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More Naomi Klein please

Check out this video of the panel discussion of the Occupy Movement at The New School from last Thursday night. Naomi Klein is brilliant again.   She is soooo good and so articulate.  She explains things so clearly you just automatically understand them.

And then there’s Michael Moore.

What can I say?  I’m sure he means well and his movies are pretty good.  I especially liked Fahrenheit 9-11.  But it seems like anytime there is an incipient “movement”, he’s right there, grabbing the spotlight.  And he’s as fickle as a magpie, attracted to one shiny object after another.  Like glomming onto Barack Obama and assuming that those of us who were old enough and wise enough to not “tolerate this crap”, ie Obama’s crap, are bitter white people who are Tea Partiers.  He’s just wrong about that.  Those of us who are Democrats in Exile are not antagonistic towards Occupy Wall Street.  We were just early- by three years.  Yes, while Moore was mooning over Obama and basking in Obama’s reflected shininess, we saw how his campaign threw working people under the bus.  The reason it took younger people longer to get to our point is that Obama sucked up to them in 2008.  They were naive and idealistic and blessed.  The rest of us were told in no uncertain terms that we were irrelevant and unwanted.  We were the canaries in the coalmine.  If Moore had really been paying attention to the way the voices of working people were ignored in 2008, he would have seen the future of the Obama administration.  He didn’t.

Anyways, I know he’s a good guy but enough, Michael.  Naomi is the spirit of the movement.

20 Responses

  1. Moore’s an ass. I’ve thought ill of him ever since the Nader fiasco.

    He made a nuisance of himself at Occupy Denver, addressing the GA with a bullhorn. That rankled some folks there,

    • Whoa! Denver gets to use bullhorns?? That’s pretty dang swank.
      I watched that video all the way through and Moore is displaying his giddiness while Naomi is all persuasively cool logic. The problem with having Michael Moore so prominent is that he will be associated with the movement and when his ardor cools off, he’ll move on to the next big thing. The people who decide to occupy have to be in it for the long haul no matter what mud they sling at you. They have to stick it out. But Moore has no patience for that. He’s an incredibly smart man and he sees the problems but he doesn’t have staying power.

      • OccupyAustin has a PA system except for late night hours. It’s never turned up very loud because of the good neighbor policy but it works.

        Let’s hope Moore hangs on longer than usual this time. Thanks for the link. It was a great show.

      • I don’t know if Denver gets to use bullhorns but Moore does.

  2. we were irrelevant and unwanted.

    I wish that was all I was told.

  3. When I read (listened to audible version) of “The Secrets of the Middle-Aged Brain,” I understood how younger people who didn’t have enough experience to “read” the gestalt fell for Brand Obama. What happens in the 2012 election is going to really deflate The One’s ego because the brand has lost its luster after its insubstantiality has been revealed. I wonder if the stresses of having a job way over his ability coupled with lack of adulation (after all he’s “done for us”) is going to make him crack. His salvation will be if yet again he has no real opposition–with Bobby Rush and Hillary he had to work hard and lost, in the latter case he won because the game was rigged in his favor.

    Moore doesn’t seem to be as smart as he thinks he is. One thing he was going to do after “Sicko” was look into fixing his own health a bit. Don’t see that he is slimmer, but maybe he is.

  4. Moore does make good movies but he sucks at politics. All you have to know about Moore is this: Nader, Clark, Obama…..?? What is the through line there? He followed Nader because it was cool to hate the evil Clinton/Gore white house, ignoring the fact that Gore like Hillary was a whole separate human being than the big dog, and was both more liberal and more populist. Then he goes to Clark who is another Clintonista and then Obama when the blue collar folks, the people he claims to support and be one of were all supporting Hillary. I think when it comes to Moore and politics, has very poor judgement but he is a great band wagon jumper.

    • Associating with Clark was his brief moment of lucidity. I remember seeing him at one event when he said he will stay out from Michigan campaigning as at this point he’d do more harm than help.
      I remember his snippy responses to people chiding him for the Nader thing. Stuff like “sucks to be you, I made lots of money of that” Eventually, he called Air America and publicly apologized to Al Gore who was on the air. Just like the Bobots, not someone who should give any advice to anyone for the next 100 years.
      And yeah, loved Klein: “The deal was – you can vote, but it will be meaningless” Hollowed out democracies – a very good image. The West recoiling at the idea that Greece would have a real vote – I remember the horrible SNL skit with the Greek Gods – Greeks are lazy and unreliable – which was shared widely by wingnuts new and old on Facebook.

      • Well, to be fair, Greece is particularly inept at collecting taxes. That’s where the real corruption lies in Greece. They let all the people who work for incorporated businesses pay their taxes but professional people and the self-employed? No tax payments. For YEARS. I’m sorry, but that’s unacceptable. To me, it sounds like the Greeks abused their Euro privileges. It’s outrageous that average people there are going to pay for that. But it’s also outrageous that the Germans are going to have to pick up the tab. But again, we have an elite bunch of people who think they are above the law or above enforcement of the law. They think that everyone else is cheating so why not get some for yourself?
        But what if Greeks do get to express their political will? What would it look like? Are they going to slim down the number of teachers in their schools that don’t do any work? Are they going to hire a bunch of tax collectors and confiscate property if the doctors and the taverna owners don’t pay up? The question is, are the Greeks going to take on the responsibility for getting their country in order or are they just going to throw a tantrum when other European countries are forced to do it?
        Paul Krugman and Simon Johnson of Baseline Scenaria have said in the past that one of the strongest features of our country is our ability to raise and collect taxes. Well, until recently. Now that the richest 1% act like they’re exempt, this may change.

  5. The West recoiling at the idea that Greece would have a real vote

    You’re so right, the irony of that was stunning. How dare the people get to have a democratic vote on their future. Just because Greece is the cradle of democracy, who do those peasants think they are?

    • And what did we see in 2008? We saw a whole party having elections for 6 months and then deciding to make those elections meaningless.

      What’s the difference between Greek voters and American voters? Nothing. It’s just that the Democrats don’t know it yet.

    • I dunno, Glenn. I think I was something like 18 when I saw George Bush Sr at a campaign rally and had a “Blink!” moment. That man was the most arrogant, mean, cold SOB I’d ever seen anywhere and I knew that I could never vote for him, ever. In fact, I’m pretty sure that George Herbert Walker Bush was the reason I did not now nor ever would become a Republican.

      When I think back on how so many college students fell for Obama like suckers, I come to only one conclusion: There are a lot of people who are going to college who really don’t belong there.

  6. “And what did we see in 2008? We saw a whole party having elections for 6 months and then deciding to make those elections meaningless.”

    Very well put RD. That about sums it up.

  7. I thought the same thing when Ronald Reagan ran for President. Now everywhere I look things are named after him.

  8. By what measure is Michael Moore a good guy? 🙂

    • He’s a good document film maker. “Roger and Me” was great and so are his other films. Though in the last couple his hyperbole has went beyond fact and allowed him to be generally taken into question.

      Other than that, I can leave him alone.

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