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Clap harder, CLAP HAAAARDER!!!

Typed “daily” into the Google search bar looking for the Daily Show, got DailyKos instead.  What the heck, let’s see what they have on the first page.  Oh, it’s a post by DemFromCT titled “What if the Economic News Gets Better?


First, there’s an oh so brief blurb on the Greek sovereign debt crisis, that looks like it’s going to turn out ok anyway!  Isn’t that great??  The stock market is doing ok and the Euro bounced back, but we still hate Wall Street.  But our 401Ks are doing well, not that any Kossacks care about materialism and filthy lucre made on the backs of working people all over the world.  Dayum, do you see the slope on that curve?  It’s f%c^ing *awesome*!

But then, the post gets serious and discusses the GDP.

Right, who are we fooling?  Oh, right, these are Kossacks, who were used as a giant male fraternity party clueless focus group for the Obama campaign in 2008.  So, the bad news is that GDP was only 0.7% for the first half of the year.  The good news is that it was 2.5% in the 3rd quarter!  Isn’t that great?  That will keep those nasty wasty Republicans (boo!, hiss!  boo!) at bay next year because if this keeps up for the 4th quarter, we’ll have an average annual GDP for 2011 of …

… wait for it…




… it’s going to be good…



{{cue the bad magician music}} Da-da-DA-DA-da-DA-da-DA-DA, Da-da-DA-DA-da-DA-da-DAAA!!

Uhhh, guys?  That’s not that good.  And you know what?  9.2% unemployment is a bigger number and likely to stick in the public’s mind a lot longer.  Just think about it: next year, presidential candidate’s debate, Obama gets up there and announces a sensational 1.6% GDP, pats himself on the back, because that is so Barry. Romney furrows his brow (provided he can actually move it) and says, almost sotto voce “9.2% unemployment”, shakes his head, glances at Obama, looks down at his podium, shuffles his notes, shakes his head again, sighs.

See where I’m going with this?   A GDP of 1.6% is anemic.  Check out this post from Brad Plumer at WaPo.  Here’s the money quote:

The economy grew at a 2.5 percent annualized pace in the third quarter of 2011, according to new Commerce Department data released this morning. Seeing as how plenty of economists were grumbling about a double-dip recession not too long ago, even modest growth counts as cheering news. But 2.5 percent growth won’t bring us back to full employment anytime soon. So how much growth do we actually need?

Short answer: A lot more. Back in August, the Congressional Budget Office released its revised GDP forecasts and predicted that the economy would gallop along with 3.6 percent growth between 2013 and 2016. Now, as Jeffrey Frankel has shown, government forecasters tend to err on the optimistic sign, but even in the CBO’s sunny scenario, we wouldn’t hit full employment until 2017.

It’s not enough to keep Social Security payroll taxes streaming in to keep the system going.  One year or two maybe we can make up the difference.  But four?  With another four more years of Barry at the wheel carrying on the Bush legacy and trying to make Grand Bargains with the Republicans to give away virtually all we have left?  What are you guys smoking over there?

The next part of the post is the funniest:

Sure, none of this changes the huge need for jobs or fixes the housing crisis, but with Obama pounding jobs bills and student relief (and some of it actually getting into the headlines and onto the news), it might just reverse the bad news coverage Obama has been getting this year.

It’s of special importance because the GOP really has nothing beyond economic frustration to run on. Their plan, be it this week’s flat tax, last week’s 9-9-9 or Paul Ryan’s disastrous roadmap is all the same: coddle the rich and screw the middle class. No one likes their plan, but with a tanking economy, no one is going to reward incumbents.

So what happens if a year from now, the economy isn’t tanking? Keep in mind the Republicans have no Plan B if America does well.

So, we admit that Obama has been a failure, just as we Conflucians predicted him to be back in 2008, given that he was an inexperienced, political unknown who seemed to flinch whenever anyone called him a Democrat and was being funded by Wall Street in vast quantities (We HATE Wall Street! Remember? But look at my 401K!!).  And we admit that he clusterf^&*ed the housing foreclosure crisis and the unemployment crisis and sure, it looks bad.  But that’s just because Obama keeps getting bad news coverage.  If he gets *good* news coverage, we unemployed people who can’t pay our mortgages will just let bygones be bygones.

