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      Week-end Wrap – Political Economy – January 29, 2023 by Tony Wikrent   Altercation: Goodbye and Thanks Eric Alterman, January 27, 2023 [The American Prospect] The key question I want to leave people with is this: Given the lack of guardrails, how far are these people willing to go? Trump is as popular as he was before January 6th and has been invited back on […]
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Tuesday: Wasps

I’m going to make a prediction.

I’m going to predict that the American version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo that starts in theaters today is going to be a massive hit here in the US.  The books, written by Swedish journalist Stieg Larsson and translated from Swedish, were best sellers in this country.  But many Americans stay away from foreign subtitled films.  I don’t know if that reflects poorly on our literacy or our anti-intellectualism.  I did see the Swedish version of the film- twice.  But I had to see it in an older “art-house” theater (where all of the good movies are).

I suspect a lot of young women don’t have time to plod through a book these days.  Without audible, I might have skipped it myself. But this book is the stuff that dreams are made of.  You know, the dreams where you want to kick some young male asshole in the balls for smashing your mac or fucking up the White House for 4 years?  Yeah, swollen and bruised testicles are only the beginning.

Our heroine is the tiny dervish Lisbeth Salander who, with Kalle Blomqvist, a reporter for the investigative magazine, Millenium, takes on rapists and murderers and the arrogant, seemingly all powerful investment class.  This movie is saved from being a cynical caricature of the She-Woman’s Man Hating Club by some sensitive new age Swedish guys.  Thank God, because I like men.  They’re not all bad.  But in Dragon Tattoo, the vengeance is sweet and sublimely satisfying.  Finally, justice has her way with them.  And this is just the first of three films, each one of them taking on a different aspect of misogyny and sexism that women of every class and background are forced to accept.

Now, this country is different than Sweden or many European countries where the original Swedish versions of the films were  well received, so all bets are off as to how the average American mens folk will weigh in on it.  Sweden is an enlightened country when it comes to gender equality compared to here so if they’re still dealing with this shit, imagine how bad it is here in America.  Women here don’t have to imagine it.  We live it everyday and 40 times over in 2008.   That election set us back by decades.  But this film will give men some insight into the internal thought processes of women and they might not be comfortable with what they see.

In fact, I hope it scares the living daylights out of them.

Ladies, charge your tasers.


Joseph Cannon alerted me to some weird group robocalling on behalf of runhillary2012.net.  Here’s the rundown from Cannonfire:

An email from Howard Rodman, vice president of the Writers Guild West, popped into my Yahoo account today. Good news about that Aleister Crowley biopic I wrote? Nope. That one went straight into some of the finest round files in town, and it never escaped.

Instead, Rodman spoke about something far more intriguing.

Today I got a robocall (!) telling me that the banksters would be in jail and unemployment ended and college would be affordable if Hillary were President. It directed me to runhillary2012.net

The site is minimal; and whois didn’t tell me anything of note. The site says it’s from “the 99%.”

Perhaps you can find out more? For whatever reason — and I could be very wrong — this seems to me more like ratfucking than like a genuine Hillary campaign.

Cannon calls it a “ratfucking” operation and I would have to agree.  “the 99%” don’t endorse candidates and their occupation is based on the immorality of economic and social inequality.  As far as it being a PUMA operation, I really couldn’t say because as far as this site is concerned, we stopped being PUMAs after the 2008 election.  Yep, you can go back and check our attempts to organize.  Pretty early on we discovered that the acronym PUMA had been poisoned by both sides of the aisle and we decided that evolution is a good thing.  A group that fails to adapt to its environment doesn’t last very long.  The environment was over the top Obama triumphalism.  Now that the truth is out and lefties are recovering from their psychogenic fugue, we face an altogether different environment than three years ago and we must adjust accordingly.

I still think that Hillary would make a much better candidate and president and it would be better for the Democratic party to give its voters what they want because that’s the best way to win next year.  If not Hillary, some other highly qualified candidate from among their ranks could be found.  I can think of a few right off the top of my head who would be an improvement over Obama and those names do not include Howard Dean.

But the small evil group that is currently in charge of the Democratic party is being hand fed by the wealthy and well connected to do its bidding and one of the things this group is charged with doing is poisoning the memory and history of the Clinton era.  It’s gotten so bad that every lefty media outlet has to genuflect to the idea that Clinton was a terrible president because of NAFTA, welfare reform and the repeal of Glass-Steagall.  There’s very little balance or accuracy or even a soupcon of reflection.  Yes, every one from Mark Schmitt to Sam Seder has to make the Clinton Presidency Disclaimer.  But you know, people who were around to see it happen don’t buy that shit.  It’s only the people who have some kind of investment in group dynamics who do.  And the small evil group who runs the Democratic party knows how to yank that chain.  What surprises me is even after those same people know how badly they were played  in 2008, they are still willing to be played yet again as useful idiots for 2012 in order to not lose the love.  The thing that will bring down American is the inability to think for oneself.  I don’t put the blame on Republicans.  We all know what malevolent sociopaths they are.  I blame Democrats for their capacity to get sucked into a trap over and over again.  They’re no better than right wingers.  They will believe absolutely everything their mouthpieces tell them even if it leads them straight over a cliff.  And they suppress their better judgement and defer to the “serious people” in their own party.

Anyway, I have no idea who is making the robocalls but think of it this way, robocalling is not cheap.  And whoever is doing it is trying to tie Hillary to the Occupation, which will steadfastly resist being associated with any politician.  Those of us who are political junkies know that Hillary is human and a politician, not some ethereal magical person who makes promises she has no intention or capability of keeping.  That’s Obama’s thing, not Hillary’s.  So, either this is a terribly misguided group with a lot of online donations who is highjacking the Occupation’s logo for its own benefit or it’s one or both of the two parties up to no good.

Don’t believe anything you hear until you hear it from Hillary herself.