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Occupy Wall Street: A bishop scales the fence into Duarte Park

Update5: The GA will be held in Times Square.  The occupiers were headed to the Red Steps except that the police are listening into OWS communications now and they decided to head it off by ejecting tourists.

Update4: The #OWS hashtag says that Plan B has been activated and that all marchers are to head to PERSEUS.  I assume you know what that means.  Another batsignal?  Something seasonal?  Sounds like fun.

This tweet sounds official:

NYC General Assembly

@NYC_GANYC General Assembly
Tonight’s #GeneralAssembly will be at 60 Wall St. at 7:30. Come one, come all. #d17 #OWS
This was the original plan but it was adjusted on the fly.
 Soooooo, get out of Times Square, guys.  People are getting thrown off the Red Stairs.  It looks like the tourists are getting the boot,  not the protestors.  The protestors were not on the Red Stairs.  So, the cops have just pissed off a bunch of tourists and shoppers.  So, NOW the tourists are walking away saying, “Police State!”.  Great way to welcome people to the city.  Nice going, Bloomberg.

Update3: Police are moving into Times Square.  The march has broken up but this isn’t significant.  The occupiers are dispersed but the occupation movement tends to move in mysterious ways.  They’re at the Red Steps in Times Square.  There is a people’s march going on somewhere ahead.

OK, what are they up to??

There is a proposal to go back to Zuccotti.  But someone (is that Dwayne? *swoon*) says that they should stay in Times Square and have a general assembly there.

Update2: The occupiers are headed towards Times Square.  They were kettled briefly at 29th street and 7th avenue.  But the kettling nets were trampled by occupiers who sprinted away.  So, the cops let everyone go.  Now, the occupiers are marching more or less quietly to Times Square by walking in the street.  The cops are also walking in the street.  Tim the cameraman at The Other 99 livestream reports that the cops are targeting media, roughing them up and arresting them.  They are also monitoring the livestreams.  By walking to Times Square, the protestors are going to blend in with the theatre crowd.

There are people being tased!!

They are being forced out of the Times Square area.  Hey, that doesn’t seem right.  What if you have tickets?

The police are also looking for people who they think may be functioning in an organizational capacity.  One of the march “pacers” has been arrested.

Update:  The Occupiers have taken to the street.  They were headed towards Rev. Cooper’s house.  He has been representing Trinity Church.  But they were diverted by police.  So, they took to the streets, running the wrong way down one way streets.  The police don’t have good tactics to handle that.  There are now arrests in progress.  You can find some of the livecoverage at Wearetheother99.  Here is their livestream.  http://occupystreams.org/item/occupy-nyc-the-other-99

New chant: “Move like water, burn like fire”

The street is now kettled.  Police are moving in saying that no one is getting off this block.

Looks like the cameraman may be about to be arrested.

Damn, I’m sorry to have missed this one. You have to check out this video if you haven’t seen it yet. The occupiers built a ladder and went over the fence into Duarte Park at 6th and Canal. And who was the first one over? It was a bishop and several other clergy. They dropped down to the other side but this whole idea was planned in advance because a second ladder was dropped into the park and connected to the first ladder so that occupiers didn’t have to jump down.

Check out the video here http://llcdn8.twitvid.com/twitvidvideosv2/Y/F/H/YFHNZ.tmp.mp4?e=1324163520&h=ebbd237fc47d56fa5ed80697e39a8821

Sorry, I’m blogging on my iPad so I can’t embed without major headaches.

This is absolutely the right thing to do. We are seeing a replay of the demonstration at the Temple with Trinity Church playing the role of Caiphas, cooperating with the Romans to keep the riff-raff in check. I know the church has been generous with their hospitality and hot chocolate. But what the occupiers need is a space. Now is the time to make a commitment. Otherwise, the Trinity has lost sight of what it means to be Christian. You do not want to be the ones who threw out the people protesting the money changers and the jackbooted thugs they support.

We’ve replaced crucifixion with indefinite detention but the obliteration of the protestor will happen just the same. Where is Obama in all of this? Will he allow the scenes of oppression and thuggery spread from Cairo and Syria to NYC?

Is this a free country? And where are the rest of the Christians? Shouldn’t they be down there, helping each other over the fence?


29 Responses

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  2. Wow, they’re taking over the streets. I’m so proud of them. I wish I were there.

