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Monday: The instapaper queue

Turkey Tetrazzini for dinner? hmmm...

How was everyone’s Thanksgiving?  Did everyone get enough to eat?  I brought the desserts this year and much to my surprise, no one in my family likes Lemon Meringue but me.  I’m not complaining but I did find it weird when my sister told me that it was a summer pie and why didn’t I know that??  Not to fear, we had pumpkin as well.  And a custard fruit tart brought by someone else that was also delicious.  It went fast.

My sister and her husband are into this foodsaver gadget and they shrinkwrapped the leftovers into neat little packages.  I have to get one of those suckers.  They gave me a package of turkey (white meat, yummmm) to take home with me.  Guess what’s for dinner tonight?

Anyway, I have a lot to do today.  I need to finish reading some papers, return a coat I decided I could live without and basically take care of some other stuff that I’ve been putting off.  So, I thought I’d let you in on my instapaper queue.  For those of you not familiar with instapaper, it’s an app/utility that allows you to save links to interesting webpages so that you end up with something like your own frontpage.  It comes with a button that you put on your browser bar and when you see something you want to read later, you just click on “read later” and it saves it to your instapaper account.  Later, you can peruse your links at your leisure.  Highly recommended.  They even have a Browse section of recommended links of things you may be interested in reading based on your current selections.

So, here’s a few things in my instapaper queue:

How do you define who’s homeless during a recession?  The Atlantic

All the Angry People- The New Yorker

Estee Lauder Heirs Tax Strategies Typify Advantages for Weathy- The New York Times (I guess they don’t need my money after all.  Did you know that Estee Lauder owns Clinique, M.A.C., and Origins as well?)

Team Obama Gears Up for 2012 – The New York Times (This one is unsettling.  Milk Bars and droogs come to mind)

So, What did Lipitor do for Pfizer? Or its Shareholders?- In the Pipeline (Or, “How the finance MBA executive class screwed the pooch in pharma, destroyed research, set the shareholders up for HUGE losses later and made the entire world hate drug discovery’s guts”  It’s hard to believe a group of arrogant, hierarchical Ivy League educated individuals could botch things this badly but it’s become clear to me that the Democrats have been taking lessons from them.)

More Parents are Opting out of Vaccines – The Atlantic  (Did you know that Raold Dahl’s 7 year old daughter Olivia died from encephalitis because she was not vaccinated against measles?  True story.  It’s hard to believe there are selfish, ignorant and arrogant parents out there who would expose other very young children to that because they won’t vaccinate their own kids.  It’s immoral.)

The Branding of the Occupy Movement- The New York Times (There’s a better article on Kalle Lasn somewhere but I neglected to instapaper it.  Try The New Yorker, New York Magazine or The Atlantic)

Payroll Tax Cut will Top Political Theater- Roll Call (yes, Virginia, they *are* still playing games instead of raising taxes on the rich)

Iran: We’ll Fire 150,000 Missiles at Israel if attacked- YNet (and we’ll turn Iran into a smoking cinder if it does.  I think there was a cold war term for that)

Pakistanis burn Obama in Effigy and US Flag- Sky News Australia (Ok, now I think we know why we have marines stationed in Australia.)

Cozy Winter Recipe: Pasta e Fagioli– The Kitchn (Apartment Therapy)

Charge Separation in Molecules Consisting of Two Identical Atoms: Size Matters – Science Daily (For the hard core polarity fans)

Finally, here’s a video on Pittsburghese, which is a distinct American dialect.  The host of this video is fresh, energetic and cute, but her accent is not anywhere near as heavy as my cousins’.  Still, if you ever wondered what it meant to “red up your house”, pay attention.

She forgot to say “keller” when she really means “color”.  And is it “UM-brella” or “umBRELLa”?

Finally, “Physician, Heal Thyself”.  Digby is absolutely right about dehumanization but it’s really odd that she and the rest of the left had no problem with it when the 2008 elections made old, uneducated, unattractive, working class, racist, latently Republican, menopausal women out of Hillary Clinton voters.  I mean, when you think of them *that* way, no wonder the Obama hooligans piled on.  Who wants to sit at that lunch table?  Dehumanizing those voters made it a lot easier to ignore their votes and violate their delegates with harrassment and threats at the convention.  They almost deserved it. Right, Digby?  Right, Duncan?  Right, Jay?  If you don’t take your own side to task for acting like flaming assholes, then others might find your newfound concern with “dehumanization” a bit hypocritical.  It was an election with far-reaching consequences not only to the economy but to voting in general. (Didn’t you guys ever figure out why Obama is ignoring his voting base now?  The answer is that you let him get away with it in 2008 so he knows he can do it again.) You guys should have been a lot more vigilant.

