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Shame! Shame! Shame!

UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi goes on trial in the court of public opinion today for allowing campus police to pepper spray at will.  To be fair, she’s not the only authority that has acquiesced to an overwhelming and disproportionate display of police force against peaceful protestors.  It’s just that in this case, helicopter parents are involved.  When it happened to Occupy Wall Street and Occupy Oakland, and Occupy Seattle it was just a bunch of dirty f%&*ing hippies.  And 84 year old women.  And Iraq War vets.  And pregnant women.  And people who were protesting while black.  And, you know, liberals.  Nobody important.

In this video, Katehi does the walk of shame between phalanxes of seated protestors.  In absolute silence.

If that doesn’t humble you, nothing will.


Spain has a change election and throws out the socialists in favor of conservatives in the hope that there will be some relief.  This is the equivalent of jumping into the fire from the frying pan.  Maybe they have a contingent of older seniors who still remember the good old days under Franco.  i don’t know.  But if I were the Democrats, I’d be worried.  Because they really screwed up after 2008 and I smell another change election coming.  So far, we’ve seen Spain and Ireland go for the more conservative option.  Maybe it has to do with the fact that they are both Catholic countries and feel like they deserve it.


Speaking of Catholics, it looks like the Democrats are getting worried about their base.  Obama appears to be ready to create a broad exception for religious institutions to the requirement that insurance companies provide contraception for their employees. Once again, Catholic bishops and fundamentalist groups have been pressuring him to do it.  But let’s face it, Obama went out of his way to court these people in the 2008 election.  He needed them to win.  He can’t piss them off, can he?  All they want is to deny women the right to their own consciences.  Is that *so* much to ask?  Democrats went along with it in the last election cycle when they scrubbed reproductive rights issues from their campaign web pages?  Why not do it again?  Oh, that’s right.  Women make up 51% of the population.  It looks like Democrats have finally learned to count.

And the right’s new talking point “religious liberty”, gets rolled out:

The issue resonates at the local level, as Catholic priests around the country have urged parishioners to tell federal officials why they object to the new mandate.

In a letter to the administration, the bishops’ conference said the requirement for coverage of contraceptives and sterilization was “an unprecedented attack on religious liberty.”

Yes, men are entitled to religious liberty.  But not women.  I’m not sure how anyone’s religious liberty is damaged by a healthcare requirement.  People are not required to take contraception.  Or Cialis.

Democrats need us next year and can’t afford to piss us off.  I can almost hear their panic and disbelief.  “What is he doing?!  I can’t win my election if he’s going to piss off more women.  Who talked us into supporting this bozo in the first place?  Jeez, why didn’t we stick with Hillary?  At least she wasn’t afraid of neanderthal pro-lifers.”

See??  THAT’S the way you do it.  That wasn’t so hard, was it?  You explain to your voters what you value and that you will forcefully defend those values and you give them a choice.  They can vote for you or the other guy.  You do not expect your base to give up what they value in order to attract the more conservative voters from the other party.  Next year  is an economy election.  If your positions on the economy are good, your voters will have to take the whole package.

Well, I’m holding on to my vote until I see results.  BIG results.  Yes, I want them to kiss up to me.  They’d better make it good.  And forget about me ever voting for Barry.  He’s not a very good president and I’m not over the primary of 2008 where the DNC dehumanized the Clintonistas in order to dismiss our votes.  If women were smart, they’d vow to never vote for him and then stick to that vow.  I might vote for a Democrat for Congress.  But Obama?  After we’ve gotten proof of his capabilities (or lack thereof) and his absolutely disgraceful tolerance of shitty treatment of women in the White House?  Never.

Never, ever, ever.

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  1. Read “The Hillary Moment” in the WSJ opinion page of today. Just forwarded to me. I do doubt that Mr. Obama would step down, he is too small of a person to do what is good for the country. He would have time for family and to write his third book about himself, however. Might spare himself some humiliation on his “Change is Hard” rock star tour if the stands aren’t packed. I fear a Daddy meltdown if Romney is the opponent. It’s one thing to finger a woman who is his superior and have his thugs overrun women at caucuses, but attacks by an Alpha male who is not old like McCain might reduce him to tears.

    • just read the article CB, thanks for the suggestion. I think Obama is too selfish to step down. But it would be a nice surprise to find out the leaders of the party have the guts to force him out. After all they forced him in…….

      • An honest Obama is one who stays bought. If he stepped down, a real Democrat might get in.

    • The WSJ may just be trying to galvanize their readers by getting Clinton’s name into the mix. Pretty difficult to have any kind of zeal for the current crop of Republican candidates. They might just be bringing up the Clinton bogeyman because you know, there is nothing worse than the peace and prosperity we experienced in the 90’s. Conservatives are such a strange lot.

    • I keep hoping for a great LBJ moment, but then he’s no LBJ– or any kind of civil rights leader (women, black, Latino, Martian or otherwise).

      • Martian civil rights?

        “Oh, I have to use a separate water fountain? That is not a bit nice! You have made me very angry! VERY angry indeed!”

        *disintegrates bigot with ACME disintegrating pistol* :mrgreen:

    • I wrote a response to this below. They’re not serious because if this scenario ever did happen, they’d be freaking out.

