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      There’s a good article in Der Spiegel on the German energy/industrial crisis which is worth your time. Basically industries which have high energy costs are being crushed. In particular this means chemical and automotive, both big in Germany, but extends far further. (Indeed, the chemical industry was essentially invented by Germany in the 19th century, and […]
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Imagine if the US Media had covered the Occupy Movement like this…

It looks like Hillary has been provoking the Russians again.  They’ve taken to the streets in protests of the recent fraudulent elections that put Vladimir Putin’s United Russia ahead going into the general election in March.

MOSCOW — Tens of thousands of protesters gathered here on Saturday afternoon for a second large antigovernment demonstration, as a wave of new activists struggle to convert an inchoate burst of energy into a durable political force.

Demonstrators massed in Moscow on Saturday, sustaining their protests of Russia’s legislative election results.

Organizers hope to build on the success of the Dec. 10 protests, which mobilized a broad collection of previously apolitical middle-class Russians angry over parliamentary elections earlier this month that many rejected as fraudulent and slanted in favor of the ruling party, United Russia. If the movement can sustain its intensity, it could alter the course of presidential elections in March, when Vladimir V. Putin plans to extend his status as the country’s dominant figure to 18 years.

The crowd began forming more than an hour before the beginning of the protest, for which city authorities granted a permit for up to 50,000 people. Organizers estimated the crowd at 120,000; the police offered a lower estimate of about 29,000.

The NYTimes is supportive of these protestors, who are portrayed as generally apolitical middle class Russians, compared to the dirty hippy types in Zuccotti park and they’re union sympathizers.  (Oh, they’re only *union* people.  Well, let’s just undercount them then.)

But here’s a curious thing, some of these protestors previously engaged in electoral fraud. Imagine if the Obot contingent had grown consciences over the disaster they helped create when they f%^&ed with the caucus system in Iowa, Texas, Nevada and other states.

Pavel Morozov, 23, said he had come as an act of penitence: two years ago, he had stuffed a ballot box to bolster the results of United Russia, while working at a polling station. Mr. Morozov said that he realized his quality of life would suffer if Mr. Putin was dislodged, but that he was prepared for that.

“I can say for sure life will be worse for those of us who are now well off, but we need some kind of change, because what we have now is stagnation,” he said. “Anyone now but Putin. It will at least be different and for the youth, this is better than stagnation.”

This is what we need.  We need the remaining Obot Democratic party loyalist lackies, like Thereisnospoon, to tell the party to go Cheney itself and walk away.  By the way, did you notice that Romney and Ron Paul are the only Republican candidates who actually have the organization to get their names on the primary ballots?  Organization counts.  If Gingrich and Perry are hoping for a miracle in Iowa that would force them onto the ballots in other states by public demand, well, I wouldn’t be too sure about that.  Once the ball starts rolling on the R side of the ballot, frontrunner status solidifies itself pretty quickly so they can concentrate on the general election.  The Republican voters will fall into line behind their nominee by January, while the Democrats will still be pretty pissed off about theirs.  Just sayin…

The holiday atmosphere of the first gathering has hardened into something more urgent in the two-week lull. The crime novelist Boris Akunin, who returned to Moscow this month from his home in France to participate in the demonstrations, told the crowd to gird itself for a long haul.

“We will have a difficult year,” Mr. Akunin said. “But it will be an interesting year. It will be our year.”

When I was in my 20s, a demonstration like this in Russia was unheard of.  Russians lead lives of gray dreariness and oppression under the Soviet system where the KGB followed dissidents and sent them to Gulags and Siberia for stepping out of line.  Now, it’s the United States that is slipping into gray dreariness for the vast majority of people whose cell phones are bugged and can be indefinitely detained for stepping out of line.  Here in the US, it is now the average middle class voter such as myself who is villified by the press for being occupiers who inconvenience others.  Here in the US, public *camping* is a major crime necessitating the use of riot police, pepperspray, sound cannons and pain.  Funny how we aren’t having this reaction to the anti-choice demonstrators who aren’t even nice about the way they viciously inconvenience and harrass young women who have enough to worry about.  We haven’t broken up and evicted their permanent encampments even when they have been known to fire bomb clinics and shoot doctors.  That’s ok as long as they didn’t bring a water proof shelter with them.

Well, let’s see if the protests in Russia have any effect on the way that Occupy Congress is covered on January 17.  I’ve made my reservation on the Trenton, NJ bus and am planning to meet up with Marsha and Katiebird (if we can nudge her out of Kansas.  See our donate button if you want to help dislodge her.  $10.17 is the recommended donation.).  Are you planning to go?

“We will have a difficult year, but it will be an interesting year. It will be our year.”

This is personal:  I look at those images of protestors holding up flags and getting dragged to the ground by police and my blood boils.