And what’s this about the GOP plan to “coddle the rich and screw the middle class”?  I thought that was Obama and the Congress’s plan.  Isn’t it?  Because that’s what it looks like to me.  If Obama and the Democrats have the same plan as Romney and the Republicans, how are we supposed to tell them apart?  Better yet, why should I vote for either of them?  There are other options on the ballot and, who knows, by this time next year, there may be a third viable candidate.  The Occupy movement has unveiled a deep dissatisfaction with both parties.

What is Obama’s Plan B anyway?  I mean, if he wins re-election in 2012, he doesn’t have to have one, you nitwits.  Which is why you shouldn’t be giving him a pass.  You should be on his case and vowing not to vote for him unless he does something for you *before* the election.  Unless all you care about is your 401K.  (Didja see the slope on that graph??)  Even Steve Jobs told Obama that his poor performance on the economy was going to cost him the White House in 2012.  True story.  It’s in Jobs’ new biography by Walter Isaacson.  And we know that Jobs was pretty damn good at getting a feel for what people want.  (Have you checked the quarterly earnings for Apple these days??  Amazing!  Oh, but we HATE Wall Street)

Look, you Kossacks screwed up good in 2008 and as a result, the pain and misery for millions of Americans is going to continue for a long, long time if either Romney OR Obama wins next year. Yes, YOU, You are responsible. The best thing you can do is stop trying so hard to make this sound better than it is.  Stop lying to yourselves and each other.  If you want to make this better, tell Obama to step down now and let someone else with longer coattails take on the Republicans.  Even you guys can’t possibly be as delusional as DemFromCT’s post.

By the way, he could have stopped what happened in Oakland on Tuesday night if he really cared about citizens and their first amendment rights.  There’s an Iraq War veteran who is now in the hospital in critical condition because of this out of control overreaction by “riot police”, if that’s what we’re calling them these days.

I don’t know what is worse, that they knocked this poor guy out and seriously injured him or that they tried to prevent other people from helping him.  I haven’t been so disgusted with the behavior of police in a long time.  This is outrageous.


In a bit of good news, apparently, Elizabeth Warren’s embrace of the Occupy Movement hasn’t dampened the enthusiasm of the people of Massachusetts who want to work for her senate campaign.  This is a picture of the people who volunteered on Tuesday to lend her campaign a hand.

Golly!  Can we clone her??

44 Responses

  1. 41% is also a number that is likely to stick in our craw…as in Exxon profits rise 41%.

    Hey – a favor please, can everyone go and sign these two petitions to praise the Albany DA for declaring he won’t prosecute Occupiers. We’re having a lot of trouble out there and this is a bit of good news that needs publicizing. MANY THANKS!

    In a sane and civil response to the Occupy Movement, Albany County (NY) District Attorney P. David Soares is refusing to prosecute Occupy Albany participants for their peaceful exercise of their First
    Amendment rights. In response to orders from NY Governor Andrew Cuomo and Albany Mayor Jerry Jennings, Soares saw the wisdom of a peaceful law enforcement response, saying: “The protesters
    have been fine. We’ve been maintaining a great dialogue with the organizers and for the most part a lot of credit should go to the organizers for maintaining a wonderful protest.”

    There are two petitions, one to Governor Cuomo and the other to the Albany Mayor.


    To the mayor: http://www.signon.org/sign/thank-you-albany-county-1.fb1?source=c.fb&r_by=1473049

    To the Governor: http://www.signon.org/sign/thank-you-albany-county.fb1?source=c.fb&r_by=1473049

  2. signed the petition marsha:

    these cops are terrible/despicable and out of control

  3. is there a reason my comments don’t appear??

  4. DemFromCT pushes bird flu hysteria as well as Obamamania (not sure which disease is worse). He’s also an M.D., so I’m not so sure he’s hurting as bad as the rest us 99 percenters. He probably owns a couple of nursing homes in addition to his practice. He has very poor reality testing.

