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Tent Monsters in Melbourne

Damn, Aussies!  We have to top this:

By the way, Conflucian Marsha found an article at WaPo that tends to confirm the January 17, 2012 Occupy Congress event:

In the two weeks since the New York Police Department cleared New York’s Zuccotti Park of its camping protesters, the Occupy Wall Street movement has increasingly turned its attention to Washington. Last week, some 50 marchers arrived at McPherson Square from New York and then marched on the Capitol. Yesterday, Occupy DC targeted congressional Democrats at a campaign fundraiser. Now, protesters say they plan to Occupy Congress on Jan. 17, in the “largest Occupy protest ever!

(Facebook)The protest is being timed with the start of the 2012 legislative session for Congress. Protesters say they hope to set up 1 million tents in front of the Capitol. “We’re taking the movement straight to their doorstep,” the protest’s Facebook page wrote.

For those of you who missed this video announcement from the New York City General Assembly (nycga.net) last night, here it is:

Wanna go to the Mall?  Be sure to bring your tent monster.

21 Responses

  1. O M G.

    I haven’t laughed this hard and loud in a long time. The Melbourne video is a keeper – and I can’t imagine every topping this!


    • I love it when the tents chase the police. It looks like something straight out of Monty Python.

  2. If people of occupy are serious about occupying congress, I’ll support the occupiers.

  3. Hilarious chant: “All we are saay-in, is give tents a chance”.


    Washington, January average temperatures: 43F-29F

    average precipitation: 2.81

    Plan for cold, and possibly wet or snowy, weather, then if it remains as unusually warm as this late fall has been, you’ll be prepared for anything at least. (I’ll ‘fess up; I live over 300 miles from D.C., but I kinda know that their weather is not that far different from ours.)

    Also, yay and yay! Occupy must have heard my plea to take Occupy to Washington/Congress!

    • Come join us! The more the merrier.

      • Oh, wow! We could have a Conflucian caravan.

        • I’ll be flying in from Tucson through Dallas (I’ve already checked the schedules…I’ll come on the 16th) and plan on getting myself some long-sleeve shirts with OCCUPY CONGRESS 1/17 on the front and something else on the back – any suggestion for Confucian identification/does The Confluence have any “colors” (purple??) – and will wear them proudly during my trip.

          • Cool! I never even thought of a color. I’m partial to watery blues for this site but maybe blue and purple would look nice together.

          • I just remember that you said someone was passing out purple sashes when you reported from one of the OWS events…..I think blue and purple would go well together!

          • For the angry protestors, at least choose hot, raging red for one color. As much as I like blue, it’s too cool, retreating. Blaze forward with red. Purple reminds me of BO’s purple states, and royalty. Dragon blasts are red. Anger is red-hot. I’d add a little green, like in my symbol, to show the tender age of this protest, like a new tendril. The green can darken around the edges as the group itself ages. Protestors could pin on “pink” slips. The green? It could also represent the choking off of the next generation and do we really want this end. It is a moral war, and right and wrong needs to be re-set.

  4. Occupy the Media.

  5. “Leaked: Republican Scared of Occupy Wall Street” of Republican Strategist, Frank Luntz, talking to the Republican Governors Association about changing the words (example: use “pay for performance” rather than “bonuses”) here on youtube:

    It’s presented by Cenk Uygur.

    • I should add that the Democrats are participants in protecting the 1% as well. Obama makes those damn speeches about being for the middle class after giving everything away to the banks/ WS in his first 2 years in office. Now, he can say anything, knowing full well that the Republicans will shoot it down, and he’ll not fight for it anyway. He’s the most peculiar candidate, and now president, that the dems have ever supported, imo. (I’m a former yeller dog dem.)

    • Is there anyone besides porky white guys in the republican hierarchy?

  6. Here is a fascinating article about a fascinating suggestion for possible future Occupy events. It is called Occupy the Million Dollar View. It is by Dmitri Orlov and I found it at Energy Bulletin.

  7. Here is a very interesting and challenging view about OWS and 99 percenter-ness and how to live out what it means viewed from “upside down and sideways”. I am not sure I agree with all of it, but some of it is valuable-beyond-value, even if difficult or impossible for some of us to live out or up to.

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