I’m sure we all have vague fuzzy memories from when our consciences started to flicker to life.  I have some that stand out in my mind: my mother walking into a room and leaving in disgust, Christmas lights, the long icicles hanging from the strata of shale and earth as I looked out the window of a car, of  holding onto my dad’s two fingers as I toddled beside him in the snow, the image of accidentally pushing some little girl down a flight of stairs, my mother’s baptism into the Jehovah’s Witnesses in a natatorium in Cleveland, Ohio, giving my days old sister a piece of candy.  But they’re flashes, catching a signal from an old antenna between the static.

My absolute clearest memory, the one that stands out for me as the moment the signal to my conscience came online and began its linear narrative that leads me to this day is of a clear winter day in Norfolk, Virginia where my dad was stationed during the Kennedy presidency.  We were on the front lines of the cold war, Norfolk is *the* east coast port of the United States Navy.  We were going to be vaporized first.  Somehow, I think I knew that.

There was a large field between the rows of houses.  There was a playground in that field surrounded by clotheslines.  There was a sandbox in that playground.  I was wearing a round wool hat that had ear flaps and tied underneath my chin, long pants, and a bulky jacket combination with too many layers beneath it but no gloves.  I can see the shadows of the monkey bars cast on the ground by a cold sun and I am staring at Bobby Harris, my best friend who just told me to shut up.  I raised my fist in the air and shouted,

“This is a free country.  I can say anything I want.  You can’t make me shut up.”

True story.  The first words I ever remember hearing myself say were a protest.

26 Responses

  1. Don’t you know that protest against the government is to be condoned except at home?

    The various and sundry departments of the United States Ministry of Propaganda in the print and broadcast media have their instructions regarding this and who gets to sit in the White House.

    The only way the government gets away with brutalizing the OWS protesters is through the works of the media.

    • It seems to me that we’re seeing a power struggle between people who rig Russian elections, and people who rig American elections and want to rig Russian ones too. Ergo, no media outlet dares to contest the election-rigging here, but they’re in a full-court press against their bosses’ Russian rivals. I imagine that if American plutocrats succeed in replacing the Putinites, Russia will recieve the same full-bore Shock Doctrine treatment that Western Europe has gotten and America is getting.

      • It’s almost like Americans are in denial. Election rigging only happens in *other* countries. Tell that to Al Gore, John Kerry and Hillary Clinton.
        Odd isn’t it…

  2. This lie has got to be knocked flat if we want to change the way Wall St is regulated.

    The Big Lie Grows

    The Right can’t agree on much these days–witness the Boehner-McConnell miscue over payroll tax cuts–but conservatives are madly converging around the idea that their Sugar Daddy No. 1, Wall Street, was largely blameless in the biggest financial crash since the Depression. We’re hearing a whole new iteration of a very tired claim: that government housing policies dating back to Bill Clinton and Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, the quasi-governmental lenders, were Ground Zero of the crisis. Gov. Rick Perry, whose cluelessness only seems to grow the longer he spends on the trail, not only wants to “free up Wall Street” to save the economy, but in Iowa this week he labeled Fannie and Freddie a “modern day Bonnie and Clyde.” Gingrich and Romney have joined in identifying Fan and Fred as Public Enemies No.1.

    • The Obama Administration supports that view as much as it dares to be seen doing so. That is why Holder has been instructed to avoid any investigation or action against Wall Street or other Financialist predasites. I suspect that is why the SEC is bringing civil fraud cases against Fannie/Freddie former executives . . . as a diversion away from
      the Pirate Sector financialist looters.

      I will pretend to welcome the Fannie/Freddie cases as a first step to prosecuting the Bigger Fish. If enough people pretend to believe that, might we embarrass the Obama Administration into dropping its Shield of Impunity from around its Wall Street owners and patrons?

      • … and notice that the media is nowhere to be found correcting those misconceptions. If the Founding Fathers were around they would take a horse whip to most of today’s print and broadcast “journalists” for their sins against the Republic.

        • Joe Nocera in the New York Times did a good job in refuting that lie today. The name of his story was “The Big Lie”. He included how it got started and grew. We need a lot more writers stepping off the reservation like he’s done in his last two shots at it.

  3. By the way, what if everybody who reads this blog but never comments were to leave a little comment just to show they read this blog? Especially any OWS connected people?

    It would be a modest Christmastime display of strength-in-numbers solidarity.
    “Hello. I’m OWS and I’m here. One more someone.”

    • Hello. I’m OWS (Occupy Tucson, specifically) and I’m here. One more someone.

      • Good. I obviously am one of the very newest readers here . . led here to begin with by Monster From The Id (whom I haven’t seen here lately). And I am merely a distant hopeful sympathiser to the whole OWS upsurge. But hopefully many OWS participants (or even just close and steady trackers) will tell others who will tell others and so a big naturally-growing corps of readers will develop which will see how faithfully the OWS developments are reflected and reported here. If they like what they see, they will hopefully recruit more and more and evermore readers.

        • Another distant sympathizer here, but one who increasingly wants no part of politics and political discussions. If I disappear from here, I will not have been removed, but will have dropped out of my own will.

          • Well, you can always log in and see if the discussion is about politics or about something else. Riverdaughter generally telegraphs what the subject will be. You can always read the “something else” posts, including the posts about pharmaceuticologichemical research.