  2. That Protest is so powerful. The display of unity is awe inspiring. And the fact that it happened at night added to the drama. The flashes going off in her face as she passed each demonstrator …

    I kind of hated the reporters breaking into it to ask questions….. They should have let the demonstration play out.

  3. “But if I were the Democrats, I’d be worried…”

    Spain has a parliamentary system, so the comparison goes to our Congress, not to our presidency. The House is in the hands of the Republicans, while the Senate — though technically controlled by Democrats — is still very conservative.

    Polls indicate that Obama is unpopular and House Republicans are even more unpopular.

    Given the current division, I can’t gauge how a “change” election would manifest itself in this country. I don’t think anyone can predict the outcome.

  4. RD, I just thought of what Newt said about getting a job after taking a bath. Seems to me everyone all over the economic map, who is unemployed and looking to get involved in OWS should send him a resume and salary request. Then CC Mika Brzezinski. As annoying as I find her, she hates the guy and with Joe off the show for a while she would surely cover “occupy Newt”.

    • Oooo! I like. Yes, indeedy, I will forward my CV to newt and ask for a job. And then I’ll cc to mika.
      Great idea.
      You ought to write that one to owsthinkank@gmail.com.

    • Very good idea! I think that goes for all these ‘mail a X to Politician Y’ protests. No good unless you CC some journalist or celebrity who has their own tv platform and is likely to cover the story and announce a running total for days.

      • Mika was very disgusted with Newt’s comments this morning. Newt once made some negative comments about her father and she has never forgiven him. So she is somewhat biased. But she is right, like the rest of us, she understand that telling people to just go get a job is clueless and ugly.

  5. First they reduce women to their reproductive system. Then Obama makes it clear in speeches and EOs that this one concern women are allowed to have is not a civil right but a matter of “morality”. Now we are told it is a “liberty” – only not for us, for the men who want us barefoot and pregnant. Nice work, Obama!

  6. I was appalled” at images of protesters being doused with pepper spray

    • Be very careful about what you read in the wall street journal. The first thing you should ask yourself is who benefits.
      In some respects, I agree with what they are saying. Obama has been a failure and his re-election is by no means assured. A lot of people have lost confidence in his ability to lead. I also agree that hillary has benefitted for being isolated from domestic issues as well as her success at running the state department. That makes her the natural replacement.
      But what do they say about why Hillary would be a good replacement? They say she would rise above partisan politics and this is where their analysis falls down. Because they are assuming it was an excess of partisanship that ruined Obama’s presidency and relationship with Republican leaders in Congress. If you buy into this frame, you’d have to be dumber thana box of rocks. If anything, Obama wasn’t partisan enough. He has spent the last three years running away from his based and yielding ground to republicans on nearly. Every issue. That’s precisely why voters don’t want him. He has given up too much to appease them and as a consequence, we have a shiity healthcare insurance bill, a crappy finance reform bill and continuing high unemployment. The stunt over the summer with the debt ceiling? He walked right into that. If he were at Hogwatrs, we would call him a Squibb.
      The second thing wrong with this analysis is the suggestion that if Hillary would just transcend partisanship, the powers that be would let her run things for them. So, in a way, they are tacitly admitting that she was stabbed in the back by the money men because she refused to go along with the program. If there is NE thing for certain, it’s that Hillary is a Democrat. She may not be the left’s crunchy granola candidate and she wouldn’t have made the final cut if she hadn’t been more militaristic that they would like but there’s no doubt that Hillary Clinton would run the country as a Democrat and these guys know that. With Hillary, you were likely to get more partisanship, not less. And this is precisely what the country needs right now- a clear separation between the republican and democratic candidates. Which is precisely why we’re not going to get it.
      Finally, just the idea that Hillary might supplant Obama makes the obot contingent apoplectic. They’ll give in on this over their dead bodies. And if the economy continues to worsen, there may be many call s for their heads. If I were them, I’d be looking for a backup.
      But think of it as reverse psychology. Schoen and his buddy know that the democrats would rather commit self immolation before they yield to Hillary. So a column like this makes them even more determined to digit their heels. Which is fine for these two fox news contributors. The democrats will go into the 2012 election with their weakest candidate and pass on Hillary, their strongest. Then mitt comes in, the independents flock to him, Obama’s turnout is weakened by his ability to single handedly alienate his entire democratic base. The only thing we can hope for is a more liberal congress.
      So, pass on the wsj. There’s nothing good in there.

      • I did like the suggestion that Obama step down, either voluntarily or prodded and turn over the keys to Hillary. They have no idea what Hillary would do and their projections don’t matter, but she would be tremendously forceful in putting forth a Democratic agenda. Not gonna happen with Obama or one of the Republican bozos.

      • I agree. Imo, the authors have an agenda that has nothing to do with seeing Hillary as POTUS.

  7. Hillary’s response to Smith was brilliant. It almost makes me cry to think that we were so close to having a real feminist in the White House.

    I have sworn for a lot of years that I would never vote for Obama, no matter what, but every souless freak the GOP has offered up is scarier than Rosemary’s Baby.

    It just occurred to me that, at my age, the 2012 election, may be the last presidential election that I ever vote in. I refuse to cast a vote for the man who used sexism, race baiting and election fraud to steal the nomination from the first viable woman candidate for president. If I die in the poor house because Newt or Mitt have decimated Medicare, so be it.

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