(No, I am not going to get over it.  If it were Howard Dean’s voters who got the Hillary treatment, you’d be all over this for decades to come. “Oh, but they’re different”, you’ll say. Exactly.  I rest my case.  “An injustice anywhere is an injustice everywhere”.  Also, Karma is a bitch.)

34 Responses

  1. I can’t believe no one wanted a lemon meringue pie!! I mean, sure pumpkin …. but, why stop at just one piece of pie?

    I had a frustrating adventure in ‘looking for a better deal’ this morning …

    My sister and I are going to work on a project so we decided on a book that we’d each order to help out. …. I placed my order through Amazon last night. but then thought I should order it through B&N (for no particular reason and that alone should have stopped me) …. So I cancelled the Amazon Order.

    And placed my B&N order. …. And THEN noticed that with a special code, I could get 30% off …. so…..

    I cancelled the B&N order and went back to the page where I found that it was unavailable … all copies were sold out!!!

    Went back to Amazon … all copies sold out!

    Called B&N to see if I could get order re-instated. Nope Someone grabbed my copy the second I cancelled.

    Ebay…. copies selling for WAY more than I planned to spend.
    Half.com …. same story.

    Finally found a copy at Books a Million but, I won’t be surprised if they tell me that they’re out of stock. There’s something fishy about the confirmation message (even though the site still lists the book as in stock)

    All this because I messed with a perfectly good order on a whim before I had my coffee!!!

    • Holy smokes! What book is it?? I’m looking for a good book to read

      • It’s a book on how to develop iPhone apps. Totally techie. And I still haven’t gotten that confirmation from Books a Million! So I might have to hit the road and see if it’s in stock any where around here.

        • If it’s an O’Reiily (no, not that O’Reilly) & Associates book, check out their online store. They have a Cyber Monday 60% off special on many titles.

  2. Yum…lemon meringue – it’s my brother’s favorite. As far as I’m concerned, if somebody makes a home made dessert and brings it to my house – it’s good ANYTIME of the year.

    I’m definitely with you on the not getting over it – EVER. 2008 was a disgrace…all those ignorant OBOTS should be overwhelmed with shame and disgrace and begging the rest of us for forgiveness.

    • nah!!!they are still swilling the Kpplade!! 🙄

    • I am not over 2000, why should I get over 2008? You don’t steal a nomination or the presidency to do good things, Unfortunately when people vote for the wrong person and he turns out to be not who they thought he would be they always justify it by saying “oh, the other person would have been the same……Hillary would have been just the same…blah blah blah,,,”

  3. Glad to hear Thanksgiving was good to you all. I had a great one with my family, and all 8 grandkids, gathered at my son’s home for a few days.

    Back to the real world. Screw getting over it, nagonnahappen. Here’s another reason why…

    Explosive Bloomberg Report Details Fed’s Monster Bank Bailouts: $7.77 Trillion

    It was all kept secret from Congress and most Treasury officials. Every subprime mortgage in the country could have been paid off with less money than the TBTF banks screwed out of the taxpayers.

  4. I made a turkey pot pie with the leftovers that turned out *perfect.* Turkey, potatoes, green beans, onion and frozen peas and carrots in a white sauce encased in a buttery, flakey crust.

    • Recipe? Fork it over.

      • There’s three parts:
        1. Pie crust
        2. White sauce
        3. Diced up leftovers.

        With: onions, seasonings.

        1. I’ve been using Fine Cooking’s butter pie crust recipe for years with great success. http://www.finecooking.com/recipes/butter_pie_crust.aspx
        Here I leave out the sugar of course. The secret is *cold* butter. I toss it in the freezer for a bit. It doesn’t have to be rock-hard–it’s easier to work if it isn’t–but it shouldn’t be soft.

        2. Plain old whitesauce. 2-3 tablespoons of butter, melted. Add 2-3 tablespoons flour to make a paste. Cook for a bit to kill the raw-flour flavor. Add about 1 to 1 1/2 cup of milk (depending on whether your pie is smaller or larger) cook over low heat, stir til thickened. If you have some stock, broth or white wine around, hey use that too in addition to milk–this is a fridge-clearing recipe. Season with salt, pepper, a shake of paprika and fines herbes. Or your favorite seasonings.

