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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
    riverdaughter on Shiny Happy People
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    Ivory Bill Woodpecke… on Shiny Happy People
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    William on Jeopardy!
    riverdaughter on Oh yes Republicans would like…
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Friday afternoon anti-cat blogging.

Cats, one gigantic eye reddening, bronchial tube constricting antigen wrapped up in a deceptively cute fur hand warmer. And now this:

Soak the Rich

Taxin’s too good for them now.

Check out The Daily Show for 12/1/2011 first segment on TARP.

$16 Trillion, $7 Trillion, $23 Trillion, who knows? I can’t keep track of all of the zeros. You know what will really scare politicians and the public?
When we start to use scientific notation.
$7.0 x 10^12. $1.6 x 10^13.

Picture it at the next Congressional Finance Committee meeting. “Listen up, people. We’ve brought in a professional chemist to instruct you in the proper use of scientific notation. This afternoon’s tutorial will also cover propagation of error and significant digits. Tomorrow, theoretical finance notation: how big *is* a mole of dollars in cubic centimeters? Hey, where’re you all going?”
*THE* quickest way to reduce the Finance committee members down to a reasonable number. I guarantee it.

By the way, if anyone has straightforward instructions on how to embed a Daily Show video on wordpress, let me know in the comments.  Because the youtube method doesn’t work and I can’t find instructions anywhere.  Maybe it’s not possible but I’m betting it is.

This weekend in Occupy, man-o-man-o-man, those Occupy folks are good.  So, the cops and the mayors and DHS (who reports to the president, BTW) think they have cleared out the problem by eliminating it from the parks.  Au contraire.

Lots of bands and other performance artists on the roster.  24 hours.  I’m definitely going tomorrow because not only will there be performances, there will also be an Occupy to Celebrate with Occupy Faith event at Zuccotti park.  If what I have found through my research is correct, we may be seeing a spontaneous resurrection, so to speak, of The Way.  And *this* time, even the atheists can participate.

Wahoo Dores Wahoo Dahoo, Christmas time is in our grasp, so long as we have hands to clasp.

Oh, BTW, Bono is in the US somewhere…

Oh, yeah, I totally get it.


Oh, no he di’int. Oh yes he did.  Newt Gingrich says “really poor children” don’t understand the meaning of work unless it’s illegal.

Then, a tweet from Charles Blow of the New York Times piqued my interest.

RT @foxnewspolitics Gingrich: Poor kids don’t know work unless it’s crime: politics.blogs.foxnews.com/2011/12/01/new… < Oh HELL no! What?! Somebody get

Surely, the Fox News report was referring to something from Gingrich’s end-welfare past. Would that were so.

GOP hopeful Newt Gingrich defended his stance against certain child labor laws during a campaign stop in Iowa Thursday, saying that children born into poverty aren’t accustomed to working unless it involves crime.

“Really poor children, in really poor neighborhoods have no habits of working and have nobody around them who works so they have no habit of showing up on Monday,” Gingrich claimed.

“They have no habit of staying all day, they have no habit of I do this and you give me cash unless it is illegal,” he added.

Jeez, some pharisees just don’t know when to stop punching the publicans.  The fact that this guy is a front runner says more about the moral sickness plaguing Republican voters than it does about Gingrich.  I mean, we’ve *always* known that he’s an ugly, hypocritical, authoritarian, word manipulator, who has a social conscience so wanting that it makes Ebeneezer Scrooge look like a flaming commie.  But what’s in it for the working class dude who votes R?  I blame it on Fox News induced Acquired Stupidity Syndrome.

The “gaffe” would normally end a politician’s political career but in this election season, all bets are off.


Conflucian Arran points to a Dan Froomkin post at Huffingtonpost that suggests that Obama may try to harness Occupy Wall Street’s righteous indignation towards Wall Street for his own re-election benefit.  Of course!  This makes perfect sense.  He can bop on over to Zuccotti Park right after his fundraisers.  That oughtta go over well.


All I want for Christmas:

I can take it to the library!  And then to a real paying job someday!  Oh, wait, do I live in the right neighborhood?  Gotta check with Newt.

Anyway, I *love* the gadgetiness of this bento box.  There’s even a little sleeve for chopsticks.  Too cool.  And there’s a whole blogosphere out there devoted to how to package your lunch to make it look cute.  I think I have found my new obsession.