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Mike Check for President 2012

OFA on the way to a campaign rally!

President Obama got Mic Checked in New Hampshire last week and, well, this just about says it all:

Republicans who have been urging the Occupy movement to protest President Barack Obama finally got their wish Tuesday.

At a campaign event in New Hampshire, the president waited patiently as he was “mic checked” by a group of protesters.

“Mic check!” they shouted. “Mr. President, over 4,000 peaceful protesters have been arrested. While bankers continue to destroy the American economy. You must stop the assault on our First Amendment rights. Your silence sends a message that police brutality is acceptable. Banks got bailed out. We got sold out.”  

But the rest of their message was quickly drowned out by Obama supporters chanting, “Fired up, ready to go!” and “Obama!”

Ahh, yes, the “Fired up! Ready to go!” crap from the Obama Fan Base.  Why am I not surprised that the milk bar droogs from the Obama campaign were just waiting to drown out the 99%?  How does this differ from Karl Rove’s response to a mic check when he asked the occupiers “Who gave you the right to occupy America?!”

Shall we see a return of Hope n’Change next?

What is it with those aggressive assholes anyway?  Do they drink berserker juice before they brutally dash the dreams of millions of Americans who are not frat boys from Ivy League schools?  I wouldn’t count on the OFA to get the upper hand for long. The occupiers are a clever lot.  They’ll think of something to even the score.  Besides, 99% is a lot of people and the OFA may be very loud but it’s also very tiny.

So, after the milk bar droogs for Obama (MBDfO) quashed the Occupation, Obama went on to tell them to listen to him because he understands that they are frustrated.  No, no, no.  The chant says nothing about frustration.  The one you’re thinking of goes like this:

“Furious?  Furious?  You’re goddamned right we’re furious!”

Big difference.  The head patting and dropping the rhetoric to the level of a fourth grader is not going to work this time around, Barry.  And the Fired up! thing just comes off like a bunch of bullies kicking the 99% in the nutz with the tips of their hobnailed shoes.

You know what I think would send a message?  If Obama loses the Iowa caucuses to Mike Check.  And maybe New Hampshire too.  That kind of election result tends to get people’s attention.  And we have precedent…


(name that tune)

58 Responses

  1. Finally, I have a name to write-in!

    I think you should prepare a resume for Mike and we should start circulating it.

    • OMG! That is brilliant. Maybe we can get a campaign website for him too. He could have an “issues” tab, bio and everything. Dare we put up a “Donate” page? If we got contributions we could donate them to an occupation or food bank.
      Oo! Oo! Let’s make him a her. We can say “Mike” is short for Michaela.

      • “Mike Check” should not be a person — the 99% is not a person. Mike Check is all of us and what we should all be doing.

        • Don’t be a stick in the mud. It would be a good gauge of voter dissatisfaction if a campaign website got a lot of hits. Remember Pat Paulson? Sure you do.

          • Actually, I think I originated the Mike Check for President meme, even if independently.

            I think the “old politics” is very much about personalities and in the end, the personalities are a distraction from process and policy.

            Since we certainly need new policies, and very likely need new processes, reproducing or parodying existing modes of political discourse is the very last thing we want to do; it reinforces the power of our enemies.

            So, it’s not a stick in the mud issue at all, I would say.

        • Maybe the resume, etc. could be so neutral in content that it would be hard to pinpoint a “person”. The photo could be one of those composite photos that you see that combine the features of a wide range or people so that the end result represents “us all”?

          I definitely think something should be developed – if for no other reason that to rally the forces and make the point.

          • Or an “anonymous” or group avatar. But I really don’t think it makes sense to look to the past, but to be imaginative and create something new.

            Remember the idea that Occupy is a “leaderful” (not leaderless) movement. People all the time step forward, do what they can and must, and then step back. That is very much not the Pat Paulson model.