        3. Leftovers. Dice finely and saute onions and/or shallots. Dice leftover turkey and vegetables. Find those potatoes starting to grow eyes, cut off eyes, peel, dice finely. Rummage around in the freezer for peas and carrots (I know they’re in there) and add a fistful of those too.

        Roll out pie crust and line pan (I use a smaller 18cm x 22 cm baking dish). Mix onion, diced leftovers and white sauce, season to taste, pour into pan. Roll out more crust for the top. Pinch down edges and poke some holes in the top to left out steam.

        Place in a preheated 425 oven for 15 minutes. Reduce heat to 350 and let ‘er rip for another 30-35 minutes. Let cool a bit before serving–it’s hot. Serve with a bottle of hot sauce–I find a shake of Tabasco divine.

        The recipe tends to dirty a lot of dishes but it’s a great way to dress up the leftovers. Plus how can any recipe with this much butter be bad?

  5. LOVE lemon meringue pie. since you can buy lemons any time of year, it’s a year-round dessert. my daughter loves it, too–really tart and lemony.

  6. RD — Was this article about Kalle Lasn in the “New Yorker” the better article that you referenced?:

    http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2011/11/28/111128fa fact schwartz

  7. Thanks for the instapaper link!! This will help unclutter my toolbar!

    As for that story about Team Obama from the Times…
    where the hell was the team when they were screwing around with healthcare? O is now going to grow a set after appeasing the Rethugs for 4 years?


    But, when I look at the Rethugs…I can’t vote for any of them again!

    So, we’re back to the same old thing…sit home and get a Rethug OR
    vote for O and PERHAPS not get savaged by this version of Republican-lite on some of the domestic issues…well, maybe only partially savaged!

    The wars, I’m sure, will keep on happening, no matter who’s in…

    • There is an escape hatch, if eNOUGH people excercise it. And that would be for millions of DDs (Disgruntled Democrats) to re-register Republican just long enough to invade their states’s Republican primaries and vote for Romney. If enough DDs do this, they may be enough to get Romney the nomination. If one regards Romney as merely distasteful where any of the others would be unbearable; then a Romney nomination would free up those DDs who agree . . . to vote
      “other than Obama” in the general election.

      After all, what is the worst that could happen? Romney would be elected. And while that is bad, it is not the catastrophe that electing Perry or Caine or Palin or Gingrich or Bachmann would be. Any of those would scare a number of DDs into voting Obama all over again.
      They’d scare me into it. And I don’t want to have to do that. So I am
      re-registering R just long enough to vote for Romney in our primary.
      “Vote Romney now to avoid voting Obama later”.

  8. Thanks so much RD for the instapaper link..what a great idea.
    Thanksgiving was somewhat a disaster, except for the people who were at the table…thank god for good friends.!! Burn’t the bean casarole (only around the edges) burn’t the stuffing (again ..the edges) couldn’t find the mixer to do the potatoes (9.00 for a masher at local store!!)..finally said fuck it…opened the wine and said Happy Thanksgiving!! Proceeded to eat drink and have a wonderful time..no leftovers,,what was i thinking?
    As for your pie, why does everyone have to be soooo traditional? Hope you brought it back home and ate the whole thing!.

  9. I was at work by my own free choice. The nurses/doctors/etc. of a particular unit held a pot luck which I paid to join. Many good things to eat.

    Four different people have given me unwanted end-of-Thanksgiving turkey carcasses with a fifth one likely. I am putting them through the stock-making process.

  10. Am now in love with Instapaper – thanks!

  11. The young lady actually sounded kinda like she was from around here. Several Applachianisms.

  12. Sigh.

    • Is there another source for the video? Says removed by user.

      Does “Sigh” indicate Scott Olsen is having serious problems? Or…?

      • He sounds perfectly lucid to me, just a little bit hesitant. No idea why it was removed. Maybe it’s related to legal actions the Oakland police or Olson are planning to take. Maybe it’s a copyright thing.

      • Try this one. It’s the same video.

  13. Has anyone successfully installed Instapaper on IE8?

    FAQ’s says it’s a problem. But, can it be made to work?


    • Why are you using IE8? I mean, if it’s not a personal question, like, “are you a virgin?”. Switch to chrome and it will be a cinch. I think it’s even easy to install on Safari. Oh, wait, if you’re using ie8, you’re on a PC.
      Sooooo, why are you on a PC? I mean, if it’s not a personal question…

  14. Also, thanks to Riverdaughter for this fantastic find.

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