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Occupy My iPhone N17

This is what N17 looked like from my iPhone’s POV.  She can’t shoot straight and she’s blurry but I think she captured the spirit.

Some notes on the subject matter:

First, my pictures show people.  Those people could be your neighbors.  If some of them are dressed kind of funny, that’s not because they’re hippies.  That’s just New York City.  Dressing funny is the default.  Perhaps this is a source of confusion to those of you who don’t live in the NYC metropolitan area but there you go.  In the City, you either wear black or you make a statement.

Secondly, not everyone who marched from Union Square to Foley Square was a student.  About half of the crowd was over thirty, some of them were older than me.  And what I didn’t have time or battery life to capture were all of the retail workers and manicurists and waiters who stood outside on the sidewalk and cheered us on.  Nor did I get a shot of all of the cars and taxis and buses we had gridlocked for the length of the march who were beeping and honking.  The taxis had a good take that evening.  Nor can you hear the shouting and chanting from the apartments above us.  Some of them had signs in their windows.  The voices of all those marchers and apartment dwellers and onlookers echoed and thundered all the way down the street.

Thirdly, not everyone in Foley Square was a union member.  The union members were carrying signs.  But there were families with kids in strollers there too.  Given how the day started with so much violence, they were very committed to be out there in that cold for hours with their kids.  I saw one man giving his toddler his little battery operated candle to hold during the march.  It was really sweet.

Finally, once the projection went up on the Verizon building and drivers could see it from the Brooklyn Bridge, the whole city was occupied.

Don’t let anyone tell you it was only 32,000 people.  It was millions.  And Wall Street knows it.

52 Responses

  1. {{{shiver}}}

    The incredible growing Occupation.

    What part of 99% vs 1% don’t they get?

  2. Riverdaughter — your photo montage is stunning! Your photos blend into a moving story — a great job… both the photography and the editing!!!

    • Pshaw! I did no editing. In fact, I’m not really sure how to edit this slideshow. It’s not part of Mac’s OS that I use very often. I should have taken my flip camera.

      • Is it just part of the iPhone that they all linked together like that? Even with your videos? It really worked well!

        • I selected them in chronological order and hit “new slideshow”. The last photo was out of order. It was the celebration in Zuccotti Park just before they kettled us in.

  3. I still can’t get over how quickly Union Square filled up. In was literally minutes it went from a half empty square to completely full. Incredible.
    I want to do it again. 😉

  4. Tomorrow there’s a general assembly at 4 p.m. here in Brooklyn. I plan to be there; I really want to see this thing grow. I understand that it’s spreading to the college campuses too. That’s awesome

    • LOLOLOL! Like they can control this thing. “Nothing to see here, folks, move along.”

      • “and the public may prove to have little stomach for street clashes.” That line is from the Bloomberg article. I think that’s what TPTB are counting on, and that’s why there’s police in riot gear intimidating people who show no desire to riot. It’s why they have to provide a bloody picture from every OWS event for the front pages of Murdoch and Zuckerman’s dailies.

        • I have a feeling that an eyebrow twitch is enough provocation for them to “thwow you to the gwound and sthwike you wougwy”.
          The guy who told us to stay calm looked very nervous. I know he was trying to help and his advice was very helpful. But I couldn’t figure out what I had done to warrant an arrest. If I were going to get peppersprayed and roughed up, I wanted it to be for something more significant than blogging and wearing a ribbon. And the scuffle behind me made me very aware of how quickly things can get out of control. I wasn’t involved when it started but it caught up to me so quickly that I nearly got trampled. Next time, I will come better prepared. I will have peed, I will have meditated and I will have done something disobedient. *then* they can arrest me.

          • You might also want to wear those squeezable plastifoam ear plugs to protect your hearing against any LRAD weapons they might decide to use on you.

  5. BTW, do we have any dream interpreters in the house tonight? I had a dream yesterday about generals. You know, like Patton, Eisenhower, Wesley Clark. Yeah, I found Wes Clark in my bed in my dream. Oh, it was nothing kinky. He was fully clothed and all but what the heck was he doing there??
    I was just about to ask him that question when I heard some jazzy music featuring a sprightly clarinet. It resisted incorporation into the dream, then I realized it was Katiebird calling me on the phone. I never did get an answer from Clark.
    Anyone got a clue? Usually, my dream images are metaphors for something but this one has me stumped.

    • Were the generals doing anything? Or was it general confusion?

      Dream interpretation requires details. Generally speaking.

    • It’s clear to me. I was thinking of generals seeing of the OWS direct action people directing different contingents of marchers flawlessly and adapting to new conditions. I also declared that I had never felt as alive as on N17 ever since New Hampshire 2004. For Wes Clark, of course.

    • RD — No one can interpret your dream for you. From my long-ago Jungian study days: As soon as you wake up, write the dream down with every detail. Then, think about what the symbols mean to you, and especially now during your participation in this crucial movement. It’s of no use for anyone to tell you what your dream means. Keep a journal of your dreams.