  2. Occupy Obama’s fundraiser tonight in Byant Park 6-10 PM

    On the evening of Nov. 30, President Obama will come to Manhattan to raise funds from the 1% for his reelection campaign. Dinner with the president will cost $35,800 to attend – higher than the average American’s yearly income. As stated by Occupy Wall Street: “No true democracy is attainable when the process is determined by economic power.”

    Thus, we will demonstrate against such egregious acts of politicians selling themselves to highest corporate bidder. In doing so, we hope to spark a nationwide conversation on getting the corrupting influence of money out of our politics.

    This event is non-partisan. It is not advocating for or against any particular candidate. Rather, it is advocating against the corrupting influence of money on our politics.

  3. Also, re: that incident – some had the audacity to edit the audio and make it like it was a good thing – I linked that DU discussions with quotes in this post – where I thought that Obama might have the guts to visit OWS on Thanksgiving as a result of that

  4. I just ordered a license for VMWare fusion. Check out this part of the licence agreement I had to sign:

    You are not, and are not acting on behalf of, any person who is a citizen, national, or resident of, or who is controlled by the government of, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan, or Syria, or any other country to which the United States has prohibited export transactions.
    You are not, and are not acting on behalf of, any person or entity listed on the U.S. Treasury Department list of Specially Designated Nationals and Blocked Persons, or the U.S. Commerce Department Denied Persons List or Entity List.
    You will not use the Software for, and will not permit the Software to be used for, any purposes prohibited by law, including, without limitation, for the development, design, manufacture or production of missiles or nuclear, chemical or biological weapons.

    Isn’t that darling?? What kind of person looks at that and thinks, “I’m cool with the copying shit and all but this last paragraph is a dealbreaker.”

  5. Occupy Wall St.
    Tonight, President Obama will come to NYC for the sole purpose of dining with, and raising money from, the 1%. OWS plans to show up uninvited. Join us! – we are gathering in Bryant Park (41st and 6th) at 6 PM and leaving shortly thereafter to march to the presidential fundraiser @ 53rd and 7th. Democracy is rule by the people, not rule by money!

  6. In a Democratic Caucus, if “Mike Check” comes in first and Obama comes in second, the Caucus will be declared for Obama, yes? And therefor the delegates will be awarded to Obama?

    Meanwhile one of the Christian Fascist candidates will win the R caucuses in all the same states. Whereas if the “Mike Check” write-inners had re-registered R instead and voted Romney, they might achieve a Romney nomination. Then they would be as free as they like to write in “Mike Check” in the general election if they feel like it.
    Whereas if they “Mike Check out” during the caucuses and primaries,
    they will find themselves facing a candidate Paylinn or Bachmann or
    Perry or Gingrich. Something to think about?

    • Mebbe. I think something like that was attempted in Minnesota in 2008 with Markos’ encouragement. I think it backfired for some reason. Or did he mess up Michigan? I think it was Michigan he screwed with. Since Obama wasn’t on the menu, he encouraged people to switch their affiliation and vote for a crazy Republican in the primary. THEN, when it turned out that Obama actually *needed* Michigan to win, they whined and complained about how unfair it was that they didn’t get to vote twice. Voting twice was clearly against regulations but actually giving the delegates to Obama wasn’t. Oh, and add a few from Clinton’s plus column while you’re at it.

      • Ah, well — he couldn’t have won the nomination without those 4 Hillary Delegates …. what else COULD they do?

      • The Michigan primary was messed up at many levels for many reasons. It began with self-proud Democrats deciding they wanted to be as important as New Hampshire and Iowa and the way to do that was to advance the date of the primary. I remember that somewhere in there Clinton said she would withdraw her name from the ballot and challenged every other wannabe to do the same. After they did so, she left her name on the ballot and claimed she had only promised not to “actively campaign” in Michigan. People who would have wanted
        Obama or Edwards felt aggrieved at being tricked in that manner. They would have been fertile field for Markosian meddling. Luckily for me, MY choice Kucinich left his name ON the ballot, so I got to vote for him, as did about 23,000 other people. So I was deaf to Markos’s pleas.

