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OccupyWallStreet: Headed back to Washington Square Park

General Assembly at 10:00pm at Washington Square Park.

Music to march by:

and for the purists:

20 Responses

  1. LOL! The tourist buses are full of occupiers from out of town.

  2. The occupiers in Times Square just thanked the police department

  3. For an “anarchist”, disorganized bunch of disgruntled lazy people and hippies, they show remarkable discipline.

  4. FYI, here’s what looks to me like a good list of live streams:


  5. Wow, myiq really went off the deep end.

    • I was just over at Uppity Woman’s where he posted the video of the portland oregon protesters singing f*ck the USA. That’s not helpful and actually quiet offensive and assholic. So I appreciate his input there.
      I am still very agnostic on this whole thing. I appreciate that the attempt to create a government of sorts insists on equal numbers of women because women are grossly under represented in our present government, thats a good thing. But if this is the same group of millennials who shoved Obama down our throats now trying to give him cover and make up for their betrayal of women at the same time….they can kiss my a%%.
      I guess I will continue to watch and wait. In Europe the protesters are very open about being anti capitalist/world wide socialist types. That will never fly here. We’ll have a civil war and socialism will not win. We would be worse off than we are now.

      • I have suspected myiq’s motivations for awhile now. Well, ever since he went over the edge with Mrs. Mavericky.

        If you want to find examples of people acting like assholes, there will always be people who are willing to accommodate you. But they are a tiny majority of people who go to Occupy events/

        So what is point of portraying only the tiny minority of assholes?

        If I were you, I would find an occupation site and see for yourself. No, really, they don’t bite and they welcome everyone. So, check it out and then ask yourself, what is myiq up to?

        • I know this much from a few decades of gay pride parades: no matter how many groups of “normal” looking gay people there were marching (like the gay teachers association, gay clergy solidarity, gay firefighters and cops, and so on), the TeeVee always showed the clip of the guy with 6″ pumps and pierced nipples.

          When these types of videos come from similarly motivated sources, I’m not inclined to give them credibility.

    • Looks like the same path and peeps that occupy noquarter now. All hate all day. It is kind of ironic, all these bloggers that complained for years about nobody doing anything and then when someone tries to rise up and have there voices heard, some of the very ones that complained about no one doing anything are some of the ones attacking them for trying.

    • Projection is a psychological defense mechanism whereby one “projects” one’s own undesirable thoughts, motivations, desires, and feelings onto someone else.

    • All hate, all the time. It’s of no interest to me anymore. Just one piece of rubbish after the other. I’m kind of flummoxed about it. Everyone seems angry that OWS isn’t carrying out some agenda they made up in their own minds.

  6. Just got back from Occupy Times Square. It was MASSIVE, MASSIVE, MASSIVE!!! There absolutely were 50,000 people there. Got there around 6:30. The trains from Brooklyn were a mess. I would normally take the #2 to Times Square, but for whatever reason it’s wasn’t running so as per the instructions being given over the P.A. on the subway tation, I had to take the 5 to Bowling Green which is in lower Manhattan not mid-town which was my destination. At Bowling Green everyone who wanted the #2 was told to go up to the street and then walk to a station where we could pick up the 2. Never found the station where I could get the 2 and actually wound up walking down Broadway past Zuccotti Park. The park was live. Lots and lots of people; but darkness was falling and that wasn’t my destination so I didn’t linger there but continued till I found a train that would get me to Times Square.

    Once I got above ground at Times Square, actually, W. 42nd St.and 7th Ave., it didn’t seem any different from an other Saturday night. Last year I worked in Times Square in the evenings, so I know what’s “normal” down there). But when I walked over to Broadway, man, oh man! People! people! people!

    The police had used saw horses (do they still call them than since they’re no longer made of wood?) to created a “square” for the protesters. Inside the square, protesters are holding signs, chanting and doing the “human mic” thing. It was very difficult to get into that square because you had to find a break in the saw horses and of course there were cops right up against them so you couldn’t. but there was tons of people in there anyway; A young woman alongside me told me to follow her and she would show me an entry point but when we got to it, I decided I wanted to continue walking to see how far up this thing went.

