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Images from #OWS

Wall Street Hearts Obama (Bibi)

Occupied Wall Street (Bibi)

From my remote outpost in Kansas, I’m forwarding photos from our intrepid Occupiers, Riverdaughter and my sister, Bibi. Bibi has been at the Occupation off and on since the first week and she was there first thing this morning:

Riot geared police in front of Trinity church. (Bibi)

This cheerful image was one of the first things she saw when she got down to the area of the park.

But there was more fun on the way!

What follows are Riverdaughter’s and Bibi’s photos from this morning (click on photos for larger view) ….

Police Escort (Bibi)

The crowd grows ... with police present (Bibi)

As many cops as occupiers? (Bibi)

Signs (Bibi)

Guarding Wall Street (Riverdaughter)

The new rules sign removed at Zucotti. (Bibi)

Theyre lining up in battalions like an army. These people are perfectly harmless. (Riverdaughter)

Union square (Riverdaughter)

34 Responses

  1. Be careful, all of you. The police officers probably watch the same Corporate Propaganda Media as all the other people who think you’re a bunch of borderline terrorists. The cops may sincerely believe you’re dangerous. (I realize you probably knew that already).

    Goebbels would weep in envy at our Corporate Propaganda Media, and marvel at how our 1% managed to achieve their current dominion without needing to stage an open takeover and establishment of a one-party state.

    • It all hangs together when most people have something to lose. (“If you ain’t got nothing, you got nothing to lose.” -Bob Dylan)

      The current generation not only has no jobs (they were always scarce when I would get out of school, too–so it was an instant depression for six months having fooled myself into thinking I was making myself more employable, but then my school loans were minuscule compared to what students have today. I was out before most of medicine and colleges became big businesses with their vision on the bottom lines.

  2. Your sister is fearless. I saw that battalion and said, “Let’s go, bev, I have a bad feeling about this, let’s get a safe distance from the park”. Then I realized I was talking to the air. She was about 50 feet back, still taking pictures.

    There is no reason why the police needed to crack down on those occupiers. There may be a couple instigators but the response is unreasonable.

    By the way, we are having lunch at an undisclosed location. We’re going to be here in NYC all day.

  3. We are of the opinion that the cops are looking for an excuse to crack down

  4. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Rumor is that an LRAD is being moved to the union square area.

  5. where are you guys now? what’s happening tonight?

  6. Union Square has the students action programmed. I went there – a brief photo journal before I head for Foley Square

  7. An up-to-date live feed – looks like there is a call to go back and re-take Liberty Square.


  8. I just added a video from Riverdaughter

  9. Good luck! Admire your courage!

  10. Just got back from the Day of Action. It was amazing. I started out at the designated subway stop in Brooklyn for the Occupy the Subways part. The group already assembled when I got there around 3:45 was actually in the plaza in front of the NY State Supreme Court. The group I estimated at between 50 and 60. Not huge, but decent. They used the “people’s mike” so anyone who wanted to could tell their personal story and reasons for supporting OWS. Once that was over, we made our way as a group to the nearby subway station. The organizers emphasized that we were not there to disrupt service and we were to be peaceful. So we made our way down chanting “We are the 99%” Once on the train, we took up most of the car. Again there was some chanting. We took the train to Foley Square and came above ground chanting “This is what democracy looks like” to a round of applause from the people gathered around the subway exit. Brooklyn acquitted ourselves well.

    Once in the square I split off from this group and milled around. The sun never came out today, it was gray and dreary, but it was still “light” out when we got to the square. The crowd was sizeable but nothing compared to what was to come. As darkness fell the crowd grew and grew to massive proportions. There were all ages, colors, races, it was awesome. There was a band that entertained the crowd which gave it a party atmosphere. Lots and lots of signs and banners. In the beginning traffic was still flowing in the street. But as the crowd grew, the police kept having to move the barricades till eventually, the street was closed to traffic.