  6. Since we’re all having a lazy Saturday night, Rico is awol or maybe RD fired him. RD, did you fire Rico? He hasn’t been seen here in many moons. Anyway, I wanted to post this link:


    and a question: would it be so bad to try to find common ground with the Tea Partyers? Won’t a successful movement have to find consensus with the majority population? Just asking. Joe Cannon, I know your answer. The Ticker guy is a confirmed Libertarian and I know how you feel about “those” people. But I still think it bears thinking about as OWS develops and grows. Here’s another Ticker article that’s worth the read:


    • He’s a little on the wacky side but, I do love a good rant from ‘the ticker’ guy! I find myself nodding all the way up to the punch line. It would be nice to agree with him all the way, but you can’t have everything.

    • There is a certain segment of the Tea Party who I think will be very susceptible to the OWS movement. They’re the ones the DNC blew off for Obama. Right now, they’re the ones who hang out at places like the Crawdad Hole.
      And as long as OWS stays away from politics, they have a good shot of winning them back.

      • If OWS stays away from politics, what use will it serve? The relationship between politics and Wall Street is the issue, but because OWS is just a distraction for the Obama administration to hide behind, it will never go where it really needs to go, The Tea Party is all about politics, and it proved it in 2010. When you don’t like what’s going on, you start by cleaning your own house first. The longer the OWS stays away from cleaning house in the Democratic Party, the harder it will be to win people like those at the Crawdad Hole over. Which you would get if your world hadn’t been turned upside down lately. Which someone of us understand, and wish you well until you find your bearings again.

        • I agree that the relationship between politics and Wall Street is the point; But to pit OWS against the Democrats and look for them to start cleaning house in the Democratic Party as if there are no issues with the Republican party is wrong. Both parties need a do-over.

          I’ve never been to the Crawdad Hole and don’t plan to for reasons having nothing to do with the Klown but some of his followers. However, I don’t think RD has lost her bearings. Rather I see Crawdad as another manifestation of former PUMAs gone astray. There’s evidence of this all over the web just check out No Quarter, Hillbuz, Uppity, PumaPac. You read these blogs now and find it hard to think you found common cause with these people. That last line was just a trifle condescending

        • I will try to explain to you with a picture why it’s essential that OWS stays away from politics – hope this embeds
          From OWS

        • Well, for one, OWS is not an arm of the Democratic party. Period.
          sorry to disappoint you but there are more people there who don’t much Obama than like him.
          That doesn’t mean that the Democrats won’t try to co-opt them, as they are already trying to do via the SEIU. But I can tell you personally that no one at an OWS event has tried to sell me on Obama. Quite the opposite. And if you read the post I just put up, you will understand why.
          I know why OWS makes the right wing nervous. I know all too well. If this takes off, Rush, Glenn and their political arm may just lose their sugar daddies.

  7. Did you see that Susie was sick again? It must be miserable. On the other hand, her particular ailment has been celebrated before:

  8. Fabulous work by your IPhone!

    Wish I were back in the NYC area…I’d be there, too!

    I did stop by and give some fruit to the small Occupy group that is camping out in front of the library here in Las Cruces, NM. They are paying a camping fee, so they won’t be evicted!

  9. RE: Wes Clark…

    Well, as a former Clarkie (before he said some hairy things on FOX re: Lebanon one night…LOL!)
    Maybe he’s in your dreams because he was a key actor in that ugly war in Yugoslavia/Serbia and did a pretty heroic rescue at one point…OR…that when he campaigned for President, one thing he really focused on was the loss of jobs overseas…

    He also had the audacity to point out that the military is basically a socialist entity, LOL! Stuff that, Republicans!

  10. I find little use for David “thereisasilverspooninmymouth” Atkins over at the Hullabazoo, but he did say something sensible the other day. He noted that the protests against the Iraq War were larger than the Occupations have been (so far), yet the 1% did not send their Imperial Stormtroopers to break up the protests against the Iraq War.

    • Ver-r-r-y interesting. TPTB *are* feeling touchy aren’t they?

    • This is the difference between keeping it into “politics” (as tea parties want us to) or going directly to the evildoers (to use W’s jargon). The anti-war protests were against Bush – their designated lightning rod. This time, OWS skips the intermediaries.

  11. […] riverdaughter, on November 19, 2011 at 9:05 pm said: […]

  12. What’s up with Corrente? Has it been down since last night?

  13. early USA…corporate Charters were very limited and quickly taken back if company did not follow rules or acted in bad faith against American citizens. All good 99 percenters should arm themselves with these facts.

    pass it on

  14. Your montage of photos and video is fantastic, RD! Only objection: I didn’t see ME there! 😉 Great choice of music too – surprising indian music worked so well.

  15. […] Now the latest spin is that OWS isn’t political. […]

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