    • Yes, I remember him and his bird flu hysteria. I challenged him on that a couple of years ago because you can actually track the influenza sequence online as it made it’s way around the world and there was no evidence that bird flu was jumping species. And even that might not have been enough to cause an epidemic. It has to jump several species and then possess some kind of property that would make it more virulent than other influenzas. To be really as bad as he made it sound, it would have had to trigger a cytokine storm.
      None of that was happening.
      I don’t think he liked me. And for sure he’s the last doctor in CT that I would go to for treatment.

  5. If I can’t have SOS Clinton, then Warren/Franken 2012!

  6. First, today’s 2.5% GDP is an estimate. It could be better and it could be worse. For example, Q1 GDP estimate in April 2011 was 1.5%, but when the numbers were finally in, it was adjusted to .4%. Estimate for Q2 was 1.3% and it has remained the same number. It may well be that the GDP for this past quarter grew at a faster clip, but this is clear, over 80% of the companies have indicated lower sales for the coming quarter as well as 2012, which means that Q4 is not likely to show robust growth. If I may add, the euro problem has not gone away. Greece will not be able to meet its obligations despite the loss the banks have accepted in the last deal. Moreover, with the economic downturn in Europe, Italy, Spain and Portugal will need a deal similar to what Greece got. The European taxpayers are not likely to go along with another tax bailout of those countries.

    I predict more pain in 2012, but hopefully Q3 of 2012 will start to improve. Batten down the hatches.

    • I predict you are right. Even the so-called solution announced today for the EU problems was really more of a plan to develop a plan than anything else. From what I read, even at a 60% haircut it’s not nearly funded well enough and the banks will have to recapitalize anyway.

      Interestingly enough, it’s turning into a fine experiment to watch austerity eat itself completely. Before this ends, austerity will be once and for all shown to be the answer to no problem, it’s just making them worse.

      • Here is part of a transcript from a CNBC video because Roubini has been very good at predicting the world and U.S. economies. (I added the bold)

        CNBC, Eye on the economy

        Maria (CNBC): Tell me how you envision the u.s.’s next steps?

        Gina sanchez (Roubini Global Ecnomics): We think it’s going to start with the november 23rd deadline for the debt reduction super commission. we think the republicans are taking an approach to try to win the presidency back and that’s probably going to trigger the automatic reductions of health care and defense spending… that fiscal drag means we’re likely to go into a mild recession. and a lot of folks are really, really looking at the data right now and thinking that it’s positive. one thing that we always tell people is data are all subject to revision. and right now, the health of large corporations which tend to go into the first number is dramatically different from the health of small corporations which tends to go into the second number, the final number. and so i think there’s a big confidence band around every single one of these data points and they’re likely to be revised down.

        • Sounds right to me. You know I hope the blame goes on the congressional republicans since seem to be the major hang up on not accepting any revenue increases at all.

          • I doubt the Republicans will be blamed. Usually the party that holds the WH gets the blame for what goes wrong and praise for what goes right. That’s as it should be. Bill Clinton proved two important things. First that increasing taxes on the rich and decreasing taxes on the lower earning people is good for the economy when it is sluggish. Second, that having a difficult Republican congress is no reason to fail. Bill Clinton worked with the Republicans. I think Americans expect that type of president and blaming the Republicans is what the Democrats will try to do, but it won’t work, IMHO.

          • You’re probably correct but, from polls I’ve seen, Congress didn’t get their 9% approval rating for nothing. People seem to be paying more attention now than in the past. Bad times tend to concentrate the mind. 😉

  7. It’s prosperity for the 1%.
    The cartoon is perfect. h/t Jesse’s Café Américain


  8. It seems the Kossaks don’t realize the unemployed are real people. They are so used to viewing the world through the lens of “what’s good for Obama” that they miss the forest:those people losing their jobs in increasing numbers are THE VOTERS, not some abstract number.

    • Kossholes are used to viewing the world thru the lens of a periscope from their parent’s basement.

  9. That’s why there is no division between Beltway Democrats and Republicans. Neither have an interest in actually “helping” you.