  3. Sounds like big doings going on in the West Village according to recent tweets. Wish I was there….


    • Mass arrests at 29th street and 7th avenue. The cameraman captured the arrest of some dude on a bike. He was dragged off his bike and punched in his face before he was arrested.
      The kettling net has been cut and occupiers are running through it. Camera persons are being harrassed. The Democracy Now cameraman was arrested.

  4. Ok, this is new. The police are letting people go. Yep, just letting them go. Weird.

  5. They’re going back into the streets.

  6. The cops are targeting the cameramen.

  7. What group is “We are the other 99%” – I assume they are one of the good guys – but why “other” in their name?

  8. Hmmm. Ejecting tourists from Time Square at 7:30 PM on the week-end before Christmas….priceless.

    • Really? Wow!

      • Yep, OWS was going to have their GA on the red steps but the police were listening into their communications. So before the occupiers could even get to the steps, the cops cleared everyone off of them. The people who were on them were tourists, who started to mutter about a “police state” as they were forced to get off of them.
        So that backfired on the NYPD and proved a point.
        Then I went to occupywallst.org and saw a big greeting from Mumia Abu-Jamal and thought WTF?? Why is it that no matter how earnestly a movement starts to address the concernes of real people it always devolves to Mumia? I have seen this so many times that it almost made me sick. Once again, some fanatical contingent of people are willing to sacrifice a great movement in order to free this one man who by all accounts actually did the thing that put him in jail. He even was stupid enough to represent himself in court. It would be like the Tea Party sticking up a poster on their site that says “Lee Harvey Oswald was framed”. It’s a HUGE distraction and gives everyone a bad impression. If I thought this guy was innocent, I’d start a different movement to free him. I wouldn’t always glom on to something with a lot of promise hoping for publicity with the end result of killing the movement that is forced into association with Mumia. What’s going to happen now is that we’re all going to have to stop and argue this case again. What a tremendous waste of time and opportunity. I realize that the structure of OWS is horizontal and no one really has the right to prevent the message from making the front page but I really wish someone had more sense than to give the poster the system password. That’s just fricking irresponsible. Bill O’Reilly is going to have a field day with that and all of our hard work for OWS is going to circle the drain.
        So incredibly foolish. I’m really disappointed.

        • The Mumia thing is a facepalm du jour. I think that the Occupy movement is going to have to admit that a horizontal structure is just as bad as a vertical structure. Some things need to be set while others require being light on your feet. It’s a tough balancing act.

          • Something to think about … the Occupy-suppressors clearly know how Free Mumia hijackers and other suckfish-barnacles will disrupt Occupy actions and repel and irritate onlookers. How many of these
            Free Mumia hijackings might be staged by undercover government agents or freelance breitbarters and ratfuckers?

            Perhaps the Mumia’s Not My Problem counterchant might be just as useful against false-flag “Free Mumia” governarcs as it would be against real Free Mumianists.

        • I absolutely agree with you about Mumia.

        • In nature, you never find a shark without suckfish. The sharks will just have to find a way to make sure that the onlookers can tell the sharks from the suckfish. Perhaps the legitimate occupists will have to learn to use an endlessly-adaptable chant-module. My suggestion for such a module goes like this : ” (whatever’s) not my problem.” So if a hundred suckfish start chanting Free Mumia! a thousand sharks can start chanting Mumia’s Not My Problem. That should make the difference clear. Let the Free Mumianists explain Free Mumia.

          One hopes some of the Occupists are exchanging personal contact information with eachother so that they can stay in touch with eachother between Occupies and start exchanging thoughts and information about goals and visions and methods and stuff for applying in daily life between Occupies.

        • Others agree with you, RD:

          “I have been working at Occupy Wall Street since week 2. I am involved heavily in several working groups. I attend meetings and actions every day of the week. But this? This is bullshit. Here’s the thing y’all. Yes, the criminal justice system is brutally unfair. It is racist. It is classist. It is broken beyond all repair. The prison industrial complex has swallowed any hopes that a poor black man ever had to a right to a fair trial in this country. HOWEVER, Mumia? Mumia is guilty as hell. Guilty, guilty, guilty. He stood over Officer Daniel Faulkner with a gun registered in his own name and shot him point blank in the face in front of multiple witnesses. Because of Mumia’s involvement with The Black Panthers, because of his background as a guerilla journalist, and because of the undoubtedly racist climate of Frank Rizzo’s police department in the 1980’s, Mumia’s conviction became a cause celibre. I do not believe in the death penalty. I think that our justice system is a sham. But slapping Mumia’s face on the front of the OWS website is insulting and offensive to all of us who have worked so hard these past few months. This movement is about socio-economic inequality and corporate corruption. It is not about promoting the latest Free Mumia rally on campus. Please show some respect for the legions of us who have put in so much time, and do not glorify the convicted murderer of a police officer. No matter how many college kids wear his face on their shirts.”

