in various states. Would such a national voter supporession/prevention law regime make voting a change even more difficult? If not, then it doesn’t matter if a Republican vote-suppressor becomes President. If yes, then it matters that a Republican vote-suppressor not be elected.
        In which case, are any of the Republicans less likely to seek or sign a National Voting Control Act? If so, shouldn’t we seek to get one of those Less Voting Suppressive Rs nominated?

        As to pressuring the Democrats, what do we pressure them with?
        Pressure would only be useful if it were based on a promise not to vote for Obama, not a mere threat not to vote for Obama. And such a promise is only credible if the people making it can be trusted to keep it. And the only people who could be counted on to keep such a promise would be people who see no greater threat from an R president than from Obama. People who actually see no such difference in respective threat levels are in a position to make the Democrats a credible promise not to vote for Obama. People who see different threat-levels posed by different possible R presidents would make their “Nobama” vote conditional upon just how threatening a candidate the Rs nominate. I am still in that “weigh the threat levels” group.
        So if millions of individual unhappy Democrats make their millions of individual decisions about whether to never vote for Obama or whether to vote against Obama depending on which R gets nominated, or whatever the threat-level condition dictates; then how do those millions deliver their credible promises ahead of time to the Democratic Party? Which parts of the Democratic Party are most susceptible to ” terror, torture, and pain”? (I think we can all take it for granted that the Democratic Party is not interested in logic or constituent wishes anymore).

        So then . . . for those of us who have made our decision about whether to vote for Obama under certain conditions, or to vote against Obama no matter what, or whatever decision we have made and made our private personal peace with . . . how would we make our individual decisions known and delivered to the Party Owners? Do we need to go further and think about what we can do to exterminate the Democratic Party at the Federal level if it leaves Obama on the ticket? Is that the sort of promise required to motivate the Party Owners? If not, are we prepared to do it anyway?

        And assuming the Party Owners have already made their peace with their choice . . . Obama . . . should we begin thinking about non-violent and pre-violent forms of economic insurrection? Consumer slowdowns and money-redirects designed to target and strangle selected pro-upper-class parts of the economy?

        • (Prefer avoiding the “non-bloody insurrection route” ? Surely I meant
          prefer avoiding the “bloody insurrection route” . . . in my reply above).

  10. Maybe off topic: I wandered over to the Agnew Hole to lurk a bit.

    I think they post more often on the Occupy movement than RD posts, even though she’s a member and they aren’t. The poor dears are obsessed. 🙄

    • You always hurt the one you love 😉

    • I like the Clown. I think he is smart and funny. Perhaps he is spending too much time with people who are democrats but talk like reactionary republicans.
      I think he is right about only the nuts being left when a protest goes on too long. I do hope OWS reconstitutes itself into something really powerful. I am waiting for really good news from DC.

      • But that’s not what the Klown said. As soon as Occupy started, he immediately said it was nothing but a stalking horse for Obama and could be nothing else. He’s been defending that ever since and there is no right wing argument too ridiculous to use in that defense.

        I like the Klown to but they’ve taken a pretty hard right turn and I don’t know how you square that with being a liberal.

  11. If Mr. Monster can go off topic, so can I. I read a blog by Ran Prieur called RanPrieur. So simple. Here is a cutpasted nugget from recent posting. Maybe it is just a nugget to me and a cinder to everyone else, but here goes . . . “Third subject, different from the first. How Yoga Can Wreck Your Body. Yoga was developed by people in great physical shape who had enough body awareness to avoid injuring themselves. “Now urbanites who sit in chairs all day walk into a studio a couple of times a week and strain to twist themselves into ever-more-difficult postures despite their lack of flexibility and other physical problems.” And teachers push students and themselves too hard because of ego.

    Something the article doesn’t mention is that every yoga pose was invented by someone whose body needed that particular stretch at that particular time. Ideally we would all have the skill and awareness to improvise our own exercises every day. Lacking that, we follow rigid and uniform routines that are inevitably wrong for us. This reminds me of how religion starts with direct experience of the divine, and then hardens into rules and memorized prayers. Or how learning starts with curiousity and self-directed exploration, and ends up in lifeless forced schooling.”

    Now, if anyone else reading that thinks it was more a nugget than a cinder, might I suggest that, on balance, Ran Prieur’s blogging has added up to a whole streambed full of nuggety gravel. In case anyone else wishes to give a peek, here follows the link.

    • I read it a couple of days ago. It grabbed me because some of the injuries (those caused by holding the neck in extreme positions for extended periods of time) result in blood flow issues to the brain. Which is a topic that interests me.

      As with most articles, it was awkwardly written and it seemed to me that a unifying thread was missing. It kind of came together when we found out at the end that the most extensively quoted yoga instructor is now himself severely disabled.

      Do you think the author was hiding the info for dramatic effect?

    • I really like reading your comments. You always have your smarty pants on.
      Thank you for the link. After 25 years of multiple back problems, some from injury and some congenital, I am seriously considering yoga. Now you have given me something to consider before I go in that direction.

  12. Here is an interesting Forbes mini-article, in which Bill Clinton is described as speaking favorably about OWS. Not sure of deeper meanings, if any, as of now . . .

    • Some might find the following distasteful or sexist but Bill Clinton’s women troubles also stemmed from his charisma. He was looked at the same way a groupie looks at a rock star, unfortunately for him he couldn’t say no to their advances. Monica Lewinsky legitimized Kenn Starr’s witch hunt and set the course for the next eight years.

      Some might argue that what he did in his private life should have no bearing on his public life but it doesn’t work that way here in America.

  13. Citizens United is working on a smear “documentary” about OWS.


    I guess the Malefactors Of Great Wealth must actually be worried about the Occupants. 😈

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