  10. “Look, you Kossacks screwed up good in 2008 and as a result, the pain and misery for millions of Americans is going to continue for a long, long time if either Romney OR Obama wins next year. Yes, YOU, You are responsible. The best thing you can do is stop trying so hard to make this sound better than it is. Stop lying to yourselves and each other.”

    By continuing to do this they are just like the by standers of bullies and abusers who do nothing or who join in to save their own neck. It’s a slap in the face to the millions who have been harmed by Obama’s presidency. It’s bad enough so many have had to suffer but, to have people cheering him on while ignoring that suffering is a huge slap in the face. There’s really no excuse for this lack of fair and honest reporting on what this man has done to people. I guess the veal pen is far more important to Kos than the truth or the lives of real human beings.

  11. I agree with most everything written here. So why is OWS planning to sit out this election cycle?

    • How do you *know* it’s going to sit it out? Just because you read some plans somewhere about a convention that hasn’t happened yet for a movement that is just beginning to hit its stride? If they are serious, they will soon get a clue that they can’t out next year’s election. Why don’t you go to an Occupation and express your concern about this and form a working group to examine the options?

      • there ya go RD, keep urging people to action. I did it for years and it is frustrating, but it also often brings results. It also helps if you provide links and web searches etc…. I burned out a long time ago but may be persuaded one day, to get on the stick again. If Hillary were running again or Elizabeth Warren were running in Pa, I would be there.
        I am not percent on OWS. But I am 100 percent behind you all and all of the things you are doing to support the movement.
        Now, if it were one big rowdy woman’s 30 percent solution protest I’d leave my life to help make it happen.

        • There’s lots of ways to support OWS, or at least support what we agree with. A small local bank here has a sign up: “Send the big banks a message: move your money here.” I’ve heard that OWS has called for Nov 5 as “Move your money day” — and some credit unions are staying open late that day.

          (I moved mine early — safer that way.)

      • Why don’t you go to an Occupation and express your concern about this and form a working group to examine the options?

        Form a working group?! It’s self-evident that you don’t just give the complete destruction of the American middle class a “bye”.

  12. I wonder how David Atkins is catapulting the Obamaganda over at Hullabaloo. I don’t wonder enough to actually go over there and read it because I was stealth-banned in sneaky secret; and I don’t read where I can’t comment.

    I have read that the actual truthful rate of joblessness is closer to 15 percent or something. Figures have been lie-massaged for years to undercount “unemployment”. Some of the tricks are as bald and transparent as declaring people who have given up even looking to not even count in the unemployment numbers. I have read that there is a site called Shadowstats which tries to come up with truth-in-data real statistics for the same things that the government offers government statistics on. Maybe they track joblessness numbers.

    • RUR, I can still post there and I’m being quite contrary. I’m still inclined to think it’s just Echo and/or Blogspot acting up.

      Perfesser Grim Feckless is giving Bratkins a lot of help in catapulting the Obummerganda.

      • Monster from the Id,

        Ever since I got stealth-banned over there, I have stayed stealth-banned over there. Every time I post a comment from my normal and accustomed computer at work, it fails to appear. Comments also fail to appear from other computers elsewhere at work. Every time.

        But an experimental guest post I posted recently from a remote computer showed up. So I know from where I can comment and get through till Digby stealth-bans me in secret from the shadows over there too. That is a public usage computer, so when Digby bans me there, she will be banning every one of hundreds of people who might float through that computer over time.

        I think she banned me for the same reason she banned Sarah B.
        Challenging Atkins too effectively and raising the specter of encouraging other meatspace avatar-masters who send their avatars to Hullabaloo to stage a Veal Calf Run now that Digby is working to change her blog into a ProBama/proDemocratic Party “veal pen”. And thanks to Fire Dog Lake for that term and concept.

