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OccupyOakland General Strike Today

Update:  Two protestors haves been hit by a car at the Port of Oakland.  No details on the condition of the protestors yet.  The driver reported that he was frustrated by protestors in the street.  (Confirmed by ABC News.)

Occupy Rochester is expecting to be evicted tonight.

Zuccotti Park is hopping tonight with a silent disco party.

Just  a reminder that Occupy Oakland calls for a general strike today.  If you are in California, check this page to see how you can participate.  And you can watch the LiveStream Here.

13 Responses

  1. The Case Against David Brooks, Man of the Privileged Few

    I don’t think it’s too strident to demand at this point that David Brooks be hauled up before a jury consisting of everyone else in America and forced to defend himself against several million counts of being an insufferable twat in a public place. In today’s episode of Missing the Point So I Don’t Miss a Meal, Our Mr. Brooks informs us that he once again has placed us all under close inspection beneath his monocle and discovered that some of us are very angry, not because some thieves in nice suits pillaged the national economy and then held the scraps for ransom. Oh, no, that isn’t it at all, and he’s got some wholly arbitrary ad hoc sociological categories to prove it.

    Charles Pierce nails the rotten porker. Tangentially related to the reasons behind OWS.

  2. Occupy Oakland gears up for strike: Protesters plan a general strike in the California city as other Occupy groups will hold sol… TFB

  3. Watch out!!! Dangerous Hippy Radicals with weaponized cardboard!!!

    Or photos you won’t see published by the print and broadcast media.

  4. A declaration of independence — from Wall Street

    After three years of political nonsense, we can hold one truth to be self-evident about our government. It is broken.

    A financial crisis that should have inspired a grand new set of rules for Wall Street instead delivered a hopelessly compromised reform package — and even that weak sauce is under daily withering assault from the banking industry. The devastating aftermath of a Great Recession that should have demanded unrelenting executive action instead degenerated into a fruitless squabble between two parties competing to see who could best cut and cripple government.

    Followed by some very good ideas for the use of crowd-funding and peer-to-peer lending investments which could bring about a better future.

  5. The media is stuck having to at least mention the protests. Obama is NOT mentioning them.

    Mainstream (corporate) media seems to be struggling with their id/ego.

    Our commander in chief isn’t feeling the love, apparently. Sad times for the “one”.

    “Things got started at an intimate fundraiser on Monday at the home of I Am Legend producer James Lassiter, where Obama admitted to supporters that the next presidential election “will not be as sexy as the first one.”

    “Back then, it was still fresh and new,” he reminded such famous folks in attendance as Will Smith and Magic Johnson. “I didn’t have any gray hair. Everybody loved the ‘Hope’ posters and all that. This time, we’ve got to grind it out a little bit. But the cause is the same. And my passion is the same. And my commitment is the same.”

    Yep, he’s pining for the posters. It’s going to be a long election season :-/

    • me me me, my my my…. this guys ego is still huge. It is still all about him. Unfortunately there is not a republican in sight any better. And anyone who thinks a third party candidate has a chance…. well I have yet to see that candidate show up. I hope one does. I hope it is a woman.

      Then there are the protesters. I keep hoping they will get the fact that Obama can not be “supported to do the right thing”. They still seem to have that delusion. He is not the victim of wall street. He is the buddy and big beneficiary of wall street. I am afraid they are just clueless about the man and since they will not occupy DC, they are just going to over stay their welcome and piss off the rest of America. Obama’s administration is wall street and the banksters. Where are those protest signs?

      BTW “the cause is the same?” WTF was the cause? Seems to me the cause was to get elected and party.

      • I remember when he was lashing at Sarah Palin on the Letterman show for having more covers than him. To this day i think the root of the hate campaign he personally unleashed against her was his wounded ego.
        And good point about “the cause”

  6. Sorry…after reading the reports of vandalism, I have zero sympathy…and before anyone gets their knickers in a twist, my husband has been unemployed since April, my daughter is in college amassing huge debt (she says she doesn’t care…until she has to pay it off)…I’m having more issues with my disability, but who can afford to stop working now?

    This group has been infiltrated by people who basically have no respect for other people…you can hate a bank – God knows I hate BOA, but I don’t hate the teller who depends on that paycheck…why would I want to shut down their business…so I could hurt that teller?

    They have gotten way out of control…

  7. McClatchy: There’s many a gray head in Occupy Wall Street crowd

    NEW YORK — Vince Taylor doesn’t fit the stereotype of unkempt twentysomething protesters at the Occupy Wall Street site in Manhattan, which was clear from the homemade canvas sign he held there.

    It read: “75 AND DISGUSTED.”

    Taylor, a retired economist with a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, flew across the country last Friday from his home in Mendocino, Calif., to join the Occupy Wall Street protest.

    “I thought it’s important that people recognize that there are a lot of very thoughtful people in this country that identify with the Occupy Wall Street people,” Taylor said. Like many of his fellow protesters, Taylor said he was concerned with income inequality in America and corporate influence in Congress.

  8. 2012: There is Only One Cure

    There are many elements of change.

    This is a tough one for the Oligarchs. Really. I can’t imagine their contingency plans, and all their think tanks could have come up with this. They expected the riots of 66 and 68, or perhaps they envisioned a charismatic leader who they could discredit. Or assassinate.

    Leaderless. Peaceful. Powerful. Old. Young. Right wing. Left wing. Centrists. Black. Latino. White. Asian. Straight. Gay. Military. Anti-war. Blue collar. White collar.

    Most of all? Numerous. Really f*cking numerous.

    And this, my dears, is the tip of the iceberg.

  9. Some great pictures of the protestors in Oakland occupying the Port and elsewhere. Positive coverage.


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