    The barricades prevented anyone from leaving; couldn’t even get back into the subway. Anyway at 6, some of the barricades were removed so people could make their way to the park or to the Brooklyn Bridge. The cops (using that kettling crap) made us take a circuitous route to the bridge but everyone was in a good mood, so it didn’t matter. Along the way to the bridge, OWS (I assume) organizers were handing out these little battery operated candles for us to light up as we crossed the bridge. Somewhere close to the entrance to the bridge, the Statue of Liberty showed up and she led the way across the bridge.

    a third of the way across the bridge someone noticed that something was being projected onto the side of the Verizon skyscraper. It turned out to be the following: “We are the 99%” followed by “Happy Birthday” followed by a list (in quick succession) of all the cities that have an Occupy presence; ending with “Occupy Earth” The crowd went wild. We got a lot of honks from cars on the bridge.

    It was the most amazing event. I didn’t bother taking pictures. I thought it was more important to hold my signs up. Besides there were so many people taking pictures. I do wish I could see an aerial view of how we looked crossing the bridge holding those candles. On the bridge, I was interviewed by the BBC. Lots and lots of press there. The cops I encountered tried to be as friendly as they could. I thought it was great!!! This genie is not going back in the bottle.

  11. Hi guys, I’m in Newark penn station waiting for my train home. I can verify Joanie’s account of the projection onto the verizon building as seen from the Brooklyn bridge. THAT, my friends, was ingenious. I did take some pics of the projection but will have to wait until I get home to download them from my phone. There’s very little battery left.
    The projection rotated messages. My favorite was the one that listed all of the cities nationwide and globally that had an occupy movement and then said, “you are part of a global uprising”.
    The cars from Brooklyn into manhattan were honking like crazy when they saw the projection. Too cool for words.

    • !!! I’m so glad to see this! I was starting to worry. I can’t wait for a full post. xxxoo

      • Battery was seriously depleted. I stood in Foley Square with the musicians union for HOURS. I have no idea what was holding things up emptying the square. My hands were frozen and my feet were numb. But once you’re there, your committed. There’s no getting out.
        BTW, the NYtimes estimated the crowd at 32,000 but that is a serious lowball number.
        The march (or sprint) from Union Square to Foley square seemed grow humongousky within minutes. It was my understanding that the organizers had groups identified by color and that each color would take a different route to union square. When we started marching, it was like they converged on the square all at once. We poured into the middle of the street and stopped traffic all the way from union square to lower manhattan. So many people and people in buildings lining the route coming out to cheer us on.
        That’s where I lost Bev. When I got to Foley, I couldn’t find her again.

        • I just got off the phone and she said the same thing .. that she lost you on the way to Foley. She had a great time …. but, apparently I forgot to tell her that you were Riverdaughter!

        • It was cold crossing that bridge. My hands were freezing before we even started for the bridge. I was wearing my warmest coat and that was sheer chance only because it happens to be purple. But I forgot gloves. But it was worth it. I couldn’t believe I walked across the Brooklyn Bridge. This was my first time and I’ve lived in Brooklyn for 42 yrs. I always meant to but never have before this. What an exhilarating night.

  12. Me too. Tomorrow I’m supposed to go follow up on a job lead. I put my resume and clothes together before I left for Foley Square, but now I’m not so sure I’ll be able to get up and “up” for the meeting. I have my alarm set for 5:15 a.m. have to be in Queens by 8:30. I don’t have an actual appointment, so I’m trying to figure out how to put it over to Monday. I’m not tired now but tomorrow I will be.

    • I bet your brain is going a million miles a minute with all you’ve got to process. I don’t think I could get to sleep for thinking about it all.

    • I hear ya’. I sat down in the Newark penn station waiting room for a few minutes and when I stood up, I felt like my bones were coming apart. I had no idea I had exerted myself so strenuously. It must have been that sprint from union square where I was literally running down the street shouting “who’s street? OUR street!”. How the f#%^ did I do that?? I had been up since 4:30 am. Good thing the train isn’t warm or comfortable or I’d fall asleep and miss my stop.

      • I don’t care. I think that everyone recognizes that this is a “moment”. One we can’t let slip away. We may not have another opportunity to fix things like we have now. It’s worth some personal sacrifice. What I’ve done today doesn’t compare to those brave souls who have been in Zuccotti for 2 months

  13. Here is a Naked Capitalism post about the quality and purpose of NYTimes coverage of the anti-OWS police operations. The comments thread is also extremely detailed and contains some good suggestions as to how the NYTimes ought to be handled over the long term. If somebody thinks it might inform Digby’s readers feel free to comment-link it there. I can’t because I have been decietfully stealth-banned by Digby. As has Sarah B. And possibly others.

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