          • Oh, and . . . remember what Leon Trotsky once said, and I paraphrase: ” You may not be interested in politics, but politics is very interested in you.”

            Perhaps you might want to keep following politics in the spirit in which
            weather experts at the National Storm Center follow weather and especially storms.

          • It won’t be more than a few decades before I will be as dead as Trotsky, and I have no descendants to consider.

    • Hello. I’m an OWS supporter who has been reading this blog since the 2008 primaries. I mainly lurk since I’m usually a few days behind and (as in this case) feel any comments I make are long past relevant. As long as I’m doing so now, I want to say I really appreciate RD’s lucid posts over the years and I thank her for all her reports and insights from OWS events (love that bat-signal!). Happy Festivus to everyone!

  4. Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

  5. Found a bargain tree. It’s actually pretty nice. Last year, I would have plunked down $60+ for it. This year? Half of that. The lot I bought it at had a lot Of nice trees left. Kinda surprising actually. I buy my trees late and usually have to drive to 3-4 lots to pick out the nicest one out of what’s left. Not this year.
    Anyway, I set it up this evening. The kid is using her atheism as an excuse to not help. I just got the last ornament hung and was filling the Resevoir with boiling water, carefully avoiding getting any on my wooden floor when the whole damn tree fell over.
    Yep, ornaments crashed to the floor, pearl rope is all askew and that boiling water?
    All over the oak floor.

    • The year my father died no one was in the Christmas spirit. I went to work to find a tree – forgetting my wonderful father’s pearls of wisdom (“make sure the trunk is straight”).

      Got the tree home. Decorated it all by myself. Stood back and watched it crash to the floor – I hadn’t looked at the trunk and it was a crooked as….well, Wall Street.

      I ended up wiring it up – needless to say it was an appropriate end to a really horrible year.

      I wired every tree every year after that (it’s been 40 years of wire). And keep passing my dad’s wisdom to my kids every year, too “(Yes, Mother!”)

      Merry Christmas.


      OCCUPY CONGRESS ON 01/17/2012. See you RD!

      • Marsha,
        We need to take a meeting. I will send you my phone number on Monday.
        Good advice on the trunk. I think it’s ok now. As soon as the holidays are over, I’m looking for a cheap artificial tree on Craigslist.

  6. Oh, those dirty filthy hippies of the Occupy Movement……

  7. I wish the occupy movement would use the real history of our country to show average americans that our country was founded against the corporate state. The boston tea party,for example was carried out on privately owned ships. They ruined the cargo that was purchashed in the far east and transported for months. Then the private merchants lost their inventory for probably months! IMAGINE THE HIT IN PROFITS THEY MUST HAVE TOOK! This is never taught in this manner in history. Why? You could only come to the conclusion that these people were against the privatization of the colonial money system by the bank of england. Which Ben Franklin clearly states in his autobiography was the prime root cause of the revolutionary war.

    • This would require years of patient teach-ins and read-ins and reading-list assemblies and dispersals. It is why I expressed the hope
      that at some point Occupy minded people would/could raise the money and create persistent funding-streams that would create the Occupy equivalent of what Christian Science has; namely a nationwide system of little hole-in-the-wall Reading Rooms where anybody may come in and read Christian Science stuff. Only Occupy could have Occupy Reading Rooms where people could come in and read Occupy stuff. Recovering and learning and spreading this lost history and lost economics and so forth will take years. It could be what Occupists and interested onlookers do during the downtime between Occuprotests and other actions.

      That’s what the Populist Movement spent several decades doing all over America before deciding to redirect all their energy into supporting a Democratic Candidate for President . . . William Jennings Bryan. The history and perhaps false-start blind-alley departure of the Populist Movement should perhaps be studied at leisure and in detail by the Occupists of today.

  8. Recently Riverdaughter referred to an anti-Internet initiative referred to as SOPA. I forget what SOPA stood for, but it was basically a law designed to censor and kill any and every conceivable website and blog on the excuse that they were somehow infringing on copyrighted something or other. The real reason would be if that “any and every conceivable website or blog” were suspected of costing the OverClass some measure of power or money. So some angry and outraged digital folks decided to get revenge on certain pro-SOPA entities small enough to be affected, starting with a domain-name-registrater named Go Daddy. I believe I read that their goal is to exterminate Go Daddy from existence and wipe it off the face of the earth. If they can achieve that, they will move on to each slightly bigger pro-SOPA entity and seek to exterminate them from existence and wipe them off the face of the earth one by one by one . . . till support for SOPA begins to shrink due to the shrinking number of not-yet-exterminated bad actors which support SOPA. So today I found on Reddit a little article claiming that a number of domain name owners have moved their names away from Go Daddy. Now . . . I am not “digital” enough to know what that means in detail, but I vaguely grasp the concept that this means that progress is being made towards the extermination of Go Daddy from existence and its enwipement from the face of the earth. And this is how one makes progress against The Enemy, by exterminating its component targets one by one by one. Link to follow.

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