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Live from Z park

Dear people,
Thanks for your patience. I had hoped to be able to tweet my pics but the signal down here is either swamped or jammed.
I got here at about 8:30am. Z park was empty. There is a police tower at the west end of the park. Imagine being in a stalag with the guard tower watching every move you make.
There are police everywhere. When I first got here, I couldn’t figure out where the protest was and thought that maybe it fizzled. Au contraire. There are thousands of people down here, but we always like more.
I found the occupiers at William and Pine. It was a small contingent of a couple hundred. I had been standing there only a short time before someone announced that we had shut down the NYSE. shortly afterwards, the klezmer band came down the street and there was dancing on the sidewalk.
I walked to Pine and Nassau to find a *much* bigger crowd around the intersection doing a mic check in waves. At that point, you could see the NYSE about 500 ft away. Very impressive. We have now moved back to Z park and I’m sitting on a bench surrounded by occupiers making a lot of noise. The park has filled up from nearly empty to nearly full in the past couple of minutes. Amazing.
I have a lot of pictures and will post as soon as possible.

I can answer questions if you have them. Have at it.

27 Responses

  1. News reports only 500 people…how big is it…really?

    • Of course they would under report the number of protestors, it’s what they are paid to do by Corporate America.

    • The park is filling up. My guess is more than 2000 and there are more coming. The media guy next to me says the same and that he thinks some occupiers have gone ahead to Union Square.

  2. Be safe. I vote for the signal being jammed, these are the same providers that allowed Bush circumvent the U S Constitution by eavesdropping on the conversations of law abiding American citizens with out a court ordered warrant.

  3. This a cross section of America. There are young people, old people, African American people, Asian people, denimed people and people in suits. I have met doctors, nurses, a professor from Budapest (she’s American).
    And nobody has peed on me yet. But the day is young. I would much rather have a golden shower of leaves from the beautiful trees here.

  4. Good luck and please be careful.

  5. If you want to show your solidarity, wear purple. There are people giving out purple sash things. Most people are wearing them around their head. The guy who gave me mine said purple is what you get when you mix red, white and blue. We are not american, we’re ultraAmerican.
    See owspurple.blogspot.com for more info.

  6. CNN has live coverage. Barricades are being taken down.

  7. And now, police moving into the park — Stay safe, RD!!

  8. Thank you for being there!

  9. Just heard from Riverdaughter — It sounded like she’s saying the police are keeping people in the park…. and Occupiers are being told not to panic.

    • Somehow I would not find it comforting to be told not to panic by the police in a situation like that…especially after the Brooklyn Bridge roundup. Let me know if you start a bail fund for Riverdaughter and friends 🙂

      Be SAFE, RD!!

  10. Hi guys, a quick update. I am at Micky d’s across the street from z park. About twenty minutes ago, an occupier came through the park and said the police were planning to kettle people in the park. So I started to move to the exit because I had to pee and didn’t want to get arrested on a full bladder. As I got near the break in the barrier, the police moved in to close it off. Then a different occupier gave us orders to stay calm and not do anything stupid to provoke the police. He looked not calm. I moved to the other side of the park looking to an exit but couldn’t find one. All of the sudden, there was a running scuffle coming my way and I stepped aside just in time to not get knocked over. Then I saw police on the north side moving in a line to the west side barrier. For about 15 seconds, there was a little break in the barrier and I took it. Just in time. As soon as I left, the police lined up and pushed the barriers in towards the middle of the park. I headed to the restroom. Should be headed out again in a few minutes.

  11. I have to run a couple of errands and I’m looking for some purple in my closet. It’s not my color so I’m not sure what I’ll find!

  12. Just heard a s#%^ load of sirens and saw many police cars speed past the restaurant. Probably headed to a different spot. Will update you from there.

  13. I guess the malefactors of great wealth forgot that if they took away our jobs, we’d have a lot of time to gather in the streets.
    Dear girl, be safe.

    • They probably did, but they were also banking on them being cold, weak, tired, hungry and emotionally beaten down. Get ’em and keep ’em focused on their first priority…finding a job.

      I am forever amazed, though, at the number of people who continue buy and repeat those talking points the 1% sells us through their personal propaganda machines.

      • “…people who continue to buy and repeat those talking points the 1% sells us…”

        cough* Agnew Holers *cough* 😈

  14. Just posted a pic to my twitter stream. There are battalions of police lining Z park. The amount of police presence is disproportionate to the threat. There has to be a 1:1 ratio of cop to occupier there.
    But they can’t stop this. The occupiers are everywhere throughout the city. They meet and disperse separately.

    • “The occupiers are everywhere…”

      As Sue noted, the more people who are thrown out of work, the more people will have time to protest.

      Did all of the 1% glide through their history classes with “gentleman’s ‘C’s” like the young Chimperor Dubya did? 🙄

    • how long are you planning on staying there?

  15. Nothing but apple hardware everywhere. Too funny. Well, it is the hippy brand.

  16. Steve would be happy. 😉

  17. RD..need to stay safe and continue your reporting. You are my lifeline to what’s going on down there Meantime OWS L.A is very peaceful so far and they too are in many areas of the city.

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