        So . . . Markos was encouraging his followers to vote for the most extreme unelectable Republican in our primary? I am suggesting the opposite. I am suggesting we crash the R primaries to vote for the most tolerable R nominee so that we then feel set free to vote against Obama in the general one way or another. I don’t know if Romney is the most electable Republican, but he is the Republican I could most stand to suffer as President for 8 years. Not Bachmann or Peighlynn.

        There are Obama haters who will vote for Obama rather than risk some hideous gargoyle like Gingrich or Perry becoming President. Why take a risk on letting Obama harvest those votes?

        • You have a faulty memory of what Hillary said. Probably because of the asshat propaganda from the other campaigns.

          • Well, that could be. I am going strictly on memory. Someone should write a very detailed book about who did what and how at every step of that whole campaign. Or at least a very extensive article in a highly visible media outlet.

  7. My sisters, Bev & Retta are at an OWS demonstration against war profiteering right now. Here’s a photo Bev took of Retta (she’s got the sign that has the word ‘blood’ … I can’t really read it though:

  8. Anything that gives Obama that constipated look is good by me.

    As to what I’m going to do next November, I’m leaning for sitting out.

  9. Ron Paul ad against Gingrich is great …

  10. Now that I think about it all, are the Democrats even having any primaries or caucuses at all whatsoever this year? I thought the organized party had successfully run out every clock and suppressed
    every attempt to have them. Am I wrong about that?

  11. Mike Check might function as a symbolic mascot, or leader, of a new “O must GO!” movement.


    I don’t want to lead such a movement. I don’t want to lead anything. But we need a movement like that to exist.

    • You wrote a “Hillary for VP?” post? {{dope slap!}}
      What are you thinking??? No, no, no! More talented and experienced women should never, ever, ever take second fiddle position to a man in order to prop him up. It’s bad, Joe! Bad! No biscuit for you.

      But yeah, replacing O at the top? I’m totally onboard with that. Sign me up.

    • Ok, I read your Hillary as VP post. Whew! That was close.
      As for Occupy Wall Street, I disagree with you there. The encampments may be one, temporarily, but the message has gotten out. The camps had to exist for a certain amount of time to get attention. Once they were smeared they became a liability (again, temporarily). But the meme “We are the 99%”? Phenomenally successful. What the polls are reporting is that the public does not identify with what were characterized as dirty homeless people. But they most certainly do identify with the 99% message. Know how I know? I was there on the Brooklyn Bridge the night of the bat signal. That bridge was NOISY. Every car that came over that bridge and saw that bat signal was honking and yelling in support.
      And then there was the bank transfer day. Enormously successful even among the Tea Party people. Had two first hand accounts from people who you never would have suspected to be supportive. Maybe they didn’t realize it was affiliated with OWS but I think they do and don’t want to admit it.
      The 99% know who they are. They know who the other 99% are. They now have allies and they know who the enemy is.
      OWS was a triumph.

      • I was not arguing against the encampments. My argument was that, over time, the anti-OWS propaganda worked. Simple as that. And as infuriating as that.

        Propaganda always works. With a large enough propaganda budget, I could convince much of the country that everyone whose name begins with the letter K comes from Alpha Centuri.

        Seriously, RD, if you like the “O must GO” idea — don’t get on board. Take the helm. My proper job title is “Curmudgeon.” After working so hard for so many years to make sure that I am detested by everyone everywhere on every conceivable side, I am not the one to take point.

  12. “Hillary for VP? NO WAY. it,s top of the ticket. 🙂

    • Read my piece. I was responding to SOMEONE ELSE’S suggestion that Obama could solve all of his problems by asking Hillary to take Biden’s position.

      • You may want to edit the title and put (NOT) at the end. I’d never find out it was ironic because I wouldn’t click through to an article with that current title. (Yes, some of us are still spitting mad.)

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