        • I am sorry, in to every group the nuts must fall. Someone you otherwise admire and agree with also agrees with the free Mumia folks or is one of them. It happens. It’s kind of like you go to theater camp and have a great summer and fall in love with just everyone and at the end of the summer find out that one of your very favorite older super talented actors who is so nice, is a right wing Nazi youth type who uses the N word.

  9. The Bishop scaling the fence is teh awesome. And I say this as a recovering Episcopalian.

  10. Thanks for all the updates RD et.al. Go Home Team!

  11. Heads up, Occupy, and take warning . . . .

    Here is a dirty little article by a filthy little Marxist discussing how the Marxists and Socialists can take over Occupy and become your “Vanguard Leaders” . . . and why they are entitled to take over Occupy and become your “Vanguard Leaders”. Beware Beware Beware . . . .
    Here is the link: http://louisproyect.wordpress.com/2011/12/15/occupy-and-the-tasks-of-socialists/

    • One of the concerns I have about the actual physical “Occupations” is that they take over the MSM’s (supposed) reporting of the Occupy Movement and you do find a lot of (supposed) Maxists at the camps. They are always the one some dumbass reporter seeks out for comment….but it’s almost always not MY comment that I hear.

      I am anxious for Phase II of OWS to take hold and point the way so that things stay on-message. (To me that message is “Corporate Money = Corrupt Politicians” – get the money out of politics.)

      Right now I am pointed to DC for the January 17th Occupy Congress Event. I really believe that we need big statements to sustain us through the winter and this appears to be one that I can participate in (although my other half frowns every time I talk about my trip – he just doesn’t like me to spend money. I’ve told him if he can organize an Occupy Vail (Arizona) event for 100,000 people I’ll stay home!)

      Anyway, if anyone is planning on being in DC for the Occupy Congress march, let me know – it’s alway good to have a friend.

      • I mean “Marxist”….

      • For now at least, every Occupist may have their own message. And in spirit, Occupy may well be a Space For Study among other things. The various flavors of Organized Marxocialist have decided that Occupy is a valuable possession and they have targetted it and are aquiring (or have aquired) their target. As long as the people of Occupy realize that the survival of their movement depends on viewing the Marxists the way an organism views a viral invader, they may be able to take preventive and pre-emptive countermeasures.

        Hopefully also, normal-people members of/participants in Occupy are ready to withstand the spectacle of the Anarcists and the Marxists
        treating Occupy as a battleground and a treasury to be fought on and over for a high-value leadership monopoly. Hopefully as that happens,
        the normal-people participants can understand and absorb the early spirit and replicate and evolve it in thousands of separate unsubvertible micro-cells and movement groups.

  12. I live a long way from the heart of the Occupy Movement so don’t have a lot of physical time with the still hearty band of Occupy Tucson – but I am all over the internet in whatever way I can be.

    So I love the idea of the “(Blank)’s not my problem” chant/post – as I am often faced with something that I totally disagree with and don’t want to be hijacked.

    Now it would be great if we got a lot of people doing the same thing so that it earns a place on-line and at the protests (hint!)

    • Thank you for your kind words of encouragement. If other people also decide “Blank’s not my problem” whenever a bunch of suckfish chant Free The Whatever! , then it may well be tried. I offer it in case it may be useful.

      I once thought of a similar thing to use in appropriate circumstances.
      ” Thank you for inviting me to carry your baggage, but I’m not your bellhop”. And if they continue inviting you to carry their baggage, you could say . . . ” I hear you ringin’, but I ain’t hoppin’. “

  13. Just for a laugh I clicked on the Home Decor Expert who was first to post on this thread way up above.

    All I can say is . . . ” hey pal, you chose the wrong blog at the wrong time to advertise this stuff”.

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