    • I get the feeling that Atkins is doing his bit without much enthusiasm and with increasing nausea as the days go by. One of these days, he’s going to go all puma and say “fuck this shit is fucked up”. Just wait. They keep expecting Obama to pull a rabbit out of his hat but as the election gets closer and Obama still looks compromised by the banks and rolled by the Republicans, they’re coming around to the idea that a move like the one we need isn’t going to come from Barry.
      Just wait.
      I give him another month- tops.
      Go ahead, TINS, it will feel better when the pizza and orange juice comes up.

  13. By the way, what does GDP growth matter anyway if the upper class predasites hijack all the growth for themselves? Here is a John Robb Global Guerillas post with an interesting chart of “where the productivity gains went” over the last couple of decades. The post is titled “America is Broken: What Now?”

  14. Occupy seems to be a young movement of idealists. I want to see where it goes. The following is from my local Occupy website.

    Extend Yourself

    I have noticed many people looking to the Occupy movements as a whole and saying they agree with what is being said but they don’t see enough action to feel they should get involved. They aren’t seeing any results.

    I wanted to take a moment and ask how they would expect to see anything come of this if they continue to refuse involvement. This is a movement that could change the course of our entire history. This movement could change the world; in fact, it already has. But this is a slow change and a change that comes from within ourselves. We can’t sit and wait for someone to make the change and then fall in line, we need to be the change. We need to stand up and show that there is a problem which cannot be ignored.

    It is time we unite as a people for a common goal and extend ourselves towards a solution. We can’t just sit and allow for this to continue because our movement MIGHT fail. Even the glimpse of hope is worth trying for. It is time we try.

    • Heh. Sounds like Obama2008 awakened a sleeping giant — who is now abandoning him.

    • It is time we unite as a people for a common goal and extend ourselves towards a solution.

      Tricky to do that without ever bringing up politics.

  15. The OWS protestors must be doing something right if the print and broadcast media has to lie about and slander them.

  16. I clicked over to look and was surprised to see a Jo Malone and a Bose ad directly target marketed to my demographic. Hmm. Some gig those Kossacks must have going with advertising, no?

    Hugs RD. & Co. In 2008, The Conf was seeing Weimar redux. On the news today CA is cutting Medicare.


    That’s Obama, Kossacks. And to think you saw him as a Dem. Of course only a real Dem knows what a Dem is, no?

    Only now we aren’t Dems anymore. And the country is rapidly going south with everything Dems worked for and believed in. Oh well. None of it actually matters. California? I’m worried for my home state. My native state. It looks like blight here. That can’t be true for every state I’m sure. It’s just effing SAD, for this whole country. While some people are raking in the advertising dollars, no? My guess is that Romney will win. What RD said about looking down at the papers and crinkling the brow. That’s all he has to do in order to look serious to the proles. Really. Even the occupy movement is not fooled by politicians trying to align with them. The proles will remember all the broken promises since 2008. No way to fix that now. 2008 made me quit caring about voting. 2008 made me understand that it is rigged by higher ups. Corporate higher ups.

    It’s a history lesson to understand what happened after Weimar and history always repeats itself.

    • Valentine Bonnaire,

      For several years now, I have thought about where I would like to live “permanently” if I decide not to live in South East Michigan anymore. For those several years, one of my key criteria for where to live has been : “If California goes terminal and collapses, and 20 million Californians flee back east over the Sierras, where would they never ever want to live? Well…those are the places one of which I will live in. I don’t need to deal with millions of internal refugees.

      • Californians are great people. For the most part we have been Democrats. Kind, tolerant and environmentally minded. In my lifetime I have never seen such a political mess as right now. For several years now I have looked at other states and even other countries. Small and rural sounds good. Coastal, small and rural. Wherever that is. Neighbors of mine moved to your state after they both lost their jobs. The people who bought their house said they are doing great back there. When you say terminal? You must mean the middle class, and you are correct.

  17. OT: Here’s a journalist wanting our input.

    Tom.Brune at newsday com asks:

    While we’re at it, I’m picking up reports and suggestions here and there that many Clinton supporters have a nostalgia for the Clinton presidency that never was. And I have thought about that and wondered: What would or could she have done that Obama didn’t do, and what did Obama do that she wouldn’t or couldn’t do.

    Have any thoughts on that?

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