    Anyway, so I continued up Broadway, at a snails pace because I’m on the sidewalk which is about 10-deep with people. We’re shuffling more than walking. Once you’re in there, there’s no turning back you literally are being swept along with the crowd. The crowd is getting thicker and thicker with every step till at some points we come to a dead stop and no one knows what’s the reason. You’re not going anywhere!!! At every intersection the crowd is larger. Every block has it’s own “square”; more signs, more chants, some finger waggling. At W. 46th St, someone sends out the word for the people in that square to sit and everyone squats on the street. W. 43rd, W..44th, 45th and 46th Streets are closed to traffic.

    At W. 46th St., the cops decide that no one is going to be allowed to go any further up. so they have their kettling stuff and begin herding people from Broadway (all the action is on Broadway) onto W. 46th. towards 6th Ave. It looks to me like W. 46th is their base of operations from where they will make their “stand” should they decide to do so. Cops here have on riot gear. The street is wall to wall cop cars and vans, horse guards and motor cycles.

    Anyway the crowd is mostly cooperative and the cops try to use utmost discretion because it’s hard to tell who on the sidewalk is a protestor and who’s just out for a night on the town.

    By 9:30, the crowds were mostly gone. Heading back to the subway, I was following some young people who were dragging an enormous paper mache megaphone to Washington Square Park, one of them told me.

    When I got home, my daughter told me there had been some arrests. Again I didn’t see anything where I was. The size of the crowds was incredibly impressive. This thing has legs!!

    • Wow! Joanie, that must have been an impressive sight. Thanks for the report. I was watching the march on the Earthcam webcam and saw the piles of people on the sidewalk spilling onto the street. I was a bit worried about how the police would react but as they were preventing people from crossing the street, they were causing the spillage to begin with.
      So glad you were able to go. I’m going to try to go to Zuccotti park tomorrow but have a feeling something’s up there. It might just be my overactive imagination.
      So, was it a mixed crowd? The march on October 5 was full of people over 30. Did you see that Paul Krugman’s wife was there?

      • No, unfortunately overwhelmingly white and young; at least in the “squares” I think that’s because it was so hard to get into the squares. You had to look and look and look to find a break in the barricades. That young lady showed where there was one because she knew beforehand it was there. Also if you elected to go into the square, then you were there for the duration, it looked like. On the sidewalks they were various and sundry: all ages, genders, colors, probably creeds too.

        But surely, it stands to reason that many of the people on the sidewalks were supporters because I’ve NEVER seen the sidewalks in Times Square like that and like I said, last year I worked on W. 41st bet 7th and 8th Aves.four nights a week including one weekend night.

        The thing I’ve never understood about crowd control: since the streets are closed to traffic, why jam the people onto the sidewalks? Things would go faster and more smoothly if they let people walk in the streets. Then the cops kept saying keep moving, keep moving, like we came to stand on a sidewalk on Broadway wedged in between a thousand of our new best friends. What A$$holes!

        Joan: I’m dating myself with the “sawhorse” reference. But I like it better than barricade it’s almost charming: sawhorse; makes you think that a white or (black) knight can’t be far behind.

        • Didn’t now about Krugman’s wife. On the sidewalks, (and this was on both sides of Broadway, because at one point I thought maybe I should try to get to the other side of the street but when I got a look I decided it wouldn’t be any different), you had to keep moving.

          At various times you would hear like something was said in the square and see the finger waggling, but you couldn’t make out what it was. Then you had to be aware of who’s around you (this is still NYC and there are still pickpockets and the like). Then there was a sixtyish man on a Jazzy Scooter in front of me and on more than one occasion I barely missed bumping into him when the crowd stopped suddenly. But people were friendly and good-natured, so it was okay. It was kinda like when you’re coming out of a stadium after a football game.

    • I think the cops just call them “barriers” or “portable human containment devices” or something. The term “saw horse” really takes me back-my dad always had some project going on a couple of those. lol! Awesome that you were there!

  7. Did your daughter have a good time at the homecoming party?

    • Hard to tell. She came home early because she was hungry and they weren’t selling anything to eat. But she looked stunning. She wore a long qipau (I think that’s what it’s called). It’s a chinese slim fitting gown with side slits. You’re probably seen one before. This one was black red and silver. It was much lighter in color than it sounds. She’s tall and very slim so even this tight fitting gown was not as form fitting as it was supposed to be.
      Anyway, I think she stood out. Maybe too much. She’s not into miniskirts and makeup like most of the girls I saw getting out of their cars. She tries to fit in but she’s got other things on her mind most of the time, mostly stuff other teenagers her age aren’t interested in. So, she bagged it and came home.

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